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Metis Marker
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Sep 9, 2018 @ 11:51am
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Metis Marker

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Metis Marker brings you the opportunity to create NATO joint military symbols according to APP-6(C).
It allows to build symbols from components, including frame, icon, first modifier, second modifier and amplifiers, rather than pre-define all possible symbols.

  • Full customizable marker
  • Moveable marker
  • Editable/non-editable marker
  • Copy & paste marker
  • Save & load marker presets
  • Build in preview
  • Full 3DEN support
  • Full Briefing support
  • Communication channel support e.g. Global-, Side- or Groupchannel

Customizable marker system
Our customizable marker system consists of:
  • Frames: The geometric border of a symbol that provides an indication of the standard identity, battle dimension and status of a joint military object. Currently only ground symbols are supported.
  • Icons: The innermost part of a symbol that provides a graphic representation of an object.
  • Modifiers: A pictorial or alphanumeric component that provides additional information about the icon and are always located inside the frame area.
  • Amplifiers: Optional text or graphics that provide additional information about a symbol and are always located outside the frame area. This includes: Echelon, Reinforced or Reduced, Higher Formation, Unique Designation

Our documentation is available on the Github wiki[]

Q: Does the mod have to be run on the server?
A: Yes

Q: Can we get the option to draw control measure symbols (e.g. the attack arrow)?
A: No. Here's why:
i: Arma already provides the ability to draw lines, so you can easily make them.
ii: Creating such a system would be too complex because CMS are very customizable (they can vary in length, width, curvature, etc.). We would need to create a framework similar to 3DEN shapes (I mean the rectangles, etc.) and still add more (you can't curve 3DEN shapes).

Q: Can I draw markers in the 3DEN editor
A: Yes, standard keybind applies (default: right alt).

Q: Can I draw markers in the mission planning screen?
A: Yes, standard keybind applies (default: SHIFT + LMB)

Q: Where can I find more infos about this mod?
A: You can read our Wiki

Q: I can't see markers placed in the 3DEN editor when I'm ingame?
A: The mission needs to be saved for the markers to appear ingame.

Q: Is there an option to change the color scheme of the markers to the Arma vanilla style?
A: Yes! In the CBA Settings you can set Metis Marker to use Arma colors instead of the APP-6(C) colors.

Issues & Feature requests[]
Become a developer[]

Do you want to get in touch with us?
Contact us on the Bohemia Thread[]

Metis Marker is licensed under Arma Public License No Derivatives (APL-ND)[]
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Oct 24 @ 10:30pm
feature request: HQ symbol
< >
rubenof10 Dec 5 @ 2:04pm 
Is there any chance that we can add this mod to a modpack? Giving all the credits to you ofc.
we are a group of friends, nothing profitable or nothing.
hormitron Oct 25 @ 3:12pm 
Would it be possible for this system to be added to CTAB markers? i mean having this options on the GD3000 or Rugged tablet from CTab?
Bendy Oct 24 @ 9:35pm 
this pack is missing the symbol for HQ.....which is a little line going vertically downwards outside the box on the left.....
Storm Aug 17 @ 7:32pm 
Is there a HQ marker. I'm trying piece together a cohesive enemy unit at the regimental level, but the "HQ Element" Isn't the HQ itself, and there isn't the official APP-6 HQ marker that I can find.
Timi007  [author] Jul 15 @ 3:06pm 
@Hoffi_81 Please understand that distributing a modified version of our mod is against our license. You are however welcome to contribute to it via GitHub or request markers if they're adhear to APP-6(C/D). I don't think that it's currently possible to add markers to our framework with an independent mod. We would first need to look at it, if and how such system can be supported.
Hoffi_81 Jul 15 @ 5:44am 
Hey Guys, is it possible to build up on ur mod, so basically we would put to more symbols in the mod. Of course under ur licens etc. Is that ok ?
ShadowofChernobyl May 7 @ 1:42pm 
Works like a charm, thank you!
PhILoX  [author] May 7 @ 1:18pm 
An addition to the code for the trigger. Please make sure this runs only on the server. (Server Only option)
PhILoX  [author] May 7 @ 7:10am 
Hello ShadowofChernobyl,

unfortunately we have no API for that scenario. But we will create an issue on our Github page and address some missing API functions.
For the time beeing, you can use the following code. This uses some internal variables and practices, but will currently suffice you.

Put this in your activation code block of your trigger.

_markersInArea = (allVariables mts_markers_namespace) select {(getMarkerPos format["%1_frame", _x]) inArea thisTrigger};
[_x] call mts_markers_fnc_deleteMarker;
forEach _markersInArea;
ShadowofChernobyl May 7 @ 12:09am 
Addition to my previous comment:

I just read in your wiki "If you edit a marker it will behave the same as deleting and then creating a new marker on the same position." and realized due to the prefix getting changed whenever that happens, it may also be more reliable if there was a function to search within the radius of a trigger (e.g. 10 meters) and pull the prefixes of any found markers into an array.

This array could then be run through a loop to delete each one for example and would always work even if the mission developer edited his markers.