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Transport Fever

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Long-distance bus station / ZOB /长途车站 / дальние автобусные станции
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Long-distance bus station / ZOB /长途车站 / дальние автобусные станции

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< urban expansion package >. - numbered: [UEP_004(C)] V1.1 Available time: 1920
Chinese + German + English + Russian
This mod allows you to set up a long-distance bus station in the game. The MOD is available in four languages.

《城市扩展计划包》系列 - 编号:[UEP_004(C)] 版本 V1.1 游戏内出现:1920年
中文 + 德语 + 英语 + 俄语。

---------Deutsche Sprache------------
"Urban Expansion Plan Package" - nummeriert: [UEP_004(C)] V1.1
Chinesisch + Deutsch + Englisch + Russisch.
Mit diesem Mod kannst du einen Zentralen Omnibusbahnhof im Spiel einrichten. Das MOD ist in vier Sprachen verfügbar.

--About <urban expansion project package> series [WIP] , please see the TPF website forum.

MOD by:HugeDragonYK HAVE FUN. 2018.10.06 v1.1

Copyright declaration: original model works, without permission, no reprint and commercial sale!

-------MOD usage Description: / MOD使用说明参看:-------




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mmathat Nov 18 @ 9:18am 

Sorry to hear about your computer. It's like your child is sick and you cannot help him/her!!!

I have found that placing your big bus station in the center of a cluster of smaller towns, and making a route from each town to the station with stops in between, cause that route to grow.
I also make sure to connect the bus stations by a large commuter train and I am rolling in cash in very short order.

Love the mod, just hoping it possible to add a tram stop and track line to the main road.
hugedragonyk  [author] Nov 18 @ 4:31am 

Recently, my MOD work has been suspended. :steamfacepalm:

Last week, I assembled a new PC. :steamhappy:

Unfortunately. My MSI RTX2070 DUKE graphics card was broken after three days. There are large areas of color stripes and spots on the display screen. :steamsad:

I just returned graphics card to the seller last week. Too many people's RTX new graphics card is out of order. There seems to be someone else's 2080TI card burning today. :steamfacepalm:

I have just rebooked a new MSI RTX2080 DUKE graphics card, Samsung's video memory. There should be no more trouble.

MOD work will continue after the arrival of the new graphics card.

symphonic Nov 12 @ 2:45am 
mmathat Nov 4 @ 4:06am 

Does this mean you cannot offer the TRAM track and station option with this mod?
hugedragonyk  [author] Nov 2 @ 7:37am 

Start a new game, load this mod only and check if the game is normal.

All my mods are based on the game default road/parameters.
For third-party mods that modify road/parameters/industry data/asset data, I can't help if there is a conflict.

The MOD compatibility of TPF games is not good, so when you encounter MOD conflicts, start a new game to load mod separately, then test each MOD that may conflict, and then report the error information to the author after finding the problem.
rb58nl Nov 2 @ 7:10am 
This MOD crashed the game for me.. When I clicked the MOD to use, it kicked me straight out of the game
mmathat Oct 22 @ 9:38am 
Hello HugeDragon,
Would it be possible to offer a tram stop option on this mod?
I like to use trams in town and co-op stations seem the best option.
There is a cool airport mod that has a built in Tram/Bus/Train Station.
If this airport didn't take up a city sized land area I would use it everywhere!
Johnny005611 Oct 16 @ 5:30am 
queximpquexim62 Oct 12 @ 3:12pm 
hugedragonyk  [author] Oct 10 @ 9:42pm 

Ok, the link has been modified. . Changed to HTTP:/WWW.TRANSPORTFEVER.NET