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Ultimate Warfare Rubber Edition
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Mod Type: Campaign
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Scenario Type: Air, Infantry, Vehicles, Water
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Sep 12, 2018 @ 8:07am
May 28 @ 9:47am
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Ultimate Warfare Rubber Edition

Alternative version from the original author: Wf3Core

This favorite WARFARE-mission of many players was carefully moved from ArmA 2 to ArmA 3. Just as in the original scenario, players will have a large-scale battle for establishing control over key cities, building bases and supplying their cities to improve equipment and vehicles.

Also this version supports such popular modifications as ACE3, Community Upgrade Project (CUP), Red Hammer Studios (RHS), Iron Front ArmA 3 (Lite) and The Unsung: Vietnam War Mod. You can specify the selected mod in the mission settings before starting.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What is this?
It's a multiplayer CTI scenarios pack.
What maps are available now?
Vanilla maps:
1. Altis
2. Stratis
3. Tanoa (DLC Apex)
4. Malden 2035 (DLC Malden)
5. Livonia (DLC Contact)

CUP maps:
1. Chernarus
2. Everon
3. Nogova
4. Sahrani
5. Takistan
6. Malden 1985
7. Kolgujev
8. Zargabad

Iron Front maps:
1. Ardennes, Belgium 1944 (GER vs USA)
2. Baranow, Poland 1944 (GER vs RUS)
3. Panovo, Ukraine 1944 (GER vs RUS)
4. Staszow, Poland 1944 (GER vs RUS)
5. Omaha, France 1944 (GER vs USA)
6. Neaville, France 1944 (GER vs USA)

The Unsung: Vietnam War Mod maps:
1. Cao Bang, Vietnam
2. Da Krong, Quang Tri Vietnam
3. Doung Island, Rung Sat Vietnam
4. Song Cu, Dong Nai Vietnam

Other maps:
1. Al Fallujah
2. Chernarus REDUX
3. Isla Duala
4. Kunduz, Afghanistan
Have you planned new maps?
Can I add another equipment and/or vehicles?
Yes, you can. See this tutorial.
Why can´t i see this mission in the scenarios list?
It's not a singleplayer scenario. But you can play it alone on your PC in multiplayer mode if you create a local server (Host Game).
Why is no one able to join my Game?
I don't know. But you could check that everyone (including you) has the same mods activated. It´s also a common problem that you need to forward the game ports to your PC when you are behind a router.
Known bugs and problems:
- No Headless Client
- Saving for a dedicated server does not work
- Troubles with AI Squads

Please, when you are ingame read the Warfare Help Tutorial in >>WF-Menu --> Info-Panel

Our Group in Steam:

Trello Feedback and Bug Report:

Big Thanks Benny and Rubber, who did created this warfare in ArmA 2!

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Uhh stuck???
< >
Maixaips Jul 7 @ 5:46pm 
How do I put my friend in my squad? I'm using RHS and Ace
TomNewDelhi Jun 5 @ 4:48am 
Not sure if im necro'ing this mod as i cant the author response in a while but do any of you who use this know how to increase the radius of the town spawning? its an orange circle thats 600m from the centre of town, id like it a lot bigger than that but i cant seem to figure out where that option is. Anyone with knowledge?
★BigShot★ May 27 @ 8:44am 
Is there a direct download for this? I don't install via Workshop and prefer to simply drop in the pbo manually, thanks.
AuditoQc Apr 22 @ 2:57pm 
It's now possible to save game progress on dedicated server ?
Chan Apr 6 @ 11:57am 
Game over?
RoadBlock Mar 31 @ 7:14am 
Почему нельзя выбрать в модах CUP? Когда его выбираю за красных автоматом спавнятся ванильные CSAT
Divergente Mar 29 @ 12:40pm 
hello friend congratulations for your mod, it is incredible, I would like to know how it can be changed to another map, I would like to play it in this and add several naval routes between the islands
Armalog Mar 29 @ 8:58am 
Show Me Livonia!
ᗷᑌᒪᗩᗰᗩTᗩRI Mar 28 @ 3:31pm 
@-M*A*S*H- WTF is iA?
-M*A*S*H- Mar 23 @ 10:42pm 

With a friend we do not understand for there is no iA ????
Whether with the iA in command or me in command, it is impossible to generate iA
The only iA are those who defend the cities

We tried in vanilla mode, in CUP mode, in RHS mode but nothing happens
The HQ is created with all the dependencies but no iA leaves the barracks to go and fight on foot or in vehicles
We even tested with the maximum amount of money on each side but nothing happens

We love to play this type of mod but here on yours it's impossible to have iA

Could you please fix the problem

Thank you