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A Real Bedroom 2 [scan]
Created by Evil-Ash
Like the first one, here is another real bedroom scanned this time by "fhernand" and posted on Sketchfab.

This scan is also free to download and free to use, so i have downloaded it and converted it for Gmod.

Yes it is small, but real, so it's just f...
A real Bedroom [scan]
Created by Evil-Ash
Here is a real bedroom scanned by "9of9" and posted on Sketchfab.

This scan is free to download and free to use, so i have downloaded it and converted it for Gmod.

Yes it is small, but real, so it's just for using to pose.


***Before as...
Abandoned Subway Station
Created by Pek
An old abandoned subway station with inspiration from the NYC subway system.

-Dark tunnels
-Ability to turn off all lamps in the facility
-Ticket offices
-Ability to detonate TNT in one of the tunnels
Created by Flyguy
A small map with two detailed apartments....
Home Sweet Home

What this does:
Adds in my map "apartment" which is exactly what it says on the tin.

What's in it:
Apartment Room
Living Room / Dining Room / Kitchen combo
Bedroom (not yet though!)

Apartment (OUTDATED: see Workshop for Apartment v2)
Created by pizza
UPDATE: Go here for an updated version of the map!

If you like this release:
[img] [/img]

Apartment v2 - Tokyo
Created by pizza
If you like this release:
[img] [/img]

NO GAME CONTENT REQUIRED! Anyone can play this!

INTERNAL NAME: gm_fcc_apartment_v2

AI NODES: Thanks to Master64 for creating proper nodes. If y...
Apehouse Pack
Created by Rom

Here's the popular CS:S map : de_apehouse, also comes with the Christ...
Bathroom Stage
Created by Evil-Ash
Port to Xnalara by Oo-FiL-oO and converted for gmod by your servant.

Show me you like it !

And If you like the entire of my work and want to motivate me to continue,
you can support me her
Buttersee Powerstation
Created by Brominum
Loosely, loosely based off the shape of the Battersea generation station, this is a scenic map suited for posing.

If you do any poses, by all means, show me! I would be happy to feature them on this page....
Created by WhiteKnuckles
Small quick map, less than 35m spent on the map its self :D enjoy this might be updated in the future... comment, and idea for any other small maps are welcome!...
City House
         Welcome!                   The map has:
   Continuation of the series of maps "House"        Rain, Mirror Floor, HDR
   I have nothing to say about this map....
Code 11 Conveniance Store *BETA*
Created by Silent λ

| Important |
This map is intended for players to add there own NPCS around the map to then tactically move into the building a...
Created by Destevel [QC]
My dream house!...
Created by chowder908
This is a reupload of the map from
I take no credit for the creation of this map,
note, this map may need cs:s game.

Created by Destevel [QC]
A nice cubic house with nav mesh for next bot. Enjoy!...
Dirty Apartment
Created by ArachnitCZ
An old, dilapidated apartment building.

A simple, beautiful-looking cinematic map, mainly used for scenes/posing etc.

Map and videos were created by: Riman21/StormRRA
Last 4 screenshots...
Created by Brominum
Inspired by Mirror's Edge and being sick with the common cold, I made this so I could play around with night lighting, dustmotes and dustclouds. Enjoy, feedback is heard! <3...
Druggin Factory
Created by iFade
Please note that in GMOD, if you cant find "druggin" its called " lol ". It was a test name, ok?

The DLC map for my server, Druggin.

The factory where the subjects where created and tested.......

Will you find the secret room?
Will you find ...
EvanTheRebel's House
Created by Ebel
Comes with both a daytime and a nightime version.

Will be listed as gm_evan's house.

The maps are mostly for Murder and Prop Hunt.

If you are experiencing the "shiny textures" just type "mat_specular 0" in the console and that should fix it.

Falling Water
Created by Benigane
Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water

This map best fits the gamemodes of murder and works well with shoot around. It's created after Frank Lloyd Wright's house titled Falling Water. There are many d...
Futuristic Diner (Abandoned project, free to edit)
Created by Cathode Ray Kobold
Abandoned art project. A bumping post-apocalyptic party venue inspired by the Sodium hub in Playstation Home. As this is unfinished, there are some strange textures, and I lost the sound file for the music when I switched computers. Do whatever you want wi...
Garbage (Shadow of Chernobyl)
Created by NuclearGhost
A vast machinery graveyard. Right after the first accident whole heaps of radioactive waste were dumped there. Mostly ruins of old buildings infested with mutants. Much like the outskirts of the Zone, the place swarms with rookie stalkers, with an o
GIdol[Getting worse everyday]
Created by Kratox
What is it?
This is a stupid and humorous idea I thought people could have some fun in if they were bored. Basically the audience gets to pick from a list of songs and the game-mode will randomly pick a player to be the singer. The player will have 80 sec...
GM Vaporwave Night
Created by Huz
first attempt at uploading to the steam workshop and its a damm vaporwave thing ha

Started off as a vaporwave joke from a freind which i said "no way i would make that" and somehow i did make it.

so here a small little watery Vaporwave themed night t...
Created by Token
Ive developed a new map for you guys today.
I made it for the main reason for just posing, maybe to make backgrounds, or just to look around and have fun on.
Its not a big map, but i strongly added much detail, and much ambient surroundings to give it th...
AmmuNation Gun Range Map [GTA V]
Created by Sal
Map and models by Rockstar for GTA V
Ported and mapped in Gmod by Sal#0001

Rockstar's shooting range

- Outside environment.
- Fully detailed interior.
- Over 300 models ported from GTA V.
- Most props have ph...
Created by Lüh Minion
This map was never finished because of many glitches and problems that appeared later during process of development, many people took slots but never managed to finish or ev...
Created by Mr. Clumsy
[Map file name: gm_apartment_day.bsp]
// FAQ //

★ Is it require Coun...
Created by Ludmarus
A very small map!
gm_apartment is a small, retro-modern apartment located downtown. This map can be used for roleplay, sandbox... and maybe cinema or prop hunt in the future!

This map was created for personal purposes, just to make sure I hadn't forgot...
Created by Hiyu
A modern looking bar map I made in a few hours c:
Useful for posing.

If you decompile this map, please do not re-release it under another name, or with edits - however you may look at it for educational purposes :)...
Created by TGP
GM_BARN is a small map about a modern house.
It's something I saw in my dream and thought to be really interesting,
because the layout mixes style of a barn and a modern house.

It has some custom textures and sounds I've made exclusively for it...
Created by Blinxis
gm_beach_house is a beach concept house re-created for garrysmod. However, this map doesn't actually contain the "beach" part.

**I'm just going to delete comments asking why there isn't a beach. Read the description**

Half Life 2 Episode 1 and Episod...
Created by maximmax42
gm_bowlingalley by Vision

Gmod Tower - table and booth
Mixerman 3d - bowling models...
Created by Bigwig
A big open desert.

Fully noded for AI...
Created by Bigwig
A big open desert at night.

Fully noded for AI...
Created by bruck
A small, scenic map set in a stormy cabin court in a Northern national park. Suitable for posing, NPC battles, and small-scale gamemodes such as Murder. Serves as an experiment in player interactivity, exterior areas, and weather effects after my 5 years o...
Created by ะۣۜ Wafelyn
Read First!
This map is not made by me. I DO NOT TAKE ANY CREDIT. I'm just reuploading the map to the Steam workshop from Original map is made by an unknown person. If the original creator wants his/her map taken down from the S...
Created by HectorWiz
Good day!
Some time ago I decided to make a house in the modern style of PlayStation Home. A modern house with only the necessary, but surrounded by a relaxing place.
Now, with more hours trying to discover what was wrong with X or Y than mapping, I pre...
Created by NotYourFather
Now everyone can go to the gym!

You need CS:S to fix the missing textures....
Created by TGP
Welcome to courtyard!

"City at rush hour isn't always the most pleasant place to be in, but luckily there's this courtyard where people's stress cannot reach; atleast not that much at lunchtime..."

GM_COURTYARD is located somewhere in an indus...
Created by Diomonder
Just Download and Play!

[img] [/img]

This is the Westover Asylum for the criminally insane, opened in July of 2013 and closed June of 2015 after a protest from the staff in regards to payment and patient treatments...
Created by Diomonder
Just Download and Play!

[img] [/img]

This is a quick map I made last night into today for me and a friend and I figured it looked pretty good so might aswell make it a explore map, overhauled it a bit and now here ...
Created by Diomonder
Just Download and Play!

[img] [/img]

Im starting a new series of maps called the explore series, idk how many there will be or the spacing between them but essentially it will be a bunch of overgrown and abandonded b...
Created by Diomonder
Just Download and Play!

[img] [/img]

Welcome to the 1 hour explore map that I made. This is a abandoned strip mall set in the southern Louisiana swamps. On this map you can deathmatch, explore, or have NPC battles wi...
Created by Diomonder
Just Download and Play!

[img] [/img]

This is the newest addition to the explore series this time going in a different direction, down. This is completely different then the normal explore maps seeing as it takes ...
Created by ferretium

This is a bank map with an upstairs, lobby, vault, parking lot, and lobby music! This map is my second map and I hope that you can make scenes with this map or just mess around. Please leave a comment with your ...
Created by ferretium

This is an updated version of my older gm_ferretbank. PLease leave a comment with your feedback and opinions, it would be greatly appreciated!

-Removed lobby music
-Added signs
-Made road bigger
Created by Blinxis
Another modern house for gmod. This time with some foliage, and beach for relaxation. Rooms have some furniture, however still provide enough space to add your own props.

Half Life 2 Episode 2 is required to run this map....
Created by Carbonara
Hello again Steam Workshop! Today I bring to you my second Garry's Mod map.
You can find a 'night' version here:
Created by Carbonara
By popular demand, here it is. A night version of 'gm_fieldhouse'.
You can find the day version here:

It's a si...
Created by stbn.gc
Hi! This was the first map that I uploaded, not the first that I made. I kinda based it on Slender's forest
It can be used for comics, movies and building (Also check the basement).
Hope you like it :D
(It needs Hl2 Ep2)...
Created by Token
This map is based off my imagination on what some buildings consist of today that aren't being occupied by human care.

***You NEED Half-Life 2 Episode 2 in order to see a variety of textures and models.***

- Detail (LOTS OF IT)
- Main Lob...
Created by AsG_Alligator
This map started to exist 1-2 years ago. Then it was left and forgotten by me, only to be found by me roughly 1 month ago. I decided to finish it, and there is the result lads'.

This map is using bunch of custom models and materials, and has been made w...
Created by Skerion
Yeah, it's an apartment map with cubemaps, HDR, and a neato 3D skybox. Besides the four extra variants, that's just about it.

Also, all the stuff is packed in the map, so you don't need to worry about having CSS or L4D mounted or whatever.

Also, if ...
Created by daedricreign
a map i made to test my skill at mapping...
Created by Token
Hello guys. Made another map here, that really goes beyond the realistic point.
Lets talk about what i added to the map.
- Any Lamp on the map (accept for the walllights) and turn off and on by simply pressing e on them.
- The house has realistic lighti...
Created by bryan
Very Small Map

Used for? :

Other than that it features toggleable lights
An openable hatch underneath the victim's chair.
2 Rooms + 1 Corridor

Not to be used for youtube videos unless you get my permission exclusively....
Created by bryan

Because one version of it wasn...
Created by NotYourFather
House replica.

Requires Counter Strike: Source

Read the release notes for changes and updates.

Watch video to learn how to make the TV work, step by step.

Created by NotYourFather
Villa Replica, Revisited.

I have finally decided to do a major update on this piece of work.

Major changes have been made to the map such as:
-HD wall textures (no more flat white textures made in Paint)
-HD reflective aluminum text...
Created by Xalalau
BRASIL, Junte-se:
GMBR, criadores BR de addons e vídeos e tudo.

It's a "kitchen". In the middle ...
Created by WhiskeyGhost
Welcome to Last Breath Records. a Hip-Hop/Rap studio. This is a map that was an idea of mine and I managed to create it within a day. It is a small map but detailed. This is more for playing around or scenary rather than a gamemode but would still work gre...
Created by cobertos
I released this awhile ago. Apparently I never released it on the actual Garry's Mod Workshop, just Gmod Beta Workshop. Here's the release in Garry's Mod 13
modern house haus gm_modernhouse gm_modernhaus...
Created by ✿Zaro
[img] [/img]


Half-Life 2: Episode Two
Counter-Strike: Source

Textures Download:

Counter-Strike: Source!Z7wxCZ6Z!inVqrmDPoJbjhxXksWNqZm64w9C9jdIsEOabGPshBbs (MEGA)
Half-Life 2: Episod...
Created by Dr. Spud
Mountainside is big snowy stretch of highway, suitable for all snowy-stretch-of-highway activities. It's based on the road up to Big Bear California.

This is actually a re-release of an old Counter-Strike Source map I made some time ago. It is largely t...
Created by HectorWiz
The map you've already seen at ttt_old_factory is now ready for you to play with as Gm_old_factory.
What's new, you may ask?
Now you can activate every trap (except the manhacks one) every 30 seconds or less, and just by pressing easy to see buttons that...
Created by TGP
GM_OUTLYING is based on a small icy island.
Map is great for exploring, but also for simple gamemode's such as Murder.
It has 24 spawnpoints located all around the map.

I got the idea and layout for this map from a dream that I had...
The map ...
Created by Chosnuk
Counter Strike: Source
Counter Strike: Source
Counter Strike: Source
Counter Strik
Created by TGP

GM_POOLDAY is an entertaining indoor swimming pool themed map.
Several interactive things that you can find out as you play!
There's lots of hiding, parkouring, social and fun places, including:

- Swimming pools
- Sauna
- Showers
- Gym...
A simple island map. Not much else to say.


-Nothing is required, all custom content is included with the addon. (if you do see missing textures, tell me pls)
-Map is (nearly) maximum size
-A runway that is probably not long enough....
Created by techfry
A small building in the middle of a desert. Features soundscapes and AI nodes.
Also includes gm_sandstore_night, a starry dark version of the map with HDR.

This map requires CS:S content....
Created by zorich_michael
A simple map that has multiple purposes

pressing like really helps me! it only takes a second!
or dislike it if you don't like the map, i cant force you

-some enterable buildings
-AI nodes and NAV-mesh (the npcs will find you :D)
-tons o...
Created by fork
A Small sandbox sunny map i made a while ago to test out Perfomance.


-Fully AI Noded
-Lots of detail indoors
-Usable Closet and Refrigerator
-Hopefully optimized for all computers(Im getting around 150-100 fps in mos...
Created by .:JASUS:.
Created by Benno950
A simple scenebuild map that I created for my "Trophy" series.
This map has no ambient light at all, and consists out of 6 cubes making it useful for scenebuilding.

Content required: Team Fortress 2

Uploaded due request

Trophy base can be found [...
Created by kitrod
Do you come from a land down under?

gm_tunnels is a short and sweet little map comprised of, well, tunnels. There's lots of them and lots of little rooms connected to them and one big tunnel. There's a secret or two, a tunnel that wraps around the whole...
Created by VTail64
"You... uh... working again?"

This map is a nearly accurate recreation of the house infamously shown in the John Wick franchise, as John's own home. Every room from the house's floor plans is recreated, along with a special room created for the...
GTA4 Internet Cafe
Created by Ambient
Ive always loved the internet cafe from GTA4 So i totally remade it within garrys mod, all of this is made purely out of faces and textures. All of the textures gta related were found online (google images)

Enjoy the calm enviroment of GTA4's internet c...
Halo 3 Rats Nest
Created by Vader
Snowmelt from Kilimanjaro feeds reservoirs every bit as vital as the fuel and ammunition stores.

Rat's Nest is a large indoor map that resembles an area from the campaign level Crow's Nest, with internal vehicle accessible roads, tight corridors, walkwa...
Highly Optimized House
Created by Transit Bus
This map was made both on and for my 2009 netbook. I've gotten tired of my only map option for it being gm_flatgrass, so I made this as an alternative.


Map Features
-A lot of custom low-resolution textures to improve p...
Highly Optimized House - NPC Navigation Tools
Created by Transit Bus
Making this at a low FPS on my netbook was probably the most tedious part of the process.

-Navigation Mesh (.nav)
-NPC Nodes (.ain)
-Map icon (crashed the map when with the other addon for some reason)

For some weird ...
House 4
Created by Orfkip
Requires Counter-Strike: Source to be installed for all the textures to appear correctly.
Counter-Strike: Source can be bought from the Steam store.

- Tree house
- Swimming pool
- Car garage
- Big garden around the house
- Ground AI...
House 5
Created by Orfkip
House 5

Does NOT require additional content.

- Ground AI paths
- Air AI paths
- Team spawn points (12 each side)

Map should be in the Sandbox category named "gm_house5".

Map made by me....
House 6
Created by Orfkip
Another house map, you can find it in the Sandbox category on the map list named "gm_house6". This map does not require additional games or extra content to play besides what comes standard with Garry's Mod.

Created by me....
House and Neighbourhood
Created by Orfkip
The extended version of House With Garden v2. I wanted to have every house accessible with working doors and all but I reached the map limit.

Map can be found under the name gm_neighbourhood.

Complete version:
House With Garden 3
Created by Orfkip
****New version:****

Requires Counter-Strike: Source for all the textures to appear correctly.
Counter-Strike: Source can be bought from the Steam store.

- Tree house
- Swimm...
House With Garden 3 v2
Created by Orfkip
Map for fun and prop hunt.

Updated version of House With Garden 3.

Requires Counter-Strike: Source for all the textures to appear correctly.

Non Counter-Strike: Source version:
House With Garden 3v4
Created by Orfkip
Updated version of House With Garden 3v2.

Requires Counter-Strike: Source for all the textures to appear correctly.
Counter-Strike: Source can be bought from the Steam store.

Non Counter-Strike: Source version:
Isla De Cafe
Created by Mocha Brown
HEADS UP; You'll need Half Life 2: Episode 2 for this to look right. Otherwise, you should go get the error hider, the map would just have no fancy trees...

Link to Error Hider:
Luxury Death
Created by Evil-Ash
A custom map from L4D2 converted to gmod by your servant (with hdr)

***Bug know***

***What you need***
Nothing excepted gmod, all is included into the bsp.

Maybe you need a big config to run this map!

All credits to ...
Max's House
Created by Cipher
This is a map I made out of pure boredom, I used blueprints from a website and the inspiration of my friend, Max, to finish the rest of the map. This map is not made for anything specifically, so you can do whatever you want with this map. Though, if you d...
Modern Small Building
Created by WhiteKnuckles
A simple map that has a nice interior. Not sure what else to do with it, any suggestions are welcome, I might finish it later on once I get an idea what to do with it. If you enjoy this thumbs up & share!

Bar version:
Modern Small Building With Bar
Created by WhiteKnuckles
A simple map that has a nice interior with a bar room.
If you enjoy this thumbs up & share!
I used cinematic camera for the color effect, actual map does not have red tint.
Map is AI Noded!
Non-bar version:
Molokova 46
Created by Kosatka-Super
Russian Federation, Krasnoyarsk city, Molokova street, 46

My very first Garry's Mod map.

In 2016 my friends and I loved playing together at Garry’s Mod. Sometimes we’d play till 12 o'clock a day just fooling around and building...
Molokova 46 Redux
Created by Kosatka-Super
Russian Federation, Krasnoyarsk city, Molokova street, 46

Two long years of hard work passed, and my map again saw the light in the face of the Redux version!

Molokova 46 Redux - reworked version of my v...
MoronYard Content Lobby
Created by Stebbzor
MoronYard Content Pack
Created by nonSENSE
This is the M0ronYard content pack used on all M0ronYard servers.

It includes all materials, sounds, fonts, particle effects and other resouces needed to play on our servers....
MoronYard Lobby Content
Created by nonSENSE
MoronYard Lobby Content
Created by Stebbzor
MoronYard Lobby Map
Created by nonSENSE
Neighbourhood 2
Created by Orfkip
Complete version of "House With Garden 2".

***Requires Counter-Strike: Source***

- Has an extra empty house for you to decorate.
- Has ground AI nodes.
- Many spawn points.
- All backyards can be entered, and 2 houses.

Map should be in the...
Nimo's House
Created by Nimster
This is a small but prop-rich house, including a garden. It was modeled after my actual house, altough the in-game version is a bit bigger, to improve Prop Hunt gameplay.

There is also a secret hidden in the map... Try and find it :D
Have fun!

Overgrown Abandoned Church
Created by WhiteKnuckles
Back in 2003 this church was as lively as ever, now in the end of 2017 you get to explore this once small establishment of worship.
Features a "overgrown" theme
A bell tower that will ring
A piano that you can activate for a song
dust and other contam...
Created by Jojo
Map by HectorWiz [VB]...
Created by Megatoxin
A simple prophunt map that I made. It's also the first map I created that wasn't just for testing, so go easy on me. I will take any suggestions and will update it as I please. (Just updated it 10/24/2019)

DO NOT copy, post, or claim...
Created by Mogabi
Does not require any other source games...
Created by Gvarados
Full ocean out now!!
Join my discord to stay up to date!

Created by Megatoxin
An interesting prophunt map that I made. It's also is the 2nd or so map I'v created. A few sneaky OP spots for sure, and even a secret area. I'll take any suggestions and will update it as I please.

DO NOT copy, post, or claim...
Created by Crowelle
Pratum will set you in a beautiful prairie house. Enjoy silence and nature. But look out for strange phenomens that seem to happen.

Counter Strike: Source is required to avoid errors and missing textures.
> Known bug : Texture from the stove not...
Reflective Flat
Created by e_49
Flat map with mirror floor!

Tags: sandbox, flat, mirror, reftection,
Reflective garage | reflective_garage
Created by Степан
Reflective garage | reflective_garage

Just a small map to create screenshots
Click on the laptop to turn on/off music.

Have fun!

Created by datDingo
Requires CS:S for textures....
Created by Destevel [QC]
IMPORTANT: You need (Full is avalaible) in HDR video parameter for enjoy the skybox.
Vacation home design with contemporary lines. The walls are colorable....
Retro Wave Flat
Created by e_49
Just flat map in retrowave style.

Tags: sandbox, flat, retrowave.

Retro Wave Island
Created by WhiteKnuckles
Quick edit of my old sun set island map, being a fan of the 80s i had to make an island for retro wave!
if you enjoyed this please give it a thumbs up and comment!

Have any suggestions/map requests put them in the comments!

Map name - gm_sunset_r...
rp_mysteryshack [FINAL UPDATE]
Created by Anachronistic ALLOS
"All right, I know rp_mysteryshack wasn't anyone's first choice for Garry's Mod roleplay, but what we lack in exterior decoration we make up for in mostly accurate floor plans!"

MAP RELEASE VERSION: 4 [Map Service Discon...
Created by Tenshi Sakarji
"2 Maps Included, Daylight and Nighttime

Half-Life 2 Deathmatch: RP Richland Townhomes
Based on the deathmatch map DM_Richland

Theres nowhere else quite like Richland. An isolated apartment complex
shrouded in mystery, worthy of exploration. Will ...
rp_suburb house
Created by J.C Denton
Created by Brominum
Small deco map meant for poses or movies. Requires CS:S and HL2....
Skye Library
Created by Brominum
A small, comfortable library space in the middle of a warm, bright day in the center of a campus. Not much else going on in this map besides a little bit of eyecandy....
Created by Mr.ROFLMAN
Welcome to ROFL House, a strange and abandoned house, rumors say that a very creepy and mysterious monster is lurking beneath the basement, so you and your gang settle out to find out what all the talk is about.

Some of the trap doors and other areas in...
SpaceLion Bar
Created by Brominum
A bar themed loosely on the HL2 universe, perhaps somewhere in a Nexus or Citadel. Eyecandy map, meant just for posing, nothing massive yet. Version 1!...
Spooky Dm_Richland
Created by Ethorbit
This is Dm_Richland, but "spookified" by me.
That means I DID NOT make this amazing map, I just edited it.

Map name changed to Spooky_Richland, should be located in the "Other" tab!

Map has "blocky" unrealistic shadows?
This is be...
The Evening House
Created by Chungus
i didn't make this map.
original map name:cs_number13_final
i just uplauded to workshop.
Need Counter Strike Source...
The House
Created by marlboro
The House is a small map with snow weather , took a few days to finish
The map can be found in the "others" tab, it's named "thehouse".

Living Room
Time Loop Sequence
Created by Token
So there is a story about this map. As you know, old buildings are decaying, and becoming older, but music is always advancing and becoming of that generation. So i decided to develop a map called Time Loop Sequence. You are always advancing to a new gener...
War Room
Created by TomeKK 2Shae[HUN]
Not by me

Dr. Strangelove War Room
The War Room custom map from the 39 minute machinima film "Dr. Strangeman or: How I learned to stop worrying and plant the bomb" made by Lo-fi, Mrsentual, and Xanatos.

Winter Project (TTT)
Created by Kammorne
After playing a bunch of the game Project Winter with some friends, I decided to create a map with a few similarities to said game, although pretty much nothing is similar apart from both having snow and a cabin with a fireplace.

This map may req...
Zuru's Torture Room
Created by Zuru -sifón-
This map was made by me eleven years ago (2007). I found it recently and I decided to upload it to be able to find it easier later, and maybe at the same time someone could like it.

This map is a bunch of practices with Hammer editor I've made eleven ye...
Created by Crispy_Bongo
- gm_candy_manor -

A creepy manor, made entirely out of candy!

* Has Nav mesh

* Looks very realistic

* Creepy fog canyon...
Created by Pretbek
Missing some textures? Install Counter-Strike:Source. Not helping? contact me

The game Counter-strike Source is required for this map.

Halloween is drawing near and it is time to face your demons. The pumpkins have risen, the graves have turned arou...
An updated version of my map gm_islandresort, this time including an exciting new feature known as "trees". Other than that, it's basically the same.

Original Description:

gm_islandresort is a simple and empty island map featuring textures from Wii S...
Created by bigman1
A Resistance engineer takes refuge from the Combine via an experimental transporter, finding himself in an ancient, ethereal pocket dimension....
Created by ☣KDYV☣
hello this is my real first map !

this map is a fort Besieged by zombie , in this fort to protect you , you have :

- 1 church
- 1 cemetery
- 1 military casern
- 4 little house
- 1 fishing house
- 1 tree house
- 1 hostel
- 1 barn
- 1 wate...
Created by Bann
You're a part of a small ghost hunting team in rural Nebraska where corn fields stretch on for miles. You are tasked with testing out some new equipment at a local abandoned house. Nobody remembers who lived there or what happened. It sho...
Created by Totoro
gm_oldmansion is a spooky mansion with lots of rooms and hidden areas

Also check out the winter version! gm_oldmansion_winter


-A large mansion with multiple roo...
Created by Totoro
The missing textures are fixed in the last update!

gm_oldmansion_winter is a winter map based on gm_oldmansion, with lots of new stuff added!


-A large mansion ...
PH Funeral Home
Created by Turd Ferguson
This is a map designed for Prop Hunt. (CSS)

It's set in a funeral home, complete with a mortuary and graveyard.

The cemetary portion is multi-tiered, contains two mausoleums, tons of headstones, statues and flower pot props. Bring a flashlight!
Sunset Mansion
Created by Sean Gause
Based off the DIsneyland Haunted Mansion. Battle your friends or just mess around!
if you like the map, pleas give it a positive rating!
All feedback is appreciated.

Future updates will include NavMeshes for the map and an expansion on the mans...
Created by fhyyBy2
What's new?
• Should support the gamemode "Murder".
• Less moving props but they are still in the map (just not moving).
• No springs on shed doors!
• More guns on top floor and less guns in the shed.
• The secret is easier to activate!
• One unneces...
Created by Jordan
Small sized Trouble in Terrorist Town map based on the closed Magnum Leisure Centre in Irvine that I used to visit when I was younger.

Don't worry, map has guns and ammo they just are not shown in images because I took the images in Sandbox.

The map ...
Created by Sonador
ttt_manorhouse, A mansion reminiscent of Nipper's clue, albeit on a larger scale and using only HL2/CSS resources.
Recommended number of players: 6-20

Some comments about the map:

The G...
Created by Vizzys
A large map for Trouble In Terrorist Town

maybe final version: b3 [jun 16th, 2013]

Looks best with hdr on....
Created by fORSCH__
Please Note: This is NOT my map, nor am I the original Author of this map.

'The traitors among the terrorists have invited everyone to their mansion. Yet not a normal mansion. It was prepared beforehand to be eligible to kill one terrorist after the oth...
My last map of 2017, took a couple months to make but it's finally finished, and just in time for Christmas. It's an upper class American neighborhood I made for ZS but it's also a pretty cool map just to chill in sandbox mode. If you own a server or know ...
Created by Resi ♥
Zombie Survival
Stop it Slender

Can the humans survive the zombie apocalypse in this once beautiful old mansion?
The classic ZS house map reinvented. Includes a basement 2 attics and many rooms. Every part of the map has been carefu...
Created by ☣KDYV☣
hello this is my real first map !

this map is a fort Besieged by zombie , in this fort to protect you , you have :

- 1 church
- 1 cemetery
- 1 military casern
- 4 little house
- 1 fishing house
- 1 tree house
- 1 hostel
- 1 barn
- 1 wate...
Created by TheFoxyFox96
Map made by Charles_G

  • Counter-Strike: Source
  • Half-Life 2: Episode Two
Created by Pufulet
Original Author:Charles_G[]

  • Zombie Survival Mod

Created by MonarchMonk
Author: Charles_G (
Content Required: None.

zs_storm_v1 is a medium sized map made for the Zombie Survival gamemode. The Survivors spawn inside the house with plenty of provisions and props to barricade themselves from the Zombie pla...
Im back of making gmod maps!
Yes i did some maps for gmod and i had problems with publish it so i learned to do today.

This is my first successful map who has good features, some like:

Cool soundscapes (that you can hear birds, winds, creaking wood...
Created by [UK] Alien Baltan
ATTENTION! This is a reupload from Gamebanana of a map made by X-tr3m3r. I did not make this map, I am simply uploading it here for you all to enjoy!!
Original Description
This is a remake of my map gg_woods. As you can see it is...
Created by Queen Movement I.
This is a small map based on the PlayStation2 game "The Sims 2" and was made by Manhackmatt. All permissions belongs to him. I just uploaded it to the workshop, obviously c:

Just one house is enterable and contains:
- living room
- bathroom
- kitchen...
Created by fork
A Calm Place to go when things fall apart

Orginally planned to be titled "zs_ghosts" its Another Small-ish detailed foggy map!
I kinda wanted to go with a
more realistic yet artistic feel with this one, i also wanted to
give a sort of cold foggy...
Created by Ethosaur
Thanks to all who has supported this map! It's exploded in popularity, it's hard to believe such a simple map could be so popular.

One of my more recent maps, this is a new zombie survival map made for any zombie survival server!
If you want to use ...
Robot Pyro's house V2
Created by Vintage Sniper
Stupid Me, I forgot to use Pakrat to put the custom textures in, mat_specular 0 if you get any purple and black boxes, so here, is the Robotcized version of the Pyro's house...though robot pyro could do the same things as human Pyro can a li...
The house!
Created by level94836
What is this? It is an HL2 styled map made for small rp or machina making made by user vovanjc!...
Created by Ankor
A small map based off the study room from the TV show Community.

Custom textures from:, TopHattWaffle, Black Mesa, Community Wikia and Myself.

Custom props from: (Kloetengott, Dinus Saurus, ultradr3mer), Black Mesa an...
Created by Special Ed Shark
Freecountry USA, home of... Stupid people, minus the Strongbad. - Strongbad? What're you? GET AWAY FROM THERE! Sigh, sorry guys, this is GM_FreeCountry_v3 [FIXED SKY] originally uploaded on Gmod dot org by Plastiware. Enjoy. Free Country USA = Homestar Run...
gm_seabase_alpha [Read Description] [10/26/2016]
Created by Dr. Apple
This is not my map, as I've said in may of my comment now. I just re-uploaded this amazing map because I couldn't find it on workshop, and I think it's a really cool map. The original creator of this map is ->

Created by Eli
Take a look at gm_shaq_house!
A shack. That's a house. In the middle of a area. A result of 1 days work. That blue tarp on the roof of the house is thanks to A CERTAIN SOMEONE ...
Created by Fartomaticatron
Welcome to Shambles way, the evacuated English suburbs set in the midst of an apocalypse...

-10 houses with interiors and gardens
-English architecture -based on my real street
-Fully noded environment
-Optimisation for intense gameplay
Created by Fartomaticatron
Dawn has arrived in Shambles way and it brings a familiar suburb into an eerie new light...

-New day lighting
-10 houses to explore
-English architecture
-Sewer system
-Massive skybox
-Fully noded environment
-Cube maps, HDR...
Created by Eli
A remake of my previous map, gm_shack_house. The Original...
Created by big stomach king
A map that captures the beautiful environment of a sewer.

1 flank steak (about 1-1/2 pounds), cut in half
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 large onion, sliced
1/3 cup water
1 can (4 ounces) chopped green chilies
2 tablespoons vinegar
Created by MARK2580
map name - gm_arena_submerge
game mode - sandbox
original - arena_submerge beta 3[]
original author - Senast (?)
All the necessary resources are sewn into map.

This map is a port for Garry's Mod. I j
Winter Cabin
Created by Castle
A winter cabin at night, meant for ragdoll posing mostly. Modified from a prefab by The Giblets of Jesus, available at

*Updated!* My Real Life House
Created by XephyrCraft
Night Time Version!

If you do not enjoy the Updated Version and would like to play the old one, I have it available here:
Gm_Dynamic_House V1.2
Created by Fire Cock
No games are needed.



Welcome to dynamic house you can d...
Created by lambda_fallout125
this map requires counter strike source to be installed for it to work properly!

Little estate is a small map on a small farm that features:
An old house with a lit fireplace inside
A small wooden barn
And the Ruins of another house with a basement
Created by zorich_michael
A Nice cabin in a misty area

AI nodes AND navmesh!
a toasty fireplace
rain sounds!
water. if much
3D skybox

npc battles/battling npcs
maybe a rp?
screenshots potentially

Liking helps majorly! it takes a s...
Created by Crestfall
Why the hell is this beauty is not here yet?

I present you, the Rivertrek! With some little enhancements, of course. Explore the river trail as you come across a temple, tunnels, a weird village, and etc. I dare you to enter the secret room.

Created by Mem

// Version 1.3 //

Made by Mem

Over 100 spawning spaces
(Warning, may be laggy)

| Change Log |

\\ Version 1 \\
Added map

\\ Version 1.1 \\
- r...
Rainy Cottage
Created by T/Bot
Most of the design was told from my friend, so here is what I cranked out from your words (I hope I didn't do too bad)! A wood/plains hybrid sort of envrioment, with a cabin that's wooden on the outside, but is actually concrete within.

Features a 3D sk...
Created by Travh98
A happy little castle floating in the sky. Made for TTT with weapon spawns and T-traps.
This is a small sized map (4-10 players)
- drop barrels onto the keep's entrance
- raise and lower the drawbridge
- pick up and throw around the flaming fireplace ...
Created by Jonas (NOR)
Map for Trouble in Terrorist Town.
Some connected platforms over/in water.

- Traitor tester
- Traitor traps
- Semi-secret room (with Yogscast reference)
- Jump/float/hover pad
- A boat

Please comment if you want ...
ttt_weekend_in_estate (v. 4.1) - Visuals Update!
Created by Aie'dail
CS:S Content Needed!!
Honestly every TTT server uses it so it should not be a problem! Look for "GMOD Textures Fix - CSS Textures" and you'll find standalone version x)

I happily present you second map in TTT Weekends series - in a nu...
Created by Ethosaur
Just thought i might upload this, it's a slightly re-done version of zs_shore that i made, which has never really been released to public before. Until NOW!

It's not one of my proudest works, but i guess a map is a map.

Enjoy! (Or not)

Butcher's Den Forever
Created by johnny moe
What will be left of you?

NextBot Navmesh: here

D3Bot Navmesh:

  • Takes place in an early 1900's
The Fawlty Towers
Created by MonarchMonk
Author: Kev_Boy
Content Required: Counter-Strike: Source
FPSBanana Download: Download:

The map is set on the Fawlty Towers, a fictiona...
Created by Nawor
Welcome to TTT_Clueless, a map inspired by the classic map clue. ttt_Clueless takes place in a mansion owned by an eccentric millionaire, and features three floors, from a crumbling attic to a spooky foggy basement.
The map name is ttt_clueless_rv.
TTT_Sator by Nawor
Created by Nawor
Welcome to the town of Sator! What does Sator mean? I have no idea! Sator is a town of dark alleys, glowing windows and cobbled squares.

TTT_Sator Includes:
- No Trees
- Exactly 69 Player Spawns
- Colour Coded Zones (So you never get lost)
- Dec...
Created by ExpertAmateur
I take absolutely no credit for this map, and I am only uploading this to workshop so players who play on the Evocati server have ease of access to it and can download the map faster and more efficiently. The original creator from garrysmod . org is: VIOLA...
Created by PARTY MAN X
A map for Trouble in Terrorist Town based off of de_stadium from Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. (Fully armed)

Contains L4D models included in the BSP for playability but does not include the textures for file size....
Created by feargm
This is the Clue map for Garry's Mod. I am not the original map creator, I just took it from a downloaded file I have and uploaded it to the Workshop since I've noticed it is not present here, neither on, and a lot of people in the Trouble in...
Created by iitzRayD
Map: ph_clue_v2
Spawns: 32
Gamemode: Prop-Hunt

Update: Fixed the doors so now they all open and shut in both directions.I have removed the light switch and fixed the wine cabinets in basement. Future updates will be coming soon. Hope everyone enjoys...
Evil Dead 2 Cabin
Created by Evil-Ash
Originally posted by SevenLife:
Evil Dead II cabin

About the map

After 2 years of development, it's finally the release day ! The cabin from Evil Dead Film and series !
2 years of research, recreation, time and of course some money;) Yeah, i watch so many times th
Created by Professor Spoon
A medium sized, "four corners" style TTT map set in upstate New York.
This map has a variety of indoor and outdoor ares to provide short and long rang combat.
There are secluded areas for traitors to kill and hide bodies.
There are multiple sniping lo...
Snow House
Created by Heckt
The map is a small house in a snowy wilderness.

  • 3d skybox
  • sounds / ambient

[img] [/img]

The Cabin in the Woods
Created by Coal
A small map made for the Murder Gamemode. Loosely based on the movie The Cabin in the Woods. The cabin on the outside and main area inside is almost an exact remake of the movie, but the rest of the map, including the basement, are made much more simpler. ...
The Evil Dead Cabin
Created by ~Lightwλve~

This is an almost exact replica of the cabin as seen in the Evil Dead series. Complete with basement, the tool shed, and every
Convention Center
Created by Flusacka
The first ever Convention center map in gaymod (i guess)

So why not spawn in some furry npcs and shoot it up like an epic gamer

this map is not mine, i just ported it to the workshop for easier download

where i got this:
Growing Map
Created by Chopper
A map that started off as just a small grey box with a locked door.
The map would then grow with the suggestions of the comment section to create a frankenstein monster of a map

I am no longer taking suggestions.
Suggestions ended on the...
Astral Apartment
Created by ICEBIRD112
By some cosmic coincidence, your apartment building got teleported out to an unknown region of space by some elusive force.

:An apartment building floating somewhere in Space.
:More Space.
:Even ...
Colossal Cottage by spacedragon42
Created by spacedragon42
Everything gets bigger! (8:1)

Join the Hammer Editor Discord Group:

Special Thanks to Klunky for coming up with the map name an...
Cottage in the field
Created by ЛСОЛГН
Needs mat_specular 0 in console for fix missing textures

Map name: Gm_dachus

Cool house on field

- Green russian house
- Windows
- Samovar
- Trees
- Custom sky texture
- Tire swans
- Mirror
- Navmeshэ
- A.I. nodes
And more...
Created by barrelzzen

This map represents an old soviet / russian apartment complex that consists of
3 full apartments.

This map includes:

3 full apartments.
4 floors.
Breakable walls between/in the ...
gm_hillscape [FIXED]
Created by Colin
I just fixed some bugs in this map, and slightly changed the map.

~ Info ~

A spacious elevation map with a strange variety of things to do. Everything is possible in gm_hillscape from simple home decoration to rocket launches. What may seem to be par...
Created by Lavrentiy
Remake of Hotline Miami main character`s house in Garry`s mod.

Need CS:S content!...
Created by Yuta Okkotsu

In this map you can find:

-A motel
-A basketball court
-A reception room
-A gas station
- Two abandoned barracks
-A forest
-A ranger tower

I hope you will like this site.
Don't hesitate to tell me any problem on it.
Don't forget to ra...
Created by Alfarex
A remake of the house from Pixar 's up, many of the things in the house are things you can interact with, for example the radio plays the theme from up, the shower works, the windows open and so on.
If you like this map, I'd appreciate if you could rate i...
Created by [Retr0Breezy]
This is my first Garry's Mod map!!! I hope you like it!
mu_mansion (Murder)
Представляю вам карту: mu_mansion для режима murder.
Для нормальной игры вам понадобится Counter-Strike: Source
Если нашли баг или миссинг текстуру(не из ксс),то пиши в bugs.
Понравилась карта? Поставьте лайк!

I present to y...
Created by that blunto boi

(This map has no Jumpscares, you're safe)

Hello its ya boi blunto, heres my new latest map ive made for nZombies Gamemode

This map took a whoppin 2 months to complete

Gamemode Avaliable here:
The Apartments
Created by Milerain
-Story :

For 25 years there was a lot of citizens that lived their "fine" life. Well, sometimes it's not been that fine and comfortable to live in a building that Combine used as base and time to time interegated some rebels, that tried to ruin their pl...
Created by Stuntman

  • Highly detailed cabin and environment
  • HDR lighting
  • traitortester with key system
  • "secret" tunnel
  • monitor and camera system

Requires CSS

This is...
Mountain residence
Created by ЛСОЛГН
The map is called gm_suakhouse

A small house standing on a cliff near a stone lake. On the map there are custom models.

- House
- Small lake
- 101 tree
- Nice interior
- Nice exterior
- Stones
- Boxes
- Carpets on the wall...
Created by iitzRayD
[img] [/img]

***The official ph_modern_growth is here***

Like this map? Be sure to rate & favorite.

[img] [/img]

Features & Info:
-Map: Ph_modern_growth
-Spawns: Up to 50
Created by Nita
You could have some errors, lags, or missing textures, and here is the solution fo
ph_resortmadness CP-1
Created by Nita
ph_resortmadness Content Pack 1 [models and sounds]

Content specially for the map ph_resortmadness and other maps with Loft Tower Resort theme....
ph_resortmadness CP-2
Created by Nita
ph_resortmadness Content Pack 2 [brush and model textures]

Content specially for the map ph_resortmadness and other maps with Loft Tower Resort theme....
ph_resortmadness CP-3
Created by Nita
ph_resortmadness Content Pack 3 [model textures]

Content specially for the map ph_resortmadness and other maps with Loft Tower Resort theme....
ph_resortmadness CP-4
Created by Nita
ph_resortmadness Content Pack 2 [model textures]

Content specially for the map ph_resortmadness and other maps with Loft Tower Resort theme....
ph_resortmadness CP-5
Created by Nita
ph_resortmadness Content Pack 5 [animated textures and particles]

Content specially for the map ph_resortmadness and other maps with Loft Tower Resort theme.

ph_resortmadness Content Pack 5 Downgrade...
The Safehouse
Created by Milerain
Gentleman.....Welcome to Your safehouse.....

- Map needs......Nothing

- That's remake of my old map which is been based on Payday 2 Safehouse....

- This map for scenic artworks

- Easter Egg

- Map name : gm_safehouse

Tags :

safe, h...
Created by sym
The Dark Room

This map consists of one large, dark room. It shares the same textures as the Dark Room from gm_construct, and has enough space for all your posing needs. The room itself is completely empty; there are no props, NPCs or decals, ...
Created by kaseet
Cool map with cool hotel


Крутая карта с крутым отелем...
Created by Piss man the 8th
now better than ever!
features: a generator that turns the house from day to night, minki cube, markus?, no mapping slave basement (again) a "fixed" fridge, custom textures, the time out cell and other stuff that im not telling you :)
thanks to mr scott ...
Featuring breakable windows, togglable lights, and a refrigerator, Talvi Talvo is all you need in a small lil map. Set during winter as the sun is beginning to fall, any players are recommended to bundle up for this one!

Another little experiment that t...
Golden park Snow (Sodium Lamps)
Created by Gatecat 13
It's not even Golden any more.

Original: Golden Park

𝐒𝐧𝐨𝐰𝐲 𝐕𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧: Golden Park Snow

Tropicania (Nighttime)
Created by Mr. Catboi
So here is the nighttime version of my map with some minor fixes to the displacements. I may update this map and the daytime version simultaneously, since they're both separate Workshop items. I coulda put both of them in one folder but I had to deal with ...
Created by Effluvia
gm_vanguard (sandbox)
Map made by shash7 for the winter worlds mapping contest

improvements have been made by Effluvia

Navigation Mesh + A
Created by Praviliuš
2018 - BETA



Created by Praviliuš



worth th...
Created by Praviliuš


A beatifull small two story summerhouse...
powerfully detailed with all small details in it.
equiped with many things.

Basement electricity ,Bathroom with worki...
Created by Praviliuš

A beatifull small two story summerhouse...
powerfully detailed with all small details in it.
equiped with many things.

Basement electricity ,Bathroom with working sh...
Russian village
Created by ЛСОЛГН
Village in ass world. To turn on the stove you need to press the upper part of the button and to turn it off on the lower one

Map called gm_mdach

Map have:
- 2d trees
- 3d trees
- Apples and tomatos
- Small shop
- Houses
- Bathhouse
- Turnable...
Eddsworld House V3
Created by ElmeriThePig

Eddsworld! Eddsworld! Sorry, who's world is it? EDDSWORLD!

You need CS:S and HL2 EP1 & EP2 to be installed!

If you have to contact me privately, you can use steam chat, or you can email m...
Abandoned mansion (nzombies config)
Created by XxBOIRAxX
Are you ready to survive in the abandoned mansion? It's infested with zombies, watch out!

Perks Include:

- Quick Revive

- Deadshot Daiquiri

- Stamin-Up

- Double Tap II

- Speed Cola

- Juggernog

- Electric Cherry

- Vulture Aid El...
Created by zzraptor1
Hi guys and welcome on my new map!

It's a general store with a petrol station on a road in the desert.

- the store
- a small warehouse
- a garage
- interactive elements : lightswitches and the radio
- an easter egg

This map is full...
Created by cinnamon
An unfinished map I worked on for about 2 days, and never really got around to completing. Mostly uploading since it's been getting dusty on my external drive, and a friend wants it. :)

Sorry for the file size. It uses some props and textures I didn't c...
You are in a obscure room just whit crates, you can use this for movies, scenes or just getting fun...
Created by C.C
This is a small map I worked on over the Pandemic. It's made almost entirely with HL2 assets, (Some decals require CSS but it's not essential) The map consists of a walled off section of road and a rather rundown street, all of the buildings are in a state...
gm_Paweł Jumper
Created by Dogi32
--------Map Includes--------
Nav Mesh - NPC Support
Weird UFO language called polish
Funny meme
2006 Vibe

Map based on place from funny polish meme called "Paweł Jumper" {Długa Street/Raciniewo/Poland}
Created by Bruno

Rekreacja legendarnego już miejsca Nowoczesnej Polskiej Kultury. Miejsce kręcenia filmu który jest klasyką kinematografii polskiej, gdzie Pan Paweł na bolidzie zjechał z rampy aż go wszystko bolało. Mapa ta ist...
Created by FFox
This map requires additional content to run, also dense foliage is used.
Note: This map is more like an "internal joke" between friends, anyone else who sees this map wouldnt udnerstand it. Seriously dont try to understand this map...
Created by KIRK
My first map published in the Steam Workshop

Add nav mesh...
Created by My little Beautiful
a small house in the woods, intensely decorated with props.


Jupiter-8 model by Bordres

Various electronics props from Snowdrop Escape

1980's electronics by Slashero

Tooner for the name
Mansion Centrex v0.5
Created by [snake]
A modestly sized plaza with 2 floors, breakable windows, and sets of tables and chairs. Also comes with a backyard with trees and a small, rudimentary pond.

As for why this is called Mansion despite the lack of one, this is just the first version of the...
Millitary Dummy
Created by Effluvia
A simple map of a small base.

Navigation Mesh + Ai Nodes
No additional content required
Ambient Sounds

Effluvia - Mapping
Stormy night at a Motel
Created by Gezzy

gm_motelstorm is a map that contains a motel in which your room is Room #0 Floor 1. You just arrived and its getting stormy with chance of lightning and rain.

DAY VERSION: https://ste...
Test Room
Created by KV-2
A small underground test room, can be used for testing and torturing....
Created by Mr.ROFLMAN
ROFL House is under attack yet again, not even the coldest of nights keep the zombies at bay. Secure the main floor for as long as possible, and hope your team can communicate effectively.

This map features a window barricading system, bars will spawn r...
[Night] Kallpark
Created by Helix
Hi! This is Night Kallpark - my first map which i was creating >16 hours, learning Hammer and a lot cool and pretty stuff, hope you enjoy it!

Recommend you to use sky paint entity to make all sky black, because i wouldn't be able to do all the sky black...
Created by negas mi neguitas
My first (and possibly last) map ever. Requires Counter Strike Source (most assets are packed in already but you can never be too sure).

gm_blocks is a simple map set in a neighborhood in a certain south american country. Originally ...
Created by Goat

gm_deserted is a map about a world ruined by our so called "benefactors". Desertifcation have taken over the entire globe, leaving many dead. For those who survived, must adapt to this new reality or perish in the dusts.

Created by Narski
A tiny but detailed map that was made for the purpose of ambience. Includes an underground office, a spinning fan (with dynamic lighting!), a bathroom, and a corridor. It is my first map and I wanted to make something small and simple but also something th...
Created by andreweathan
After half a year (but about 1-2 weeks total) worth of work, gm_tranquility is here!
It's a map featuring a group of five peaceful island biomes floating in the sky, each with their own "music", charm, and usage to play with you...
Russian Apartment
Created by Arthur109
This is how most russian apartment looked.

!!! Requires CSS Content !!!
map name: gm_home

You can interact with many objects in this map
I wasted 2 days making this map....
Created by UFO
Full version. (_b1)

Version without farm. (_b1_w_f)


A modified version of ttt_67thway_v3.
Mostly processing appearance on the streets, nothing special....
Created by UFO
Version without farm. (_b1_w_f)

Full version. (_b1)


A modified version of ttt_67thway_v3.
Mostly processing appearance on the streets, nothing special...
Created by VoidDaGame
This is not my map. I just uploaded it to the workshop to make it easier to download. I will be using this on my TTT server around November\December time.

Go Join it: Dragon TTT | Map Vote | Pointshop...
UPDATE: 8/18/16

- Added guns to map, script no longer required
- fixed spacing of map particularly near the gunshop
- fixed traitor room door sometimes getting stuck
- fixed pig leak that I didn't even notice was happening
- other small changes/mate...
Abandoned Canal
Created by Mr. Catboi
I'm actually really proud of this map. Not only is it my biggest map to date, but it's also perhaps the most ambitious in terms of quality too, such as more optimization, some custom textures (finally), and some brand new ambient audio as well! I hope you ...
An Old Apartment
Old dirty apartment located somewhere in Saint-Peterburg
Night hardrain.

Small but such atmospheric map.

Special thanks to Lavrendr for filing idea for the map and description for apartment.
Created by D.Deagif
Deathrun - Bunker
Created by эй лмао
Everything a Deathrun Map needs
The fifth map to be uploaded to my Gmod Workshop,
This deathrun map was based off my good friend "don glover"s Deathrun build in the actual garrysmod, a work o...
Forgotten Temple
Created by ConicalG
An abandoned and forgotten temple in a forest, has a small lake and camp nearby....
Created by MrJabka
Night, rain, radio, what could be better? You live in one of the apartments, you do not want to sleep at all, all you want to do is sit, watch the rain, interact with different props, and nothing else...

Story map, if you can call it that. 3 endings, th...
Created by [JDEV] Semtux811
This is a forest with a house in the middle of it. It has fog and a night version of the map. Models and textures are not mine.
The song which plays when you hit E on the dead tree next to the cabin, is the main theme of layers of fear with reverb....
Created by heckkkkk
[img] [/img]
Originally posted by Mr. Sunabouzu:
Hello one and all!

What we have here, is a small project I like to call Gm_Apartment. Remember those by-gone days of survival horror games, with their charming puzzle
Created by aei0u0iea
an aquatic castle-like structure

requires nothing...
gm_arctic_dig NAVMESH
curses for not generating navmeshes on invalid ladders....

More navmesh here

make sure to check out my other addons if you are interested.
Created by Sejievan

This is a standalone release of the map featured in "The Source Zone", in this version you can freely walk around the map, there is no black & white CC nor ...
Created by DarkMario
Have your backstage passes out and visible please.

I've looked hard for a map that had a good backstage room but most of what I found were either poorly made of somehow not usable. So I made my own.

There are two rooms, red and blue, each with thei...
Created by Fankap
the map has been updated))
(go 1000 DOWNLOADS)...
Created by Буп
RU: На этой карте используется реквизит из источника counter strike, пожалуйста, убедитесь, что у вас есть исходный контент CSS! Она среднего размера, я сделал это на досуге, просто развлекаюсь;)

ENG: This map uses props from the counter strike source...
gm_echocity_circuit_v1 NAVMESH
now you can race against nextbots, i guess

More navmesh here

make sure to check out my other addons if you are interested.
They say if you dream deeply enough, and under the right circumstances of mindset and environment, you can enter a new plane of reality; One with unending rolling skies and a quaint 1960's style building sat atop a floating rock. Unseen birds flutter and s...
To run this map with full textures you need Counter Strike:Source Content, you can download CSS textures form this webpage.

gm_genesis_hotels [Canceled for now]
gm_genesis X Gmod13 Hotels

+ ai nodes
+ no jumpscares in hotels
+ secret lab
+ floor 666 is now normal
+ now there is lighting on all floors (even on secret ones)
- glass in hotels unbreakable (when I make them breakable they lose the collision. ...
Created by Skerion
Sorry that the daytime version of this map took so long to finish, but I've finally gotten around to getting this out. Also, some minor-ish changes have been made to this map that aren't currently in the night version, mostly consisting of extra foliage an...
Created by the irritant
Third "update" (more like, bugfix)
This is my 4th (or 5th) map uploaded to garry's mod! It is based off of Trepang 2 demo's horde 1 map (and gamemode).
Fixed bugs include: added cubemaps, pretty sure might work, tried to fix weird lighting
Created by suðrœn_Ásatrú
Hello and welcome to my edit of industry compound. This map is loved by the community I play but needed some touch ups and edits to be better suited for MILRP events. No extra ...
Created by Human
A small map that is suitable for shootouts with friends or battles with NPCs.

The map consists of a network of corridors with shelters and small rooms, above the map there is also a space for observing the battle and a room with level settings.

Created by Human

Textures and props have been replaced.

I'm not sure that I replaced all the props and textures, so if you find bugs, please let me know in the comments!...
Created by Lily McFluffy Butt


Now that that's out of the way, welcome to GM_Lily_WhiteRoom, a small map I made in 20 minutes because I felt like it and I really like this aes...
gm_low_iq is a very special map. It contains a lot of custom sounds and textures.
Thanks and have fun....
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