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Ced's Taser
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Sep 29, 2018 @ 7:36pm
Mar 23 @ 6:09am
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Ced's Taser

Ced's Taser
Tase your enemies from a distance, turning them into helpless ragdolls which you can electrocute for certain amount of time!

Weapon not shooting properly
This weapon, as with other projectile based weapons, won't be able to shoot properly due to the CPTBase.
Thanks to Bone for finding it out.

Wanna help in the development of this addon?
Wanna find out how it all works?
Here's the Github link![]

C Model
The C Model has been made by Buu342 and has come from his CS:GO SWEP Pack.

SWEP intsructions:
Mouse1: Fires a projectile that tases any Player / NPC it hits.
Mouse2: Electrocutes the Player / NPC that you've stunned.

Found any bugs?
Post them in the bugs discussion as soon as possible so I could fix them right away!

Console Variables:
  • taser_duration (5 by default) - The duration of the stun.
  • taser_damage (0.5 by default) - The damage of the taser.
  • taser_delay (7 by default) - The delay between shots.
  • taser_range (450 by default) - The range of the taser.

  • CS:GO Zeus 3D model. (c_model, made by Buu342)
  • An Admin taser which tases people indefinitely until you reload.
  • First person view when tased.
  • Players / NPCs can get hurt when tased.
  • Electric and twitching effects when tased.

Weapon Classes:
  • weapon_taser
  • admin_taser

Taser Stun Gun Ragdoll Gun Zap Gun Electric Gun Non Lethal Zeus x27
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Ced  [author] Dec 2 @ 8:05pm 
What do you mean by update? Is there a bug or something?
clutchcarton Dec 2 @ 7:32pm 
hey you may need to update this mod so can you plz?
Ced  [author] Nov 28 @ 6:54pm 
sure, you can use it if you want
danguyen Nov 27 @ 4:40pm 
for when players go into pain shock/unconscious
danguyen Nov 27 @ 4:39pm 
this might be a weird request, but can I use the ragdoll part of this addon as a base for a medical system im making?
Big Tea Aug 27 @ 8:36pm 
This addon breaks Crap Head's advanced mayor system, for anybody having issues. Great taser and all but just so somebody doesn't spend 2 hours troubleshooting in the future.
Magnum Dong Aug 11 @ 4:31pm 
i shoot forward and it just drops to the ground from the gun
♠Wxndows_ XP♠ Jul 22 @ 8:47pm 
Sometimes, it shoots in the air, can u try and fix that please? thanks :D
boog785 Jun 9 @ 7:32am 
csgo Zeus but it tases not kill