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[KV] Faction Control - 1.0
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Sep 10, 2018 @ 4:11pm
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[KV] Faction Control - 1.0

"Faction Control" provides you with a number of configuration options that you can use to tailor which and how many faction groups and faction bases show up on your map. Simply visit "Mod Settings" from the game's "Options" menu.

You can define the total number of faction groups which should appear on your world map (anywhere from 0 to 30), as well as individually adjust the minimum number of groups from each faction which should be present, even removing some factions entirely if you prefer. So you could, for example, play on a planet without any tribal groups, or without any outlanders, or on a planet with no pirates, or perhaps on a planet on which the only faction groups are pirate bands.

The mod also gives you the same level of control over individual factions added by mods (up to 42 total) that it provides for vanilla factions. So, for example, if you're playing with a mod that adds several related factions, only some of which you actually want to have present on your world, well, you'll be able to tailor the planet accordingly. (This also gives you the ability to pick and choose which modded factions you want to use in any particular game without having to disable or uninstall the mods that add them.)

As you increase the total number of faction groups on your world, the number of groups which are hostile to you will scale upward, as well. So unlike most mods which increase faction counts, this one won't allow you to create a world with 30 faction groups of which only three are hostile.

You can also adjust your world map's faction base density, so you can create planets on which each faction group has only a few bases, or heavily populated planets with settlements everywhere.

The mod also gives you the option to organize bases geographically, with each faction group's bases in close proximity to each other, so that the planet looks like it's populated by actual nations, rather than just having bases scattered all over the map randomly.



Since "Faction Control" does nothing but alter initial world generation, adding it to or removing it from a game in progress will have no impact. It should be compatible with any other mods, though it should (and most likely will) override any other mods that alter faction generation.



Rainbeau Flambe (dburgdorf) - original author

The mod utilizes Pardeike's "Harmony Patch Library." (No additional download is required, as the library is included with the mod.)

Proxyer - Japanese
53N4 - Spanish
WexMan & kr33man - Russian
RunningMelos - Chinese
Erazil - French



If you're a modpack maker and want to include "Faction Control" in your pack, or if you're a modder and want to use it as the basis of a derivative mod, please feel free to do so. I ask only that you let me know about it.


Ludeon Post: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=45519.msg433048#msg433048

Direct Download: https://github.com/KiameV/rimworld-factioncontrol/releases/download/1.0/FactionControl.zip

GitHub: https://github.com/KiameV/rimworld-factioncontrol

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AquamanIV Dec 5 @ 6:18pm 
It's kind of annoying when I remove a mod with a faction, faction control will forever more give a red message when loading the game, complaining it can't find the faction. Is there a way to help faction control "forget" these modded factions?
rebelscum Nov 13 @ 12:19pm 
Just want to suggest adding in some sort of option for excluding certain factions from being included in the 'nation building', so they are spread out just like pirates. Perhaps even an option to have each faction have a slider? I like the geographical grouping, but I don't like that it affects the mercenary faction from Mercenaries For Me.
Fassina Nov 9 @ 4:02pm 
Can we get some more color variety ? It's annoying having more factions but having some be the exact same color as others..
Kiame Vivacity  [author] Nov 7 @ 12:19pm 
Added French translation. Thanks Erazil
King Kek Nov 6 @ 8:17pm 
How do remove default factions and only have mod faction spawn? I set Outlander Unions and Tribes to 0 but they still appear.
Erazil Nov 6 @ 12:25pm 
hi, the french translation of this mod is almost finished, but I have some small questions to finish it. could you accept my friend request (temporarily if you wish) when you have a free time to grant me.
thank you in advance
Smash Phil Oct 22 @ 11:23pm 
This mod patches over faction generation completely. Hence why Xeo would be asking this dude to patch his mod. Otherwise he (and others) would need to check if other people are running this mod as well and then patch KV's harmony patches, which is a lot more work than KV just using some transpilers.
Warrior Of Love Sep 29 @ 4:09pm 
+1 for glitter worlder having fun in medieval world
Sethfcm Sep 29 @ 8:49am 
Yeah, I second Kurugane here.
I wanted to make a medieval world (kinda like WH40k's) to 'explore' as a glitter worlder or some such.
Kurugane Sep 21 @ 1:56pm 
Hey man, unsure if you are still active or not but I wanted to ask if you could looking into XeoNovaDan's "Vanilla Factions Expanded : Medieval" Mod. There seems to be some slight incompatibilities between this mod and that one. I think he left a comment asking if you could look into maybe patching yours. I'm unsure which patch would be easier, but I'd greatly apprciate you looking into it.Hell I'd buy you a couple of coffees. The 2 mods together would make my life whole. Thanks for reading. Love your mod.