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Fort Redstone, KY (Build 41)
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Build 41
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Sep 19, 2018 @ 12:30am
Oct 20, 2019 @ 7:57pm
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Fort Redstone, KY (Build 41)

This will cause an error on build 40 now - Use instead

This is a Military base located North West out of Rosewood

- This map includes a custom tileset with military objects
- Works with Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars mod and adds spawn locations for his Military vehicles, the mod is highly recommended, You can download it here
- No starting spawn location, you must travel there. Head North West out of RoseWood until you see the roadsign.
- The ladders on the guard towers can be climbed by holding "E"
- The map wont appear until you start a new game
- Spawn location for Military Zeds.

Thanks and enjoy!

Workshop ID: 1516836158
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Sep 11 @ 10:34am
Map Errors
< >
Dank Palpatine Sep 23 @ 4:46pm 
The hospital is big enough that if you shoot a gun zombies will spawn loop there for ever until you go round back and clear them with a melee. took me like 2 hours of standing at the main entrance just blasting them with everything I had until I figured it out lol
PBL Sep 11 @ 9:58am 
This mod doesn't work with any of the existing challenges or modded challenges. When you load a challenge the fort doesnt appear
Pazoozoo Sep 10 @ 1:05am 
Awesome map! Stumbled into a nightmare scenario when exploring the hospital lol, burnt through so much ammo and had to run away anyways. But got a lot of ammo back later, so meh.

I do have a question, though; why is there little to no 5.56 ammo or mags? You'd figure it being a US base it would be all over the place. It's probably loot table-based, but it takes away a bit of the incredible immersion.
Girl From Japan Aug 27 @ 12:28pm 
The building near the hill bunkers that is enclosed
Girl From Japan Aug 27 @ 12:27pm 
The bottom western part of the map the building there doesnt seem to have light switches
Mike Aug 13 @ 3:43pm 
Is there any way to spawn in the military crates, through the Necroforge menu or an item spawner?
louveteau01 Jul 24 @ 9:27am 
ok i ahve understand, iwas not using the right mod, instead the fliburster for b 40 but strange thing every time i go to the garage near the gaz station in the south of the fort i got a red error
louveteau01 Jul 24 @ 7:37am 
@Neutz is their a way to make a 100% spawn location to humvee cause damn even with spwan of vehicule in high don't seem to be abble to found even one
louveteau01 Jul 24 @ 7:34am 
and ten try already but nothing =(
louveteau01 Jul 24 @ 7:23am 
CAUSE DAMN i have put the pop of car th the higher lv and spawn directly at teh location thank to the cheat mod and still not have found one