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Transport Fever

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USA cities
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Sep 24 @ 2:39pm
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USA cities

This wonderful 6K map was originally created by Lowell and I just modified the city spawn. In the original map there were 15 cities, in this we have the 50 most populated cities of the United States of America. Their locations are fictional but they follow a logic sometimes, putting together some cities from the same state. This map allows you to build long routes as well as regional and cummuter rail sistems.

Here you can find a link to the oringinal map by Lowell:

This version has no industries, you'll only find 2 oil wells to the north of it. I highly recommend using the following mods:
-Vegetation Increase
-Industry Tycoon
-No initial roads
-All the American stuff that can be found in the steam workshop.

Have in mind that is is a huge map that needs to have experimental map sizes enabled in order to be loaded.

Enjoy it and don't forget to leave your feedback!
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Davidmaracenero  [author] Sep 26 @ 2:59am 
Hi @Skirmish, I'm sorry to hear that you can't run this map and I appreciate your words. However, I have to tell you that as you say, there's people with supercomputers who always want more (and not supercomputers necessarily, I myself have an i5 7500, a GTX 1060 with 16GB ram and can run this map smoothly with over 100 mods activated). You can have a look at all the ton of smaller maps in the workshop which I'm sure your pc can handle and enjoy them. This map, as I said, is designed for those who can run it. Thanks for your comment, by the way.

Hi @aantono, thanks for your comment! I´ve just added it :)
aantono Sep 26 @ 1:29am 
Great map! Can you also share a link to the original map by Lowell?
Skirmish Sep 25 @ 10:49pm 
Sorry I don't have a Super Computer to run this. I feel you may need to be a litle more realistic in size and composition of you maps. Large maps are fun as they let you explore various aspects of the game fully, but when you get to silly size they just become a lag infeted nightmare and therfore pointless. Bigger is not always better.
Davidmaracenero  [author] Sep 24 @ 2:49pm 
Anyone pls tell that this is working fine. I've spent more than 2 hours to find an error in the syntax which didn't make it visible ingame and I hope it is solved by now. By the way, I had to delete the original map and upload it again. That's why it appears as a new mod.

PS: thanks @Scorpion® for letting me know that there was an error