Transport Fever

Transport Fever

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Scania R730 6x4
Scenario: Europe
Vehicle: Truck
Tags: Cargo, Freight
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Sep 12, 2018 @ 9:41am
Jan 13 @ 11:56am
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Scania R730 6x4

This set is made to carry each type of cargo. It's different from my other Scania R730 set so that it'll have only one option in the truckdepot menu and you can decide which cargo it'll take or if you want to leave it automatic. Each cargo will have matching trailer (coal in tipper for example).

When the truck unloads its cargo, also the trailer will despawn, unless the truck loads more cargo from the depot.

This set is compatible with other Scania sets and doesn't replace anything and/or require any others mods.

Thanks to MaikC for the great idea!

Top speed: 90 km/h
Power: 544kW
Capacity: 40
Lifespan: 30
Available: 2004

Price and running costs are defined by the game automatically.
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volkchernyj Feb 9 @ 12:06am 
Hi. will tell whether such made for ?
I would like to compare the diversity of goods was . Nice trucks you got there. hope will appear and as freely traveling in traffic.
CSI48 Sep 16, 2018 @ 10:33am 
any way you can make this on the American trucks ? i love the Bob-Tail feature here. this mod is an easy 100% for me. i love it.
Expression Sep 15, 2018 @ 9:00am 
I love the idea of this, now there just needs to be an American version of this with the appropriate vehicles and trailers.
Tass Adar Sep 14, 2018 @ 9:07am 
Goiles Model
Jones  [author] Sep 14, 2018 @ 7:40am 
@General Dildozer, I've got plans to make MAN F2000. New industry is interesting mod but I have to check first what kind of changes I need to make. Probably later yes, shouldn't be much different from default industry :)
Nuppiu Sep 14, 2018 @ 7:18am 
Capasity is good. High capasity is nice so we dont have to run 50 semi trucks on a line to distrubite cargo inside a city. As always, great work, Onionjack.
General Dildozer Sep 14, 2018 @ 5:51am 
how about making MAN mod and make both compatible with new industry mod??? ^^
Jones  [author] Sep 13, 2018 @ 11:05am 
@Stealthy, for trucks the divide by four doesn't work well. In real life the max weight for semitrucks with setup like this (6x4+2 or 3 axle trailer) is between 46-48t. That would mean the capacity would be 12, which is the same as Opel Blitz from 30s by default. I know 36 is a lot but I had to improvise the capacity and 36 was something I thought sounds good :)
Stealthy Sep 13, 2018 @ 10:30am 
Isn't 36 capacity far too much to keep it balanced in the game? That's about the real capacity which should be divided by 4 to get in game capacity.
gouthrodavid Sep 13, 2018 @ 7:48am 
awesome, much apreciated