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MORE LIVELY THRALLS> Jan 20 2020 long live the king, MLK, three new emotes, left, right, and sleep belly <
With this mod you choose a blue token emote sequence (four emotes per sequence, repeating) or a white token (single emote only) for a thrall. To start the action put a token in a thrall's inventory. Craft a token with three plant fiber using the Torturer's Worktable. Note that the hand crafted worktable is now included as part of the level 10 feat "Thrall Taker" instead of level 30 "Wheel of Pain" feat.

Important Notes
1. To get a bearer to recognize a token you have to remove the bearer's pack headgear.
2. The "Sword and Shield" single emote is standing at attention wielding gear.
3. The "Hide" single emote causes a thrall to crawl down into the ground until unseen. You can still access the thrall if you remember the exact spot. The thrall will pop up if it needs to move to attack. Not really recommended unless you want to stage an ambush.

Blue Tokens (made up of four repeating emotes)
Bored, threatening, seductive, happy, disgusted, friendly, punished, praying, praying Mitra, praying Set, talking

White Tokens (only the single emote)
Laying down, laying seductive, sitting on ground, submissive, kneeling, crossed arms, tinkering, push ups, surrender, sword & shield, hide, hammering (uses single haned weapon as hammer item), dance Aquilonian, dance Cimmerian, dance Khitan, dance Haka, dance Belly, dance Sexy.
< >
WalkingSteph Nov 9 @ 1:33pm 
Sometimes you just have to ask someone kindly.

Take a look at "Emotes for Thralls" from Apollonia and give him/her credit
Cosmo Nov 5 @ 10:58am 
+ Update needed =)
✹Shor64✹ Nov 2 @ 4:25pm 
Please can you update?
Crime is Mine Oct 23 @ 3:43am 
Please can you update? My game is very boring without your amazing mod.
Elva Oct 9 @ 3:40am 
Really hope the mod will be updated. This is exactly what we're looking for! Great work man, loved your Stays Dry mod too.
masterklass25 Oct 4 @ 4:29am 
Please, please update !!!
Doc Holliday Sep 24 @ 4:58pm 
Wondering if there is any plans on make this work with the currently release of Isles DLC?
Ancient Valor Sep 4 @ 4:52pm 
Cool idea, but it unfortunately crashed my game immediately.
Viper Sep 2 @ 3:10pm 
I don't know if it's possible, but someone needs to remake this mod or make something incredibly similar. There's really no other way to make your thralls emote besides Sexiles, and that mod is the buggiest pile of s**t ever.

This mod was freaking amazing, someone please do this again, or if anyone knows where Stray disappeared to, try to get the source files from him so we can fix this and republish it.
Cyberus Aug 22 @ 9:50pm 
Well...I came to report that this mod was crashing my game, but it appears that several beat me to it.

I really love this mod, but please keep it updated after Funcom updates the game!