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Metis Marker
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Sep 9, 2018 @ 11:51am
Jul 21, 2019 @ 7:58am
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Metis Marker

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Metis Marker brings you the opportunity to create NATO joint military symbols according to APP-6(C).
It allows to build symbols from components, including frame, icon, first modifier, second modifier and amplifiers, rather than pre-define all possible symbols.

  • Full customizable marker
  • Moveable marker
  • Editable/non-editable marker
  • Copy & paste marker
  • Save & load marker presets
  • Build in preview
  • Full 3DEN support
  • Full Briefing support
  • Communication channel support e.g. Global-, Side- or Groupchannel

Customizable marker system
Our customizable marker system consists of:
  • Frames: The geometric border of a symbol that provides an indication of the standard identity, battle dimension and status of a joint military object. Currently only ground symbols are supported.
  • Icons: The innermost part of a symbol that provides a graphic representation of an object.
  • Modifiers: A pictorial or alphanumeric component that provides additional information about the icon and are always located inside the frame area.
  • Amplifiers: Optional text or graphics that provide additional information about a symbol and are always located outside the frame area. This includes: Echelon, Reinforced or Reduced, Higher Formation, Unique Designation

Our documentation is available on the Github wiki[]

Issues & Feature requests[]
Become a developer[]

Do you want to get in touch with us?
Contact us on the Bohemia Thread[]

Metis Marker is licensed under Arma Public License No Derivatives (APL-ND)[]
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Timi007  [author] Mar 9 @ 11:50am 
@Haruko Only if you create the marker via script (mts_markers_fnc_createMarker) and update the position of it (mts_markers_fnc_setMarkerPos) in a per frame handler.
晴子 Mar 8 @ 8:24pm 
Is there any way to attach the marker to a moving unit so the marker updates its own location as the unit moves?
Timi007  [author] Feb 20 @ 8:00am 
@Synchronized Currently we discarded the option to draw control measure symbols because we think it wouldn't be worth it. Here are some reasons:
1. Arma already provides the ability to draw lines, so you can easily make them.
2. creating such a system would be too complex because CMS are very customizable (they can vary in lenth, width, curvature, etc.). We would need to create a framework similar to 3DEN shapes (I mean the rectangles, etc.) and still add more (you can't curve 3DEN shapes).
In other words: we are just too lazy :D
If I have time to spare, I will maybe do it but don't expect it.
Synchronized Feb 20 @ 5:53am 
Hello, awesome mod thank you, is it possible that in the future we get the option to also draw ground contol measures such as the support by fire, or main attack vector drawings? If not that understandable but it would be awesome to have.
晴子 Jan 12 @ 8:20pm 
I just finished reading your answers, sorry for the time taken. I'll definitely take those into consideration. I also kept the APP-6C document you recommended. Thanks.
Timi007  [author] Jan 10 @ 1:33pm 
@Haruko The other thing is you don't really need to mark buildings (land installations) in the most cases. You use control measure symbols with unit symbols to mark areas, fortified positions, etc..

I hope this was helpful and sorry for the late reply!
Timi007  [author] Jan 10 @ 1:33pm 
@Haruko I can't teach you the whole methodology in the Steam comments but if you're interested I recommend you to look into APP-6(C) (just google it, you will find a ~560 page long document).
Most pages are the explanations for the symbols/modifiers itselfs but in the beginning of every chapter there's a small explanation for what each symbol is used.

If you want to utilize the NATO symbology fully you need to use them with control measure symbols (like e.g. the attack arrow). The unit symbol tells you where the unit is, what kind it is, how much there are, etc.; combined with control measure symbols they additionally tell you what the unit does or rather what they should do.
Control measure symbols can also be used without unit symbols, e.g. the phase lines and boundary lines or in your case forts/camps you see in the preview pictures.
晴子 Jan 6 @ 11:51am 
Ah, I understand, I'm slightly familiar with the NATO symbology, but not enough.
All I know is actually the meaning of symbols and unit amounts, but not the methodology and how to effectively use it for intel and such.

I was thinking about straight vanilla Service Unit symbol marker but transposed into metis marker.

I was thinking I could use it to mark bases on the map when it doesn't correspond to a specific unit. unless there's already another symbol. The thing is that I guess with the way I'm using this mod I have difficulties discerning actual mobile units from buildings and such.
Timi007  [author] Jan 6 @ 8:10am 
@Haruko There is no "assumed neutral" in APP-6(C) so we won't add it.
As for the installations symbol, they have their own set of modifiers, so we cannot add them like we normally do. We will think about it.
What service unit type do you mean? There are already supply, maintenance and CSS symbols.
晴子 Jan 5 @ 11:42pm 
And also the Service unit type, I'm sorry I forgot to ask.