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GOLIATH - Make Battlecruisers Great Again
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Sep 18, 2018 @ 10:50am
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GOLIATH - Make Battlecruisers Great Again

Ever want to build Dreadnaughts in Multi-player or in skirmishes against the CPU? Now you CAN!!!

Let’s face it: after the HWRM 2.1 update, if you wanted to win, you’d better build some freaking frigates. With GOLIATH, there are multiple paths to victory: overwhelm your opponent with frigates, slowly wear him down while you get stronger and stronger with destroyers, defend yourself until you can build mighty battlecruisers, be a sneaky weasel with sub-space weapons, or crush their spirit with unstoppable lumbering dreadnaughts. The possibilities are endless!

The purpose of this mod is not to make a new game that you have to learn all over, but to even up the races and add some new ship tiers in order to be able to break deadlocks and create new paths to victory. You should be able to dive right in! Teach your opponents the true meaning of the word respect with dreadnaught-class ships and Sub-Space weapons. But beware. There are unconfirmed reports of even the most experienced Fleet Commanders being handily defeated by CPU-controlled adversaries.

MAKE SURE AT LEAST ONE SLOT IS SET TO HIIGARAN IN SKIRMISHES!! The AI might not work otherwise. (trying to track the problem down)

Additions and changes:

1- The HW1 races suck, right? Not anymore! The races have all been balanced with the addition of new ships and a more flexible research tree so that the HW1 guys can also choose to rush the ships that they want without having to develop the crap they don't want.

2- The AI is too weak, right? They WERE too weak. We usually play 2 vs.6 together against the CPU and we were starting to win all the time. Not anymore... ;) The levels are:

a. Fuddy-Duddy – Like playing against your toaster: It has the smarter AI, but gets slightly less resources than a human and doesn’t have any build speed bonuses.

b. Beefy – Like playing against Robby the Robot: a good challenging game for an experienced player, but you’re probably going to win.

c. Butch – Like playing against Bishop: you’d better keep the pressure up from the very beginning because if they get strong enough, your once-proud fleet will be reduced to smoldering space junk right before your tear-filled eyes.

d. No Blanket – Like playing against Data: they might think your strategy is ‘intriguing’ or ‘interesting’ but what they’ll really mean is ‘cute’. Your hindquarters will be spanked to a bright rosy-red like the puny human that you are, a laughing stock for artificial people everywhere, but should you prove yourself worthy by defeating such an enemy… your name shall be recorded in the Hall of Awesomeness for all eternity…

If they're too mighty for you, put some AI players on your side at a higher setting than the other team, give yourself some starting research, or increasing the free RUs usually makes the CPU weaker in relation to humans. (There can only be four difficulty settings, otherwise we would’ve made some wimpier CPU settings too.)

3- There are a lot more game set-up options for you to choose from:

a. The starting research level of each slot can be set individually. So fighters + corvettes, or Battlecruisers + Dreadnaughts, etc. can be granted at the beginning of the game. This function can also grant all research and replaces the ‘complete research’ function from the game. (Might not have noticed it, but there was a bug in the old 'complete research' mode that made the Vaygr WAY too butch.)

b. Specific ship types such as Dreadnaughts, Battlecruisers, Insurrection Frigates, etc. can be turned off for the match.

c. Map resources, starting resources, bounties, and resource injections can be incrementally set to be REALLY high. So if you want, you can play a game with no resourcing at all. You know what they say, ‘Life is too short to be poor.’ :D

4- All races have a Dreadnaught-class battleship as a path to break long deadlocks, as well as your enemy's spines...

a. Kushan: The Heavy Destroyer is equipped with militarized planet-core mining technology: Deep-bore Lasers which melt high-tensile steel armor as if it were candle wax. Geothermic Refractive Plating prevents any attempt of capture or unfortunately, repair.

b. Hiigaran: The disassembly of the Progenitor Dreadnaught was a bold decision, but the loss of such a great vessel revealed its dark secrets. Now you shall judge your enemies with the mighty power of the ancients.

c. Taiidan: Despite the most advanced torture methods of The Empire, our scientists were unable to reproduce the main weapon of the Progenitor Dreadnaught. However, a power source for the Cyclone Ionizer had finally been found.

d. Vaygr: Our fallen Emperor's soul can be extracted from the nether... for a price. A crew of our most honored dead reanimated as automata. The Emperor's lost soul recovered and bound to the most powerful battleship ever constructed. Caution: Science Division is concerned that a battlecruiser of this magnitude may overload command and control systems.

5- Battlecruisers are back in their old glory! Remember playing HW2 and if you forgot to build a Gravwell, the CPU would hyperspace a battlecruiser right up your rump roast, and you just couldn't freaking kill the thing? Like that! Destroyers also take no crap now, and frigates have been left at their newfound butchness from HWRM. Costs and build times have been adjusted accordingly.

6- All races can develop Sub-Space spacecraft, equipped with a Dimensional Scalpel, these vessels have the capability to cloak indefinitely. Combined with powerful Neutron Torpedoes, the Insurrection Frigate can lurk behind enemy lines waiting for the perfect time to strike. However, the Neutron Torpedo has unfortunately proven itself to be somewhat... unstable... (think space submarines that can also be used as bombs to clear out small stuff)

7- A PLETHORA of new weapon, armor and other assorted ship upgrades! There are also plenty of counters to each other so that none of the new ships or upgrades is too mighty.

8- The HW1 battlecruisers and motherships have an integrated Gravwell because the AI can't use the normal ones to save its buttocks.

9- Laser corvettes are back! We tried to make them just like the ones in the original game, where you can hold off huge waves of frigates as long as you can keep them repaired or replenished.

10- Cloaked Fighters have been replaced by the expensive but deadly Sub-Space Fighter-Bomber, because let's face it... they were a joke.

11- The Taiidan can now call upon one of the newest additions to the empire. These 'Vaygr' have proven themselves to be most loyal, and their bands of Elite Auxilia have proven themselves to be most deadly.

12- The HW1 support craft can't repair small stuff anymore. This was the only way we could find to really solve the bug where members of squadrons would go missing if they docked with them. Therefore, the repair rates have been greatly increased.

13- The Hiigaran build-speed upgrade is 40% instead of 30% in order to compensate for their fewer build slots.

14- HW2 races get a second shipyard. HW1 races get a shipyard with one large build-slot.

15- The cost and build times of the HW1 small stuff has been changed to reflect their suckyness. The HW1 bombers are in a squadron and are on par with the HW2 bombers now.

16- The Return to Sarum maps have been included in a new Goliath version. More maps to come!

The sinister space music in the main menu is Evil Morty from We Rabbitz – they’re on Spotify so go check ‘em out!

Other changes are listed in the updates because the description is getting too long.

If you find any bugs or think something should be changed, please let us know. We want the Mod to be AWESOME. Like, you're never gonna play the normal game ever again, awesome. Have fun!!!

We'll keep updating as we get stuff done. ;-)
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Aug 10, 2020 @ 4:58am
Anybody have the problem of the CPU not building anything?
Sep 26, 2020 @ 7:28am
Jun 2, 2020 @ 4:02am
Post error logs here please
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Captain_Freedom  [author] Dec 21, 2021 @ 5:12am 
Hello Gamer,

Okay, I did some testing with minelayers that could cloak all the time like the other sub-space stuff, and they were WAY to butch as an offensive weapon. You could cloak, start setting up a minefield right in the middle of the enemy's stuff, and then actively destroy any proximity sensors or sub-space scouts as they build them. So the enemy could see that there are minelayers there, slowly letting them have it, but they couldn’t target them.

So, the Stealth Minelayers I added can lay mines while cloaked for 1.5 minutes. That should give them enough time to either survive short battles or escape longer ones, but not be used offensively.

The limit is about doubled too, but we'll have to see if that makes multiplayer games lag or not.

Have fun!
Captain_Freedom  [author] Dec 8, 2021 @ 7:09am 
Hi Gamer,

Yeah, that was lame: 'Why did you make the buttons make sense? Why is there so much poo-poo in my pants? Modding 101 - waah waah!' HAHA Jerk. :b

I just tested it out too. I think you're right! It's a totally good idea! Sure, I'll put it in!

I think I'll make a Goliath version of the 5P Radial Symmetry map and I'll add the sub-space minelayers and update it. I don't think it will take too long.

I'm sort of trying to play Deserts of Kharak first, but I can't really get into it. I'm only on like the thrid mission, but I mean, it's just a bunch of stupid trucks, right? =D
theoccasionalcasualgamer Dec 7, 2021 @ 7:31pm 
Hey there, Captain_Freedom! I hope life's been treating you well!

I should've posted this a long time ago (like back in Jan or Feb), but I forgot all about it (my apologies).

So, (for whenever life gives you a chance to tinker,) I did some experimenting with many different ships in the different "races" that I had the ability to test**.

It seems like all ships were able to cloak (and stay cloaked) while continuing to do whatever they do EXCEPT fire a weapon. (I tested almost, if not, all types of ships, not just Minelayers.) If they started attacking another ship (even attacking a friendly), they would instantly decloak and even remain decloaked for several seconds after ceasing fire before recloaking again. However, much to my delight, even the Minelayers (or Minelayer Corvettes) would NOT decloak even whilst laying mines! Only if they were sent to attack (with their measly, much less powerful guns,) would they decloak.

Comment Part 1 of 2
theoccasionalcasualgamer Dec 7, 2021 @ 7:30pm 
Comment Part 2 of 2

* This leads me to believe that a sub-space Minelayer Corvette would actually work in practice (if you decide that that is something you'd like to incorporate). (Although, if I may make a second request and suggestion... Up the build limit (and/or give a speed boost) for the Minelayer Corvettes by a considerable amount, because it's essentially impossible to make large minefields with the extremely small build limit they give us. (I think I can increase the limit with another mod on top of this one (or underneath), but it'd be nice to have it already incorporated into this one.)) *

Anyway, I hope this helps! Cheers! :)

**mainly, the "races" that had ships with modules or ships that emitted a cloaking field that also cloaked all other ships that were within range (as opposed to the ships that were only able to cloak themselves and not others).

p.s.: I like that YouTube link in your comment below! That was hilarious!
PassAFist Jul 2, 2021 @ 5:50pm 
Ok, I like the idea of Battlecruisers being beefy, but for Pete's sake did you really have to go and wreck the soundtrack and the UI? Come on, one mod per mod. That's just basic software development wisdom. Tyvm.
Captain_Freedom  [author] Jan 22, 2021 @ 5:39am 
Or if you've really got your heart set on shredding the enemy with mines, there's always the dreaded Mine Cannon upgrade for Taiidan Heavy Corvettes! =D Have fun!
Captain_Freedom  [author] Jan 22, 2021 @ 5:37am 
Hi, I'm pretty sure that can't be done because they would de-cloak as soon as they start laying mines. I'll have a think about maybe making the mines last longer or be more butch though, but it won't be soon cuz I'm pretty busy in stupid real life.

Have you tried out the Static Defense Hardpoints? They're wildly expensive, so they take a concentrated effort to set up, but once you have a set of all four, you can finally sleep easy at night! There are some starting fleet settings where you start the game with some if you want to try them out quick, but you can set up a REAL defense with them!
theoccasionalcasualgamer Jan 21, 2021 @ 8:02pm 
Sub-Space Minelayer Corvette

Would you be willing to make a sub-space minelayer corvette that can cloak indefinitely?

It is so annoying to take the time to set up a beautiful, well-placed minefield, only to have the minelayers taken out, one-by-one, by ion cannon frigates. Apparently, the ion cannon frigates can shoot far enough that they're able to sit just out of range of the mines, and "snipe" the minelayers as they sit and wait for the next mine to self-destruct or get used.

Not sure if it is possible to have a cloaked minelayer corvette (again, emphasis on indefinitely) stay cloaked whilst laying mines, but it might be worth a shot in my opinion if you're up to it.

Thanks for your consideration either way.

(as a bonus, maybe you could give them a massive speed boost as well so they can get into position faster.)
Captain_Freedom  [author] Nov 18, 2020 @ 6:07pm 
Hi Shenderson, on the screen with the list of installed mods, there are two blue buttons on the left side: 'HW2 Classic' and 'HW Remastered'. I bet you have classic set. Try clicking the remastered button and see if that's it. (Don't worry, it's not you. The menu setup sucks.) If that doesn't work, you could unsubscribe, wait a minute and then subscribe again. That should force the mod to download again.