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[Heroscape] Adventurescape Master Set I
Number of Players: 1, 2
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Sep 16, 2018 @ 10:21pm
Jan 3, 2021 @ 2:01pm
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[Heroscape] Adventurescape Master Set I

In 1 collection by Conefed
Heroscape: Custom figures and cards by Cf
6 items
This is a massive resource pack for Adventurescape, a legacy campaign mode for Heroscape.
The mod consists of a series of bags, each give instruction.

Comes with one hero, but any may do.

Download Heroscape Maps on Workshop, I used Mountainside Battle by teh Scyther

Once have map, add the items of this mod to it.
Choose a hero to play, around 100 Points is good; and pull a scenario from the bag of its namesake.
The scenario will tell how the rest of the board is set including Glyphs, opposing forces, starting zones, and ending zone (Victory Zone).

Warning: It's easy to get overwhelmed in the first scenario if you stick around.

Many assets come from the base Heroscape mod, found here:
Copied from that description,
Prop and RotV textures and meshes sourced (with permission) from VirtualScape[],
Marvel scans by Guzma.
Wave 1 to 5 meshes and textures courtesy of the HexScape[] project (license CC BY-NC-SA).
All other waves by the Tabletop Simulator contibutors CC-BY-NC-ND.

Cleaned all Glyph Bags
Cleaned Special Power Glyph wordings, named bags; split into sorter. Split Glyph of Parry into Parry and Parrier (Temporary and Permanent respectively)
Added 20 or so Special Power Glyphs
Added 1 new scenario.
All bags touched and cleaned.
Updated tags for 202 bags
Added 30 or so Special Power Glyphs, most inspired by Dungeons and Dragons (as they were originally created for such in Heroscape);
Description of the Bandit Lord scenario better reflects its difficulty.
Modified the direction Quest Item to be more functional;
Updated first scenario to utilize Quest Item Bag.
Added a new bag: Quest Item Bag - Quest Items not only act as tracking resources for overall quest progression, but also help guide the player on their quest.
Revamped Character Quests and Powers for the Githerzai Monk (Hero Bag)
Updated the Encounter Bag.