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Aeden's Journey
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
Jul 27, 2013 @ 9:53am
Oct 15, 2014 @ 3:52pm
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Q / A time
Aeden's Journey will take a short break
Is a real-time strategy adventure game where you travel the universe to return to earth, a planet lost for a long time.

Note : This description contains sections marked with the tag “The Original Picture”, these sections give an insight into the game as it was originally designed. These sections are meant to be integrated into the game with time and support. Please see the announcement of 02/08/2013 for more information.
Thank you and good lecture.

Aeden’s Journey is an Adventure Real Time Strategy and Scoring game where you travel the universe looking for your home... earth. 
The game is a real-time strategy game where you travel from planet to planet collecting resources and avoiding enemies. 
Speed and efficiency will be your most precious weapons. 

The Original Picture :
The game : Aeden’s Journey was originally designed to be an adventure, resources collecting, story-driven and choice-making game. Explore solar systems after solar systems and find the clues to Earth’s location without being caught by the threatening robotic guardians left behind by an unknown civilization. Collect resources, combine them, conclude alliances, defend yourself and your secret passenger from harm, travel through solar systems, explore the universe and return home.

The Original Picture :
The story :The story takes place in a far far away galaxy after the exodus from Earth a long long time ago. In here every bit you can collect or salvage is a matter of survival. Every man and woman had to learn to live by himself so don’t expect much help around. If you expect help, you will have to pay the full price for it. But in the midst of all this loneliness a hopeful and adventurous young girl, Aeden, found her way to you with a special request and a deadline to meet. But you will find soon that you aren’t the only one interested about what she knows.

The Original Picture :
The decisions : As the captain of an average cargo ship you are in charge of your own ship. You will have to decide where to go, what to salvage, how to establish safe tactics to move undetected, how to avoid hazards of space travel, how to best combine your resources to get the best out of them, what to buy and how to use it and what to say to Aeden when she talks to you or has questions about what you do.

What makes this game different?
The difference is that the game isn’t staged like the other games ( a start, an end and the stage is complete ). In Aeden’s Journey you have a deadline to meet and it is up to you to choose your path and pace to achieve it. You are ahead of time? Take some extra time to collect resources and experimenting with them or just refine your tactics. Take time to rest and regain your full abilities and strength. You are late? You will have to take risks to make up for the time loss. Don’t collect resources in this solar system or don’t rest and keep going and lose a bit more of your strength and abilities. But be aware that sooner or later you will have to rest before an accident happens.

Have you ever wondered why so many video games are about destruction? Why they reward merciless behavior against foes? This game will prove that you can live a dangerous adventure without having to fill a body count gauge. Aden’s Journey will push your brain to survive in its threatening universe. 
Aeden's Journey is a one-person project developed by Selective Twister (Jérôme Van Overbeke) to bring more 3D and fun in web browsers. The game has been in development since late 2011 and was specifically build to use latest technologies in rendering techniques and gameplay mechanisms in moderns web browsers. 

Supported platforms 
The prototype is being developed on web browsers and currently exploits the WebGL library to achieve its 3D rendering. The main programming language is Javascript articulated around the Javascript 3D library WG3D especially created for the game. The goal is to develop the game on the Web platform but if the game receives a good amount of support it could also be developed on Windows platform using C++ as the main language, provided there is sufficient funds. Porting the game to Linux and Mac OS is possible following the same conditions as mentioned earlier. 

Why create this game?
I personally think the web platform is currently highly underestimated and is far from giving all it is capable of. We always have thought of web browsers as internet pages viewers only. It is as much a mistake as when we looked at cell phones and saw them only as ways of communication. Since then, cell phones have grown to the point that they are a major platform and sell point for video games and so will be web browsers. 
The game will give an experience for players based on a non-violent concept. Just because it doesn’t destroy anything doesn’t mean that it will be less exciting :) 

Key features 
-Travel from planet to planet 
-Determine your own strategy to reach your destination 
-Collect crystals and anomalies in order to increase your score 
-Your current payload affects your speed and capacity to travel from planet to planet
-Choose between a high uncertain score and a minor but much certain score 
-Avoid smart enemies who won't leave you alone 
-Play the game in full 3D in your web browser 
-You won't be asked to install a single thing 

The Original Picture :
More key features
-Full story and interactive dialogues
-Collect clues to Earth’s location
-In each solar system find one digit hidden among all the other coordinates
-Enter the coordinates of Earth into the navigation computer to travel to another solar system
You don’t want to be wrong or you will end up losing much more time
-Each solar system has up to 5 exits points for you to choose from
-Buy support from different planets (decoys, temporary help, boost,...)
-Deadline of 1 year (in-game) to reach destination
-Each move will cost you time
-Combine resources to create combined powers
-Travel through wormholes and black holes as shortcuts to save some time but taking shortcuts is always hazardous
-Fatigue meter will let you know your status of awareness and strength
-Rest and lose time but regain awareness and strength

System Requirements: 

OS: Google Chrome and Firefox (any WEBGL up-to-date supporting browser) 
Processor: Any capable processor above 1.400 GHz 
Memory: 512 MB RAM 
Graphics: Any 3D capable card 
Hard Drive: 0 MB HD space 
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