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Arkham Horror LCG - Super Complete Edition
Number of Players: 4
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Sep 18, 2018 @ 6:35am
Apr 23 @ 5:42pm
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Arkham Horror LCG - Super Complete Edition


Enjoy the ultiamte Arkham Horror Living Card Game expierience on Tabletop Simulator!
  • Scripted for automated card dealing, discard and token spawning
  • All scenarios pre-made for easy setup
  • Custom-made HD playmats for investigators as well as play area
  • Up-to-date with all officially released campaigns, mythos packs and promo cards
  • Includes over 30 fan-made campaigns and scenarios

I am still working on the mod and striving to update it, so please if you have any suggestions comment below, and if you've enjoyed the mod, an upvote or favorite would be appreciated. :)

  • Added The Secret Name and The Wages of Sin mythos packs!
  • Automatic scenario construction! Thanks to memory bags, setting up each chapter will take you only seconds!
  • Added stackable chaos token drawing (right click), encounter discard reshuffles and draws if no cards are left in the deck, clue and resource tokens no longer re-spawn upon loading, and TCU deluxe expansion updated to "clean" HD version.

  • High resolution playmats for investigators: These include fully scripted functions such as chaos token & encounter card automatic draw and discard, automatic resource token spawning when assets are played onto the mat, damage + horror + resource tracking with clickable token spawning. NOTE: Settings/Game needs to be on full physics for the chaos token drawing script to work properly.
  • High-res and custom-made playmats for the main play area, victory display and scenario cards with pre-placed magnet snap points for easy placement. Automatic clue spawning when location cards are put into play.
  • Automatic chaos bag setup with clickable difficulty selection cards included in each scenario.
  • Easy deck building via and Grabben's Deck-builder! Browse ArkhamDB for your favorite deck, copy its # from the URL, input it into the builder and isntantly build your deck!
  • Includes main core campaign and all available expansions, fully up-to date with the latest releases:
    • Night of the Zealot full campaign + "Return to" version
    • Dunwich Legacy full campaign + "Return to" version
    • Path to Carcosa full campaign
    • The Forgotten Age full campaign
    • The Circle Undone ongoing campaign (3 scenarios)
    • Curse of the Rougarou, Carnivale of Horrors, Labyrinths of Lunacy & Guardians of the Abyss official FFG side-missions
  • Also included are all available online fan-created expansions:
    • Against the Wendigo (scenario)
    • The Approaching Storm (campaign: 6 scenarios)
    • Blood Spilled in Salem (scenario)
    • Bridge of Sighs (scenario)
    • The Collector (scenario)
    • The Colour of Space (scenario)
    • The Curse of Amultep (scenario)
    • Delta Green Convergence (scenario)
    • The Dying Star (campaign: 2 scenarios)
    • The Festival (scenario)
    • Forbidding Desert (scenario)
    • The Grand Oak Hotel (scenario)
    • Happy's Funhouse (scenario)
    • Idol Thoughts (campaign: 3 scenarios)
    • Into the Shadowlands (campaign: 2 scenarios)
    • Kiedy sny stają się rzeczywistością (Polish campaign: 3 scenarios)
    • Knightfall (scenario)
    • Last Call at Roxie's (scenario)
    • The Limens of Belief - A Lita Chantler Story (scenario)
    • The London Set (campaign: 3 scenarios)
    • The Nephew Calls (scenario)
    • North Country Cycle (campaign: 3 scenarios)
    • Masks of Nyarlathotep (scenario)
    • The Outsider (campaign: 3 scenarios)
    • Of Sphinx and Sands (campaign: 3 scenarios)
    • The Stolen Bacillus (scenario)
    • Parallel Universe (campaign: 3 scenarios)
    • Pathfinder: Strange Aeons (campaign: 2 scenarios)
    • The Pensher Wyrm (scenario)
    • The Red Room (scenario)
    • Stranger Things (scenario)
    • The Svalbard Event (scenario)
    • The Thing in the Forest (scenario)
    • Winter Winds (campaign: 3 scenarios)
    • Secret Objectives and Ultimatums
  • All campaign guides included in easy-access tablet objects within each campaign box. Campaign logs for each main campaign also are included.
  • Cards arranged by xp cost, class and type for easy overview and deck building / upgrading!
  • Weaknesses sorted by expansion!
  • All investigators from core + expansion sets, as well as 4 additional promo investigators included. All investigators organised by class, expansion and all come with a pre-created base starter deck so you can grab and play right away! Custom two-sided investigotor and class tokens included to track your actions and turns.

Official Rules reference, Learn To Play and deck builder guides included for quick and easy reference.

  • Recreate agenda, act, location, set-aside and encounter cards into HD decks with clean art.
  • Add option to the card-dealing script to show upgrade cards sorted by expansion set
  • Automate setup as much as possible (memory bags)
  • Recreate all playerand weakness cards into HD decks with clean art.
  • Update legacy token-spawning script

You won't find a Patreon here, I would feel morally bankrupt making a single dime off FFG's intellectual property. I am, however, a fully registered and professional freelance graphic designer (both web & print), and referrals for new clients are always appreciated. Send 'em over here to my portfolio.[]

Special thanks to:
Icekobra, OPKEnobi, Reaps, Tigrezno, PunkOrange, callofAS, Noaloha, Ramassmieth, Crichton, PiEater, voky, Goeki, MrDodger, kirstospower and any anyone else I may have missed crediting.

Big shoutout to:

And of course special mention to Fantasy Flight Games for making such an awesome game - if you think its fun in TTS, wait til you try it in RL! Support FFG and purchase the originals!

All card images, original game assets and instructions property of Fantasy Flight Games.

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Apr 1 @ 8:44pm
How to set up?
< >
Dran  [author] Apr 23 @ 11:58pm 
The weakness decks are on the left hand side, click on the Lovecraft token to draw out the weakness decks, shuffle the "All weakness" deck and draw a random card. Alternatively, if you build your deck on and import it using the deckbuilder in the mod, it will add a random weakness automatically for you.
sakadangjambu Apr 23 @ 11:30pm 
I can't figure out on how to add random basic weakness to my investigator deck. Anyone cared to help? Thanks in advance
paulyd83 Apr 23 @ 6:12pm 
Yes!!!! FFG is finally going outta business! Hooray!
Dran  [author] Apr 23 @ 5:56pm 
Mod updated! The Secret Name and Wages of Sin have been added, both scenarios included with auto-setup, auto token spawning, and all new player cards also included in the usual places. Also a few bug fixes and setups have been updated, and the deckbuilder should import some mis-named cards properly now.

Will add the FAQ in a future update into the Archive chest along with the starter guide and other FFG assets. Regarding colour correction, nope, sadly FFG do not give me the direct digital images for the cards and with different scan sources and some cards being upscaled from leaks, colour coding every card would be a nightmare, so there may be variance in the saturation/contrast of some of the scanned card colours. Ill just be happy if I get rid of every last watermark. :P

Enjoy your fix of Arkham as much as Ill enjoy my well-earned sleep! ;)
Talaris Apr 23 @ 3:49pm 
just "WOW" on the auto-setup :O
also, does the technobablbe about denoising pictures mean that we will get color.corrected card images soon ? That'd be awesome, some mystic cards' borders look puple-pinkish, some purple, some, purple-blueish and so on.

PS: FAQ is out, any intention to add some placeholder/reminder pages for the Taboo list ? (e.g which cards cost more exp, which got slightly changed)
Jaxtrasi Apr 23 @ 2:04pm 
Fantastic work on the auto setup.

Minor one: On the Hunt doesn't load. I think it's capitalisation (the card in the pile is On The Hunt while the card from arkhamdb is On the Hunt)
Andy Apr 23 @ 9:37am 
@rover_27 I forget how you get permission to join (if its even needed), but i suspect google would tell you if that link doesnt work.
Dran  [author] Apr 23 @ 8:59am 
Splattface: Thanks for the tip, almost done with the new new update, just need to go through all the bugs and make sure clue and resource tokens spawn correctly on all the new cards from the new mythos packs! Will probably update sometime tonight.
Splattface Apr 23 @ 5:15am 
Hey Dran, awesome table. Just letting you know that Minh Thi Phan's starter deck has all of the survivor cards replaced with rogue cards.
Rover_27 Apr 22 @ 11:36pm 
Hey Andy, could you please share a link to discord server?