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Rosche, Germany
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Rosche, Germany

WA Lancer and present
Rosche, Germany

Rosche is a 236km2 terrain based on the area around the town of Rosche in Lower Saxony. Representing the flat, open plains of northern Germany, Rosche provides for a variety of gameplay from small-unit infantry firefights to large-scale combined arms warfare.

- 236 square kilometers of playable terrain (15x15 kilometers).
- 50+ hand placed, and highly detailed villages, towns, and industrial areas.
- ~95% of structures are enterable, for realistic urban fighting.
- Several inland waterways including streams, lakes, and canals.
- Airfield with 1500m runway.
- Large open areas ideal for armored and mechanized combat.
- Custom grass and crop objects that reduce the effects of de-rendering clutter at distance.
- Dense forests, ideal for intense infantry combat.

Technical Details:
- Grid size : 2048
- Cell size : 7.5
- Terrain size : 15360
- Texture layer : 30m
- Satellite image : 15360px
- 5 Surfaces + Normal Map
- Total objects : 4.1 Million with 1.6 Million of them hand placed.
- Development time : 2 years active development, 4 years of off and on concepting.
- Real world location : Rosche, Germany[] - Some towns have been removed or trimmed down for performance reasons or because they were too large to fit the scope of an arma terrain.

Required Addons/DLC:
- CUP Terrains - Core

Known Issues:
- Pond objects have LOD issue at distance.
- AI will not properly follow taxiways after landing at the airfield.
- Windows on two story row house will not break when shot. <-- I put 15 hours into trying to figure that one, I gave up.
- Further development of the terrain can be monitored here -->

- WA Lancer - Project lead, initial concept.
- ThePieSpy - Project assistant, 2D art, organization, object placement.
- Haggerty - Project assistant, enforcer, 2D/3D art (Hag_Objects), configs, organization, object placement, QA.

Object Placement
- Legion
- James27
- J.Clark
- J0zh94
- Cunnah
- RustyClutch
- Sharkk
- Znoop
- Falcon
- Blue
- Corax
- CathFawr
- Yugoslav

Special Thanks:
- Impulse 9 - For his support in providing a FTP, Server, and a community to make this project possible.
- Mondkalb - European building pack, advice, and support.
- Zumorc - Reference photos/video, object placement, Heightmap.
- Aphex - Advice and technical support.
- Wolfie - Heightmap
- Walsh - QA
- Silola - The X-CAM object placement tool. Without this tool, Rosche would not have been made.
- Zgmrvn - Surface Painter
- Terrain Builder Discord - Answering questions, providing knowledge and advice, without them this terrain would not have been completed.
- The entire community for providing an environment for developing, play-testing, and supporting this terrain.
- If you wish to go out and make your own terrain please follow this guide on the PMC wiki. -->

Link to BI forum post:

Link to google drive of Rosche Source: I will not help you figure out how to use terrain builder. If you think there is an error in the files, post a bug report on the rosche git hub tracker.
- Rosche 2.0 Source, Newer version with buildings

Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)
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@ferdilanz The building is a known bug, unfortunately the map is no longer supported by us to fix it. You can however remove the building in the Eden Editor. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Ferdilanz Feb 1 @ 11:07pm 
There is a factory building in the middle of the Western river, north of the Flughafen but south of Ripdorf.
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@gaming commander YT
You sure can! Rosche is an open source project with no limitations/copyrights. We’d love to see what you make!