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Helaene - Priest Class (DE)
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Sep 15, 2018 @ 3:00pm
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Helaene - Priest Class (DE)

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Helaene's D:OS2 Definitive Edition Classes
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If you're seeing skill icons as question marks, please make sure you've downloaded and enabled my Shared Library mod - it is required!

This mod adds a new Priest class which provides flexible support through long-range healing, buffs and some damage. Their holy abilities use light and water to affect their allies and enemies.


Level 1:
* Benediction - (Starter) Grant a small amount of health and peace to your ally. Removes blind and crippled statuses.
* Consecration - (Starter) Apply your focus and consecrate an area, removing surfaces and pushing away enemies while causing them damage.
* Smite - (Starter) Punish your enemies with three daggers of energy, with a chance of leaving them weak or bleeding.
* Hymn of Mending - Sing a song to mend your or your ally's physical and magical armor.
* Zealot's Fire - Imbue a weapon with bonus fire damage and critical chance for 2 turns, at the cost of slower movement.

Level 4:
* Baptism - Purify yourself or an ally, healing and making them wet. They'll also return 25% of melee damage as water damage.
* Rebuke - Make your enemies suffer for their transgressions, causing them to suffocate in shame and receive damage.
* Holy Hand Grenade - Toss a bottle of holy water that will significantly heal everyone in a small radius.
* Heavenly Light - Damage and blind enemies in a small radius. Warm yourself and enemies, as well as improving your initiative.
* Leap of Faith - Evade enemies who have ventured too close by leaping away. Do damage to characters near your jump origin, and set Holy Fire and Hasted to yourself when you land.

Level 8:
* Hammer of Justice - Smash your weapon into the ground, doing damage and slowing your enemies under the weight of justice. Clears surfaces and clouds.
* Prayer of Power - Increase strength and damage for you and your allies for two turns.
* Crusader - Rush forward with a trail of holy fire, hitting all enemies in your path with fire damage and possibly knocking them down.
* Holy Communion - Partake in the ritual of the Eucharist, inspiring you and your allies, and purifying your bodies by removing Necrofire, Diseased, Decaying Touch, Poisoned and Acid statuses.
* Blessed Rain - The tears of Heaven rain down in a small area, blessing yourself and making everyone wet, while covering the ground with holy water.

Level 12:
* Martyrdom - Heal your closest allies at the cost of your own vitality.
* Exorcism - Banish a summoned creature or release your ally from possession and madness.
* Judgment Day - The eye of the Divine passes over nearby characters and blights your enemies, while granting Clear-Minded status to you and your allies.
* Purge Iniquity - Spread holy fire in a cone to cleanse the sinfulness from nearby characters. Enemies in the target area will receive fire damage.
* Angel of Mercy - Summon a benevolent angel to aid you in battle.

Level 16:
* Sanctuary - Grant aegis to allies within the dome. Enemies within the dome will be crippled.
* Cataclysm - Begin a holy cleanse with a world-changing flood. You are granted water immunity aura for two turns. Enemies may be knocked down or shocked and receive water damage as they are washed away.
* Miracle - By the grace of the Divine, raise an ally from the dead once per combat encounter. They will return with 30% health and Blessed status.
* Wrath - Focus the wrath of the Divine in a line of soul-scorching fire toward your enemies. Leaves fire surfaces behind.
* Angel of Death - Summon a deadly angel to combat your enemies.

Starter Priest Class
If you select the Priest class at Character Creation, you'll start with the game assuming a staff weapon. The starting skills are listed above. The class comes with preset Living Armor talent, 1 point each in Loremaster and Persuasion, and 1 point each in Constitution, Intelligence and Wits, but those are all changeable. The default skillset is Two-Handed, Water and Leadership - you can change if you want, but removing Water will disable the starter skills.

A trader named Father Matthias is available in several areas to purchase Priest skillbooks. He wears blue robes with a blue hood and has a grey beard.

* In Fort Joy, on the tower to the right just after you've entered Fort Joy (or from the ladder on the outside by the first Dallis encounter)
* In Driftwood, on the platform between Meistr Siva's (wrecked) house and the Magister headquarters.
* On the Lady Vengeance, outside the cell on the lower decks.
* In Arx, near the statue of Lucian in front of the cathedral.

Install myShared Cheat Chest mod if you'd like copies of all relevant skillbooks for free when arriving at Fort Joy: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2064499288

* Main mod art: https://sycra.deviantart.com
* Secondary mod art: https://alexstoneart.deviantart.com
* Trader portrait: https://www.artstation.com/gilles
* Angel of Mercy portrait: https://janaschi.deviantart.com
* Angel of Death portrait: https://escume.deviantart.com/

New demo video added, courtesy of oguztr!

I know that there is a Paladin class elsewhere in the workshop, and I tried very hard not to make this class too similar to that one. I've used a minimum of holy fire and focused on water and light instead, and kept their skills almost exclusively long-range as opposed to a traditional fighter Paladin. It is important to me to let other modder's work shine on its own.

If you have feedback on balancing, etc, please reach out via the Discussion threads.
If you enjoy playing this class, I'd really love to hear it!
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