Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2

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Majoras - Character Creation Plus - Definitive Edition
Type: Add-on
Game Mode: Story, GM
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Sep 15, 2018 @ 3:12pm
Jul 19, 2021 @ 8:12am
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Majoras - Character Creation Plus - Definitive Edition

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What is Character Creation Plus?

CCP adds several new Hair/Head/Beard options to all races and genders, giving you more options to better flesh out your Godwoken.

Now go and definitively enjoy some Divinity!

Want To Support Me?

If you're feeling generous, an easy way to show support is by tipping me a coffee.


The future of Character Creation Plus?

More options, styles, and accessories till we reach the hard-coded cap.

Recommended Mods

More Character Colors: Definitive Edition

Known Issues?

Not compatible with MAC's. I am unable to debug this issue due to not owning a MAC. My theory is that it is unable to load the custom assets included resulting in a crash.

There will be an alternative version of CCP that will only include Vanilla assets in the future. They will not be able to be used at the same time.

My Load Order

Majoras DOS: 2 - Definitive Mod Collection
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Clown Fiesta Jul 26 @ 1:08pm 
I seem to not have most of hairstyles and faces that are implemented in screens. Wonder why tho.
Mayamis Jul 6 @ 8:44pm 
Unfortunately messes up my gameplay with controller. When I use A to search, and I use that option a lot, and try to pick up multiple items I cant select properly what to pick up, what to use, etc... it's like items are out of order, I click one thing, something else in the list reacts. instead of picking up an apple my character sits on nearby stool etc,,, or the "pick up" option button disappears completely. It's a pretty big bug. Shame, hopefully that will be updated one day.
Otherwise great mod.
I assume most don't notice this since they play with m/k and just click on loot individually.
AtreyusNinjaaa Jun 30 @ 7:29pm 
i can have a shrek face but, i can't have him green :'( ? or am i missing something ?
CaseyJones32 Jun 21 @ 2:10pm 
@Tailled It seems to have downloaded for me. Will follow up if it does not work..
@Freedom-In-Moonlight I have no idea in-regards to your question, but <3
Tailled Jun 17 @ 9:29am 
Why won't your mods download from steam anymore?
Artur May 28 @ 5:04pm 
Screenshots would be nice.
qhse7693 Apr 25 @ 4:33am 
The king of tofu Feb 19 @ 11:28pm 
给我一个妖刀姬 Jan 15 @ 1:20am 
nice mod
Freedom-In-Moonlight Dec 30, 2021 @ 10:24pm 
Okay so I have been pawing through files in a fit of bored agitation and cannot find an option to unlock hair colors for undead lizards (I was able to change default color by changing what it loads as default I'm using More Character Colors though so only had to mod the mod itself to change defaults) What I want to do and what I haven't yet been able to figure out without tearing the whole game open is unlocking hair colors in the in-game menu so I don't have to make a mod for my mod to mod while I mod.
Any clues?
At a guess since no one has yet done this, the option either A simply isn't supported and will never be supported or B its buried somewhere strange. I'm mostly asking for myself but figure if any of you can find it it will help the mod author too unless they already know???