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British Rail Class 15
Vehicle: Locomotive
Tags: Diesel
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Sep 15 @ 2:46pm
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British Rail Class 15

The British Rail Class 15 diesel locomotives, also known as the BTH Type 1, were designed by British Thomson-Houston, and built by the Yorkshire Engine Company and the Clayton Equipment Company, between 1957 and 1961. They were numbered D8200-D8243.

This item uses meshes from BritishTrains' Class 08 under the Creative Commons 4.0 ANSA Licence which permits the user to reuse the work, in part or in whole, with recognition to the original author, therefore, this model must also be licenced as such, which is why a .blend file allowing users to use this model has provided in res/documents of said mod. Permission is given to anyone and everyone to reuse, repaint, reupload or redistribute this mod in any format as long as it meets the licence conditions and all authors are accredited.


--Version 1.0--
- Initial release
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ThePainter Dec 7 @ 11:33am 
great detail, thank you
GrijzePilion Sep 16 @ 4:19pm 
Can't wait, you madman :P
velvetmafia  [author] Sep 16 @ 2:42pm 
Yes I am you madman ;)
Connie is the best girl Sep 16 @ 1:25pm 
are you gonna do every class you madman
nickbrad82 Sep 16 @ 10:37am 
If we're going systematically, then I have a while to wait for my favourite loco, the Class 60
GrijzePilion Sep 16 @ 6:53am 
Sounds great. Love your work!
velvetmafia  [author] Sep 16 @ 6:46am 
About 8-9 hours on each one or thereabouts, then it's just a matter of textures and code. Next one to be made will be Classes 16, 17 and 20, which will complete the Type 1 Locos, and a pack will be released containing Classes 14 - 20 for people who want them all in one mod. Then i can move on to Type 2 which is 21 - 31, I think, I need to check but I'm pretty sure that's the plan at the moment
GrijzePilion Sep 16 @ 6:29am 
How long do you spend on one of these locomotives? Because you're uploading them at an incredible pace, near-daily. And if so, are you going to be uploading heavy mainline passenger locos soon? I'd be very interested in Classes 21-22, Class 24, Class 31, and Class 35. If you're going to be doing them all, and at this pace, surely they won't be long. Appreciate the effort!
nickbrad82 Sep 16 @ 5:23am 
@Bute Cieftain I have kept up with his postings on patreon, being one of his supporters, but I have the feeling that the class 50 was a model he was keen on making....I know that between the house move and job, it's been tough, I just hope he hasn't moved on from modelling in his spare time as he produces very successful models that he should rightly be proud of.
velvetmafia  [author] Sep 16 @ 4:42am 
@Funtime Freddy I was speaking to another British modder the other day and it seems like slam door units are on the cards, don't take what I say as gospel though. @Bute Cieftain Whatever killa is doing is his own business, if he's not given up, then I'm grateful, but like I said previously, I'll be skipping classes other people have made, if by the time I've got to class 50 and he hasn't made it, unless I get a message specifically telling me not to, (and I'll be messaging him closer to the time), then I'll go ahead with the plan to make it myself.