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Byakugan and Sharingan - Ancestors
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Byakugan and Sharingan - Ancestors


This mod is a work in progress. Many features will be added periodically. I am releasing the mod with the purpose of discovering bugs and knowing the opinion of the users. The mod doesn't have CTD bugs and is safe to test.

You can check the last features in the Github repo []. If you found a bug or a translation error you can made a pull request

How can I get a Sharingan/Byakugan?

The main source of dojutsu are Vee and Khalga. Dojutsu inheritance works like a sort of "recesive gene", so, there are rules to preserve it in your dynasty

  • All Vee/Khalga childrens will get the dojutsu and a "direct" gene
  • All childrens of a "direct" gene owner and a normal character will get the dojutsu and a "recesive" gene
  • All childrens of a "recesive" gene owner and a normal character will lost the trait and not preserve any gene
  • All childrens of a "direct" gene owner and other "direct" character will have the dojutsu and a "direct" gene
  • All childrens of a "recesive" gene owner and other "recesive" character will have the dojutsu and a "recesive" gene
In the real life it is not the way in that genetics works, but dojutsu inheritance for this mod fits roleplay and strategic breeding. So, you should carefully monitor the traits of two characters before you marry them if you want to preserve those wonderful eyes.
Is this a Naruto mod?
The shinobi world is very rich and complex and I don't think I can move this world with all its characteristics to this mod. I think the dojutsu is a great feature for this sprint. Maybe in the future I can start a project of such magnitude
  • Mauve eyes: A Byakugan. Grants bonus to defend against plots, combat ability and base attributes.
  • Crimson eyes: A Sharingan. It grants greater capacity of success in the plots, combat ability and base attributes.
Characters: Vee and KhalgaThe two main characters from the mod, the entire narrative revolves around them. At first they are two twin brothers, but their destinies soon separate and each follows different paths. Neither is playable unless you are very lucky.Vee is, if you accept her, the closest character of the two to you. She is considered the most beautiful woman in the world and her presence in your court will give you bonuses and special events:
  • Special modifier: The presence of Vee in your court guarantees you an additional point of monthly prestige. These are the advantages of having the most beautiful woman in the world as a courtesan.
  • New Casus Belli: The presence of Vee in your court also causes you problems. Anyone with land can declare war on her. If you lose, Vee will go to the court of the winner of the war.
  • Crimson eyes: Vee presents a distinctive feature (cof, cof, a sharingan) that gives it special advantages. The trait is able to evolve through special events and become more powerful. It can also be inherited, which allows you to create your long-term genetic program. Even you could own it if you plan your dynasty well!
  • Semi-immortality: Vee, or at least its essence, will live throughout the narrative, but needs a new body to transfer when the time comes to the old man. It can only be transferred to one of your daughters, who will be the new recipient. The event is repeated every 33 years and will be annulled if Vee dies.
On the other hand, Khalga is the counterpart. It may be the opponent of the game, or maybe not, it all depends on the events you experience and your own decisions. Khalga also has a set of characteristics:
  • Complete immortality: Khalga can not die of old age and has a high resistance to disease. He may be killed or by accident, but his essence is transferred immediately to any woman, who conceives a child with the same basic characteristics.
  • Malve Eyes: A (cof, cof, Byakugan) trait that gives a number of advantages. Like Vee's trait, it is transmissible to his children and can be used as a genetic program in the narrative.
  • Nomadism: Khalga never stays in one place. Migrate periodically, traveling the world, so it is difficult to find it. He is a licentious lover of adventures and he leaves his progeny wherever he goes. But, if you visit your court and do not like it, you should worry.
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Does someone know if the mod is simply broken rn? My Children can't seem to get the sharingan no matter how many children I have, it was working fine the last time I tried this mod
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