Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders

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Grahams Mod Collection
All maps and mods for things like Mass Exp, Super Loot, Mana Up, etc. Pretty much anything custom for function can be found here
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Equipment (Sarah)
Created by Sarah
The mod will not more support from me, reason out of date!
If you do not need the mod just click the green button again!...
Mana Marshland Melee
Created by Saltberry
To download and play this map click the "subscribe" button and start the game. You can only play this map in open or local modes. Also, because it is a pvp map, it is best enjoyed with at least 1 other player. I suggest you ask a friend to join you or host...
Godly Gear
Created by GrumpyRaven
Custom Gear is added every 20 seconds. Finish the map on easy in order to get 24 Easter Eggs, which you can use to unlock the Easter Bunny Costume. Please post any requests or bug reports in the comments.

V1.1: Added more Accesssories and an Exp and mana ...
Mad Mana Map
Created by chibi++
The original Mad Mana Map. Hit the dummies and get mana, it's that easy!

How to download and use this map:
* Click the subscribe button on this page, if you are in game, the download should start immediately, if not, the map should start to download ...
Mythic farming
Created by S1
Hey everyone! Connor here; well in case you didnt read the comment. Steve Er. I mean S1 is currently in Rome. So i literally called; texted; and emailed him because of all the comments saying "It says friends only" That was because he didnt want to ruin th...
Raining Ogres
Simple challenge + Simple idea + ???? = BRUTAL CHALLENGE

This is the Raining Goblins challenge modified to only spawn ogres.
There are a lot, they spawn insanely fast and they run like hell!*
It starts off quit...
Excessive Exp Encounter
Created by chibi++
The original Excessive Exp Encounter! Updated for the new caps and Steam Workshop! A modified Deeper Well full of super-squishy mobs full of Exp! Go from 1 to 90 in one run!

>>>>>>> IMPORTANT!! READ ME!! <<<<<<<<<
Negative EXP is the result of getting ...
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tribechefchristian Mar 5, 2017 @ 11:08am