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ZARS Collection
The complete Zero Available Resource & Suvival collection. Survive in any biome with absolutely zero initial resources.
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Created by dracoix 🐉
Zero Available Resources and Survival

Want to survive in biomes that are basically a death spiral? This will do it with style. For way up north in the lonely cold or in the barren wastelands of extreme deserts. Cannibalism now optional, ...
ZARS Thermo
Created by dracoix 🐉
ZARS Thermo Powered Survival Additions

Need heat or cold? Need power? Need sunlight for plants? ZARS Thermo solves all three. A perfect solution for Sea Ice, Ice Sheet, and Extreme Deserts when using ZARS mid-game.

This mod is sta...
ZARS Production
Created by dracoix 🐉
ZARS Production - Spots

Production spots for any situation, even when having nothing to begin with.

This was created for ease of updating and patching for other mods. This is compatible with any other mod that uses the vanilla Core ab...
ZARS Tribal Reborn
Created by dracoix 🐉
ZARS Tribal Reborn: A Tribal Essentials Clone For B19
ORIGINAL AUTHORS: RimRue [A17], Rainbeau Flambe [B18]

This is an unofficial* b19 update of RimRue's "Tribal Essentials" mod from A17 and Rainbeau Flambe from B18. All original credit...
ZARS Simple Fish
Created by dracoix 🐉
ZARS Simple Fish

REQUIRES [MDK Terrain Patch]
100% Compatible with [B19] Th...