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6 Custom Loading Screens (NoMercy,DeadAir,DeathToll,BloodHarvest) For widescreen
Created by Haven012
ORIGINAL MOD - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=147745999

I loved the way these loading screens looked but was disappointed they didn't work for 16:9 and 16:10...
A Stick!!!
Created by Splinks
For all of your Dead Body Poking Needs!...
Baby kit
Created by Splinks
Mazel tov, it's a boy!

Welcome to Parenthood!...
Big Daddy over Charger
Created by Dafini
[[UPDATE]] Read Down for a Working Mods server!!!
This was my first mod for l4d2... ever, back when L4DMods was on it's first wind.

Yes, this goes over the Charger, it is the Big Daddy out of Bioshock 1

Only issue is when you are pinned, he bashes y...
Bill Chompski
Created by Mother


Boxing Gloves
Created by Splinks
Replacement for the Frying Pan.
Still lookin on how to adjust the spawn rotation, so for now this will be considered Beta.
Created by Splinks
Available Meow.

Please make note that this was made for humor purposes only. Just sharing it for everyone else.

Gameplay Video made by:

Listen Up Class:
~ ...
Chocolate Charger (Sound Mod)
Created by Qwazzy
Original mod made and posted to Gamebanana by user "WeGotDodgsonHere". All credit goes to him for the mod itself; I'm just making it available on workshop and providing a demonstration video.

German Version:
Cymbal Monkey Bomb
Created by Splinks
The Monkey is out of the bag and is ready to go out with a bang!


If you would like more of my mods not hosted on workshop
Assassin's Creed Hunter
Created by Gorilla God
I originally wanted to make a Assassin's Creed themed survivor, but no one wears a hood and I can't do any 3d modeling, at least to the level required to make it look decent. So I went ahead and did the hunter as he actually has a hood. Contains custom tex...
Diddy Kong (Jockey)
Created by Stay Puft
This mod replaces the Jockey model with Diddy Kong. It's on, like Diddy Kong!...
Electric Sledgehammer
Created by Corvalho
Grab a sledgehammer duct tape and a battery and you got yourself an electric sledgehammer. Replaces the Fire Axe...
Foam Bat (Baseball bat)
Created by Prophet
A toy Foam Bat! (Ages 4+)

This was put together just for fun, but it's definitely not the only baseball bat mod I'll do. :D

This mod Replaces the Basebal Bat from L4D2. It adds models and textures. No new sounds or scripts. No hud because it would co...
Halo 2 Energy Sword
Created by Xenecrite
Energy Sword Halo 2 remplacement Machete
Models and textures: Adsug2210
Hack Compiling: Xenecrite
Created by Splinks
Are you ready for Hammertime?...
Heavy Weapons Guy for the Tank
Created by Vincentor
Swaps your tank with the Heavy from TF2!

Now complete!

NOTE: write sv_consistency 0 in the console before hosting or joining a game....
Heineken Molotov Cocktail
Created by miztaegg
I know there are already similar skins floating around the web, but I always found them low quality somehow, so I made one myself. The texture size is doubled to 1024px, and with a detailed normal map, also I made the world model transparent like real glas...
Improved Slimer 4 Boomer
-Highly updated textures, bump maps, specular maps, glowing effects, etc

-BREAKS CONSISTENCY due to glowing!
Use offline or on 0-consistency servers!
(If you don't know how, Google it. This is almost a decade old problem that's been answered literally...
Informal Skyboxes
Created by Descarado
This pack (not all textures) and script of skyboxes made by me for personal use and friends. A distinctive feature of this assembly is that the skyboxes are working at low graphics settings. Full change of sky's on all L4D2 campaigns + ''No Mercy'', ''Cras...
Master Sword & Hylian Shield
Created by Splinks
It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

~ This mod requires a custom melee script to be held and attached to the survivors' hands and backs properly. So any addons or campaigns that conflict with the katana.txt may make this weapon held...
MeeM (Smoker)
Created by BriefCasey795

MeeM is now here to kick your ass in L4D2! May look like a training target, but it's a dangerous one at that.

Custom Model


Also, this was u...
Mexican Flag
Created by PillsStealer
This flag replaces the golf club and the flag mod (American Flag) is made by Splinks I added the texture.

Este indicador sustituye al club de golf y el Ministerio de Defensa del pabellón (bandera americana) es hecho por Splinks he añadido la textura....
NERF Autoshotgun
Created by LaCostraMotra
Sorry for the waiting, guys. I've had much to take care of at the moment, hope you'll have fun with another little NerfⓇ gun!...
Created by LaCostraMotra
The Desert Rifle gets replaced with a NERF based toy gun with slightly harder bullets than NERF bullets.. -IT'S NERF, OR NOTHING!...
Nick mod
Created by Xxx_420_GLOCK_xxX
change all l4d2 player skin for the Nick skin this mod is very funny....
Grabbin' TITS!
Created by ListigerLurch
You have to go with this mod... the ONLY Tits! mod (Idea: Morgan Freeman) is a unfixable addon... i tried, but it won´t work :(. So ENJOY this mod :)......
Nightmare House 2 Flashlight Mod
Created by Haven012
Replaces the default flashlight texture with the one from Nightmare House 2 which appears much brighter and has a wider radius....
Old Spice 64 tank
Created by Crime
Replaces the tank music with the "Super Spice Bros 2" a remix of Mario 64's Bob-omb battle field and the infamous Terry Crews Old Spice commercials.Credit to Mowtendoo for this awesome and hilarious video and remix. Link will be in the box....
POW! Shotgun sound mod
Created by Doktir Jade
A little mod that replaces the shotgun and chrome shotgun's sounds with the TF2 Heavy's lines....
Painis Cupcake (Witch)
Created by BriefCasey795
"I am Painis Cupcake. I will shred you to pieces!"

Painis Cupcake has somehow made it into the L4D world, and has eaten the Witch to take her place. If you see this guy around, do not make him mad, or you are screwed.

-Sound replacement
Plasma Cutter
Created by Splinks
Just a quickie mod I made for my Isaac Clarke Mod.

Pew Pew!...
Pokemon Center Healing Noise (RSE)
Created by T-Bone Shark
Replaces Healing Noise with Pokemon center sound....
Robbie the Rabbit (Gnome)
Created by Doktor haus
What a cute doll. Robbie is a mascot of Silent Hill's Lakeside amusement park. Now you can take him with you everywhere... but why in god's name would you do that?! He replaces the much less horrifying gnome.

I finally fixed the rotations. Pro tip: When c...
Ronald McHunter Soundpack
Replaces the hunter's sounds with that of the Japanese Ronald Mc Donald! While he rips you apart children will sing, sing!


Uploaded with Yutram's permission....
Salvatore Boomer Sounds
Created by The Satellite
This mod will replace all sounds the Boomer makes with those of the game master Salvatore from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. This idea was born literally only because I imagined what it would be like if you heard "KA-BOOM!" every time a Boomer explo...
"Sexy" Spitter
Created by Fine
Original joke
Space Jockey
Created by CosmicD
This addon modifies the jockey sounds to sound like portal 2's space core!...
Team Health Counter
Created by Rayman1103
This addon adds a health counter for Survivor teammates. Now you can see how much health they actually have in numbers, allowing for a more accurate display of their health....
Jules' Fabulous Mod
Created by Jules
By now everyone realizes that the only way to play L4D is with the Fab Mod. You turn me on.

This is a community feedback-based mod. Everything you see here was requested by our incredible Valve Workshop community. 15,000+ subscribers! Thanks and ple...
We Don't Go To Ravenholm
Created by Chuffy [s^3]
This is a port of the Ravenholm maps from Half Life 2.

This is NOT original work, all I did was modify some areas to be suitable for Left 4 Dead 2, all credit goes to Valve for the maps.

If you encounter a problem with the campaign, please check the ...
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