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[WOTC] Iridar's Beowulf Rifle Pack
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[WOTC] Iridar's Beowulf Rifle Pack

This mod allows you to build high caliber versions of the normal Assault Rifles, inspired by real life AR-15 Beowulf. There is a Beowulf rifle for conventional, magnetic and beam tiers.

By default, Beowulf rifles deal 1 more damage and have some armor pierce and armor shred properties, increasing with weapon tier. However, they have only 2 Ammo, and they are intended to have shorter effective range, so they use Assault Rifle aim bonuses up close, and Shotgun aim penalties at range.

You can purchase Beowulf rifles in the Engineering one rifle at a time for a modest fee in resources, appropriate for each weapon tier, but you can configure the mod for Beowulf Rifles to be in infinite supply.

Purchasing Assault Rifle squad upgrade will also upgrade Beowulf rifles.

The Magnetic Beowulf Rifle gains Demolition and the Beam Beowulf Rifle gains Plasma Discharge, a new ability that works similarly to Plasma Blaster. By default, Plasma Discharge has 5 turn cooldown, same as Demolition, cannot crit, and rolls for a hit chance against each individual enemy.

All of the weapon stats, costs, cooldowns and additional abilities are configurable in the .ini file.

Additionally, if you're using a mod that removes the Assault Rifle squad upgrade, you have the option to turn off Tech requirements in the .ini.

Beowulf Rifles use slightly adjusted Assault Rifle and attachment models, and they use SPARK Rifle sounds/visuals to relay their increased power. Therefore this mod requires Shen's Last Gift DLC.

Works mid-campaign.


Thanks to robojumper and Ginger for some invaluable coding advice, Spart for help with kitbashing and to all of Team CX for a warm place to call home.

Please support me on Patreon[www.patreon.com] if you require tech support, have a suggestion for a feature, or simply wish to help me create more awesome mods.
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prophyz Oct 19 @ 2:21am 
ah sure thing, I will look into it. Sounds good.
Thanks for this mod and all your others, never had any problems with them.

stay awesome
Iridar  [author] Oct 19 @ 2:05am 
I'm not sure a mod like that exists, just covering all bases :)
> make a 1-3 tier cosmetic variant
You can use my Weapon Skin Replacer to do so.
prophyz Oct 19 @ 1:02am 
Additionally, if you're using a mod that removes the Assault Rifle squad upgrade ...
mhhh can't seem to find one, I wanted to turn off the auto upgrading in this mod / make a 1-3 tier cosmetic variant but fail to do it. I hate the look of the t3 rifles with a passion - magnetic are fine.
Iridar  [author] Oct 18 @ 3:03pm 
@Freedom's Flame
Not sure what about my attitude you found hostile. I didn't insult or berate you. You came with what appeared like a complaint and a problem. I suggested a legitimate solution to that problem. That's what the facts are.

I appreciate an intelligent discussion, but there can be no discussion if you can't step two feet without tripping over imagined grudges instead of working out imperfections in text-only communications.

Balance discussions of all things are the most pointless and a waste of time. You never wanted a discussion, you just wanted praise an attention, and i'm gonna stop giving it you.
Freedom's Flame Oct 18 @ 2:54pm 
Listen, I genuinely appreciate the work that you do, you're one of the best content creators for X2 right now and have done a lot to add new, interesting options to the game. I was about to throw some money your way as thanks for the work that you've done, but your hostile attitude towards valid critical feedback is childish and absurd.

I didn't come here demanding that you change the mod to suit my gameplay style or make it something that it isn't, I was just providing my thoughts on the weapon. I thought that you would appreciate the discussion as clearly you are passionate about XCOM and it's tactics, but evidently I was mistaken. I'll admit I probably could have been more polite initially, but comments are meant to be short and to the point.
Iridar  [author] Oct 18 @ 2:35pm 
@Freedom's Flame
You act as if you're doing a service to me by using my mod, when it's the other way around. You're enjoying hours of my work for free and still have the audacity to complain. About balance, of all things! Every reasonable measure to anticipate balancing concerns has already been taken, nobody else complains about these rifles being too weak. You're being unreasonable.
Freedom's Flame Oct 18 @ 2:18pm 
As I said, I'm providing feedback on my experience using your mod, and my thoughts on its balance, something that I thought you might find useful as a content creator. Your hostile attitude in response to this is puzzling, to say the least. Any chance you had of getting money from me is now gone.
Iridar  [author] Oct 18 @ 2:13pm 
@Freedom's Flame
Why are you throwing walls of text my way? What do you expect me to do? 100% of your complaints are related to balance. So use the config to balance the mod for yourself. That's the reason it exists. If you want to affect the direction of my mods then become a patron, and you'll be a part of the balancing process.
Freedom's Flame Oct 18 @ 1:45pm 
As for the anti-armour properties, that would work well if you could actually hit anything with them. Even then, with Theta Strike I've found it to generally be more effective to just shred a pod with a GL than to try and shred them individually with cannons/beowulfs.

Which brings me to my last criticism: how these stack up against cannons. Cannons are about as accurate, shred, and have more ammo. The Beowulfs seem to be attempts to give Specialists/PsiOps cannon grenadier powers, but aren't you better off just bringing a grenadier if you want that sort of capability? Specialists need that extra aim to consistently land their overwatch shots, and bluescreen rounds more than make up for the excessive armour on Sectopods.
Freedom's Flame Oct 18 @ 1:45pm 
I understand that not all mods are balanced for each other, but calling critique unjustified is unhelpful. I meant no offense, was just providing feedback. Here's something a bit more detailed:

My main complaint about these is that their aim is atrocious. In vanilla, the reason that shotguns work as well as they do is because Rangers have Run and Gun. Most engagements are at too far of a distance for soldiers without that skill to get close enough to be effective with a shotgun-range weapon. Now, scopes and tracer rounds do their part to mitigate that, but it seems like putting AP rounds on your ARs is more effective since they pierce and are more accurate.