Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2

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Killing Floor 2 Server Maps
Collection of maps for the KF2 custom maps servers.
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Created by LiquidArrow
There is only one source of light in this map deep underground with no means of escape.

Stuck underground in the pitch black. A movable ball is your only source of light, use it wisely.

NOTE: Hit the ball!!!!

- M...
Arctic Station 11
Created by Juu
Arctic Station 11 is research station located near Outpost. You are tasked to find out what went wrong, when connections went down.

Outdoor area map with 2 buildings. 2 paths leading through ice to a cave system.
Circular map design to help kiting ze...
Created by LiquidArrow
Map Summary:
In the center of this level is one single trader where 6 areas are opened by random at wave start. Everyone is forced into one of the rooms on each wave except the boss wave.

Each room will have its own theme and gameplay style and...
Club Confession
Created by Seanchaoz
From the 2004 RPG masterpiece, Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines
the Club Confession level now takes a seat as a Killing Floor 2 custom map.

Designed and built completely from scratch true to the original but expanded and re-envisioned
to fit the Killi...
Created by Penguin 🌧
Major update #2: Please delete all old versions of this map.
- Increase size (Outdoors on blueside and Roof)
- Better Pathing.
- More Spawns
- Less 'burning your eyes' neon

Club themed map for Killing Floor 2. I have no experience in map making until 4 da...
Concrete Halls
Created by Thothdj
Terry the candle demon works hard on keeping this place lit....
Created by codehisui
Map / CyberWorld
Made by / Codehisui

Earn EXP / DoshVaultMoney / DropItem / DoshHoldObjective
Run Survival and Weekly and Endless Mode
Cytology Lab
Created by Seanchaoz
A semi-destructible medium-sized map taking place in one of Horzine's scandinavian bio labs. Traverse a high-tech facility and combat the zed in a variety of different locations, many of which will suffer cosmetic damage from your stray bullets and concuss...
Created by higehige00
denpa map.


Music Volume can be adjusted via Dialog Volume....
Dystopia 2029 (Original)
Created by Seanchaoz
Drawing inspiration from movies and games like Bladerunner and Syndicate, Dystopia 2029 features a large open downtown set in a bleak and dystopian semi-futuristic city. Multiple buildings and locations offer a huge play area with lots of variety in a dark...
Edge Of Reality
Created by Kill Master
Welcome to the Edge of Reality.
A clash between a bright expanse set in a far off world, and a digital realm with eye popping colors.

This map will truly send you to the edge of reality
(Or at least whatever the hell you call the deep dark...
El Anexo
Created by Devs
Last updated on March 3, 2019.

Now with collectibles and stand your ground objectives! Also Compatible with endless mode.

This place was once a temple of wisdom and knowledge, but now it serves as a refugee for you and for all those that you care for. I...
Created by LiquidArrow
This map has a pitch black setting with motion lit floors as lighting and a moving platform that can be used during the waves.

Map Features:
- Motion Lit Floor in pitch black setting.�
- Moving Platform that can be used during waves.
- De...
Garden Heights
Created by Penge
'As you were fleeing from the monstrosities to the mountains,
you've found a little garden, however, you shall not rest...
The zeds are already onto you.'...
Created by LiquidArrow
Map Features:
- Convoy map where you must stay on the transport.
- Transport has two Saw Blade Traps in the front and rear
- Acid will damage you if you get off the transport
- Acid fog from the back and front will hurt you more if you wander off into it...
Created by Tisa
'Second Place Winner in the KF2 Grindhouse Competition'

This is a rat size interactive map with a lot of custom content. You will be riding a skateboard, play the piano, play the drums, get hit in the ass by a huge chicken, dance in the disco, listen to...
Hell Hole (Doom 3)
Created by HUGE GUTS
Port of final boss area from the most atmospheric Doom game. Zeds come from one side, and you have a nice circle to run around in case hell breaks loose. This is my first somewhat finished map done in UE3, so please tell me if something's wrong, gonna fix ...
Created by Seanchaoz
Dish out the pain on a rustic farm with a highly destructible environment! In this spiritual successor to Farmhouse, nearly everything in your path can be broken; walls, ceilings, floors, furniture and much more.

Homestead is an experimental project bui...
Created by LiquidArrow
Keep by the train or pay the consequences. It is a dark world out there and it only gets darker the more you veer off the tracks. If the darkness doesn't get ya the gas will and well if that doesn't get ya the zeds will. Stay by the train,...
Created by LiquidArrow
New/Better Version Here:
- KF-Mist is a rework and re-release of HotelZed without destructible walls, a very different atmosphere with a random event, and traps.

Make a last...
Created by LiquidArrow
A halloween/horror theme update for HotelZed

What...what is this place? Unfathomable sights are set before me, I fear I have gone mad.

- Horrifying atmosphere
- Defendable Doors
- Vertical Gameplay with 3 levels tha...
KF City Blockade
Created by Rob

Chaos and distress flooded the city as it was being overrun. Miltary and police made their stand for a long time, sectioning off portions of the city to quarantine until all of it blew over. Sadly wave after wave of monsters became too much for th...
Created by RockMax
Update 10.09.2018
Fixed pathing bug in the middle building

420 BLAZE IT!!!

Original map made by King Shinobi...
Created by manolito

Map type Arena set in the game Alicia Madness Returns

- 30 players spawn.

- Added endless mode.

- Collectibles, when completed the store gives weapons randomly.

- Upgrade 02/09/2019

- Added more spa...
Created by DeathSaves
Fix for the map Apex created by Chael Sonnen and uploaded with permission. Fix is for double barrel exploit on roof where players could get on top of HVAC units.

Check out and join our Steam group:
Created by Serious
ZED-Time in the Castle from Frozen


Don't count on support from Elsa, you should count on yourself and your team ;-)

Map Features:
• Rebuild of Frozen's Arendelle
• Detailed surround
Created by RockMax
Update 28.4.2018

Fixed collision
Combined meshes
Added more visuals
Fixed some visual problems

Update 1.2..2018

Toned down bloom
Added Markus
Fixed some path nodes
Fixed some blocking volumes

The long bus ride ...
Created by Techuser
Features full dynamic lighting with random weather and time of day set at level load. Chances are 1/3 each for overcast, sunny or night to sunrise, I tried to keep the night real so it's dark (and full of terrors) without flares scattered around, but it sh...
Created by Frostbite*

silent hill konami
killing floor

just stay away from dark alissa..
havent told you everything,play the map to find out more :)

added Endless mode Support in array
new trader kismet sequences(to suit endless mod...
KF-Barmwich Town
Created by Moon Glint
I have been working on this map since 2015, I removed the 2016 version from the workshop due some bugs and community players asking for the custom music removal. After several improvements, bug fix, new and graphical upgrades some areas its ready to be on ...
Created by Chay
A large map in a mexican town mysteriously located next to a US controlled hangar.

Please let me know of any bugs/issues

Created by ZOD
Loosely based on KF1 Arcade-Gas-Station layout by KINGshinobi. 5 Trader locations.



Created by Hughlikepoo
Rev up those fryers!

Zeds have taken over the city beneath Bikini Atoll and only you and your underwater fish friends can stop them!

Created by DeathSaves
It comes down to this mate's, We must hold the bridge or die trying!
Check out and join our Steam group:
Created by Chay
Medium sized map in a small industrial-ish village with a daytime setting

let me know of any issues


Other Links:

Created by Xeroz
Within ten hours of the containment breach, nearly three quarters of the security and research detail at Horzine's London laboratory had been killed. Those who couldn't escape set up makeshift defenses in their dormitories, or the labs. In the depths of th...
Created by Frostbite*
Stand your ground
fixed broken pickups ,ammo
fixed kismet
compress animations
added new meshes and kismet

blood splatts on particular wall now displays proper blood
fixed material constance on lo wangs g...
Created by Dr. Dog MD
KF-DeathSentence Is a prison based map that also includes some street and metro invironments.

It came 4th place in the grindhouse mapping contest, and Is the first map I ever created.

Please give it a rating! =]

Note - The official version uploade...
Created by Techuser
Helms deep recreated from scratch as a more accurate version to the movie - not a port of the KF1 map.

- Refined collision in parts you could get stuck (thanks for the screenshots)
- Moved spawns slightly closer and added some triggered spawn...
Created by alexx_shade
Изначально была задумка сделать римейк на карту FaceToFace, которую делал для первой части KF,но к сожалению, терпения работы с лэндскейпом у меня не хватило,поэтому сделал лишь половину от запланированного, а именно замок.

Коротко о карте:
Created by Techuser
Doom 2 Entryway, remade from the ground up with modern assets instead of a port.
I took some artistic freedom (making sense out of the abstract rooms was hard work) but changed minor layout things, gameplay is not 100% identical even to prevent grinding t...
Created by Frostbite*

survival only-upload tool bug

quick fix update:
removed some ai pathing this fixed a certain area were zeds would fall off map if to many at 1 given time,
compressed animations
fixed particles that did not render proper...
Created by RockMax
Completely new version of Farm map from KF1

New vesrion 22.08.2019


New draw distance
Ammo now spawns faster
Zeds now spawn faster
Added more detail to the map
Added easter eggs

Edited shaders
Edited shadows
Edited lightning
Edited collisio...
Created by Frostbite*

added custom trader pods (Crimson Omenx4)
added original gears of war ammo (pick ups)
added new spawns
added omen collectables
added 9 stand your ground (all work on endless and weeklys)
added omen icon to dosh holds...
Created by S281
A hospital located in a remote mountain range. Civilians trying to escape the onslaught of ZEDs. A massacred military unit. What could go wrong?

Your team has been sent in to search for survivors, eliminate any ZEDs, and hopefully make it out alive.

Created by Hannibal[SPA]
In KF-Insurrection (objective map) you and up to 5 friends of your choice will venture through one of the biggest Horzine facility located in cold mountains of northern Europe....
Created by Dragontear
'As the days pass, those fortunate enough to escape the main concentrations of these horrible things often find themselves scattered elsewhere.
As the sun lowers, those poor souls seek shelter, and fortify.
As the night falls, we hear them, baying.'
KF-LakeSide (Revive)
This map ever appeared at workshop.
But it disappear for many years.

A Host request me to revive it, so I revive it.

What I did to this 'deleted' map:
1. This map no longer need upk file.
2. Block a lot of camping exploit (I am not sure it ...
Created by Spychopat
I wanted to make a map with this concept for a while now, so here it is.

There is only one ZEDs spawn in the bottom of the map, to kite them, the players will need to climb stairs and cross bridges. You will have many occasion to shoot ZEDs that are below...
Created by Motormouth
Survivors tried to make their last stand in this decrepid old hospital, site of some of the worst carnage of the outbreak. Now it's your squad's turn to see if this place will become your safehouse, or your tomb...

Miasma is a progression-based map, in wh...
Created by T-YAN
Kept you waiting, huh?
This map is 'MetalGearSolidV: ThePhantomPain' map

==How to activation gimmick==
-Zed HALO spawn & HorizonHeli
>>Please look upup!

-Vending machine [Ammo]
>>Please throw-in the Dosh!

-Vending machine [Weapon or Armor]...
Created by ZOD
Built upon the outstanding work of Kevin 'DrGuppy' Butt (original) and EndlessNights (Edit).
Reworked to be more like the original official KF1 version.


Created by Fever
*UPDATE May 3rd 2016* - Versus Survival support added! Light brightness increased slightly.

A bloody night at the museum created by former Tripwire level designer Fever. Created in my spare time in about 4 weeks, with the goal being to create a small ma...
Created by Pt.Jones
A re-creation of the classic Goldeneye N64 multiplayer map 'Complex', but modified to fit KF2 gameplay.

[img] [/img][img]htt...
Created by Pt.Jones
A re-creation of the classic Goldeneye N64 map 'Facility', but modified to fit KF2 gameplay.

[img] [/img]
Created by M@GISTER
*Optimized Precomputed Visibility (now stable 50 - 60 fps with vsync).
*Fix spawn for zeds and final boss.
*Fix missing textures.
*Fix animations for traders and secret dance trader.
*Fix kismet sc...
Created by RockMax
Update 13.11.2018
Fixed camping spots

Update 10.11.2018
Toned down sound of the rain
Mercy Hospital from L4D2...
Created by MixMakMax
OFFICES is back again but this time it's SICKER, SLEEKER AND BETTER! A TRUE remake version!!

KF-Offices is inspired by the original Tripwire 2009 KF-Offices map. This new/last version was built from the ground up for a SICKER, SLEEKER an...
Created by HIUFIGYO
People travel several miles outside the city to work at this big saw factory that is managed by Horzine. If you ask me I would say there is more going on out there than just your typical deforestation, Rick comes back every night smelling vile and sometime...
Created by C0R0NA★MAJ
That village from that game :)
Can you find all secrets? good luck.
This is my first map ever.
((if you find any problem in this map please contact me))
It is the...
Created by HIUFIGYO
It was a mistake going to the rail yard in hopes of finding a safe sanctuary, this place has been overrun just like the rest. Mabye, just maybe we can make this place safe once again. It is getting dark, this evening is sure to be a blood bath....
Created by DeathSaves
This Christmas....Only One Hero Can Save the Day!
But heroes don't exit. So Christmas is ruined.

The Zeds invaded the neighborhood and have broken into Mr. Foster's home. Horzine had a solution! A Shrink Ray! Unfortunatley Briar and Masteson were fighting...
Created by DeathSaves
It's Christmas time in Pah-Rhee,
the local cafe is decked out, minus a tree
the Zeds have come to spoil the fun,
so it's up to you mercs, to get the job done,
roast those Zednuts on an open fire,
and then we'll send the dosh, over the wire

Merry Ze...
Created by RockMax
Update 17.10.2018

-Edited pathnodes

-Edited blocking volumes

-New kismet for traps


-Added grafitti from HL2

Ravenholm is a former mining town and later,
a Resistance stronghold located in the Wasteland.
It was previously inhabited by ...
Created by Techuser
What happens when Horzine's experiments with telepods go wrong?
Welcome to the dimension of the the doomed.

Remake from Quake E1M1, features most of the secrets from the original with only minor changes to layout, I added a few small connection rooms ...
Created by TeamKiller
Original map: de_survivor [CS 1.6]...
Created by Prinzmetal
My second map! Three weeks of hard work and voila! Another famous location.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.
Balmora town.

All used models are original. All rights belong to Bethesda Softworks. Hope you'll find this map nice!

Special Thanks t...
KF-TheGreatWall Invernalia
Created by manolito
KF-TheGreatWall Invernalia

Adaptation of a part of the Wall and the Black Castle belonging to the Game of Thrones series.

- Unique store system.

- Extra store exit portal.

- Once the shopping time is over, the players are scattered throughout...
Created by Arnie
Step into the cold mountains of The Library, A place of science and history well... at-least it used to be. The staff of the library always had to face the problems that came with the extreme cold and the wildlife that lurks around looking for prey. As a r...
Created by ZOD
Large city center type map. Lots of open space, choke points and camping areas. Should be good to go on large servers. Has 6 SYG survival objective areas. Objective mode included. Shoot the light switches in the theatre and Cafe to turn lights on/off.

Based on original first level...
Created by RockMax
Low Poly Fix
Low Poly River was a well-made map by Norsupaastainen.

However his map has a very slow spawn rate.

Caused the players can't find any zed for a long time and give up the map.

I ever gave Norsupaastainen some bug reports and solutions....

Unfortunately, ...
Created by LiquidArrow
Atmospheric vertical map with dynamic indoor and outdoor fog. A chance to be consumed by darkness. Find all the little ones to call the old one. Use the homemade traps to fling zeds for a time.

- New trap that send...
Created by Seanchaoz
A dark and gloomy Killing Floor 2 custom map inspired by the atmosphere and artstyle of the original Doom games.

You find yourself lost in an otherwordly bastion of torture and depravity deep underground in a cavernous expanse.
A surreal and organic ...
Created by Ryder.J
Map inspired and based on Oddworld, decent size.

This map has custom music environment track and trader track , i recc
Created by Seanchaoz
Gun down hordes of ravenous ZEDs in Verticity's industrial district. A bright and sunny daytime map with an expansive and open environment centered around a large overflow trench spanning two bridges. Duke it out wherever you want; in the trench itself, at...
RE4 Cabin
Created by higehige00
A map from Resident Evil 4(Chapter 2-2)

Entire map is bigger than the original since the original size was too small for the gameplay of KF2.

Alternative link
Silent Night
Created by Delta♂
A Toy-sized Christmas Themed Map!

Shrunken down and slaughtering for the season, get ready to deck the halls with blood and guts! May you enjoy this map as much as I enjoy the holidays!

The map has a special Santa Boss Cinematics, Sack Trader, Chris...
Spaceport Perdition
Created by Lunacinda
With its narrow corridors mixed with a dark alien-inspired atmosphere, Spaceport Perdition will challenge your maze-navigating skills while blasting grappling zeds around every corner....
Created by LiquidArrow
Map Features:
- Every white tile wall is destructible. The play area will change up as zeds and you tear them down.
- Tight claustrophobic setting
- Instant and relentless spawning, map should be a challenge.

- Simple map made quickly.

NOTE: I...
Created by Josh
Deep within the Marianas Trench, one of Horzine's deep sea ocean labs has unexpectedly fallen silent.
Thought to have been closed off from the greater Zed outbreak, something stirs deep below the surface, something that has managed to trip the alarm and cu...
The Sunken City
Created by HIUFIGYO
Working for Horzine I've learned they like to keep secrets from the public, this has to be one of their biggest ones to date. Who thought building an entire city under water was a good idea? Perhaps it was to make for yet another hidden location where they...
Created by LiquidArrow
Large map with a variety of locations to travel through with a dawn light rain setting. Also there are Clotmothers everywhere and they are spawning zeds in large amounts through there tentacles, have fun!

Map Features:
- Large map with trader ...
Twisted Story
Created by Tisa

While Fighting the Zed outbreak in a Victorian Maze Garden, you stumble upon a strange looking rabbit hole, you lean over and hear some zeds hiding inside. Without a doubt, you jump...
Verticality Night Version
Created by Seanchaoz
NOTE: This is an alternate NIGHT version for those who prefer the original map in a darker shade. Only lighting has been modified, everything else is identical to the daytime version which can be found here:
Zed's Diner
Created by Delta♂
A 50/60's themed diner and drive-in theater map.

It is a large open map and rather forgiving, that's not to say that it's easy. Zed spawns are faster than official maps and if you were looking to mess around this is an alright map for it. The map has only...
Created by LiquidArrow
In the center of this map there is a wide open defendable area that spans out to 6 different mazes with a trader at the end. At the end of each wave everyone must try to find there way back to the center or fend off the zeds with low visibi...
Created by RockMax
Update 15.10.2018

-Updated kismet, now you can buy weapons from walls by pressing E

-You can unlock new areas by pressing E

-Armor now spawns

-Edited path nodes

-Edited blocking volumes

-More optimization

---- First room

-Added medic pistol for 350...
Left 4 Dead 2 Dark Carnival Chapter 4
I remake the map of Left 4 Dead 2: Dark Carnival - Chapter 4

used a large amounts of assets from original game.
I've enjoyed playing Left 4 Dead 2 pretty much.
Please forgive me Valve.

Map Info:
Map Name: KF-L4D2_DC_C4
Map Size: 14700 x 11000 unre...
KF-Resident Evil 2 RPD Map
Created by Antize
Hello there ! I made a little Resident Evil 2 map.

Note : I had never used an unreal editor, and this is my first attempt. Please post any problems or suggestions you might have, thank !


Features :
Created by manolito
Adaptacion map Beach Invasion belonging to the game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

Thanks to help me test updates:

- Cruzade
- Resident
- Ka
- Lyc

- To all who in the appropriate forums help me with questions and problems.

- Thanks to S...
Created by LiquidArrow
Map Features:
- Defensive Map
- 3 lane dafense
- Back is to a cliff which may result in the occasional nasty fall
- Daylight with per object shadows on zeds
- Challenging
- Made in 1 day

Created by Tamari


Map Size:

Supported Gametypes:
Survival, Versus Survival, Weekly Survival, Endless, Controlled Difficulty

Dead In Limbo
Created by Seanchaoz
You have died. The Zed finally beat you. But the bliss of eternal slumber does not greet you on the other side, for you have gotten lost on the transitory plane of Limbo between worlds, along with hordes of the Zed you vanquished in life. Now they have a c...
KF-Death Marsh
Created by Serious
Waking up in a small camp you have to survive this swamp.


Map Features:
• Deep Swampwater where smaller Zeds will hide
• Special Collectibles
• Many Unique Areas to explore (not all of them in the pictu...
Created by MR Keos
Welcome to the DownTown!

My first Map


Please let me know if you encounter any BUG!

Thank you! :)

Haunted Mansion
Created by Razう [TCS]
A medium sized map. Currently V9....
Killing Pool
Created by higehige00
Swimming Pool with a diving tower....
KF-Left 4 Dead No Mercy: The Apartments
Created by ArmagedonFury
Recreation of the Left 4 Dead map No Mercy, The Apartments.

Created from scratch with all Killing Floor 2 assets.

This is my first map so if you find something that can be fixed, please share your advice. It is greatly appreciated.

Created by massacretout
Survival map set on the eastern front during the World War 2....
KF-Mountain Hut
Created by Serious
An old manor in the Mountains


Defend against 4 random choosen directions of incoming ZEDs.
• Snow (North)
• Rock (East)
• Corn (South)
• Forest (West)

Multiple Ways are possible.

Don't l...
Created by Screwed115
This map is based on Omaha Beach.

The map was designed with 'Endless' in mind and for many players (30+) but works just as well with 1 or more players and with other game modes.

Just like the real Omaha Beach its a case of if/how long can you hold off t...
Created by Frostbite*

trauma,bloodshed aftermaths,
reverend alberts had seen it all,
questioning his own faith,
seeking sanctuary at the cathedral,
to gather his thoughts alone!that he wasnt,
things would take a turn for the worst,
is there no place sa...
Created by ReMilly

Welcome to Random Holdout
This is Normal version. (No difficulty Modification)
if you want to Hardcore version (Beta version) then
KF Rig
Created by Scrub Lord
Workshop item description...
Created by Motormouth
A map set in a quaint, once-peaceful European village.
The sun sets on these scarred streets, and perhaps also your lives...

This map is in part meant as a thematic update/replacement to my old DeadTown map, so I've taken that down and replaced it with th...
Created by matt
a pitch-black endless staircase

it's literally just that!


bring a flashlight or a firebug...
Created by MJpoland
Once a Soviet era weapon development facility, now repurposed for Horzine Biotech. Hidden in the cliff on the shore of Baltic Sea in Poland, this facility houses both research and production facilities for various chemical and biological substances used in...
Created by Frostbite*
removed post process volumes in train carts
fixed uvs and blood splatts and various and other minor fixes.
altered and fixed some kismet issuses

fixed and added more light radious and brightness(nighttime) repor...
Created by Frostbite*

random player starts,
REMOVED intro,
reduced mb file size.
fixed collision were boss was reported to get stuck,
fixed physics materails on shaders,
new AI pathing,
new and improved spawns.
more larger zeds spawns
Kino Der Toten
Created by Sasuke_Louis
kino der toten now in the Killing floor 2 with all the features from cod

this map will get some updates later on as well as new easter eggs
its my first map, so might have some bugs
im planning to make more cod maps so leave a comment of which map you wan...