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Helaene - Valkyrie Class (DE)
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Sep 15, 2018 @ 1:57pm
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Helaene - Valkyrie Class (DE)

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Helaene's D:OS2 Definitive Edition Classes
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If you're seeing skill icons as question marks, please make sure you've downloaded and enabled my Shared Library mod - it is required!

This mod adds a new Valkyrie class which includes 20 new skills. It is themed around the Norse pantheon and a valkyrie's duty as 'chooser of the slain'. They make good support characters, with a mix of buffs and damage, tied primarily to the Warrior ability track.

Though valkyries are female in the mythology, these skills (and the starting class) can easily be played by a male Viking-type charcter. I've also taken some liberties with the theme (in that Valkyries are meant to fight against Ragnarok rather than causing it, etc). Hopefully you can enjoy the spirit of it without taking the details too literally!


* Shining Spear - (Projectile) Heave a spear at your enemy, possibly inflicting bleeding or crippling and dealing physical damage.
* Protector - (Target) Protect the fallen by partially healing them and granting fleeting physical immunity.
* Viking Fury - (Shout) Spin in a circular motion, hitting all of your enemies within range.

Level 1:
* Skyfall - Jump to an enemy, hitting them once with all of your might.

Level 4:
* Winged Glory - (Shout) Spread your wings to descend from the sky to earth to join the fray, blinding foes with your brightness for 1 turn. Clears crippled and slowed statuses.
* War Cry - (Shout) Utter a bloodcurdling scream; granting yourself adrenaline, and possibly terrifying or deafening enemies within [2]. Gives allies a constitution boost.
* Holy Charge - (Rush) Charge forward, hitting all enemies in your path and setting them aflame.
* Shieldwall - (Shout) Restore physical armor and deflect projectiles aimed at you or your allies for 3 turns. Help knocked down allies to their feet. There is strength in numbers when you work together.

Level 8:
* Jotunn Stance - (Shout) Grant yourself icy shielding like the frost giants, increasing your water and physical resistances at the cost of speed. Give your allies a magical armor boost and possibly freeze your enemies within range. Removes burning, wet and shocked statuses.
* Hel's Dominion - (Target) As chooser of the slain, you can sentence this soul to eternal torment in Hel. Curse them for two turns, put necrofire at their feet and cause damage.
* Odin's Envoy - (MultiStrike) Clear your mind, inspired by the Allfather's wisdom, and hit multiple targets (maximum 4) dealing damage to each with a chance of crippling them.
* Freyja's Favor - (Target) The goddess Freyja bestows increased dodging, speed and initiative for three turns with a gift of her feathered cloak. Also cures stunned or mad statuses, and provides one turn of invisibility.

Level 12:
* Einherjar - (Shout) Grant your heroic allies improved damage, armor, constitution and chance to hit. Also clears crippled, cursed, decaying and blind; and prevents being charmed.
* Mjolnir - (Cone) Borrow Thor's hammer Mjölnir and smash it into the ground, leaving electrified water in its wake and knocking down or shocking your enemies.
* Fateweaver - (Target) The Norns sit under Yggdrasil, the World Tree, and control the fates of men. Use your divination powers to give yourself or an ally a free turn as well as a source point.
* Cupbearer - (Rain) Rain horns of mead down onto the field of battle to begin celebratory revels, refreshing your allies (with their superior tolerance) but making your enemies drunk.

Level 16:
* Harbinger of Doom - (Target) Mark an enemy for death, and help them along their way with a single, powerful hit. Lower their chance to hit, physical resistances and dodging.
* Ragnarok - (Quake) The earth rumbles and catches fire as Loki's children burst through to battle the old gods. You and your allies are granted fire immunity, while your enemies are knocked down and burned.
* Visions of Valhalla - (Shout) Bless all of your allies within range and grant clear-minded status.
* Wrath of Asgard - (Storm) Your enemies have angered the gods, and they will rain down their anger in the form of water, ice, rock and lightning.

Starter Valkyrie Class

If you select the Valkyrie class at Character Creation, you'll start with the game assuming an axe and shield. You will see your character with wings in the Character Creation screen, for thematic purposes, but you will not start out with wings. The starting skills are listed above. The class comes with preset Opportunist talent, 1 point each in Loremaster and Luck, and 1 point each in Wits, Strength and Constitution, but those are all changeable. The default skillset is Warrior, Water and Leadership - you can change if you want, but removing Warrior will disable the starter skills.


The trader's name is Brenna, and she has blond hair and blue clothing.
You'll find her in the following locations:

1) Inside Fort Joy, near the right side of the shrine of Lucian (where you originally find Lohse)
2) Just inside the gates of Driftwood, across the path from my Succubus trader
3) Lady Vengeance deck 2, outside the bunk room
4) Arx town square to the right of the Town Crier girl

Install my Shared Cheat Chest mod if you'd like copies of all relevant skillbooks for free when arriving at Fort Joy: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2064499288


* Main mod art and Skyfall Skill art: https://petraimboden.deviantart.com
* Mjolnir Skill art: https://rav89.deviantart.com/
* Freja's Favor Skill art: https://knavesandknots.deviantart.com/
* Protector Skill art: https://cg-zander.deviantart.com
* Einherjar Skill art: http://www.owzersart.com
* Viking Fury Skill art: https://www.artstation.com/aliroku
* Font in poster image: http://www.1001fonts.com/runytunesrevisited-font.html
* Harbinger of Doom Skill art: https://dreadjim.deviantart.com

Many thanks for beta testing feedback from: ๖Rikku~, ShadowEtheral, RickGrimes74 and Sliert
Thanks as well to my patient modding guru, LaughingLeader!

New demo video added, courtesy of oguztr!


As with my Succubus mod, I plan to continue tuning this extensively after publishing.
If you have feedback on balancing, etc, please reach out via the Discussion threads.
If you enjoy playing this class, I'd really love to hear it!

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The application of statuses to objects (chests, ladders etc) while using Viking Fury seems to crash my game, along with others here. Interestingly, it only happens with viking fury, when its hitting an object, ladder, rope vine, and only when statuses like the terrified succeed in applying. I can use it in the open and against enemies just fine, but I can consistently crash my game by walking up to objects and just using Viking Fury, or if I am unfortunate enough to be close enough to a ladder or rope vine i havent noticed while in combat.
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Game is also crashing when using viking fury
Apollo Mar 25 @ 3:18pm 
One of the icons is Ragnarr like I can't even lol. Your classes look fun which is what matters. I hope the class is good, but 90% of your icons just do not match the game's art style and look so silly. I tried the Trickster but it just is not immersive at all. Very good idea, I wish you had the resources to refine these more but your work will always be much appreciated.
Church Nov 22, 2020 @ 2:07pm 
So how do you get wings?
₭Σ₴ł₵ Nov 15, 2020 @ 8:18am 
Great mode, had fun with it.
Sevendayz Nov 5, 2020 @ 8:08pm 
game crashes when i use viking fury is there a fix?
OCJeriko Oct 10, 2020 @ 8:21pm 
Talking to Brenna about being a Valkyrie reset my inventory and skills.
BloodtotemZ Sep 20, 2020 @ 6:55pm 
Trying to use the Fort Joy vendor resets all of my inventory.
brett :) Jul 24, 2020 @ 7:44pm 
Using Viking Fury istantly crashes my game. Any fix?
B Jul 21, 2020 @ 6:05pm 
Einherjar doesn't properly negate duplicates like base-game spells, so if you use this with attribute insanity, you can get ~7 Einherjar buffs at a time, which is incredibly overpowered. Just make sure all the buff skills remove duplicates