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Age of Primes
Number of Players: 1, 2, 3
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Age of Primes

It has been 17 years since humanity landed on the planet Skellium, ending their 65 year voyage through space. In that time, the new colony of Macedon has flourished into a thriving metropolis — the jewel of human civilization on the surface of Skellium.

Yet within Macedon’s walls, humanity’s hopes and ambitions give way to new rivalries and intrigues. In the lofty Highcourt, the Council bureaucrats angle for power. In the dark alleys of Claypigeon, Wren gangsters wage a bitter turf war. And inside Sunreach Tower, the scientists of Clarity, Inc. delve ever deeper into the secrets of the universe.

The time has come for new heroes to claim humanity’s future.

What path will you choose? The Age of Primes has begun!

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