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Infinite TLP Weaponry
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Oct 9, 2018 @ 11:16pm
Nov 5, 2018 @ 10:54pm
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Infinite TLP Weaponry

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Just like it says on the tin. Once you've researched and built the normal Magnetic and Beam schematics, you'll receive an infinite amount of the Laser and Plasma weapons from the Tactical Legacy Pack instead of just a single one of each. The weapons also have their default upgrades removed and can equip any weapon upgrade just like the normal weapons. The amount of upgrade slots the weapons have can be changed in the config files.

NOTE: Weapons still require the completion of the first Legacy Operation!!! Or you can just install the TLP Unlocker mod to skip that requirement.

The mod should be compatible with everything else, provided you have both WOTC and TLP enabled. Installing it into an ongoing campaign SHOULD work fine, but I make no promises.

In addition, the TLP weapons used to use the vanilla weapon stats. This mod splits the TLP weapons off to have their own stats, which can be changed inside this file:


If you have mods that alter the stats of the vanilla weapons and want those changes to be mirrored over to the TLP weapons, there's also a variable in that file that will allow you to turn off the stats separation entirely.

If for some reason you do not have an infinite TLP gun, you can use the console command UpdateTLPWeaponry to automatically fix it. If that fails, use UpdateTLPWeaponry followed by the name of the weapon you are missing (AssaultRifle_CV, Cannon_MG, Pistol_BM, etc) to force grant yourself an infinite weapon. Neither of these will work if you have not bought the schematic - no cheating allowed :D
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Oct 14, 2018 @ 4:56pm
How to Make TLP weapons upgradable
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GnaReffotsirk Mar 16 @ 1:05pm 
I can't find my coil guns. Does this disable coilguns?
Dragon32 Feb 4 @ 10:41am 
Not 100% following you, but here's some great Mod Troubleshooting advice.
That recommends the excellent Community Mod Launcher [github.com], which everyone who uses mods should be using.
This guide gives some more detailed advice on using the Community Mod Launcher: Troubleshooting: Mods not working properly / at all
If you've just switched from the Firaxis Launcher, or are forced to use it, read the "Mods not activating/deactivating properly in WOTC" section of Mod not working? Mods still have their effects after you disable them?
Switch Feb 3 @ 5:39pm 
May this cause problem, when I used this mod, but after used the TLP unlock all, because the mode LP unlock all is not working since that, how can I fix?
Boats McGoats Jan 9 @ 11:01pm 
Not sure how to fix it entirely, but equipping your soldier(s) with a primary variant of a TLP secondary weapon, then running the script that forces one into your inventory, will give you one more of said item.
Sombrero Jan 9 @ 9:48am 
Would of been nice if you kept the original mods the the tlp guns. Thats the whole point of them. Oh well, hopefully somebody else can make that mod soon.
Masterman Jan 6 @ 5:36pm 
Yeah would like to keep the base upgrade with no weapon slots, (Like base game)
BorgadnRager Dec 31, 2018 @ 9:04am 
Is it possible to keep the default upgrades?
Thurion Heavenshield Dec 6, 2018 @ 1:20pm 
Found it, thank you! :D
NotSoLoneWolf  [author] Dec 6, 2018 @ 11:28am 
@Thurion Heavenshield
You can change the number of attachment slots on each weapon in the config files. You can't disable them, because that breaks the "infinite" part of this mod.
Thurion Heavenshield Dec 6, 2018 @ 10:11am 
Any way to configure attachment slots?