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Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars!
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Sep 12, 2018 @ 11:15pm
Mar 31, 2022 @ 10:40pm
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Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars!

Comments disabled and links hidden?
Hey dudes, a few folks have taken issue with the preview picture and are reporting the mod for... something, haha. This doesn't do much besides remove any links in the description and hide the comments, though, so no biggie.
If you need to report any bugs, have any questions or just wanna hang out and the links in the description are hidden, I've got a link to my discord on my ko-fi and patreon. Just search either one for filibusterrhymes, the link'll be in the description there. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Русские пользователи: Пожалуйста, поймите, украинский флаг в описании показывает поддержку Украины, а НЕ антироссийскую позицию. Хотя мне не нравится ваше правительство, я не считаю российских граждан и призывников «плохими парнями». Вы не ваше правительство, и я знаю, что вы, ребята, тоже страдаете от этой войны. Я знаю, что любой, кто негативно отзывается об этом, тоже в опасности. Мы все люди, чувак, и я очень уважаю вас, ребята. Пожалуйста, будь осторожен.

If you were using the beta version of the mod, please unsubscribe from it if you're using this version! It will probably save you some trouble in the long run, thanks!

Fenris Wolf helped out a boatload, especially with getting the old .40 version running. It probably still woulda happened, but it'd be a lot more sloppy, have unnecessary vanilla code and be less compatible.
You guys have PlanetAlgol to thank for the fuel truck code, and so do I! Now you guys can fulfill your survival compound fantasy.
And obviously The Indie Stone for helping modders out, like by adding some tools to make things a hell of a lot easier and makin' the dang game in the first place, haha.

Hey dudes, I've added a handful of new cars to the game.
Also a few files.
FRUsedCars - The main mod file, activate this.
FRUsedCarsNLF - Lore friendly names. Activate this or FRUsedCarsNRN
FRUsedCarsNRN - Real car names. Activate this or FRUsedCarsNLF
FRUsedCarsFT - The fuel test mod. You don't need to activate this, but it gives the propane and military fuel truck working gas storage tanks.

Embarrassing Begging
I've noticed a few other modders tossing in some donation links, so I figured hey, why not. I'm not like desperate for money so please don't feel any obligation, but if you guys wanna toss something my way, I'll use it for chinese food or pizza. You'll do your part contributing to the obesity epidemic.

Contact Me
If you guys wanna contact me to report a bug, make a suggestion or just wanna chat, please join my discord! We've got a great little friendly community goin on. {LINK REMOVED}
Plus, I've had a lot of people adding me on steam and it's kinda gotten to the point where it's hard to keep track of who's who on my friends list, so I'd definitely prefer discord for chit chatting. Thanks!

Known issues
-Since I've added a tractor, military vehicles don't spawn in "farm" zones anymore, farm vehicles will. Military vehicles are gonna be a lot more rare, but that's how I meant 'em to be in the first place, honestly. I'll try to get with mappers to let them know it's been changed, but ones that use farm for military will spawn tractors on bases and stuff. Oops!

Update changes
Alright my dudes, if you guys haven't been playing on the .41 beta for the past while, you're in for some pretty big changes I'm not gonna go through, but here's the skinny.
  • Added lore friendly and real names versions as separate mods, just enable them when activating the car mod.
  • Added some fuel trucks and trailers that work. Activate the Fuel Test mod included, just like the real/lore names above.
  • Added the mechanics window
  • Added more vehicles and variants and trailers for a total of 103 deals with wheels

Workshop ID: 1510950729
Mod ID: FRUsedCars
Mod ID: FRUsedCarsFT
Mod ID: FRUsedCarsNLF
Mod ID: FRUsedCarsNRN