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Changes in Brave New World
By Ryan
Describes what changes has happened, what is new, and what is still remaining of Civilization V.
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International Trade Routes
For a further analysis of Trade Routes watch and read along with the video provided!

  • Added in Brave New World, is the addition of International Trade Routes which redefines how you obtain gold. You'll always need to build trade routes in order to maintain a healthy Gold Per Turn (GPT).

  • Description of Trade Routes

    Established between two cities of different Civ's, providing Gold to each every turn. The Civ that the Trade Route originates from will always get a larger sum of Gold than the destination Civ. The amount of Gold a Trade Route produces is dependent upon the resource diversity and revenue of the origin city.

    Trade Routes can also be created between two cities of the same Civ. Once the origin city has a Granary, it can send Food to the destination city, and once it has a Workshop it can send Production. These types of internal Trade Routes do not benefit the origin city.

    You can only have a limited number of Trade Routes at any time. Researching certain Tech's will increase the number of routes you have available.

  • Technologies that Give Additional Trade Routes

    • Animal Husbandry (Ancient Era)

    • Sailing (Classical Era)

    • Engineering (Classical Era)

    • Compass (Medieval Era)

    • Banking (Renaissance Era)

    • Biology (Industrial Era)

    • Railroad (Modern Era)

    • Penicillin (Atomic Era)

  • Wonders that Give Additional Trade Routes

    • The Colossus (Classical Era)

    • Petra (Classical Era)
For a further analysis of Scenarios watch and read along with the video provided!

  • American Civil War

      Fight the "War Between the States" from either the Union or Confederate side as you focus on the critical Eastern theatre of operations between the capital cities of Richmond and Washington.

  • Scramble for Africa

      The great colonial powers of the world are scrambling to explore the Dark Continent and extend their reach into its interior. Search for the great natural wonders of the heart of Africa as you explore a dynamically-generated continent each time you play.

Changes to Cultural Victory
New Units
For a further analysis of units watch and read along with the video provided!

  • Great Writer

      Must build the Writer's Guild in order to start generating this Great Person. He'll create a "great work of writing" for you which translates into extra Culture and +2 Tourism early on.He'll also grant you a Political Treatise which will generate a large sum of Culture for your Civilization.

  • Great Musician

      Must build the Musician's Guild in order to start generating this Great Person.Is able to create a great work of music which will give you extra Culture and +2 Tourism early on. He'll also fill a tourism slot to help out Culturally.

  • Caravan

      These are the Camels for all of those that remember Civilization of years past! These are the units that will handle International Trades and any trade for that matter. In my personal opinion these are the single greatest unit that they've added to Civilization V. Suppose it's a bit of nostalgia on my part. Regardless, this unit is not actually "built" or takes any production to do so. Later in the game they will be "upgraded" automatically to Trucks.

  • Cargo Ship

      Again, just like the Caravan is a unit that is not actually build via production but will be used in terms of International Trade Routes. They will originally start off as a classical boat that is wooden etc. while later in the game will be "upgraded" automatically into a modern ship.

  • Archeologist

      Is a new Unit. Unlike the Great Writer and Great Musician you do NOT need to build a special building just to create this unit. He'll be like all the other Units and will be generated through Production that is located in the production list once Archealogy is discovered. You'll need to obtain the Archealogy Tech & have a University first before you can start anything with the Archeologist. He can construct an archaeological site to find a great work artifact or create a landmark. He'll also create Landmarks.

  • Bazooka

      This will be a Late-Era unit that will be the final upgrade to Ranged Infantry units. They will upgrade the Machine Guns that you may have sprawling around.

  • XCOM Squad

      Those that are a fan of Firaxis and their games will know that this is a direct influence of their other game - XCOM: Enemy Unknown or even the earlier version of that game. Regardless, this unit has the ability to be paradropped 40 TILES away! They are an upgraded version of the Paratrooper. Obviously will be a Late-Era unit. Obtainable once you discover Nanotechnology!

  • Great Artist

      Although they were present in the previous iterations of Civilization they have a new function in Brave New World. Instead of creating a Monument to give you Culture on a tile they will now create a Great Work or Art. They can still provide you with a Golden Age as well.

  • Hand Axe

      You'll see these pesky little units while you are playing a game with the Barbarians turned on. They are an upgrade to the regular brutes - which would be somewhat equivalent to a Chariot Archer without the "Archer" part - that they end up getting in the game so they should be watched out for while you are playing. They are nothing that frightening but can deal some damage if not monitored.
New Buildings
For a further analysis of buildings watch and read along with the video provided!

  • Airport

      A Late-Era building will allow you to "Airlift" units into various cities and will generate more tourism. To those that have or still play Civilization IV, your prayers have been answered. Well, at least mine have. This single building will fix my quarrel with this game. Long have I wanted the Airport building back. This building will allow you to expand very quickly on land that is very far away from you.

  • Hotel

      A great addition to those seeking out the Cultural Victory, which is really started later in the game rather than throughout. Regardless, it's a huge benefit to have in a city that is generating tons of Culture.

  • Caravansary

      This will help out with your current trade routes. Make sure to find a city that will be able to trade with almost any city that produces tons of gold so that you will make the most use out of this building. It will earn you more gold based on land trades & the Harbor will now give you additional gold based on sea routes.

  • Zoo

      This is essentially the same thing as a Theater was in the previous iterations but, unfortunately, now only will grant you 2 Happiness rather than the 3 Happiness it used to give.
New Natural/World Wonders
For a further analysis of Wonders watch and read along with the video provided!

  • Borobudur

      Is a Medieval Era Wonder that will help in a faith related way. Grants you +5 faith, can only be built in a Holy City, and grants Three (3) Missionaries. Great Wonder if you are seeking to cover the world with your religion very quickly. Also Borobudur is located in Indonesia!

  • Broadway

      World Wonder that is completed in the Modern Era. 1 Free Great Musician appears near the City where the Wonder was built. Contains 3 slots for Great Works of Music. Located in New York City, New York.

  • Globe Theatre

      World Wonder that is completed in the Renaissance Era. 1 Free Great Writer appears near the City where the Wonder was built. Contains 2 slots for Great Works of Writing. Located in England.

  • Parthenon

      World Wonder that is completed in Classical Era through Drama and Poetry. Contains a prebuilt Great Work of Art in the Great Work Slot. Located in Athens, Greece.

  • Prora

      World Wonder that is completed in the Modern Era. Requires Autocracy. In addition to the +2 Happiness, the Prora Resort also provides +1 more Happiness for every 2 Policies you have adopted. 1 Free Social Policy. Must be constructed in a coastal city. Located in Rügen, Germany.

  • Red Fort

      World Wonder that is completed in the Renaissance Era. Defensive building in all Cities are 25% more effective. Located in Delhi, India.

  • Uffizi

      World Wonder that is completed in Renaissance Era. Requires Aesthetics. 1 free Great Artist appears near the City where the Wonder was built. Contains 3 slots for Great Works of Art. Located in Florence, Italy.

  • International Space Station

      +1 Production from Scientists, and +1 Science from Engineers. Great Scientists provide 33% more Science when used to discover new Tech. May only be built collaboratively through the World Congress.This is a World Congress Wonder which is completely new to Civilization. Civilizations can contribute Production towards its completion by selecting it in the city production list. When complete, Civilizations receive bonuses based on how much they contributed and the Wonder is placed in the Capital of the Civilization that contributed production the most. You'll gain a free Great Scientist alongside a one time research boost to whatever you're researching. Located in Space.

  • East India Company

      National Wonder Only available in Medieval Era and earlier starts. You'll need to make sure that you have a Market built alongside having the Guilds Tech researched. You'll obtain +2 Happiness, +4 Gold, and trade routes other players make to a city with an East India Company will generate an extra 4 Gold for the city owner and the trade route owner gains an additional 2 Gold for the trade route. Was Located in Asia.

  • Artists' Guild

      National Wonder Provides 2 Great Person Points (GPP) toward a Great Artist. Add up to two specialists to this building to gain Culture and increase the rate of Great Artist acquisition (3 Culture and 3 GPP per specialist). Located in Museums.

  • Musicians' Guild

      National Wonder Is required to build in order to start producing Great Musicians. Is a Renaissance Era Wonder. It will require you to have Acoustics to start building. It will provide you +3 Great Person Points towards a Great Musician. Add up to two specialists to this building to gain Culture and increase the rate of Great Musician acquisition. Located in Spotify.

  • Writers' Guild

      National Wonder Is required to build in order to start producing Great Writers. Is a Classical Era Wonder. It will require you to have Drama and Poetry to start building. It will provide you +3 Great Person Points towards a Great Writer. Add up to two specialists to this building to gain Culture and increase the rate of Great Writer acquisition. Located in Books.

  • Statue of Zeus

    Requires Honor. All units gain +15% combat strength when attacking cities. This is added in if you did not already have the Wonder DLC pack.

  • Lake Victoria

    Natural Wonder This will grant you extra Food Production if you build near it. It's a valuable tile that shouldn't be overlooked as it will allow to amass a huge population if a city is built near it early on.

  • King Solomon Mines

    Natural Wonder This will grant you extra Production if you build near it. It's a valuable tile that, just like Lake Victoria, shouldn't be overlooked as it will allow you to amass a huge production based city that can pump out quite a few military units/buildings - especially early game!
City-States in Brave New World
  • Complete City-State Breakdown

  • Cape Town - Light Orange
  • Quebec City - Blue
  • Ragusa - Middle Cyan
  • Sydney - Middle Blue
  • Manila - Light Green
  • Mombasa - Green
  • Ormus - Grey: Replacement for Jakarta
  • Panama City - Light Yellow: Replacement for Rio de Janeiro
  • Riga - Cyan: Replacement for Venice
  • Vancover - Purple: Replacement for Lisbon
  • Ur - Light Purple: New Addition
  • Byblos - Middle Purple: New Addition
  • Mogudishu - Light Green: New Addition

  • Monaco - Purple
  • Yerevan - Peach
  • Prague - Blue
  • Milan - Light Orange
  • Kuala Lumpur - Yellow
  • Brussels - Light Blue
  • Florence - Cyan
  • Bucharest - Light Green
  • Bratislava - White: Replacement for Warsaw
  • Kabul - Green: New Addition
  • Kyzyl - Middle Cyan: New Addition
  • Kiev - Middle Blue: New Addition
  • Buenos Aires - Light Purple: Addition

  • Cahokia - White
  • Genoa - Middle Cyan
  • Hong Kong - Blue
  • Tyre - Green
  • Zanzibar - Light Blue
  • Antwerp - Purple
  • Colombo - Light Purple
  • Singapore - Light Yellow
  • Zurich - Grey
  • Samarkand - Middle Blue: New Addition
  • Malacca - Cyan: New Addition
  • Antananarivo - Peach, Replacement for Marrakesh

  • Belgrade - Green
  • Sidon - Middle Purple
  • Hanoi - Light Purple
  • Valletta - Yellow
  • Budapest - Grey
  • Almaty - Light Orange
  • Sofia - Light Green: New Addition
  • Mbanza-Kongo - Cyan: New Addition


  • Geneva - Middle Blue
  • La Venta - Cyan
  • Lhasa - Light Green
  • Jerusalem - White
  • Wittenberg - Light Purple
  • Vatican City - Light Yellow
  • Kathmandu - Middle Purple: Type changed from Cultured
  • Ife - White: New Addition
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