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Northern Fronts - Scandinavia in WW2 - Norwegian Release BETA
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Sep 9, 2018 @ 2:58am
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Northern Fronts - Scandinavia in WW2 - Norwegian Release BETA

Northern Fronts devteam in cooperation with FWW2 is proud to release Northern Fronts mod for Arma 3!

For more informartion visit:
To get in touch with devs and follow the development, join our Discord:

Current version: 0.3.1 - Norwegian Update

[FIN] M36 Uniform (Artillery, Infantry, Jaegers, Cavalry & Armored Division)
[FIN] M36 Summer Tunic (Artillery, Infantry, Jaegers, Cavalry & Armored Division)
[NOR] M/1914 Norwegian Uniform + variants
[CIV] 40's Sweater + variants
[CIV] 40's Jacket + variants
[CIV] 40's Suit + variants

[FIN] Kp/31 "Suomi"
[FIN] Mosin M39 "Ukko-Pekka"
[FIN] Mosin M91
[FIN] Mosin M27
[FIN] Mosin M27rv (cavalry carbine)
[FIN] Lahti Saloranta LS26
[FIN] Lahti L35 ADDED: [FIN] Panzerfaust 30
[FIN] Panzerfaust 30 Klein
[SOV] DP27
[SOV] Nagan Rewolver
[NOR] M/1893 Nagant (placeholder)
[NOR] M/1894 Krag-Jørgensen
[NOR] M/1914 Madsen
[NOR] M/1914 Kongsberg-Colt
[NOR] M/1922 Madsen
[NOR] Sten Mk. II
[NOR] Lee-Enfield SMLE Mk.III*
[FIN] SIG Model 1920 "Brevet Bergmann"

Static weapons:
[FIN] Lahti L39 20mm
[FIN] Maxim M/09-21
[FIN] 76K/02 Howitzer

[FIN] Molotov Cocktail
[FIN] Kasapanos 2kg
[FIN] Kasapanos 3kg
[FIN] Kasapanos 3,5kg (improvised)
[FIN] Kasapanos 4kg
[FIN] Kasapanos 6kg (improvised)
[FIN] M32 Grenade
[FIN] M32 Mortar Grenade
[FIN] M43 Sirpalekranaatti
[NOR] Rokboks smoke grenade
[NOR] Improvised frag grenade
[NOR] Molotov

[FIN] Gasmask Bag
[FIN] Breadbag
[FIN] Map Bag
[FIN] Sipulisäkki Backpack
[NOR] Madsen Bag
[NOR] Telemark Backpack

[FIN] Rifleman Belt (3 variants)
[FIN] SMG/Assault Belt (2 variants)
[FIN] Officer Belt
[FIN] M22 Belt
[FIN] M30 Belt
[NOR] Belt
[NOR] Krag Belt
[NOR] Madsen Belt M/14
[NOR] Madsen Belt M/22
[NOR] Officer Belt

[FIN] Hungarian M38 Helmet
[FIN] Austrian – German M16/17/18 Helmet
[FIN] Finnish M40 / Swedish M37 Helmet
[FIN] German M35 Helmet
[FIN] Czech M34 Helmet
[FIN] Italian M33 Helmet
[FIN] Finnish M36 "Verikauha" Field Cap
[FIN] Finnish M39 "Suikka"
[FIN] Finnish M39 "Turkislakki" Fur Hat
[FIN] Finnish M39 "Suikka" cavalry variant
[NOR] M/1914 Kepi
[NOR] M/1914 Cap
[NOR] M/1931 Helmet
[CIV] Fedora
[CIV] Homburg
[CIV] Flat Cap
[CIV] Worker Cap

Editor module: "World FX" -> Breath Fog
Editor module: "World FX" -> Rain FX
Editor module: "World FX" -> Insect Swarm
Bolt Action & Casing Eject framework
Magazine cross-pack (available if running ACE) - enables re-packing ammunition between different weapons using the same ammunition
~60 wartime unit insignias of Finnish units
Custom animations for all new weapons
Custom sounds for all new weapons (mixed with samples of WW2 equipment recorded by the devs in Muzeum Uzbrojenia w Poznaniu)

About the mod:

The mod will add armies fighting in Scandinavia during World War two, including:
- Finnish Army [1939 - 1945] - Winter War, Continuation War and Lapland War,
- Royal Norwegian Army and Navy [1940] - Invasion of Norway,
- Norwegian Ressistance fighters [1940 - 1945] - Occupied Norway,
- Red Army [1939 - 1940] - Winter War,
- Danish Army [1940] - Invasion of Denmark,
- Foreign volounteers - fighting in Finland and Norway

Mod is going to include realistic representations of weaponry, equipment and vehicles used by all the forces listed above, allowing the community to create great scenarios taking place in cold, northern countreis. The development started in November 2017 and with increasing support from community, FWW2 team and Finnish community modders it was possible to create huge variety of assets with custom models, textures, animations and sounds.

Known issues:
- Panzerfausts are missing sights and proper animations - this will be added in future updates

Credits (by the date of joining the team):
- Sokolonko - head dev, models, textures, configs, management, ruining beta-tests
- Caselius - textures, historical information, multiplying mod size by adding termendious ammounts of Variety™
- Brave Sir Charge - models, public relations, FF cooperation, memes
- h- - FWW2 cooperation, all custom audio effects, re-scripting the whole engine
- Anddy - terrain, models, historical information, making beta-tests for Sokolonko to ruin
- Troska - models, textures, ArmaFinland cooperation, actually working on the assets
- Ashton - models, textures, pushing forward something (at last!) not Finnish
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Jeguk Oct 2 @ 2:04pm 
@Brave Sir Charge :) :) :)
Brave Sir Charge  [author] Oct 2 @ 1:44pm 
Winter finns will come in the Winter war update :P
Piedro Oct 2 @ 9:54am 
can we get german wehrmacht ?
Bearly Oct 1 @ 7:05pm 
Perkele, Finnish winter uniforms?
universum Sep 28 @ 8:53pm 
Absolutely amazing mod
Wespen Sep 23 @ 8:04pm 
Any chance for a Grey version of the M35 so it can match the winter uniform?
Sokolonko  [author] Sep 22 @ 12:19pm 
Can you find it in the mod description or on the screenshots?
ur mom Sep 22 @ 11:56am 
i cant find the danish army in game
Sokolonko  [author] Sep 16 @ 10:08am 
It is stated in the description - all scandinavian armies will be in the mod eventually
OPSEC Sep 16 @ 4:33am 
Hello, I was wondering if Swedish uniforms and weapons will ever be made available in this mod. I am asking as I am hoping to build a WW2 "Free War" mission in Arma 3, and a prerequisite for this is having access to Swedish troops (as that is where the "Free War" originates from).