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Project Zomboid

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Fort Redstone, KY (Build 41)
Mods: Build 41
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Sep 19, 2018 @ 12:30am
Aug 4 @ 6:48pm
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Fort Redstone, KY (Build 41)

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This will cause an error on build 40 now - Use

Requires a new saved after subscribing for it to appear in the world.

This is a Military base located North West out of Rosewood

- This map includes a custom tileset with military objects
- Works with Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars mod and adds spawn locations for his Military vehicles, the mod is highly recommended, You can download it here
- No starting spawn location, you must travel there. Head North West out of RoseWood until you see the roadsign.
- The ladders on the guard towers can be climbed by holding "E"
- The map wont appear until you start a new game
- Spawn location for Military Zeds.

Thanks and enjoy!

Workshop ID: 1516836158
Map Folder: FortRedstone
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Sep 8 @ 6:35am
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Jul 2 @ 6:41am
What's the status of military spawn locations with Filibuster's Used Cars?
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n4ret Sep 26 @ 10:41am 
Ok im an idiot it probs one of my 100+ mods I had enabled my bad.:missing:
n4ret Sep 25 @ 11:06pm 
Having same issue were the custom military boxes are not spawning as well as other custom things. I tried a complete reinstall of the game and the mod and still nothing.
RAM Sep 22 @ 7:12pm 
Mod causes items on update 41.54 to disappear from shelves. Items are still stored in the shelves you just can't see them on the shelves. All shelves
Pure Waifu Maid Material Sep 3 @ 6:36pm 
Just mentioning that the most recent build changed loot tables making it so that all crates are using the gun store loot table which does not contain m16s and military equipment.
Shave Sep 3 @ 9:25am 
i get an error when i pass some part of the base, this is a screen related
Lilac Aug 31 @ 3:36pm 
@Zero0 I had the same issue! I fixed it by disabling and then re-enabling the mod to put it at the bottom of the load order. That seemed to work for me!
CherryDarling Aug 31 @ 3:31pm 
@Zer0 : totally new games started since early august in 41.53 and i can see those crates.
you double checked everything ? (zomboid branch changed, you re in 41.53 or 41.50 ?)
Zer0 Aug 30 @ 4:34pm 
Anyone know why all the custom military boxes disappeared? Totally new game and all the USAF green and grey crates are missing. As well as the giant tarped boxes and supplies on pallet boxes
geminianer Aug 16 @ 3:43am 
I couldnt find it too T^T
USEC Aug 15 @ 4:12pm 
it is enable i recheck and made 4 new save file, and to be sure i see the mod list on the save file it self and it is enable