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Crafting Overhaul [DE]
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Sep 8, 2018 @ 2:12am
Dec 27, 2019 @ 1:02am
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Crafting Overhaul [DE]

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This mod adds more than 1600 new crafting recipes; more than 550 new items; new mechanics like armor dyeing, elemental swords, craftable new unique armors, weapons and accessories, Quality of Life additions like bags, chests, moveable crafting stations to the game.

Note: Works on previous saves.

Recipe Lists:


- Pick your favorite spot, build your crafting stations and use them to craft your items. (Oven, Well, Whetstone, Campfire, Boiling Pot, Anvil, Spinning Wheel...)
- Craft chests, bags, containers to store and sort your items.
- Craft barrels to use them on recipes.

- Scrapper's Pickaxe is added to the game. Craft it and use it for all your scrapings!
- Scrap unwanted clothes and armors to get useful scrap pieces. (Cloth, Leather, Metal and Scale scraps)
- Scrap all your unwanted weapons, shields and turn them into useful upgrade materials.
- Scrap even crates, barrels, baskets,wood boxes and junk items with your handy pickaxe.

- Plates, broken bottles, lab jars and other glass junk can be turned into empty bottles and potion bottles in oven.
- Added missing giant magic and physical armor potion recipes
- Easy crafting for medium, large healing and poison potions with increased amount of ingredients (2 mushroom for medium, 4 mushroom for large)
- Added missing speed potion. Also added crafting medium potions from minor ones.
- Created new potion for boosting all stats at once. (Craft it with 5 of the 6 stat boosting potions.)
- Craft Resist All potion with elemental resistance potions and also with their ingredients. (Minor, Medium, Large)
- Create Mortar&Pestle with your hammer and use it to get spices for delicious food!
- Make various food with amazing features in oven and boiling pot. They will be your best companion on long journeys, so start searching and collecting their ingredients at traders.

- Craft arrow shafts and heads with your favorite pickaxe and ingredients!
- 22 new arrow types are added. Get runes of boon & banes from ingredient traders then upgrade your arrows into source arrows! Also bleeding, web, silver, frost cloud, debuff all arrows are added.
- Various new arrowhead crafting recipes.
- Craft Blessed Water and Cursed Fire Barrels and use them for creating/upgrading new 15 grenades.
- Various new grenade ingredient crafting recipes.

- Something has changed on Rivellon! Voidwokens turned all your armors into voidwoken colors. Worry not! You can dye them with total of 32 different pleasant colors as you like.
- There are several options for getting dyes.
1. Create a distillery station and craft dyes from mushroom and herbs.
2. Get them from several ingredient traders.
3. Trade with random people and see if they have a warming color of your choice in their inventories.

- Use scrap materials on armor and shields to improve your physical armor.
- Craft armors with using scrap materials and Crafter's Hammer on anvil.
- Unique armor sets have been added. Craft them on anvil and show your style to the Rivellon World!

- Craft various weapons with your hammer on anvil.
- Sharpen your weapons on whetstone and increase their damage.
- Use sinew and strong sinew to upgrade your bows and crossbows. (Create strong sinew with using campfire.)
- Craft new unique weapons and shields on anvil.

- Create Workbench and give new stats to your empty amulet and rings with precious gems.
- Craft Quill-Feather, Nails and needle and inert voodoo doll on workbench.
- Craft Rune of Uniqueness and use it to create new type of unique belts.
- You can craft capes and masks on workbench and use them instead of amulets.
- Separate your framed runes and get empty frames and runes back with your accessory kit with cost of a gold bar.
- 10 new Unique rings have been added. Craft them and feel the power of the rings!
- Upgrade your crafted unique armors, rings and belts to your level with cost of a gold bar.

- Create Magic Altar to create new type of wands, staves and elemental melee weapons. You can craft melee and ranged weapons for your Intelligence based characters.
- Transmutation and Purifying added to game. Purify your voidwoken gems to use them on recipes.
- Running low on specific essence? Use your transmuter and turn that essence to exact opposite form or cleanse your higher grade essences with blessed cleanser.
- 2 New Weapon damage types have been added! Craft shadow and chaos weapons.
- Craft Unique Swords for your melee mages. (Silver sword gives physical damage and scales with intelligence)
- Make Gold Bars from your precious gold items on anvil. Use them to give skill&boosts to your weapons and armor.
- Boost your weapons with elemental damages. However You can boost your weapon with only one type of element, so choose wisely!
- Enchant your weapons, armors and shields with ingredients to give them stats, skills and immunity boosts.

- Craft Face Ripper if you missed it in act 1. Rip your enemies faces and use them on craft recipes. Don't incinerate or electrify them or their priceless face will be spoiled.
- You can craft random scrolls on demonic altar with using sheet paper or Magic Ink-pot & Quill + blank scrolls.
- Get related empty skillbooks from 2 blank scrolls or vice versa.
- Use your magical cleanser to get empty skillbooks. Resurrection Skill is added to game. Craft one and use it with your experienced Necromancers.
- Befriend with eight new animal companions and craft their skillbooks, teach them to your experienced characters and call your companions in dire need of help on combat.

- Corpse Harvester is added to the game. Kill your enemies or friends and harvest their parts. Use those resources in related crafting stations to get various powerful unique items.
- Total of 60 new items are available for craft.

- Item Leveler Shrine is added. To use it, put the desired items in it and press the lever. You have to have gold bars in your inventory. (Gold bars inside of the bags is not accepted.)
- Locations: Fort Joy dungeons, Lady V upper deck

Total New Recipe Count: 1650
Total New Item Count: 600

Check out latest development updates in our discord channel related with The Crafter's Inn Expansion:

If you feel generous you can visit my patreon page and give small tip if you like. There will be no restrictions for future updates, it is just optional.



Hugely inspired by XC_bags mod for Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.
Baardvaark, Fireundubh for helping me on some features of the mod.
Laughing Leader, for getting pumpkin model from the first game and providing huge help on corpse harvester script.
Rafapasta CG for Companion Skill icons.
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