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Titan Building Instructions and Videos
By RoRoDejobaan and 2 collaborators
Dejobaan constructed this guide to help YOU create your very own Titans and Arenas. WATCH step-by-step videos and THINGS LIKE THAT.
Let's Build a Titan - Ingredients
You can use this guide as a recipe and use this Youtube playlist to see the actual techniques in action.


  • Cores – These form the base of your Titan. Destroy this, and you'll destroy the whole Titan.
  • Arms & Extensions – 18 pieces that make up your Titan's general structure.
  • Wings & Terminators - 12 pieces that help you build organic looking robots (dragons, etc.).
  • Plates – 4 pieces you can place on your Titan's exterior, to help protect it.
  • Decorations – Mechanical tidbits (because Titans like to feel sexy too).
  • Jaunty Attire – Non-canon items such as tophats and monacles (beacuse Titans occasionally like to dress up).
  • Weapons – 10 guns, including lasers, missile launchers, and pattern emitters.
  • Huge – Sometimes, you want these especially-massive structures.

Left to right, top to bottom:

Let's Build a Titan - Recipe
Step 1: Print Keyboard shortcuts
These are not essential, but may save you some mouse clicks and your Carpal Tunnel (don't ever say we don't care about you). Note, we do plan to update the UI before launch.

Step 2: Building a Titan base
Loosely, a Titan consists of a core surrounded by structural pieces, weapons, and decorations. To completely eliminate a Titan, you have to destroy its core, but you first have to pick off its extremities to get there. When you're designing one, your goal is to make that as challenging (and as fun!) as possible. First, pick a core (shown above) based on your vision for the Titan. Experiment away, and check out the Steam Workshop for inspiration based on what other people are doing.

Step 3: Add to the base
Select a mount point on the core and hit "A" to see available pieces (you can also click on the button at the top of the "Mounts" tab, but keyboard shortcuts are faster). Set a piece's health (you'll see the option when you select a piece and click on the "Pieces" button — protip: you can shift-select multiple pieces). A Titan's extremities will be easier to destroy than the inner ones — that is, until you destroy the extremities.

Watch Amy and Elliot describe how this works:

Step 4: Arming your Titan
Weapons are part of the piece they're attached to (the "parent" piece), and can’t be destroyed individually, though they do contribute to how difficult it is to destroy the parent.

If you're using weapon and shield banks (see below), we generally advise that you have the Titan stop firing while shields are up. From a gameplay standpoint, shields work best when an arena is built around their presence — if a Titan's shielded for 10 seconds, make sure there are things strewn about for the player to collect during that period. More on this in the videos on Arena building:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ROiJETSsWE&feature=share&list=PLUjs_Zt_7hn4pCk70LgdGq4E2MtvYHe4V

Watch Elliot talk about weapons:

Step 5: Giving Your Titan Personality
  • When making complex, sexy, Titans, use multiple pieces (and types of pieces). More pieces = more explosions!
  • Think outside the pieces: just because it's called "shoulder" doesn't mean it has to be a shoulder, nor does a "leg" only work as a leg – English is soooo one-dimensional.
  • Some of the smallest pieces are the most versatile — spine, X-fork, joint, etc.
  • Use reference images (Google image search FTW) for inspiration.
  • Use shapes to convey personality: for instance, edgy, spiky things look menacing.
  • Colors: You can color your entire Titan or individual pieces. Experiment with reflectivity and glow.
  • Jaunty Attire — because why not!

Step 6: Animate that Titan
Give your Titan some extra life through movement. Check out this video:

That's it for today. If you've built a Titan, show it off by posting it in the Steam Workshop!
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drisky Mar 19, 2017 @ 10:52am 
SHIFT+CTRL+A - Select all pieces in the Titan.
ajent101 Jun 23, 2016 @ 2:34am 
how do i select everything?
ŁîŁรp00Ҝ¥ Feb 24, 2014 @ 8:20pm 
SO fun
taze Jul 13, 2013 @ 5:28am 
You can also duplicate them: click the D for the respective Titan you want to dupe in the "Build a Titan" menu. This way you can have recurring villains in a level.