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Drongo's Command Enhancement
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Sep 16, 2018 @ 11:49pm
Jun 18 @ 3:33am
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Drongo's Command Enhancement


Check out my Workshop for my other mods (advanced air support and airspace control, cruise missiles, Active Protection Systems and more)

DCE gives you quick, powerful and intuitive control over your squad and AI groups. Turn Arma 3 into a hybrid FPS/RTT experience. Issue commands, receive contact reports, seize objectives and call in reinforcements.

My Patreon[].
Demo mission[]
How to change your DCE key

To bring up the menu, hit your DCE key (Left Windows by default, can be changed under Options>Controls>Configure Addons). Most of the buttons and functions are self-explanatory or can be learned by playing around in the editor for a few minutes.

Squad Menu
This is primarily for quick, one-click orders when you are a squad leader. There also extra commands such as garrisoning rooftops, deploying statics, switching to any group member and other options.

Command Menu
A command engine that allows a commander to give a variety of orders to any group on his side. Click the help button for more information. Requires a radio to access. To give move orders, select a group from the menu. Then shift click on the map to set a waypoint. High Command orders also work.

Function Keys
The squad menu features function keys F1 to F8. By default, these do nothing. However, a mission or addon maker can access them. Note that the F1 to F6 buttons on the tablet model may also be bound.

The command menu features an "Attach" option. Clicking this will give a menu allowing attaching elements between groups. Select a group from the left-hand list (group A), then select a target group from the right-hand list (group B).

Reinforcements is implemented at the addon level with default army lists for the 3 main vanilla factions. Custom lists can be made for any mod. The spawn markers need to be placed by the mission editor (see the template mission above).

Scripted objectives and endgame are enabled. These are designed for use with the reinforcements module.

Known Bugs
Not a bug, but a limitation: Only a single group at a time can be given dialog orders (in HC you can select multiple groups and give orders).

License (apparently the first license in OFP/Arma history!)
The rights of any 3rd party scripts used in this work belong with the owner. I do not and have never claimed ownership over the work of other people. All 3rd party scripts are used in good faith.

You must receive my permission to use any of the scripts, configs, concepts or designs of this addon in the development of other projects.
You may not distribute altered versions of this addon.
You may not use this addon or any derivatives thereof in any way for monetary gain.
You may not use this addon or any derivatives thereof as part of any submission to any contest of any kind.
You may not port this addon to any other game (it may ONLY be used with Arma 3).
You may not use this addon with VBS, VBS2, VBS3 or any similar product.
You may not re-upload to Steam.
You may not use this addon in any way if you are R0adki11.
You may not use this addon in any way if you are BohemiaBeck.

If you need an exception, feel free to contact me.

Thank you very much to SaMara and Tonic-_- for allowing me to use their dialog code in earlier releases.
Drongo: Concept and coding.
Chops: Testing and input.
James: Good advice, media stuff.
RootLocus: Testing DT for OFP.
Sanctuary: Help with DT for OFP.
Macser: Help with DT for OFP.
Vektorboson: Help with DT for OFP.
Grumpy Old Man: For letting me use his code for spotting and reporting units.
Kenoxite: Icons idea, some icons.
X39: Telling me how to make the UI scale properly.
Gunter Serveloh:Testing

A huge thanks to my Patrons and supporters.

Most of my mods and missions are released on my Patreon page. You don't need to be a Patreon to download them:

Check my YouTube channel for trailers, WIP etc:

I am not on the BIS forums. I can be emailed at

Added: Squad tablet F1 now provides a simple Admin interface for local hosts and admins (WIP)
Removed: Dynamic Simulation option

Added: Command tablet F3 now toggles LAMBS danger on/off (no effect if not installed)
Changed: Reported position of contacts is now usually given relative to locations such as towns etc

Added: gVar dceReportContact (set to false to disable contact reports)
Added: Objectives now have an initial value for first capture
Fixed: DRE infantry issues

Changed: The "has radio" check will now always pass if the player is in a vehicle
Changed: Squad tablet F6 now toggles LAMBS danger on/off (no effect if not installed)

Added: Reinforcements now uses modules and is much more user-friendly to configure
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Veh Jul 3 @ 7:14pm 
How do I disable contact reports? Thanks for the mod.
TheNotoriousG Jun 21 @ 4:06pm 
How do you open up DCE?!?!?
mrmooseknuckle Jun 20 @ 5:18am 
Is there anyway to disable markers for OPFOR but keep them on for BLUFOR?

Thanks and enjoying the mod!
Morlock28 Jun 14 @ 7:38am 
Vanilla ARMA 3 with CBA_A3 and this mod, I'm getting the same error as someone else has mentioned when trying to land a HC chopper:

Error in expression <_group","_ok","_groupType"];
_pos=_this select 0;
_shift=_this select 1;
20:40:27 Error position: <select 0;
_shift=_this select 1;
20:40:27 Error Generic error in expression

It's a bit of a gameplay breaker but an excellent mod if this can be fixed please.
Mouse Jun 12 @ 11:22pm 
For some reason no matter what i do, whenever i try to give order to once specific person the whole team does it. For example i click a specific person and press kneel and everyone kneels.
Inferno | M.D.F Jun 11 @ 3:06pm 
"It will be possible to disable contact reports in the next version"

Has this been added? How do I use this?
KITEsurfAheron Jun 7 @ 1:10pm 
@drongo quick question i have tried to use a 4 man mortar team to unpack mortars which works fine but when you try to repack one or two of them forget to pick up the tri pod, using RHS Pontus was wondering if you could look into it

kind regards
Zakuaz Jun 6 @ 6:08am 
@BNsonear a work around to get your AI to re-arm is to switch from the squad control screen to the High Command screen, select your group in the Blufor list on the left then down at the bottom of the interface screen is the ammo can "re-arm" icon/button.
Hit that and they will re-arm. My AI wont re-arm either using the button within the Squad/team interface but they sure do quick and easy using the button in high command mode.
BNsonear Jun 4 @ 7:34am 
Dear Drongo,
Thank you for your mod. I'm a single-play user and your mod is really precious for my Arma3.

Recently I found that "group rearm" button seems to be not working.

The button is under the "Everyone, tend to your injuries" button.
{icon is shape of Ammo box)

I'm using 'ACE' without advanced medical and 'vcom AI' together (limited to mod which affect AI).

Before a long time ago, I saw that AI tried to get magazines from supply box when I press that button, but now AI dosen't react the button even they have only two or three magazines (AI threshold is 5). Manual reaming (such as button F2 - 6 - 7) worked fine.

One-click group resupply of ammo and FAK would be an essential shortcut and would help a lot when we play with AIs.
I would appreciate if you would consider this small but important feature on the further release.

Thank you for listening my voice.
Cheesey Jun 4 @ 3:05am 
Is it possible to tell a group, in HC, to suppress a position.