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Pathfinder: Kingmaker

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Pathfinder Kingmaker Builds
By Yosharian
Work-in-progress. Some builds that I am making for a 6-man custom party.

Latest update: I'm not playing the game right now. I've decided to return to the game in the future, once all the DLCs are out, and once Owlcat has finished most of their patching. Overall I found the game fairly satisfying to play with a custom party, but the game really wasn't designed with this kind of play in mind: the story companions are integrated into the game in a lot of different ways, and I felt like I was missing out on too much by not taking them. Initially I was put off using them because I despise the vast majority of them, but I actually took a liking to a couple of them later on. I'll probably use a mod to rebuild them into builds that I can actually bear to use, if I do end up using them. I'll also probably use some kind of kingdom management mod as I find it to be unpleasant; though I enjoy the actual 'building up your kingdom' part, the randomness of the events is really off-putting.

If you have any questions or requests, just ask in the comments, otherwise don't expect any updates.

This isn't a list of 'ultra-powerful' builds. It's mainly for my own amusement, and for me to refer to. I share it to be helpful to others. I consider the builds to be fairly good, but not by any means the most powerful in the game.

I've gone for mostly pure builds (i.e. non-multiclass). The reasons for this vary depending on the character, but they range from spell resistance issues (it's harder to pierce spell resistance when you've multiclassed) to delays in spell progression that just end up being counter-productive.

When making your primary character, you will be given 25 points to buy your ability scores, but when making your secondary characters using the game's mercenary system, you'll only get 20 points to spend. Mercs cost significantly more money as you level up, so get them early if you can.

Item Database.[] A database of all unique magical items that can be found in the game. Could be useful for planning builds.

Camp Roles: the camping mechanics have several roles for party members to fill. They are: Hunting, Camouflage, Special Role, Cooking, and Guarding. You cannot choose the same character to do two roles, obviously, so this means that it's not a good idea to have Knowledge (World) (cooking skill) on the same character as Lore (Nature) (hunting skill), for example. I'm not sure what characters have abilities that can be used in the Special Role, other than the Bard's Inspire Competence, which unfortunately the Thundercaller Bard does not have. I just leave the Special Role empty when I rest with my party. It's not very important.

Blind-Fight is a very useful feat for that allows attackers to re-roll attack rolls when missing against opponents that have concealment. However, the Echolocation spell should allow characters to be fully effective against most of those opponents. The feat is still crucial, however for two reasons. Firstly, some creatures may have a type of concealment that Echolocation does not pierce (unconfirmed). Secondly, Blind-Fight grants immunity to a particularly nasty ability that lategame enemies have. It's for these reasons that I suggest the feat, even on characters that have Echolocation or similar abilities.

Alchemist Mutagen is currently bugged, and it doesn't seem that Owlcat is interested in fixing it. The Intelligence penalty from using Strength Mutagen isn't supposed to affect your spellcasting (confirmed from Paizo Pathfinder developer himself), but it does in this game. The simplest way to solve this is to use a character editor to grant an additional 2 points of Intelligence to your Alchemist. That way, it'll get reduced to 16, and she'll still be able to use all her Extracts (and her bonus Extracts will remain in place). Bear in mind that the rise from 16 Intelligence to 18 might give the character even MORE bonus Extracts, which of course you won't be able to keep, since they'll disappear once you use the Mutagen. Note that this only affects characters that use the Strength Mutagen, which my build no longer uses. Also, if you can afford to get 18 INT straight off the bat, like my new Alchemist build, then the penalty is not a concern.
The Front Line
The Arcane Scion acts as the primary tank, while the Vivisectionist acts as the secondary. Use spells such as Mirror Image and Displacement in tough encounters. The Arcane Scion has great saves, so you should be able to tank things like Swarms that constantly throw poison, or whatever else, at you. Of course, any character can roll a 1.

The Cleric can hold off weaker mobs that attempt to attack the Back Line, but otherwise uses her Reach weapon to stay out of trouble.

The Smilodon Animal Companion is quite durable, but doesn't have very high AC, so don't expect it to tank bosses or tough creatures; it does a ridiculous amount of damage, though.

1: Arcane Scion: Dexterity Tank & Melee Damage (Dex/Cha) [Main Character]
  • Eldritch Scion relies on having your off-hand free. This meshes nicely with Crane Wing.
  • Knife Master effectively gives 3 free feats, and some nice bonuses:
  • Finesse Training with Sai allows us to use Steelwind, which doesn't have Agile.
  • Evasion is awesome since we have high saves.
  • Debilitating Injury is effectively the same as +2 to attack for all attackers.
  • +3d6 Sneak Attack damage plus another 4d6 from Sense Vitals (later on).
  • Grants Uncanny Dodge, very important on a Dex tank (don't lose AC in first round).
  • Paladin multiclass gives Aura of Grace, adds Cha modifier to saves.
  • Monk multiclass gives Cha modifier to AC, and free feats.
  • Flurry of Blows grants a free attack, at max BAB (!), with Kama or Sai.
  • Can get up to 7 attacks per round using Steelwind and Spellstrike.
  • The Crane Style feat line eventually gives +7 AC, in exchange for -1 to-hit.
  • Viper familiar grants Persuasion bonus. Alternatively, Hare grants Initiative.
  • Creatures with Spell Resistance will probably ignore your spell damage.
  • I recommend 11 Strength. 9 is doable, but a little painful early on.

2: Vivisectionist: Melee Damage, Dexterity Tank & Party Buffer (Dex/Int)
  • 10d6 Sneak Attack dice at level 20 (35 damage per hit on average).
  • Uses Two-Weapon Fighting to get up to 3 bonus off-hand attacks.
  • Powerful Mutagen granting Alchemical bonus to Dex/Con.
  • Transformation Extract grants full BAB (up to 9 attacks per round at level 20 while Hasted).
  • Poor Will save, so beware of spells that target this save.
  • Can cast Barkskin on other characters after taking Infusion Discovery.
  • You can also cast Extracts on allies that normally have a range of Personal, such as Shield.

3: Cleric of Erastil: Reach Melee Damage & Support Caster (Str/Wis)
  • Uses a Reach weapon in order to position behind the main tank.
  • Can get up to 4 attacks per round with Haste.
  • Smilodon Animal Companion, boosted by Boon Companion feat. Does great damage.
  • Guarded Hearth grants Wis modifier as a sacred bonus to saves/attack rolls, once per day.
  • This character doesn't have the high AC of the first two characters, hence the Reach weapon.
  • Deals decent melee damage, while providing powerful support spells for the party.
The Back Line
Avoid exposing these characters to melee attacks, or attacks in general. Use spells like Mirror Image, Displacement, and/or Greater Invisibility to protect them from damage.

4: Arcane Sorcerer: Ranged Summoner/Disabler (Con/Cha)
  • Arcane Sorcerer offers some really nice bonuses, and has a good bonus feat list.
  • Massive Initiative bonuses should allow this character to go first nearly every time.
  • Spell Focus in Conjuration to improve Summoning and disabling spells like Chains of Light.
  • Sorcerer limits spell selection compared to Wizard, and gets spells slightly later.
  • In exchange, Sorcerer has the ability to use any spell at any time providing they have slots left.
  • Sorcerer also has the advantage of not having any prohibited spells, unlike specialist Wizards.
  • Great Constitution score to help the character survive high-damage spells.

5: Thundercaller Bard: Ranged Disabler/Buffer (Dex/Cha)
  • Inspire Courage gives competence bonus to attack/damage rolls, very powerful.
  • Thundercaller abilities are useful, but you can go for standard bard if you want.
  • Primarily a disabler and buffer, but can do some physical damage.
  • Bard gets some spells earlier than Wizards, such as Hideous Laughter.

6: Eldritch Archer: Ranged (Dex/Int)
  • Archery specialist, gets Manyshot and Rapid Shot, up to 6 attacks/round when Hasted.
  • Evocation specialist, Magus abilities combine spellcasting and physical attacks.
  • Arcane Pool gives weapon buffs, Arcana like Arcane Accuracy, and so on.
  • The Eldritch Archer can use any ranged weapon with her abilities, whether 1H or 2H.
1: Eldritch Scion 13/Knife Master 4/Divine Hunter 2/Scaled Fist 1
Race: Aasimar (Musetouched - Azata-blooded)
Alignment: Lawful Good (to use Protector's Robe)
Bloodline: Arcane
Point buy: 25
  • Str: 11
  • Dex: 18 (+2)
  • Con: 14
  • Int: 10
  • Wis: 07
  • Cha: 19 (+2) [+5 increase = 24]

Skills: 2/level + a few extra points from Rogue levels
  • Persuasion: to pass checks (Primary)
  • Mobility (3): to improve the Defensive Fighting modal
  • Perception: essential for all characters

Notable Equipment:
Protector's Robe: Robe, +5 Dodge bonus to AC, Lawful Good only.
---[CH4, Armag's Tomb, Hidden [P35] Locked [T34] box in Armag's Treasury]
Talon of the Wise: +2 Agile Kama
---[CH2, Lake Silverstep Village, SE Corner, on a body]
Tears of Blood: +5 Agile Keen Sai; chance to Stun on hit, Sirocco 1/day.
Steelwind: +3 Greater Speed Sai; grants two extra attacks that don't stack with Haste.
---[CH5, Menagerie, North of Cave]

Level Progression:
Knife Master +1 (1) (to get Weapon Finesse early)
Scaled Fist +1 (1) (to get Charisma-to-AC and bonus feats)
Divine Hunter +2 (2) (to get Aura of Grace)
Eldritch Scion +6 (6)
Knife Master +3 (4)
Eldritch Scion +7 (13)

1: Blind-Fight, Weapon Finesse*
2: (Bonus Feat) Dodge
3: Crane Style
5: Accomplished Sneak Attacker
7: Crane Wing
7: (Arcana) Arcane Accuracy (?)
9: Outflank
9: (Bonus Feat) Deflect Arrows
10: (Arcana) Enduring Blade
11: Wings
11: (Rogue Talent) Combat Trick: Crane Riposte
13: Iron Will
13: (Rogue Talent) Combat Trick: Weapon Focus: Sai
15: Improved Iron Will
16: (Arcana) Ghost Blade
17: Toughness
18: (Bonus Feat) Weapon Specialization: Sai
19: Precise Strike (?)
19: (Arcana) Devoted Blade (?)

1st: Shocking Grasp, Corrosive Touch, Expeditious Retreat, Shield, Magic Missile*
2nd: Mirror Image, Frigid Touch, Glitterdust, Web, Blur, Invisibility*
3rd: Vampiric Touch, Haste, Displacement, Slow, Dispel Magic, Stinking Cloud??
4th: Stoneskin, Dimension Door, Greater Invisibility, Shield of Dawn, Shout??
5th: Vampiric Shadow Shield, Cloudkill, Acidic Spray??
New Arcana: Sense Vitals, Echolocation
2: Vivisectionist 20
Race: Tiefling
Alignment: any
Attribute Point-Buy: 20
  • Str: 10
  • Dex: 19 (+2) [+5 => 24]
  • Con: 14
  • Int: 18 (+2)
  • Wis: 07
  • Cha: 05 (-2)
Skills: 5/level
  • Mobility: to pass checks (Primary)
  • Knowledge (Arcana): identifying targets & passing checks (Primary)
  • Stealth: passing checks (Primary)
  • Perception: essential for all characters
  • Trickery: unlocking chests and doors (Primary)
Camp Role: Camouflage (Stealth)
Greater Belt of Perfect Components: Belt, Extends & Empowers all 1st/2nd/3rd lvl spells.
---[CH5, Rushlight Tournament Trader, costs 170'000gp]
Twin Crystals: +5 Keen Agile Two-Bladed Sword; deals force damage.
---[CH6, Bald Hilltop, Loot from Jaegar Tsundar]

1: Weapon Finesse
2: (Discovery) Infusion
3: Two-Weapon Fighting
4: (Discovery) Feral Mutagen
5: Blind-Fight
6: (Discovery) Feral Wings
7: Outflank
8: (Discovery) Preserve Organs
9: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
10: (Discovery) Mummification
11: Skill Focus: Trickery
12: (Discovery) Greater Mutagen
13: Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Two-Bladed Sword
14: (Discovery) Dispelling Strike
15: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
16: (Discovery) Grand Mutagen
17: Weapon Focus: Two-Bladed Sword
18: (Discovery) Crippling Strike
19: Improved Critical: Two-Bladed Sword
20: (Discovery) True Mutagen, Spontaneous Healing, Combat Trick: Precise Strike

1st: Shield, Expeditious Retreat, Cure Light Wounds, Reduce Person, Enlarge Person, Firebelly, Stone Fist, True Strike
2nd: Barkskin, Lesser Restoration, See Invisibility
3rd: Displacement, Haste, Communal See Invisibility, Thorn Body
4th: Death Ward, Freedom of Movement, Restoration
5th: to be updated
6th: to be updated
3: Cleric of Erastil 20
Race: Tiefling (Hungerseed)
Alignment: any Good (In order to wield the Incorruptible Petal)
  • Community: grants powerful Guarded Hearth ability which gives +saves and +attack bonuses
  • Animal: grants an Animal Companion
Point-buy: 20
  • Str: 19 (+2) [+5 => 24]
  • Dex: 10
  • Con: 14
  • Int: 07
  • Wis: 18 (+2)
  • Cha: 05 (-2)
Skills: 1/level
  • Perception: essential for all characters
Camp Role: Guard (Perception)
Incorruptible Petal: +5 Holy Sonic Glaive (+2d6 Holy, +2d6 Sonic); grants the wielder 17th level Heroic Invocation once per day.
---[CH5, Pitax Castle OR Whiterose Abbey - can anyone verify?]
Belt of Physical Perfection +8: Grants a +8 enhancement bonus to Strength, Dexterity and Constitution.

1: Martial Weapon Proficiency
3: Power Attack
5: Boon Companion
7: Blind-Fight
9: Outflank
11: Weapon Focus: Glaive
13: Skill Focus: Perception
15: Alertness
17: Toughness
19: Precise Strike

Suggested Spells:
1st: Divine Favor, Magic Fang*
2nd: Find Traps, Hold Animal*
3rd: Magical Vestment, Communal Resist Energy, Dominate Animal*
4th: Death Ward, Freedom of Movement, Communal Protection From Energy*
5th: Spell Resistance, Disrupting Weapon (when fighting Undead), Burst of Glory*
6th: Eaglesoul, Communal Stoneskin*
7th: to be updated
8th: to be updated
9th: to be updated
4: Arcane Sorcerer 20
Race: Aasimar (Idyllkin - Agathion-Blooded)
Alignment: any
Bloodline: Arcane
Familiar: Hare (+4 Initiative, +2 Perception)
Attribute Point-Buy: 20
  • Str: 11
  • Dex: 10
  • Con: 18 (+2)
  • Int: 07
  • Wis: 10
  • Cha: 19 (+2) [+5 => 24]
Skills: 1/level
  • Perception: essential for all characters
Camp Role: Guard (Perception)

1: Spell Focus: Conjuration
1: (Bonus Feat) Greater Spell Focus: Conjuration
3: Augment Summoning
5: Superior Summoning
7: (Bonus Feat) Spell Penetration
7: Greater Spell Penetration
9: Metamagic: Extend Spell
11: Wings
13: Blind-Fight
13: (Bonus Feat) Improved Initiative
15: Spell Specialization: ?
17: Metamagic: Quicken Spell
17: (Bonus Feat) Metamagic: Reach Spell
19: Metamagic: Heighten Spell

1st: Grease, Mage Armor, Shield, Expeditious Retreat, Enlarge Person, Magic Missile*
2nd: Glitterdust, Mirror Image, Web, Hideous Laughter, Summon Monster II, Invisibility*
3rd: Haste, Displacement, Communal Resist Energy, Stinking Cloud, Dispel Magic*
4th: Greater Invisibility, Summon Monster IV, Enervation, Stoneskin, (+1: Animate Dead), Dimension Door*
5th: Cloudkill, Animal Growth, Summon Monster V, Constricting Coils, Break Enchantment*
6th: Chains of Light, Summon Monster VI, Sirocco, (+1: Acid Fog), True Seeing*
7th: Legendary Proportions, Greater Polymorph, Create Undead
8th: Seamantle, Summon Monster VIII, Dragonkind III, (+1: Frightful Aspect)
9th: Energy Drain, Summon Monster IX, Weird
5: Thundercaller Bard 20
Race: Tiefling (Spitespawn - Div-Spawn)
Alignment: any
Point-buy: 20
  • Str: 12
  • Dex: 16 (+2)
  • Con: 12
  • Int: 06 (-2)
  • Wis: 10
  • Cha: 19 (+2) [+5 increase = 24]
Skills: (3/level)
  • Lore (Religion): to pass checks (Primary)
  • Lore (Nature): to pass checks (Primary)
  • Perception: essential for all characters
Camp Role: Hunting [Lore(Nature)]

Whimsy: +3 Shortbow; casts Hideous Laughter on hit.
---[CH5, Rushlight Tournament, costs 36'500gp]
Bow of the True World: +5 Feybane Shortbow; +4 to all saving throws vs Fey.

1: Lingering Performance
2: (Rogue Talent) Combat Trick: Point-Blank Shot
3: Spell Focus: Enchantment
5: Greater Spell Focus: Enchantment
6: (Rogue Talent) Combat Trick: Precise Shot
7: Spell Penetration
9: Greater Spell Penetration
10: (Rogue Talent) Combat Trick: Clustered Shots
11: Rapid Shot
13: Manyshot
14: (Rogue Talent) Combat Trick: Blind-Fight
15: Iron Will
17: Improved Iron Will
18: (Rogue Talent) Weapon Focus: Shortbow
19: Metamagic: Heighten Spell

1st: Hideous Laughter, Expeditious Retreat, Cure Light Wounds, Feather Step, Grease, Unbreakable Heart
2nd: Heroism, Sense Vitals, Cure Moderate Wounds, Delay Poison, Mirror Image
3rd: Dispel Magic, Displacement, Haste, Overwhelming Grief, Good Hope
4th: Break Enchantment, Dimension Door, Hold Monster, Serenity, Greater Invisibility, Cure Critical Wounds
5th: Mind Fog, Resonating Word, Greater Dispel Magic, Joyful Rapture, Mass Cure Light Wounds
6th: Waves of Ecstasy, Brilliant Inspiration, Euphoric Tranquility, Overwhelming Presence, Mass Cure Moderate Wounds
6: Eldritch Archer 20
Race: Elf
Alignment: any Good (To get the Holy enchantment from Magus' Arcane Pool)
Point-buy: 20
  • Str: 14
  • Dex: 19 (+2) [+5 increase = 24]
  • Con: 12 (-2)
  • Int: 16 (+2)
  • Wis: 07
  • Cha: 07
Skills: 3.5* per level
  • Athletics: to pass checks (Primary)
  • Knowledge (World): to pass checks (Primary)
  • Knowledge (Arcana)*: to assist in passing checks (Secondary)
  • Perception: essential for all characters
Camp Role: Cook [Knowledge(World)]
Elemental Punisher: +5 Speed Longbow; deals additional 1d6 electricity damage, 1d6 fire damage, 1d6 acid damage, and 1d6 sonic damage. Blind on hit, 1d4 rounds, DC24.
1: Point-Blank Shot
3: Precise Shot
3: (Arcana) Arcane Accuracy
5: Rapid Shot
5: (Bonus Feat) Weapon Focus: Longbow
6: (Arcana) Enduring Blade
7: Spell Penetration
9: Manyshot
9: (Arcana) Ghost Blade
11: Clustered Shots
11: (Bonus Feat) Greater Spell Penetration
12: (Arcana) Devoted Blade
13: Blind-Fight
15: Metamagic: Empower Spell
15: (Arcana) Bane Blade
17: Weapon Specialization: Longbow
17: (Bonus Feat) Greater Weapon Focus: Longbow
18: (Arcana) Hasted Assault
19: Improved Critical: Longbow
19: Greater Spell Access: see below

1st: Expeditious Retreat, Magic Missile, Shield, Snowball, Ray of Enfeeblement, Enlarge Person, Reduce Person, Grease, True Strike, Vanish, Burning Hands
2nd: Scorching Ray, Cat's Grace, Acid Arrow, Mirror Image, Web, Glitterdust
3rd: Haste, Displacement, Slow, Dispel Magic, Stinking Cloud, Lightning Bolt
4th: Stoneskin, Greater Invisibility, Dimension Door, Shout, Controlled Fireball, Ice Storm
5th: Cloudkill, Fire Snake, ??
6th: Transformation, Hellfire Ray, Sirocco, True Seeing*????
Greater Spell Access: Ear-Piercing Scream, Sense Vitals, Heroism, Enervation, Echolocation, Greater Heroism
How To Make Your Own Builds
If you're curious how I made these builds, the process is quite simple and anyone can follow the steps, really. You don't have to be an expert on the Pathfinder system.

The first step is to create a concept for the build. What mechanics do you want to exploit? Two-Weapon Fighting? Spellcasting? Summoning?

To get ideas, I usually check out YouTube guides, such as those made by Nerd Commando. You can also just peruse the classes available in the game and get some ideas from there.

Once you have a concept, start looking at races that'll complement the concept. For example, if you want to build a melee Magus, you want Intelligence and Dexterity, so which race fits that?

Then, start looking at how you could adapt the concept to fit the races that exist. For example, if you switch to an Eldritch Scion, you can make your spellcasting stat Charisma, instead of Intelligence, widening the pool of races which are suited to the concept. Another example is the Druid archetype Feyspeaker, which allows you to use Charisma instead of Wisdom as your spellcasting stat.

Once you've done that, look at other aspects which can utilize the ability scores, abilities and general mechanics you're bringing to the table. For example, my Summoner Sorcerer has very strong Strength and Charisma stats, which make him an excellent Persuasion specialist using Intimidating Prowess.

Once you've decided on a race and starting class, get into the game, make a new character, and select your starting feats and abilities. It doesn't matter what you pick at this point, just make a character.

Skip the introduction conversations and save your game.

Quit the game, then go to
  • Users/<Username>/AppData/LocalLow/Owlcat Games/Pathfinder Kingmaker/Saved Games

From there, find the saved game that you just made. Load it in a Zip manager (I use 7Zip). Open party.json from within the archive, using an editor such as Notepad++. Don't extract any files, this is important. Once you've loaded that json file, do a search for the first instance of the word 'experience'. Next to that word should be a number 0. Change that number to 3600000 (3 million, 600 thousand). Save the file in your editor, and quit the editor. Your zip manager should ask you if you want to update the file within the archive - if it doesn't ask you that, then you messed up, and need to start again. Tell your zip manager that yes, you want to update the file within the archive. Then quit your zip manager. Load the game up, and load your save. You should be able to level up all the way to 20.

The next step is to go through the levelling process, selecting feats and abilities. Don't forget to click the button that allows you to see the feats you cannot select yet. Get an idea for how the class levels, and pay attention to the feats you want, and when you're able to take them. It's often during the levelling up process that you realise that such-and-such feat, that you really want, can only be taken at level 12, or 14, etc.

Make a list of all the feats you notice that you might want, but aren't sure of yet. Then, once you're done levelling, take another look at that feat list, and begin to narrow it down.

Then look at all the places where your build can be trimmed down to shape. Do you really need that 13 Int? Could you lower your Wisdom a bit more? Etc.

That's basically it.

UPDATE: take care when editing your party's experience levels using this method. If one of your characters has an animal companion, it is not supposed to have the same experience as the rest of your group (because animal companions have Hit Dice, not levels - this is confusing because the game doesn't show this properly, it just shows the animal companion as having 'levels', but animal companions don't have levels as such.). So don't edit your animal companion's experience level, because that will mess things up badly. If this happens to you, use the Respecialization mod to fix it.
How To Increase Your GP
Something that you might find useful is to increase the amount of gold pieces you have so that you can hire mercenaries. For example, you might decide that you want to rebuild one of your mercenaries into a different class, or race, or pick a different ability, etc.

So this is a very easy process, simply follow the instructions for the previous section, except this time, instead of altering PARTY.JSON, load up PLAYER.JSON and search for the term 'MONEY'. Simply alter the number following this phrase, save and close the file, and update the file within the archive.
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Yosharian  [author] Jun 10 @ 3:31am 
@Sleeping Bear: bold means it's a very important spell, asterisk means you get the spell for free. I'll probably make that clearer at some point
Sleeping Bear Jun 10 @ 3:02am 
That's good to know thanks. I also want to ask with regarding why some spells are either in bold or have an asterisk next to them (is that to suggest main spells and optional ones)?
Yosharian  [author] Jun 9 @ 2:52pm 
@Sleeping Bear: I made a decision with the Sorcerer character to move away from a high-dex build that could do some physical damage, in favour of a high-con build that just tosses cantrips when not using spells.

I did that because her physical damage was really poor and she kept getting bursted down by rush attacks during fights.

So she doesn't really care about any weapon. There are probably some nice quarterstaves that give spellcasting bonuses. I know there's one that makes undead summons more powerful, I can't remember off the top of my head, I'll have to check my savegame.
Sleeping Bear Jun 9 @ 5:49am 
Really great to see these builds still updated. I would also love to see companion builds in the future when possible. Also wanted to ask with what's the best weapon to use for the Arcane Sorcerer? Thanks again!
Yosharian  [author] Jun 6 @ 3:34pm 
@KeySeki I will probably be updating the builds, yes. However, what might happen is it might take the form of a new section where I detail some builds to use with the companion NPCs, because my next playthrough is going to use those, I think.
Keyseki Jun 5 @ 11:37am 
Hi there. Thanks for a great guide. I've been holding off on playing your builds because the EE is right around the corner. Do you think there will be changes to your builds, and will you update them? :)
Yosharian  [author] May 7 @ 7:00pm 
@Eonwe hmm. I'll have to take a look, I didn't realise Fauchard was a reach weapon.

Thanks for the info on the Petal.
Eonwe May 5 @ 6:14pm 

But the fauchard i'm mentionning is also a reach weapon, so your cleric would be just as safe. By midgame you can get the Serpent Prince from the exotic weapon artisan which is a +3 fauchard with 17-20 x3 crits, which is really good.

Yes dazzling display is really powerful when you combine it with shatter defenses. I was not suggesting a level in thug as i'm not a fan of enemies running all over the place either.

The glaive is in what looks like Irovetti's bedroom. From the entrance, take the right door, then north after the door. There are some stairs at the very end of the corridor, those lead to the a sort of bedroom where the glaive is.
Yosharian  [author] May 5 @ 4:35pm 
@Eonwe I feel that Dazzling Display is a little overpowered in this game. I could definitely make a build to use it, but really it's quite simple, just have a Charisma-focused character, and get Dazzling Display... that's it. There are Thug-multiclass types but that results in enemies fleeing all over the map which.. complicates matters. I decided I wasn't interested in this mechanic, personally.

The Cleric having a reach weapon is pretty vital to her survival. She just doesn't have the AC of the Vivisectionist or the Scion, not even close. She gets brutalized if she's focused by enemy melee.

I noted the weapon on the build, so no need to guess - it's the Incorruptible Petal. I _could_ use some extra info on exactly where it's located, though. Where in Pitax Palace is it?
Eonwe May 5 @ 1:27pm 
Well formatted and pleasant guide to read, so good job !

It will undoubtedly be helpful to new players.

It's a shame tho you have no-one built to use dazzling display as it's really powerful and can be used all day long, so it fits the theme of a party that's efficient over long period of times.

Also you decided to make you cleric a "reach" melee, which is totally fine, but that's a shame she has to take the martial weapon feat instead of the fauchard proficiency, because it's a really better weapon (and you get a nice one around mid game).
But it looks like you have no one with martial proficiency, and i guess you wanted to take advantage of the heroic invocation glaive (it's in pitax palace btw).