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Dragon Blood - Extra Perk Points
Created by DistinctlyMinty


This mod adds a new reason to go dragon hunting; their blood. A dark, viscous liquid with the power to enchance the body and mind of the Dovakiin.

In simple terms, a vial of d...
Created by Mystal
This collection of companions brings you the heroes and villains of Final Fantasy 8.

To create the look of the characters you will need to use several mods that are found on the skyrim nexus.

Below is a list of available companions, as well as mods....
The Elsweyr Embassy
Created by mapleleaf402
Warning! Potential Spoilers!
Hearthfires Required
Lore-Friendly Khajiit Player Home

Background Info:

Something terrible has happened to the Ambassador. He didn’t arrive that long ago. He was determined to create diplomatic peace between Skyrim and...
Knights of an fallen Empire (with craftable Blades Armor, WIP, required Dawnguard), forever free
Created by GoettlicherOreo
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Knights of an fallen Empire
by Legion1995ME


"Each event is pr...
Warchief Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Warchief Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy or light armor set. This armor is a fusion of Orcish brutality, Nordic resilience, and tribal bloodlust. If you want to feel like a beastly barbarian marauding the countryside, this set is for you.
Dragonhide Robes
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Dragonhide Robes' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy armor, light armor, or cloth set for all genders and races. One of the main focuses of Skyrim is the slaying of dragons. Now mages can wear their dragon trophies too!

ll - ...
Moonpath to Elsweyr
Created by muppetpuppet
Announcing my new project Oberon's Court
View the teaser trailer here.
support it by visiting my greenlight concept here

If ...
Codifreds Enhanced Smithing *Discontinued*
Created by Hazy Ape
Sorry to say it but this mod is discontinued. It should still work for anyone who wants to use it as is but its no longer being developed.

The aim of Codifreds Enhanced Smithing is to add more crafting recipes to the game and to improve upon the categor...
Dragon Knight Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Dragon Knight Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy set for both genders and all races. This set of armor provides the option of a more refined and knightly approach to wearing the bones of dragons.

ll - Detailed Descript...
Sabre Cat Gear
Created by uCTo4HuK 3aPa3bl
===>>> SABRE CAT GEAR <<<=== Mod Pack Extravaganza!!! v 2.2
---> presented by DVAted <---

With the assistance of pro-modellers and modders:
OG-Jay/TreasureChest, LordOfWar, Targaryen, tumbajamba, asc_kel, Froda



Ysgramor's Artifacts Improved
Created by Zim
All mods in the Improved Artifacts Collection can be found on the Nexus []. Also included on the Nexus is a single merged versio
Created by tygabor
Are you a true Dragonborn? Shouldn't you be wielding a weapon deserving of that title? Now you can! The ancient enemy of dragons and compainion to the Dovahkiin, Kroniid! In the dragon tongue it means Conquerer, it was created by the Aedra in Aetherius to ...
The Marvel Project - Thor's Mjolnir and Captain America's Shield
Created by Moki
The aims of this mod are to:
1. Introduce Marvel weapons and armour into Skyrim in a relatively lore-friendly manner
2. Maintain a decent level of quality for any addtions to this mod.
3. Keep this mod from being reliant of any other mods or DLC
4. Mak...
Unarmed Warfare 1.0 - Separate Tree
Created by father.of.eleven

I will no longer be updating this mod. Instead, I am working on a much better unarmed mod that I have built from scratch. This new mod adds Unarmed and Unarmored skills, tons of new perks, enchantments, and items, and a few surprises as w...
Argonian Claws
Created by Schimazing
Adds the Khajiit's Claw unarmed damage bonus to Argonian. This mod will work with existing characters and does no visual change....
Dwemer Race
Adds dwarves and Dremora to game with thier own powers and abilities!

Edit: Dwarves can now summon centurions to fight for then once a day. Probably shouldn't summon this cunt indoors....
Better Racial Hand-to-Hand
Created by JarlPanda
WARNING! This may cause e.g. Orc Werewolves to be OP! (Especially with the gloves of the Pugilist!)

Makes More Races have Hand-to-Hand Bonuses, They get +15 Fists Damage, Applies to the Following:

- Orcs = Orcish Strength
- Khajiits = Khajiit Claws...
Alternate Start - Live Another Life
Created by Arthmoor
Misery and despair have haunted you all your life. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, you've been arrested and thrown in the dungeons. Your trial was supposed to be weeks ago, only nobody has come for you. It's been so long since seeing dayli...
Sabre Cat Companion
Created by Bovillion
This adds a Sabre Cat companion which is located in Jorrvaskr. This is supposed to be a mod speciale made for the Warchief armor. If you like this mod please rate it or leave a comment. If you have suggestions leave a comment.

Following features are in...
Valkyrie Race
Created by Hexid
Version 0.0.4out_fx5
It's need the ValhallaBaseDef_v_0_0_1.esm
but it seems can't upload the .esm file
you can find .esp version of that file by this link:
you need and just rename it as t...
The Aldmeri Domain
Created by MadFrenchie
The Thalmor sent a member of the Aldmeri Council in Haafingar, to reinforce their influence on Skyrim. Find your way to infiltrate the Aldmeri Domain. Assassinate the member of the Council.

- This mod is on the top 5 skyrim mods of the week n°48 / watch...
Adal Matar, the lost Stronghold
Created by MadFrenchie
Fight against the Thalmor and discover a new storyline leading
to The Lost Orcish Stronghold of Adal Matar.

- VERSION : 1.1 DATE :...
South Dragon Bridge
Created by MadFrenchie
--------"SOUTH DRAGON BRIDGE"--------

"The Thalmor landed in the town of Dragon Bridge, for you to discover why."

Daedric Artifacts-Power Unbound
Created by The Crimson Kaiser
Daedric Artifacts, they are Items with great power. To the princes at large they are nothing more than trinkets they give to unwitting mortals. To the Mortals however, they contain power far beyond their own means. A blade of Righteous flame, a Mace that c...
Additional Races
Created by mischa.schinkel
This Mod adds 6 new races to the game, Daedric Prince, Aedra, Elder, Afflicted, Dwemer and Vampire.

Daedric Prince:
Destruction 10
Conjuration 10
Restoration 10
Two handed 10
One handed 10
Heavy Armor 10
Block 10
Power: Oblivion's Embrace, 80% r...
Dragonbone Ebonsteel Armor
Created by Blacklake
The expert in battle would first make himself invincible, then wait for his enemy to expose his vulnerability. -- Sun Tzu

Dragonbone Ebonsteel heavy armor is a stand-alone set combining the raw strength of dragonbone with the more malleable resil...
Way of the Monk - Unarmed Overhaul - Part 1
Created by father.of.eleven
This mod is no longer supported. The developer is not responding to messages.


Version 1.4
28 August 2012

8-28-12: Version 1.5 has been uploaded! I apologize for the delay. I've been pretty busy and tired r...
Vicious Weapon Pack
Created by Dartanis
Hybrid's - Vicious Weapon Pack - v3.0
Author: Mystihybrid/Gabriel Gullbergh

I made this for you. Please "Like" it. :)

Craftable WEAPON PACK for Sykr...
Faction: Pit Fighter
Created by ThirteenOranges
Pit Fighter contains an all new faction to join, complete with NPCs, progression through the ranks, unique rewards and side quests.

"The Pit Fighters of Windhelm were once the city's proud Arena Team, known throughout Tamriel as The Paladins. Since t...
The Secret of Dragonhead
Created by manny_gt
Fight against tons of hard leveled monster! The best dungeon for heavy leveled players!

* CTDs FIXED (Special Thanks to JustinOther from the Bethesda Softworks Forums) *
* Corrected english translation of...
Midas Magic - Spells for Skyrim
Created by xilverbulet
The return of the Original Spell Mod for Oblivion and Skyrim. Midas Magic adds 80 new and unique spells with custom graphics and effects. It adds beam, spray and projectile attacks and as summonable player house. And much more.

Dragon Bone Weapons Complete
Created by churchofsmalldog
Dragon Bone Weapons Complete Set


Adds craftable Dragon Bone Weapon...
Created by Maverick
Ebonvale is an established trading settlement located between Whiterun and Riverwood. The settlement is under the influence of Whiterun but due to Whiteruns Civil War and a dwindling economy , The Jarl was forced to ask successful independent merchants to ...
Created by (^-.-)>
"Goldbrand was supposedly wielded by Emperor Titus Mede II in the Battle of the Red Ring of 4E 175 against the Aldmeri Dominion, although this has never been officially confirmed by the Imperial government." - Legate Justainis Quintius
(I'm unofficially c...
"Better Females by Bella" - CORE FILES
Created by ZeroFrag
I liked this mod a lot but was annoyed when I could only find a customized version on the workshop. This one is the default version of the mod including Bella's textures and makeup unlike the custom version that is located elsewhere on the workshop.

The Helm of Ysgramor
Created by mcgirkke
********** DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY DLC **********

This mod adds the Helm of Ysgramor to the game. It is added to a chest located next to the chest that contained Ysgramor's Shield within Ysgramor's Tomb. Co...
Equipment of the Dragonborn
Created by Ormen
(the item stats on the pictures are affected by a bunch of perks, base values below)

Have you ever been disappointed that the awesome equipment from the trailers turned out to be complete milk drinking stuff in-game? So did I, and created my first mod t...
Dragon Soul Relinquishment
Created by Alek
- Relinquish captured dragon souls to redeem bonuses.
- Lore friendly implementation with animations and effects.
- Customizable.

1. Update Skyrim to minimum version.
2. Subscribe.

Mjolnir Unbound
I noticed there are many "Thor's Mjolnir" mods that already exist, but most are nothing more than a new Hammer with a lightning enchant stuck at the bottom of some old Dwarven ruin. I didn't expect much more, but still, I tho...
Asgardian Race
Created by Kryptonian
Inhabiting the Nine Worlds in the other-dimensional Asgardian system are six races of humanoid life forms. Each race is different and intelligent, but the most powerful race is that of the Gods.

Gifts of Akatosh
Created by rnfesig
Update 8/12/2012
Added the Divine Mace of Akatosh (why not?)
Enchantments can be applied to any item (I believe, let me know if you find otherwise)
Casting light on Skin of Akatosh color-matched

You may have to remove the items and put them ...
Skyrim Spells And Powers By WarriorKeKe
Created by JertsuPelaa

The purpose of this modification is to bring the player a feeling that he is truly a powerful mage. When you get to higher levels in Skyrim, you quickly get bored at the vanilla spells. That is the reason why I created this spell-bundle, ...
Bosmer Armor Pack part 1 of 4
Created by Maty743
Parts 2, 3 and 4 are now out!
If you have performance issues with the HD textures you may want to download the low res version from my [url=
Bosmer Armor Pack part 2 of 4
Created by Maty743
Contains Elder Armor (Description in part 1). Please go to part 1 to comment/rate ect as that is what I want to be the main file. Thank you and enjoy :)...
Bosmer Armor Pack part 3 of 4
Created by Maty743
Contains Reinforced Armor (Description in part 1). Please go to part 1 to comment/rate ect as that is what I want to be the main file. Thank you and enjoy :)...
Bosmer Armor Pack part 4 of 4
Created by Maty743
Contains Hunt Armors (Description in part 1). Please go to part 1 to comment/rate ect as that is what I want to be the main file. Thank you and enjoy :)...
Dovahbliing Dragonsoul Weapons
Created by the_aydan
Adds dragonsoul sword, bow and arrows as stand-alone items.
Craftable at skyforge under "draugr" with dragon smithing perk.

You're the Dovahkiin, you go around plundering dungeons, slaying your undead ancestors, saving beautiful dragons from ravenous p...
Jenna - Elven Ranger Companion
Created by Dogtown1
Jenna has a custom bow and armor, the bow is playable and she has an extra suit of armor that allows the player to look like Jenna, as seen in the screenshot

she has many assassin type perks making her very stealthy and dangerous with her bow

you wil...
Digitigrade Khajiit + Argonian Raptor Feet
Created by artifex
Digitigrade Khajiit gives Khajiit unique, paw-like feet, while Argonian Raptor Feet gives Argonians velociraptor-style claws. If you'd like to use these two mods together, subscribe to this mod instead of either individual mod.

--Argonian Raptor Fee...
Quest: And the Realms of Daedra
Created by ThirteenOranges
In the early days of the First Era the Chimer warlord Ornarol made a pact with the Daedra before betraying them to his own ends. When his deceit was discovered the three Daedric Princes tore his soul asunder, each taking part of his soul as a trophy, leavi...
Heavy Holy Armor
Created by The Avenger
(Pictures represent the armor as it appears in different default lighting conditions within the game)

The Heavy Holy Armor set is designed for the Dovaki...
Clothing and Smithing Pack
Created by ThirteenOranges
This mod adds many clothing and armor sets based on unatainable (and unbranded) faction specific sets and adds new smithing options. These new varieties are renamed in a lore-friendly fashion and DO NOT change the originals.


- Armor a...
Bloodier Combat
Created by MissStyx
Important note:

Currently, because of a bug in the engine, this mod will cancel out some vanilla perks. I believe the only ones it affects are:
Bullseye (archery)
Warmaster (Two-handed)
Limbsplitter (Two-handed)
Paralyzing Strike (One-handed)
Hack ...
The Gilded Ebony Armory v3.0
Created by DoG
With this mod I tried to bring back a bit of the Ebony Armor from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

This Mod adds a heavy and a light Version of my Gilded Ebony Armor and also a complete Weaponset. It is all crafable and temperable under the Ebony Section...
Actually A Deadly Verbal Debate
Created by Evil4Zerggin
If you ever thought Speech was useless as a skill and it was a pity there were no Shout-related perks, this mod may be for you. It kills two birds with one stone by tying Shouts to the Speech skill.


* Using Shouts gives you Speech experience...
The Ashbringer V1.1
Created by Ghalithegreat
There it is, The Ashbringer. Many thanks to LeckerHamster [youtube] from who's tutorials I learnt everything and to my cat who kept me busy by walking over my keyboard. Craftable in Other


[1-3-2013; 12:00]: At the moment I'm working on a better t...
Spellpower Enchantments & Boosted Destruction Damage
Created by Rusty Shackleford
This mod adds 5 circlets to a new barrel next to the enchanting table in Dragonsreach. These circlets contain all new enchantments that boost the power of all spell lines, as in damage for destruction spells, duration for conjuration spells, etc. They can ...
Quest: Sea Of Ghosts
Created by ThirteenOranges
The Sea Of Ghosts are the cold and dangerous waters on the northern coasts of Tamriel. Among the mists and fog lie many secrets, treasures and stories long since forgotten. Travel these dangerous waters with the crew of The Winter's Warmth, exploring many ...
Kynesguard/Daedra Hunter Weapons & Armor
Created by Mars
Follow me on Twitter (@nujakujata)! If I get over 1k followers from this community, I'll create a Reinforced Chinese Stealth Suit mod for Fallout 4!

Update: Added a few missing recipes, made the Temple more home-friendly, and added the 'Dark DH Armor'~...
Diablo 3 Monk Warpaints & Spell
Created by Criminon
This changes the several warpaints to monk dots. I'll add more if I get positive feedback. Let me know if there are any problems. This is the first time I've made a mod for Skyrim, so I want to make sure it works propperly.


Added 3 more war...
Dragonboon (Formerly: Sharpened Akaviri Katana)
Created by Firgof
Replaces the Akaviri Katana in Sky Haven Temple with Dragonboon.

Aside from being well-crafted, the Dragonboon is designed to compliment Voice-wielders: Equipped shouts have a 70% chance to manifest on strike (if there is enough charge). Note that the...
Bound Armory
Created by M4gs
-Enhanced Bound Weapons Mystic with more damage than the original version of conjuration.
-Give the same improvement of skills that give the conjuration version.
-Get the same perks that get the conjuration version.
-Original Bound Weapons Mys...
Paladin Spell Pack 1.3
Created by Voodu
The Paladin Spell Pack provides players with fourty-three new Restoration spells.


There are many different spells to Fortify Spellpower, Melee Damage, Attack Speed, Critical Chance, Stagger Chance, Armor, Resistance, and the th...
Elemental Aura Enchantments
Created by Josqua
This mod adds three craftable and disenchantable rings to the game, which have the spells firecloak, frostcloak and lightningcloak as enchantments.

You can craft the Fiery Aura Ring, the Icy Aura Ring and the Sparkling Aura Ring at any forge under the ...
Gibbys Npc Makeover Markarth
Created by Gibby19385
If you like this mod After Trying it Please Come back and Rate it and Favorite it Thanks :).
Iam not getting paid for this so by Rateing it and Favoriteing It is less likely that i will Delete it and just use it for myself.

This is the Third part of ...
Gibbys Npc Makeover
Created by Gibby19385
Simple mod what i have done is taken bland npcs and made Them much better looking and better in combat than the original Npcs. If your not to sure download it try it if you don't like it fair enough I plan to redo all female npc's in skyrim so if you have ...
Gibby's Fem Npc Makeover Dawnstar
Created by Gibby19385
If you like this mod After Trying it Please Come back and Rate it and Favorite it Thanks :).
Iam not getting paid for this so by Rateing it and Favoriteing It is less likely that i will Delete it and just use it for myself.

This is the first of 9 mak...
Gibby's Fem Npc Makeover Falkreath
Created by Gibby19385
If you like this mod After Trying it Please Come back and Rate it and Favorite it Thanks :).
Iam not getting paid for this so by Rateing it and Favoriteing It is less likely that i will Delete it and just use it for myself.

This is the second part of...
Helmless Warrior
Created by Adul
The Helmless Warrior plugin modifies Heavy Armor and Light Armor perks so they affect characters who are not wearing all 4 pieces of armor. The new, modified perks will work on any character wearing at least 3 pieces of armor, as opposed to the original on...
Physical Adept
Created by WetWire
Physical Adept aims to add an old skill set from older elder scrolls game into Skyrim. The hand-to-hand and unarmored Skills. Physical Adept's use magic and natural abilities to enhance and modify their bodies capabilities beyond normal means without the a...
Akaviri Samurai Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Akaviri Samurai Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy armor set for all genders and races. The Akaviri are great dragon slayers from another continent. The fabled Blades of Tamriel forged their armors in the like of Akaviri warriors.

Insanity's Dragonbane
Created by InsanitySorrow



This is a unique mesh and texture replacer for the Dragonbane Katana.

It annoyed me that yet another "unique" weapon looked l...
Insanity's Ebony Sword Replacer
Created by InsanitySorrow



This is a simple mesh and texture replacer for the Ebony Longsword and Ebony Greatsword. Wasn't fond of them myself and decided ...
Insanity's Dwemer Weapons
Created by InsanitySorrow

Skyrim +


A recreation of the Dwemer Weapons from Morrowind, all the main weapons from the set are included, the only ones
that are no...
Marked Incompatible ]  Fetish Armour Collection
Created by Turbosnowy


This will be the collection of slinky/kinky/sexy armours I will grow over time as fancy strikes me.

Plenty more armours availble at the Fetish Wardrob...
White Wardrobe
Created by Turbosnowy
A new collection of White standalone clothing items designed to be mixed and matched to allow ultimate customisation of outfits.

This is if you like an extension to my 'Fetish Wardrobe Mod' so in order for these items to fit you or your companions you ...
White Pantyhose Dress
Created by Turbosnowy
This is a white outfit that is included in my 'Pantyhose Collection' mod but thought would add as a standalone mod in case people wanted this but not the others and so avoid cluttering the smithing area.

To make the outfit you can use any forge and find...
Marked Incompatible ]  Fetish Pantyhose Outfits
Created by Turbosnowy
Many people requested some more nylon goodness in my collections and quite rightly so in my humble opinion, so this is the mod collection for pantyhose (and probably stockings) outfits. In future will play with dernier, gloss and colours and of course dif...
Red Pantyhose Dress
Created by Turbosnowy
This is a red outfit that is included in my 'Pantyhose Collection' mod but thought would add as a standalone mod in case people wanted this but not the others and so avoid cluttering the smithing area.

To make the outfit you can use any forge and find t...
Character Creation Overhaul - Diverse Races and Genders
Created by Syclonix
This is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED optional module for Character Creation Overhaul located at:

You must have the Character Creation Overhaul for this mod to work.

Vanilla Skyrim allowed any st...
The Lungaris - a Rabbit-like Race
Created by Mickyan
-Added two followers and marriage partners, one male and one female. Find them respectively in the Silver Blood Inn in Markarth and Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood
-Removed leftover khajit complexion from female characters
-Fixed typo in rac...
Character Creation Overhaul - Races - Classes - Skills
Created by Syclonix

Character Creation Overhaul finally brings back birthsigns, classes, specializations, favored attributes, and...
Weapon Relics
Created by Dogtown1
This is a collection of weapons I have used in past mods

my first thought was to add them to creature and NPC weapon leveled lists, but there are SO many weapon mods out there that I just wanted people to enjoy the stuff without fear of conflicts in lev...
Quest: No Mercy
Created by ThirteenOranges
A messenger has been sent from a small chapel of Stendarr to the Vigilant at Stendarr's Beacon, seeking aid against an unknown evil, but the messenger never made it to her destination. Investigate events at Stendarr's Chapel and explore the dark and danger...
Ultimate Archmage - Vanilla Edition v1.5
Created by rko381
As the Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold, you can now have even more flexibility with a complete set of Arch-Mage clothes! The player can now have an Arch-Mage Hood that is a separate item from the Arch-Mage Robes, with Amulet, Circlet, Ring, black ...
Run For Your Lives
Created by Arthmoor
A small mod that makes citizens in a village or city run indoors during a dragon or vampire attack.

This was born out of frustration at seeing the citizens all trying to be a hero and rushing headlong to their doom attacking dragons and vampires. Instea...
Scythe Compilation Mod
Created by Kempalot
Scythe Weapon Compilation Pack

Please read description before commenting.

## Includes:
Iron Scythe
Steel Scythe
Orcish Scythe
Dwarven Scythe
Elven Scythe (NEW)
Glass Scythe {NEW}
Hidan's Scythe (Ebony)
Ebony Scythe
Daedric Scythe
Royal Elven Armor And Weapons
Created by zAph'
Retextured, Standalone, Craftable & Temperable

There should be no issues, works with all races.

to get the gear ingame either go to the forge and craft it,(you must have elven smithing first)
or you can drop the console, enter help royal, and use t...
Arrow Speed Enhanced - Vanilla Edition
Created by casline
This mod increases the arrow speed, depending on the type of arrow. With faster arrows, you may need to aim lower than you usually do, since they arc differently. Once you figure out the new aiming, the higher speeds make moving targets easier to hit.

Snow Elves Armor Pack
Created by Wes Lesley
ADDS* retextured Elven Armor. Did it just to see if I could. Made it white, so it's good camo when you're in the snow?
Male-Female, Common-Orc-Argonian-Khajiit, ALL THE PEOPLES CAN WEARZ!!!
Don't expect superawesomestuff, it's just a retexture, waiting f...
Created by [V101]BrainFreeze

This mod includes a fairly good sized tomb called Gravkammir and a short quest. I won't bother spending any time explaining what's in the tomb or what the quest involves since you'd probably rather experience it for yourself than read abou...
Bane of Akatosh: New Dungeon and Quest
Created by Robobison
Long ago Skyrim was plagued by a terrable menace named Vulvokulthurr. This mod adds a new story to skyrim as well as a new dungeon. It is your burden to find out what happened at the strange cave north of markarth and then stop Vulvokulthurr and his minion...
Smithing Supplies
Created by Mad Tod

NOTICE: I am no longer supporting my mods here on Steam, if you want the updated versions ...
Archery Extended: Arrows
Created by Nox
This mod adds a multitude of new and enchanted arrows to the world of Skyrim.


Arrow List:

Explosive - Explodes on contact
Proximity Ex...
Stormlord armor
Created by Gechbal
The stormlord armor is a new heavy armor that has the look of a great bearlord.

You can kill ulfric and take his if you've sided with the imperials.
Forge it if you have ebony smithing perk.
Buy Hjerim in Windhelm, it will be in a chest behind the mai...
Brhuce Hammar: Legacy
Created by Trainwiz
A new standalone, fully voiced companion, with his own unique equipment, AI, as well as five enormous quests that will take you through the realms of Oblivion, into space, and even give you a giant robot that you may pilot!

Inferno: Advents of Flame
Created by Frost Dragen
A long forgotten evil is on the verge of its return. Venture into the voids of Darlera to stop a madman who threatens to plunge the lands into the depths of chaos. Will you spare the world from wrath or watch it burn in ruin?


An ominous...
Powerful Destruction Concentration Spells
Created by ArcadeParty
Do love spraying fire in your enemies face, but annoyed when it takes ages for them to die?

I loved the novice level concentration spells. I though being able to shoot fire, frost or continuous lightning out of your palm was the coolest thing ever. Sadl...
Created by Sierain

Special Edition: Bethesda mods link.[]
Special Edition: Nexus mods link.[]

Ancient Stones of Power
Created by Twinblade
This is a Work in Progress, and is the first plugin i have ever released

Adds new Items that share a unique slot, so should not remove any equipped items. Each Item has a passive bonus, and a Chance effect. There are 5 that are finished so far. I plan o...
The Deserts of Elseweyr
Created by Zugzugs
OLD VERSION DOWNLOAD AT OR GET THE ONE FROM DAREALSLENDER MAN THE NEW CREATOR. This a duney map and sanding with sandstorms in a hot dangerous place. mod used moonpath to elsewery.IN ORDER TO ENTER YOU MUST FIND THE ...
Dungeons: At World's End
Created by Lord Dagobert
Dungeons : At World's End
by Lord Dagobert
September 2013

Adds a brand new dungeon divided in 6 parts with 8 boss encounters. The entrance is near Winterhold (to the west), just check the map marker and
fast travel there. The dungeon is available in ...
Imperial Dragon Armor
Created by RenegadeKnight
My first mod that adds a high level imperial armor, somewhat based off the one from oblivion. It can be aquired by crafting it at a forge with the ebony smithing perk. The armor is slightly weaker than dragon bone.Sword is equal to daedric in damage. You c...
Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
Created by 🦎 Sai'Raks

Table of Contents:
What does this mod have to offer
How to get
Version History
Works with these mods
Known mod conflicts
Known issues and bugs

Plate Armor Plus
Created by aodnagne(하회)

This is conversion of Oblivion mod : Plate Armor Plus – Womans Move Edition originally posted by nao4288.

I kinda liked its own shape, especially how it looks like around the body in original format thus I tried to make this as close as...
Divine Huntress Armor
Created by Killer Keo
This is my first custom armor made from scratch. It's counted as Heavy Armor and is just a cuirass so there is no Hands, Feet, or Helm that I made for it.

It's a crafted only armor located under Steel

Requires CBBE mod (Textures) on Skyrim Nexus
Thalmor Viceroy Inquisitors Clothes
Created by Killer Keo
This is a New Custom Clothing by me using Caliente's Female Body or CBBE Curvy.

Keep in mind this is just a Female armor, and is not LORE FRIENDLY

It's almost a Full set with Gloves, Boots, and Body

All items can be made at a tanning rack, under L...
Soul Armor II Heavy set
Created by PACMAN
Soul Armor II New heavy Armor for CBBE
for females only

New light and heavy armor version
watch the video presentation on youtube


2k HD textures with transparent...
JoO's Jedi Robe V2
Created by JackoO
This mod adds 3 different jedi style robes (+hoods). Its in beta stage.
No female version! Subscribe this mod only if youre playing a male character! Also the robes look best on bulky charakters. Search for a lonely shack in Riverwood! (basement)...
Fox Armor from Blade & Souls
Created by Aria
Its for the CBBE body it can be found in Riverwood look at the Screen shot
if u need CBBE i think Caliente has it on the workshop or u can get it from the Nexus.. enjoy
please rate =D if u like it thank you
Armor of Jurgen Windcaller - v 1.0
Created by rko381
Plunge the depths of the Ustengrav, questing for The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, and confront the shade of the Greybeard's founder himself. Should you prove worthy, inherit his Dragon Bone armor and become the most powerful wielder of The Voice.

Naruto Jutsu
Created by Crayon
If your looking for this Mod on the Skyrim Nexus Search for "Skyrim Naruto Anime Overhaul" by Gyn

Adds a bunch of spells based on the anime Naruto.

((NPCs Disappearing? just save, close the game and then reload.))

davyclouser 16 Jun 2013 @ 12:11am...
Scout Armor
Created by DoODABoOM
This mod have been Splitted in 3 parts for those having trouble to download this package:

Scout Armor - Armor Only

Scout Armor - Weapons Only
New Dragon Armor Sets
Created by gameaddict320
Black DragonPlate and Bloody DragonPlate Armor sets. Hey everyone! Great news, this thing is up and running! ENJOY! Special thanks to Vorpal and Computermaster for all the help! Update: Frost Dragon Armor sets added.

Update 1: Black DragonScale and Bloo...
Magus Armor
Created by Brandybuck
"What you learn here will last you a lifetime. Several if you're talented." - Archmage Savos Aren.

A stylish and classy black mage outfit. This armor is craftable, and has recipes for cloth and multiple light armor tiers. Each set provides robes, gloves...
Geralt Light Armor & Witcher Swords
Created by kabe
A Light Armor version of the Raven's Armor from TW2, complete with dual steel / silver swords worn on the back and a couple of extra little goodies.


Some of you may have noticed that this mod was previously up on the Workshop but w...
Soul Armor II light
Created by PACMAN
Soul Armor II New LIGHT Armor for CBBE
for females only

New light armor version
watch the video presentation on youtube


2k HD textures with transparent ch...
Wood Elf Speed on Land
Created by k9mouse
From my "Beast Race Speed on Land and Water" mod, players have requested speed increased for the Wood Elf race.

Default speed is 100 units, I have increased it to 120 units
Works with Vampires also

Release Notes
1.02B -- Learned that 105 in game is...
Ember Rend-The Bow of Fire
Created by The Red Glow
adds a new bow with unique custom meshes, textures, and enchantment.

Ember Rend can be crafted at only one forge, the Ember Forge.

The Ember Forge can be found in The War Quarters in Blackreach. (added a map marker for easy locating)

There is a ne...
Hunters: A Marksmanship and Sneak Expansion
Created by Palorius
PRIMER: This mod alters two(2) perk trees; Marksman and Sneak. Ergo, it will conflict any mod that does the same.

MISSION: To make the job of Hunter more specialized and rewarding.

I love the Hunter class. I have never liked getting close to my t...
Daywalker Vampire Race
Created by Kryptonian

If you want a ond and two handed version of the sword go to my blade vampire sword page.

Blade's Daywalker abilities in Skyrim

Due to an enzyme in your blood stream resultant from your mother's being bitten by a vampire while giving birth...
"Better Females by Bella" - Less Makeup
Created by ZeroFrag
This is an add on for the "Better Females by Bella" Core pack. It removes the makeup and leaves it more like the vanilla Skyrim version.

BellaGail describes this version as follows...
"Less Makeup version removes most make up from face for less of a "g...
Alternate Ancient Shrouded Armor
Created by churchofsmalldog

---If anything in this mod is not working, place it LAST in the load order.---

This mod replaces the vanilla Ancient Shrouded Armor with a new, completely original asset with custom models and textures a...
Left Hand Rings
Created by duggelz
Left Hand Rings by duggelz, version 1.5

Adds rings that are worn on the left hand. You can wear two rings at once, one on each hand. These rings can be crafted, enchanted, bought from merchants, and found randomly as treasure.

== How It Works ==
Black Mage Armor
Created by Reko
Black Mage Armor is a standalone armor mod that includes Cloth, Light, and Heavy armor sets that are all craftable, enchantable, and upgradable; all sets can be used by every race, male or female.

Ancient Sheikah Armor
Created by CallMeCal
Don't forget to Rate and Favorite if you like my mod! :)

''Have you heard the legend of the ''Shadow Folk''? They are the Sheikah...the shadows of the Hylians. They say they swore allegiance to the King of Hyrule and guarded the Royal Family...''...
Created by Gechbal
Emperors' will, can be obtained from forging, killing tullius or buying Proudspire Manor in Solitude
You need daedric smithing to be able to forge it, then you can find it in the imperial selection at the forge.
Same goes for Emperor's Warth and greatwra...
The Legend of Zelda - Hylian Shield
Created by JKalenad
I am no longer updating my mods on the Steam Workshop, and I am very unlikely to add new ones to the Workshop.
I recommend seeking them out on the Nexus or integrated into the mod I am focusing on, [url=
The Legend of Zelda - The Silver and Golden Gauntlets
Created by JKalenad
Rumors tell of gauntlets forged by citizens of a long-dead tribe that lived in the desert. These gauntlets were enchanted to allow the wearer to lift incredible loads, allowing the dwindling civilization to build shelters they desperately needed. A day cam...
The Legend of Zelda - The Blade of Evil's Bane (Skyforge Editon)
Created by JKalenad
aka Eldergleam Edition, Whiterun Edition, or Triforce of Power version
No DLC required!

NOTE: This mod is finished and offered as-is, so I wo'n't be modifying anything about it.

This mod expands on CaptainRC's craftable Master Sword mo...
Legend of Zelda: Chief-01's Master Sword
Created by CaptainRC
These meshes and textures were originally created by Moses (aka Chief-01 at deviantART) for Oblivion, but never released. To which I (with a LOT of help from Maniczombie's tutorial) converted for Skyrim... with permission, of course. Basically, this just a...
The Legend of Zelda - Hylian Goddess Spells
Created by JKalenad
I am no longer updating my mods on the Steam Workshop, and I am very unlikely to add new ones to the Workshop.
I recommend seeking them out on the Nexus or integrated into the mod I am focusing on, [url=
Daedric Assassin light armor
Created by Vita
This mod will add a new standalone set of daedric light armor available at forge (daedric smiting perk required), designed for the characters specialized in stealth. Contains cuirass, gloves, boots, hood and cloak, male and female version. Enjoy

(Yet Another) Ranger Mod
Created by A__Gun
Full description below

If you like my work, please rate it :)

Version History
  • a1.6 New Winter variant of the armor. At the moment its's stats and everything are identical to the normal armor, it just looks differ
Fighting Styles of Tamriel
Created by YarHarHAR
Fighting Styles of Tamriel
by Yarharhar (

Bugfix Update
Reset functionality can undo the weynon/orcish stance sticky values.

1.8 - Bugfixes
Apparently the Orcish/Weynon Stances are still resulting in some stic...
The Dark Brotherhood Resurrection: Part 1
Created by Jediborg2
This mod adds a 4+ hour-long campaign to the end of the Dark Brotherhood Questline.

2 new Followers, fully voice acted and specially scripted for sneaky assassin players:

Averna - will hide in the shadows when you are sneaking. If you sneak attack, s...
The Hawk's Nest
Created by MadFrenchie
- A Mini DLC like Mod : Discover the secrets of the forest of VINEWOOD !

This mod is on the last top 5 mods of the week in MMOXreview, watch the video from 1.38

Fight Like A Badass - Unarmed Killmoves Unlocked
Created by RJinthematrix
Now you can pummel your way to cool finishers all day against Draugr, Wolves, Spiders, Giants and the ultimate challenge to PUNCH A DRAGON TO DEATH.
Compatible with Killmove mods such as The Dance of Death and More kill moves for all weapon types, just ma...
Faster Bow Draw Speed
Created by ziggy
This mod adds more ranks to the Quick Fire perk, allowing you to increase the fire rate of any bow by up to 1000%. It also enables you to use the quick fire perk without having to unlock any perks before it, and with an minimum archery level of 15 instead ...
TheGreyLight's Necrobow - Reanimate with arrows!
Created by ArcadeParty
The Necro-Archer playstyle is extremely amusing.

For those who aren't aware, it involves a lot of sneaking around, killing an enemy in a group from a range with a bow, then raising his corpse so that he can kill his astonished friends. etc. etc.

Horns Are Forever!
Created by Chilean Wolf
As of August 18th 2013:

-Added support for vanilla NPCs.
-Included Argonian Decapitation Fix.

As of July 6th 2012:

Horns on ...
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar
Created by Azar
This mod adds some new ponytail hairstyles for your female characters. This is a stand-alone mod and will not conflict with any other hair mods you're using. These hairs were designed primarily for human females. They can be used on males and other races, ...
Miravel Tel'Nar - The Rose of Valenwood
Created by ArchangelRising
=====**********STATUS UPDATE BELOW MY MOD INFORMATION!!!!!!!*********=====

Miravel is currently a "basic" companion with a unique class and combat AI suite. She mostly uses her bow, but also Dual Wields to devastating effect. This will eventually incl...
Teilani - High Elf Spellsword Follower
Created by CaptainRC
I decided to upload my first attempt to make a follower, so here she is.


Teilani was a happy youth living on the Summerset Isles before the Great War. As soon as she reached the age of consent, she became a priestess of Julian...
Deacon's Dark Brotherhood Armor Set
Created by Deacon

You should now be able to craft these items unenchanted at a forge under ebony, you won't require the ebony smithing perk, but that is where these items will be. I intended to do this in a second mod but for reasons passing understanding the mo...
Into the Deep "Atlantis"
Created by dj1994
Into the Deep “Atlantis”
By David M

Discover the unknown in one of the largest dungeons ever made, journey into the most dangerous place in Skyrim. A great evil lurks in the lost city; your ability will be tested.

Start your Journey on a ship righ...
No Summon Limit
Created by HOBO_HAYES
This mod gets rid of the cap of how many creatures you can summon.

Must have twin souls perk for this to work, can't make you op without a cost

Also available on the nexus
Faster Vanilla Horses
Created by Jov
Like many, I found Skyrim's horses to be unrealistically and unreasonably slow. Travel by horse was hardly faster than by foot, making it unrewarding.

Horse speed and gallop-time has been given a significant -yet balanced- boost, for a more realistic (a...
Deacon's Craftable Weapons Pack
Created by Deacon
Like this mod? Might I recommend my other Dark Brotherhood Stuff? They look great together.
Glossy Bow: http://steam...
Deacon's Dark Brotherhood Bow Glossless Version
Created by Deacon
Like this mod? Might I recommend my Dark Brotherhood Arrows, Dagger and armor? LIVE ON STEAM WORKSHOP
Fire Swords:
Dagger: h...
Deacon's Dark Brotherhood Swords
Created by Deacon
Because this thread is starting to get unnessecarily beligerent I have a request. Before you post an angry comment, or an obvious observation that has already been posted and replied to, check out my horsey mod.
Deacon's Dark Brotherhood Bow
Created by Deacon
** Like this mod? Might I recommend my Dark Brotherhood Arrows and Dagger and armor? LIVE ON STEAM WORKSHOP **
Deacon's Dark Brotherhood Arrows
Created by Deacon
This mod is for use on it's own or along with my Dark Brotherhood Bow mod. I recommend you get both! And while your at it grab my daggers and armor set.

Fire Swords:
Clean Bow: {LINK REMOVED}...
Deacon's Dark Brotherhood Dagger
Created by Deacon
Great as stand alone or with my other Dark Brotherhood Weapons and armor.
Fire Swords:
Clean Bow:
Glossy Bow: {LINK REMOVED}...
Dwemer Garb
Created by tygabor
Adds new clothes with a dwarven theme, all with both an enchanted and unenchanted version. The clothes can be found in any dwarven chests and in a few specific locations. Perfect for Dwarven mage or stealth characters. Includes both a male and female versi...
Elemental Fury on Ench Weapons!
Created by Solace
This is a simple mod that makes Elemental Fury more appealing. Before, the shout only worked on unenchanted melee weapons.

-Enchanted weapons benefit!
-Bows and Crossbows benefit!
-Unarmed attacks benefit!
-The graphic won't stack on enchanted ...
Disguise your Crimes
Created by rmbackslash
*** Similar to Gray Foxes Cowl - The enchantment can be learned from this hood and put on any headgear of your choice
Put on the Disguise and do your dirty work. Stealing, pillaging, causing havoc... just flee the scene and remove your disuise. Anyon...
Kill Them Generals
Created by Reinsdyret
Tired of Stormcloak Generals and Imperial Legates being essential during or after the Civil War?
Well, no more!

This simple fix removes their essential status allowing them to be killed.
Galmar and Rikke doesn't count, as they're required in quests. ...
Pocket Smithy - Full Blacksmith Shop in Your Pocket!
Created by splynter
The Pocket Smithy is a personal blacksmith's shop that you carry with you.
• Anvil
• Tanning Rack
• Sharpening Wheel
• Armor Crafting Table
• Wood Chopping Block (with axe)
• Smelter - one-third sized & fully functional
• Storage Chest...
Pocket Magecraft - Arcane Enchanter & Alchemy Lab in your pocket
Created by splynter
An Arcane Enchanting Table & Alchemy Lab that you can summon anywhere. It also summons 4 storage containers that are player owned and non respawning. The containers are stored in-game deep underground and are brought to you when you equip the [Pocket Mage]...
Flan's Eyes for Skyrim 2.0
I have all the current DLC's to Dragonborn and this mod is fully compatible with them. If you are having issues it is a mod you have installed conflicting with it or you installed it improperly. Make sure your mod order is correct by using BOSS...
Warmage Armor
Created by DoODABoOM
This mod add a complete armor set with staff and battle axe
Staff and axe look the same just for fun so you can use staff and switch to axe when at close range.

All the set have daedric stat and is available in Clothes, Light or Heavy version
and craf...
.:Craftable Clothes and Robes:.
Created by Scirocco Sauce
Nexus Link:

Ever think that the tanning rack is pretty lame? I mean, you can only make two things at it. It almost seems pointless.

In addition, mages have always been ripped off. They can't be stylish AND powe...
Ultimate NPC Face Unlocker
Created by truant
Ultimate NPC Face Unlocker

This mod adds over 700 NPCs to the list of presets in the character creation screen. Every single named NPC for every playable race is included, along with a few that don't have proper names.

Redguard Knight Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Redguard Knight Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy or light armor set. This set was built to cater to the Redguard players out there. There was only one Redguard themed armor set in all of Skyrim... until now.

ll - Det...
Saadia Iman
Created by Ghost
Saadia - Iman

Like several other mods before this one, Saadia becomes a potential marriage option for the player. If for whatever reason Saadia is not in your game, you can find Iman's camp in Falkreath hold on the road to Hammerfell.

The main idea o...
The Dance Of Death - A Killmoves Mod
Created by The Duskhunter

This mod now requires SkyUI 3.0 and the latest version of the Skyrim Script Extender, or SKSE, in order to utilise the new Mod Configuration Menu system, or MCM.

A Dawnguard-compatible vari...
Created by snakster
Elegant, PC-friendly UI mod for Skyrim with many advanced features. All improvements seamlessly integrate with the style of the original interface. Version 5 includes better crafting, enchanting, alchemy and smithing menus and several other enhancements.
Demonic Race Improved - Demonic Sanctum Preview
Created by MontyX
This has been updated, with Vampire fix, an ability fix, half the health ReGeneration,
you can now choose wings & a Demon follower.
This has been tested with the whole Dawnguard Vampire Questline.

This is The Demonic Rac...
Younger Breton Females
Created by Towelie
Makes Breton females look younger. No more wrinkles on the forehead!

Works with Skyrim High Resolution Texture Pack and with other texture mods. Make sure you've placed this mod after all others character texture mods in load order.

Update: Pack text...
Marked Incompatible ]  Frost Elf Race
Created by MontyX
UPDATED: HEALTH, MAGIKA & STAMINA regenerate 10X less!


This is The Frost Elf Race.
It is an Angelic Holy race, or an evil Vampire like race. You decide.
Credit goes to those that helped with ideas, & to those that suppl...
Created by MontyX
Thunderdash, Horse of Lightning Speed.

Standalone, Does not Replace any other Horses. Does not require Dawnguard.

The Spell Tome is located in Riverwood. (see pictures)
Use the spell tome to learn the Power, & summon Thunderdash at will.
You will f...
Skinfaxi and Hrímfaxi
Created by MontyX
As Requested By Kelpie.

In Norse mythology, Skinfaxi and Hrímfaxi are the horses of Dagr (day) and Nótt (night). The names Skinfaxi and Hrímfaxi are bahuvrihis, meaning "shining mane" and "rime mane" (or "frost mane"), respectively. Skinfaxi pulled Dagr...
Demonic Armored Horse
Created by MontyX
Credit goes to Mystikhybrid for permision to use his Horse Armor.

Standalone, Does not Replace Shadowmere.

Use the spell tome to learn the spell,
& summon the Demonic Horse at will.
The horse will follow you, so no more wandering horses,
& killing...
Demonic Home - Demonic Sanctum Preview
Created by MontyX
This is my gift to all my friends, followers & supporters.
Also has Custom Music!

3 Songs by Rammstein
Feuer Frei!, Bück dich & Spielt mit mir

I made this on Day one of my current mod, I found the file in my back-up f...
MontyX's Torture Chamber
Created by MontyX
My Personal Torture Chamber, Uploaded for my Hardcore Followers.
There is no intentions of a Religion in this mod.
The Banners are symbolism of The Demonic Sanctum Guild.

Name and Pics say it all. No description needed.
Console command,
So you can ...
Long hair for female Khajiits
Created by
Add four male Khajiit hairs to females who miss this.
Long loose hair, two long braids and an mohawk.

The REAL Fus Ro Dah - Shout from Trailer (Shout Only)
Created by asdf
This mod replaces that boring old "Fus....roDah!" of the Unrelenting Force shout with the epic shout from the Skyrim Trailer!

This contains the "Shout Only" version (the FIRST version that you hear in the video), which has been hand-edited to remove a...
Unrelenting - Moar power for unrelenting force!
Created by ArcadeParty

I love unrelenting force, I also love power. I think you can see where this is going...

This mod simply changes the unrelenting force shout to be a more powerful, more immersive and more fun. Originally I had the dhout doing ten times as ...
Star Wars Races
Created by Kryptonian
WELCOME Star Wars and Skyrim Fans

There are currently 19 races to choose from.
Choose your race
Sith lord, Jedi, Mandalorian, Zabrak, Chazrach...
Overpowered Shouts
Created by RefraX@rAge
A small mod that overpowers 4 of the shouts:

-Unrelenting Force: Force increased by a factor of 10
-Marked for Death: Drains health much faster
-Slow Time: The full shout virtually freezes time
-Fire Breath: Fire Breath + Unrelenting Force
Adjustable Unrelenting Force Shout
Created by JungleDruid
This mod let you adjust the strength of FusRoDah, just open the console and type "set pushforce to XX", XX is the strength of Unrelenting Force Shout, default is 15.

Note: this mod does NOT affect the enemy's Unrelenting Force (ex. Draugr Deathlord).
The Abyss
*** REWORKED ***

My first attempt at making a dungeon for Skyrim, "The Abyss" is a fairly sizable Dwemer-themed dungeon located in Markarth and is meant to be an experimental foray into the shadows.. It's marked by a giant tower to the right of the main...
Agent of Righteous Might
Created by Dree
** (6/14/2013) This version is outdated, you will have to download 1.1.0 version from Nexus.

Skyrim Nexus:

Agent of Righteous Might


Since the beginning of the 4th era, holy knights and brav...
Mega Dragons
Rebuilt! And nearing perfection!

"Mega Dragons" increases the size of dragons across the board, ranging from x1.5 to x3. Movement tweaks are also entirely baseline, meaning it will work with ANY dragon mod that uses that uses the base dragon actor. It w...
Auto Unequip Arrows
Created by Alek
This version is for vanilla Skyrim and does not support crossbows. If you have Dawnguard get this version instead:

This mod comes with a script that will automatically unequip arrows when yo...
Recurve Longbows
Created by Grantiz
NOW $59.99 or 1 like!

*likes are non-refundable.

Recurve longbows by Grantiz

Click here and come join me in my new lets play series

Visit my []...
Bleakcoast Cave [STAR WARS] Easter Egg Improved
Created by Graesholt
=== Also on the Skyrim Nexus[], for those who prefer.

Attention: Please read at my FAQ in this page before posting a question. I believe that is common courtesy.
Thank you.

Levelled Unarmed Boost
Created by Ilseroth
Simply gives you a 5 point unarmed boost every 5 levels (up to level 50) to make unarmed a more reasonable without abusing enchantments....
Skyrim Punch Collection
Created by Patriarachnid
So I was watching The Dark Knight the other day, and I noticed that Batman is awesome. I also noticed that part of the reason for that is that he punches stuff instead of stabbing it or whatever.

Then I realized that in Skyrim, unarmed combat is exeptio...
New Nightingale Weapon - Nightingale Shiv
Created by Dr3vvn45ty
Version 1.5


Available on Skyrim Nexus:



Once you have ...
More Decapitations!
Created by TyeBjorn
This mod changes the chance of decapitation from 40% to 60%! NOTE : You need Savage Strike perk for this to work. I Hope you enjoy

Alternate Version: 100% of chance , download here :
Created by tygabor
Now you can fight with Northwind, the newest weapon in your dragon fighting arsenal.
Northwind stats:

Base Damage: 13
Weight: 10
Nadina - Custom Voiced Companion
Created by Anduniel
Nadina - Fully-Voiced Follower

Luscious Faces - Photo realistic female faces
Created by dretmo
Improves the default female face texture from high resolution photo images to add much more detail. Compatible with Default, CBBE and UNP bodies.

NOTE: An updated and improved version is available at

Please rate...
Calyps' Razor Assassin Armor
Created by calyps
An assassin armor in both light and heavy, male and female varieties. Craftable under Ebony with Advanced Armor perk. Part of my "I hate darkbrotherhood default armors" mod series. Also found being sold by a short hooknosed vendor just u...
Bound Dragonslayer Weapons 1.1
Created by Observe
These custom designed (new models) bound weapons are designed for Mages who don't want to carry conventional weapons or shields.

In addition to sword and bow, I included a bound dagger for those who are interested in utilizing the Stealth advantages av...
Daedric Vally Weapons
Created by Sky Reaper
This mod adds 4 (or 24, however you want to put it) weapons to the game from Weapons of the Third Era original edition and they can all be crafted in any forge. This is my somewhat my first mod for skyrim.

There are 2 secret weapons in the game with spe...
Ancient Blade
Created by sh4d0ff
Version: 2.0


This plugin adds new sword to the Skyrim. Base Damage of this blade grows proportionally to the number of killed enemies. Also there is small chance that the next blow you might become mad for 8 sec. To get thi...
Tribal War Paint for Females
Created by SheWildWolf
These files will no longer be updated. I have moved on from Skyrim. My apologies to those who were expecting a male version.


This mod is a stand alone (non-replacing) set of 8 tribal war paints for female non-beast races.

Thalmor Armor
Created by HyPNOS
Craft Thalmor Armour at any forge (under Leather).

(Male & Female)

Thalmor Armour
Thalmor Gloves
Thalmor Hood*
Thalmor Boots

Requires: Advanced Armours, Arcane Blacksmith.
Improved Blacksmithing!
Created by Underman
Over 30 new blacksmithing recipies!
Craftable Arrows!
Brand new arrow types!
Craftable Lockpicks!
Craftable Staves!
New craftable weapons and armor! (Balanced)

Frosty Deep
Created by Sonari
This adventure takes you on a perilous journey deep into the heart of Skyrim.
Fight through dark dungeons to explore a new piece at the end of Skyrim can.

Currently included in the mod:

Crypt of Evil (Nordic ruin)
Frosty Deep (Ice Cave)
Heart of S...
Arrowshot's Dungeon/Quest/Boss Package
Created by arrow.shot
Yes it is finally here, my Epic, Dungeon, Quest and Boss Package.

This is designed for a quest i wanted to make for the old Dohvakiin who was 'apparantly' Slain decades ago, but now i have created a quest were he returns to retrieve the deserted Horn of...
Idemdall's Folly
Created by ndcowdy
In the hills south of Fort Greymoor lies a ancient Nord ruin which recent history renamed Harmin's Mine. It lies in wait to ensnare hapless souls and for a fated adventurer to discover it's story, it's treasure, a missing merchant and a mysteri...
Sikaia Valley- Small DLC world
Created by The Red Glow
this mod adds a new area to the game. Sikaia Valley, or also known as the Sikaia Badlands. The area is a Work in progress but contains many cool new items, at its current state.

there has been some confusion with the way the name is pronounced. Its (Sic...
Bound Weapons Redux
Created by Aertyr
Bound weapons have always been a cool concept, but their implementation is virtually always... lacking. This mod aims to bring bound weapons into play as a viable choice and perhaps even a preferable one.

Also availible on Skyrim Nexus: http://skyrim.n...
Dark Elven Armor
Created by spissvinkel
A darker coloured version of elven armour and weapons.

* Items are in addition to standard elven gear, not replacements
* Only slightly better stats (lighter, better armour/damage, higher value)
* Craft with Elven Smithing perk
* May be tempered and/...
Akaviri Ebony Armor
Created by Ronnicus
This mod was created using work from Hothtrooper44's "Akaviri Samurai Armor" and Xooki3's "Black Blades" on Nexus. I have Hothtrooper44's and Xooki3's permission to publish

The armor is simply an Ebony version of the Akaviri Samurai Armor and can be fo...
Simple Kill Move
Created by Flippetized
This is a kill move mod, that aims to enchance immersion in combat. It does not unlock the unused kill moves. This is a simple mod (no added objects, no scripts, no requirements) that does the following:

- Removes last enemy condition for kill moves (ex...
The Dovah Den
Created by Mayor

Please click HERE for the NEW VERSION

Created by SERV3
Everything in vanilla Skyrim does not require materials and perks to craft (including food and gold).

~~~ INFO ~~~

This mod does not require any DLC to run. DLC versions of this mod:
Undying Husky Companions (Dawnguard Version)
Skyrim Update
Dawnguard DLC

Tired of having your Armored Husky Companions die because they get in your way when trying to kill the enemy? I know I am. Now you don't have to worry about them dying from the stray firebal...
Automatic Crossbows
Created by J3X
The Thalmor have found some old Dwemer schematics and are rebuilding the Dwemers most fearsome weapons - automatic crossbows! Scouts have found that they have converted Reachwind Eyrie, a Dwemer tower southeast of Markarth and northeast of Dushnikh Yal, in...
Heavy Armory - New Weapons: Dawnguard Addon
Created by PrivateEye
For people who are confused: this is an upgraded version of the old Heavy Armory Dawnguard edition. The old version is now outdated and won't be updated anymore. Check out th...
Aetherium Crafting 2
Created by HighWarlordBob

Have your ever wanted to craft more than just the three original Aetherium items? Then this mod is for you!

This mod allows you to make weapons and armor with Aetherium. You can mine Aetherium in areas like Blackreach and...
IrishRon's Snow Elf Playable Race ver 0.9
Created by IrishRonD
This mod requires Dawngaurd.

This mod is still under construction
- vampirism works 23/8/2013 10:00 EDT.

There should not be incompatibilities with any mods, unless the other mod is race dependant. This mod should even work with ot...
The GOD Auriel! [Weapon/armour Improvement mod] OUTDATED see description for details
Created by Old Man
>>>@ALL This mod is now obsolete. But don't fear, 2 new versions named "Of Aedra..." and "...and of Daedra".<<<

I felt that Auriel's items were far to underpowered in Dawnguard, seeing that they are ment to be the weapons of a GOD. So This mod beefs the...
Auriel's Bow Improved
Created by Zim

All mods in the Improved Artifacts Collection can be found on the Nexus []. Also included on the Nexus is a single merged ver
Killerkeo's Skimpy DawnGuard Replacer
Created by Killer Keo
This is a replacer for most of the Dawngaurd Armor.

Requires Caliente's CBBE body

Not Lore Friendly

Contains : Heavy Falmer, Ivory Falmer, Dawnguard , Vampire Clothes, Vampire Armor both variants


Also to help motivate me to keep making...
Akaviri Race
Created by GreedyR
This mod adds a new race, the Akavir.

They are a lore friendly race which come from the continent east of Tamriel. Long before recorded history, the men who lived on Akavir were eaten by serpent vampires, but the few survivors went over to Tamriel, and ...
Akaviri Crossbow
Created by tygabor
We all know that the Akaviri were very advanced in the art of warfare, and yet somehow the nords invented the crossbow first? (even if they did copy from the Dwemer) Now the blades can be true dragon hunters!

This mod adds four new Akaviri crossbows to...
Dragonbone Crossbow
Created by DJjojo
Dawnguard wird benötigt!!!
Sonst kommt ihr nicht mal ins Hauptmenü.

Dawnguard is required!!!
Otherwise you can't even reache the mainmenu.


Da keine weiteren Bugmeldungen kamen habe ich die Mod für's erste kompletiert.

Es gibt n...
mjy Van Helsing Crossbow
Created by MJY
made a crossbow way back, had crashing issue with the pluging, fix, added automatic shooting, modified the power of it, balanced it.

[ is at nexus ] VanHelsingregular = has 2 damage, 2 crit , 1 bolt shooting at a time and speed of 1.00 and can have ench...
Nightingale Crossbow
Created by DJjojo

Dawnguard wird benötigt!!!!!

Diese Mod fügt dem Spiel eine Nachtigallenarmbrust hinzu.

Bolzen kommen später.

Sie kann geschmiedet werden und man kann eine verbesserte version machen.


Dawnguard is required !!!!

This m...
Sun Damage Enchantment
Created by JakeDuck
Among all the chaos of the paid mods controversy, all of my mods will remain FREE of charge, always.


This mod adds the Sun Damage enchantment to normal gameplay. You can craft a Steel Dagger of Brilliance at a forge in the s...
Marked Incompatible ]  Killerkeo's Skimpy Clothes Pack
Created by Killer Keo
Due to the 100Mb limit I hade to spit my Skimpy Armor Replacer.

This is the Clothing Replacer and this link is To Skimpy Armor

There are some problems with the hips on my older arm...
Marriable Serana
Created by CoderMonkey
Current Version 1.6.2
Requires Skyrim v1.9 or better + Dawnguard DLC

Hearthfires addon -

Serana ...
Daedric Artifacts Improved: Dawnguard Version
Created by Zim

Mod Details:

This mod adds three Wells of Urd to Skyrim. These are crafting benches where you can improve the Daedric Artifacts ...
DG Werewolf Perk Buff
Created by Solace
Werewolves have always been a sort of bastard child so I put together some buffs to get them more on line with Vampire lord.

Note: Dawnguard is required for this mod.

Summary of Features:
-Werewolf standing powerattack does an extra 150% damage (...
Werewolf Race Eyes
Created by Grantiz

Click here and come join me in my new lets play series

This Mod adds a race for the werewolf while in humanoid state. I mainly made this mod to change the eyes of your char...
The Beast Within - Passive Werewolf Perks
Created by elGrecoLoco

While I love Dawnguard, especially the opportunity to specialize in a werewolf tree, I felt the tree lacked a little flavor. Although there are already mods that edit werewolf abilities, many of them go too fa...
Werewolf Beast Form - Lesser Power
Created by ArcadeParty
A very simple mod. All this does, as the title suggests, is change the Beast Form Greater Power into a Lesser Power so that it can be used as many times a day as you like.

The aqquisition of this power is the same as before, through the companions ques...
Magnus Maximus
Created by Vardath
I was less than pleased with the vanilla Staff of Magnus so I souped it up a little.

Now instead of absorbing 20 points of magicka then health from opponents you absorb 100 points per second from magicka then stamina then health (at least I think it's...
Racial Power to Lesser Power
Created by ArcadeParty
As the name suggests, this is a small mod that changes the racial powers of each race into lesser powers.

What that means, if you aren't familiar with the terms, 'Greater Powers' and 'Lesser Powers' is that previously the racial powers were 'greater po...
Duskfall, A Dawnbreaker Companion Blade
Created by Nox
I wanted a blade to go along with Dawnbreaker and act as a dark/night version of it. First skyrim mod so any feedback is appreciated. Nexus version also available, check the bottom of this description.

Unlike other "Duskbreaker" "Dark Dawnbreaker" etc m...
Created by (^-.-)>
"The Umbra Sword was enchanted by the ancient witch Naenra Waerr, and its sole purpose was the entrapment of souls. Used in conjunction with a soul gem, the Sword allows the wielder the opportunity to imprison an enemy's soul in the gem. Naenra was execute...
Smithing Extended
Created by Curious
Smithing extended increases the number of recipes available to smiths, and improves on categorisation of some items. Expect a few new items in future updates and a lot more recipes. I will be keeping things as balanced as possible in terms of power, cost, ...
Light Daedric Female Armor
Created by Dr. Love
This mod adds craftable light daedric armor for females. You need the daedric smithing perk, the armor will then appear in the daedric category, all pieces are called "Light Daedric ...". Armor rating is something between dragon scale and dragon plate (so ...
Blade's Vampire Sword
Created by Kryptonian
Blades Vampire Sword

Craftable under Daedric category you will need 1 Silver ingot, 3 Steel ingots, 5 Ebony ingots
There is a Silvered...
Cyrodiils Akaviris (standalone version + sheath)
Created by DoG

You liked the Akaviri Blades from Oblivion? Then you're right here!

This mod adds two craftable versions of my Akaviri Katana Retexture (one with sheath, the other one without sheath) with the same stats than the ebony s...
Pickpocket Chance Cap
Created by WorstWizard
As simple as it sounds.
Sets the cap for the chance of successfully picking a pocket to 100%

I think it's annoying how the cap on pickpocketing is 90%
No matter how good you are there's always a 10% chance of getting caught.
So I made this to (in my ...
Harkon's Sword Improved
Created by Zim

All mods in the Improved Artifacts Collection can be found on the Nexus []. Also included on the Nexus is a single merged ve
Archers - Master Eagle Eye
Created by Grunt
The Archers Eagle Eye Perk now provides 2 additional ranks, plus an Eagle Eye Focus ability at the 2nd rank to help compensate for the increased effort.

Eagle Eye: Student: More extensive training provides roughly +12% to +20% increase to zoom over stan...
Expanded Bound Weapons v2.2 (inc. Bound Shield)
Created by Warden
Adds the missing bound weapon types and enhances the enchantment to make them a bit more useful at higher levels.

Weapons are balanced at the same level as the current bound weapons. Adds Bound Dagger, Mace, War Axe, Claymore and Warhammer spells and to...
Konahrik's Accoutrements - Dragon Priest Armory
Created by Sir Edhelsereg

    Ƭake a journey through time in the lost Dragon Priest stronghold, Revakheim. Unlock unique equipment and create armor not seen since the First Era.
Created by dj1994
Created by David M

Added November 20, 2012

You can find Gersonia at the newly placed Excavation site to the right of Riften, near the edge of the map.

Gersonia is a Sci-Fi dungeon that is full of surprises. Takes around 3-4 hours to complete. This...
Iomaungandr Rising
Created by BionicBadAss
Travel to the Sea of Ghosts in search of a long-lost Greybeard proving ground.

Use your wits and your thu’um to unlock the secrets beneath the ice, while evading a Thalmor raiding party.

Only the true Dovahkiin can best all three trial chambers, to u...
Tomb of Trials
Created by Spekkio
Current Version 1.2

Deep within Winterhold Barrow, there is a secret that will bring you great power and wealth. Tell me adventurer... are you strong enough, cunning enough, and daring enough to face...
Niflheim - House of the Dark Mists
Created by hellcat5
8/22/2012 - NOTICE - ALL reported bugs fixed! UPDATED FOR DAWNGUARD COMPATIBILITY!

After the battle of Moesring, the Falmer took up refuge with the Dwemer. However, the Falmer sought to find something that they could use to get vengence for the Nords ...
Diamond Smithing: Crossbows
Created by UberSmaug
Expand your arsenal with Gemstone Crossbows and Bolts. Rain down elemental fury upon your enemies and leave the battlefield smoldering in your wake with Explosive Gemstone Bolts.!!!

~Requires Dawnguard~
~This mod is fully independent but is best enjo...
Diamond Weapon Smithing 2.0
Created by UberSmaug
6 New Diamond and Gemstone weapons! (Mace, Warhammer, War Axe, Battle Axe, Halberd, and Spear!)
This is an exstention of Diamond smithing 1.5 which contains (Swords, Great Swords, Arrows, and A Diamond Bow)
I will be working on Crossbows and bolt next, ...
Diamond Weapon Smithing: Archery
Created by UberSmaug
Gemstone Bows and Arrows, Improved and streamlined for tactical destruction. Rain down elemental fury upon your enemies and leave the battlefield smoldering in your wake with all new Explosive Gemstone Arrows.!!!

Playable Dwemer Race
Created by CyanSlinky
Playable Dwemer/Deep Elves/Dwarves

Race Abilities :

Conjure Dwarven Centurion - Summons a small Dwarven Centurion to fight by your side, until he's defeated.

Dwemer Comprehension - Your Dwemer mind comprehends all skills 15% faster.

Skill Bonus...
Falmer Rising
Created by Gibby19385
Needs DawnGuard

During Their war with Nords the Snows Elves had 2 leaders The Snow Prince and His Princess Orelinde They Waged War With Ysgramor And The First Companions Its seemed to be going the snow elves way until Battle of the Moesring The Snow Pr...
Killerkeo's Skimpy Armor Pack
Created by Killer Keo
This Mod Should Still Work, I am Unsure why I have an incapatability Banner but from what people have been te...
JoOs Knightly Armory
Created by JackoO
This mod adds several knightly armors. They can be crafted (under steel!) (and upgraded) using a new type of ore, that can be purchased in riverwood (Search for "Ned" beside the smithy).
The stats of the armors are comparable to the ebony set.

There i...
Quest: Into the Depths
Created by GLArt
The Silverfall mine is located at the south of Riverwood. Although closed for decades, the residents of Riverwood hear strange noises at night and hikers report of unusual lights. It is time that a brave hero explores the depths of the mine to break the cu...
Clothings Show Jewelry (FIX)
Created by Good Boy




I always wear m...
Disenchanted Unique Armor and Weapons (Dawnguard)
Created by Silverbuu
If you use my other version for regular Skyrim, please uninstall that version and install this one, it comes with both chests, so you can keep your mod list smaller.


Adds a second chest in the Whiterun's Dragonsreach that allows you access to ...
Advanced Ancient Nord Armor
Created by -Dresden-

I love the Ancient Nord Armor, but I was disappointed in how weak it is, especially if you do the Companion quest line late in the game. That makes it a bit of a useless reward. So I decided to make a stronger v...
Lovely Hairstyles CE
Created by sn00p
A simple hair mod that features some lore-friendly hairstyles, so know this from start, you won't find any anime/super fantasy hairstyles here. These hairs are suppose to fit in Skyrim world.

Now, it's time for F.A.Q

Q - What is CE?
A - Comp...
Advanced Werewolves Special Edition
Dawnguard required for this mod

Welcome to the mod who provides various simple changes in terms of gameplay regarding werewolves.
In order that in Skyrim werewolf is not balanced comparing to legends (I would say totally mismatched compared to...
Bandolier - Dawnguard
Created by 🦎 Sai'Raks
Any questions, answer to which can be found in the description will be ignored.

IMPORTANT, Please read:
This mod requires Dawnguard to work. It only adds 2 items in 2 different col...
The Batman in Skyrim
Created by JP Doctor

Link to my Skyrim Avengers mod:

PLEASE READ: Make sure you wait for the data files to update on the launch screen after downloading the mod before you start the game.

This mod adds B...
Mage Armor I: Battlemage
Created by hawkeyea32
Do you like playing as a mage ,but want too have armor that protects you and gives you magical bonuses? Well I am pleased to say this mods for you. This mod adds a new set of armor (battlemage armor) which can be found in the College of Winterhold Arcaneum...
Enchantment Balance Overhaul
Created by Aertyr
Looking for an enchantment mod that adds flexibility but doesnt make your characters broken? A way to scale spells without simply being handed it for free? This mod is a revamp of the overlooked parts of enchanting to add flexibility and a sense of balance...
Weapons Of The Shogunate
Created by jagdtiger

It adds 18 verrsions of 11 base Edo era Japanese... err... I mean, Akaviri weapons, because you can never have enough katanas in a game ;)

Bonus daedric weapons: Goldbrand (Morrowind and Oblivion), Eltonbrand (Morrowind,) and Zanpakuto ...
Dovahkiin - Realistic Unrelenting Force
Created by 🎼ԁouglasаdams

Have you ever felt powerless although you're the Dragonborn?
Well, Now Greybeards actually hears your voice and bandits will regret that they attacked!


This mod makes Unrelenting Force more powerful and targets actuall...
Ninja Gaiden Armors & Weapons
Created by Kryptonian
The Hayabusa Ninja Clan was founded by the Dragon Ninja, warriors descended from the Dragon Lineage bloodline. Since ancient times the Dragon Ninja had inhabited Skyrim near the place where their ancestors had sealed away the Ancient Dragon Scrolls. The Dr...
Duskguard Amulet
Created by Gilgamesh
Craftable amulet that shields vampires from the effects sunlight with a cloak of darkness. Requires Dawnguard.

This amulet cloaks its wearer in shadow while outdoors during daylight hours, protecting them from the sun. It will counteract the health, mag...
Calyps' Bosmer Ceremonial Armor
Created by calyps

(long and interesting lore based description about a Bosmer princess like Merida and a Altmer prince who tried to woo her by gifting her this arm...
Playable Fox Race - Fennec
Created by Jelly
Adds a playable fox beast race called the Fennec (based on the Fennec Fox)

A wood dwelling race with a fondness for chasing rabbits, this crafty race is sneaking back into society after being driven out by the Bretons.

NEXUS: h...
Sword Art Online Music Add-On (Please read description)
Created by Swood Dood
This Mod adds SAO music to all combat and pretty much every location. THIS MOD ADDS SAO MUSIC, IT DOESNT REPLACE ANYTHING. Please go to the replacer version if you desire no vanille music in your game.
I highly recommend the replacer version for people wh...
Werepanther - Werewolf Replacer
Created by Dogtown1
this mod replaces the skyrim werewolf with a "Werepanther"

the Panther has double attack power and custom sounds

do not install this until you have changed into a werewolf at least on...
Fairy Tail Guild: NEW UPDATE!!!
Created by Okabe Rintarou

The guild is located near whiterun

Maka's Battleaxe
Created by Jarell
I made this axe for a dear friend of mine and she agreed that it could be published, so here it is!

"Maka's Battleaxe" is a custom made two handed-steel-battleaxe. It is craftable under the steel tab at any forge in the game.

Ingredients needed to ...
Main Menu Spinning Skyrim Emblem
Created by Brumbek
This simply makes the Skyrim emblem on the main menu spin 360 degrees every 8 seconds to help you appreciate the nifty emblem's curves and reflections. I also improved the normal map using Bethesda's HighRes texture as a base. Enjoy the simple things in li...
Nightingale With A Face
Created by ⛧sithmartyr⛧
Now you can see your character's eyes while wearing the Nightingale Hood!


- Now supports beast races!...
Race Improvements
Created by Yokai
Ultimately I want to improve every aspect of the race system so that your race effects more than just what you look like. Currently I have made an edit to the passive racial traits so that they don't just boost your initial stats, they actually make a diff...
Fast Two-Handed Weapons
Created by Blakeyrat
Your character can swing two-handed weapons just as fast as one-handed weapons. Unabashedly a cheat. Enjoy.


I've made some fixes, hopefully this should work correctly for everybody....
The Buster Sword (Original)
Created by Kyzer
The mighty Buster Sword!
Crusher of spines, and dismemberer of limbs!

LOCATION: Crushed into a stone at the bridge by the farm around Whiterun.

This is the sequel to my "Toon Buster Sword" mod, and is of the original basic form.
The Buster Sword is...
The Sword of Dovah
Created by Paul
Hi Dovahkiin !

This mod add :

-2 swords with enchantment (one hand)
-2 swords with no enchantment (one hand)

You can find this swords in the High Hrothgar ( see the picture )

I hope you like , don't hesitate to rate , comment and subscrib...
Hamerok: An Orc Stronghold for a Dovahkiin
Created by G20
Orc or not, you can own this stronghold with thirty Orc followers, merchants and trainers of all types, Player owned Longhouse, mine, bar, armory, torture vics and more! But, first you must defeat the three leveled Trolls which seige the city and retreave ...
Brutal Greatswords V.4.0
Created by monkeybladea
Ok so to those of you who do not yet know, this mod adds Faster Greatswords, Axes, and Hammers to the Breezehome house in Whiterun. Along with a very special weapon known as Brutal Greatsword. Brutal Greatsword is a Katana that is very powerful and unique....
Ninja Gaiden Hayabusa Clan Race
Created by Kryptonian
The Hayabusa Ninja Clan was founded by the Dragon Ninja, warriors descended from the Dragon Lineage bloodline. Since ancient times the Dragon Ninja had inhabited Skyrim near the place where their ancestors had sealed away the Ancient Dragon Scrolls. The Dr...
Skyrim Dragon Katanas
Created by Kryptonian
Alduin and Paarthurnax, Forest and Skeleton Dragon Heads Wings and Glowing Red Eyes on your new Custom Katana's and Nodachi's.

Craft at any of the forges in Skyrim
You will need Steel smithing perk to make these new weapons and Arcane Smithing to temp...
Higeyosi Katana Pack
Created by HIGEYOSI
Adds stand alone Katana.
-2 Dai katana / two-hands.
-2 Katana / one-hands.
-2 Wakizasi / short sword.

== Location ==
Sky Haven temple chest.
Or, use console command "coc qasmoke".
When leaving the room is console command "coc whiterun"....
Vampirelord Dai-Katana
Created by NiuHaka
Just a simple Dai-Katana for your vampire to kill stuff with.

The Vampirelord Dai-Katana is a lore-friendly stand-alone weapon that has equal stats to the vanilla Daedric Greatsword. It requires the same stuff to make a Daedric Greatsword ...
Assassin Thieves Guild Guildmaster Armor
Created by cfedey
Makes the Thieves Guild Guildmaster armor set better for the more offensive thief. Made it for myself, but decided to share for those who are like me who like the look of the Thieves Guild armor better than the Dark Brotherhood armor and don't want to mix ...
Nightingale Equipment Improved
Created by Zim
All mods in the Improved Artifacts Collection can be found on the Nexus []. Also included on the Nexus is a single merged version
Black Hand Embassy
Created by Linka421
NOTE! The mod file for this mod have been corrupted and I'm unable to continue work on the mod even if I wanted to, which is too bad but can't be helped. Hopefully I can bring my ideas into fruition come the next elder scroll game.

After being inacti...
Talos Armory - avatar of talos
Created by lagrie
Talos Armory
- avatar of talos helm
- avatar of talos gloves
- avatar of talos boots
- avatar of talos cuirass
- avatar of talos shield
- avatar of talos sword
- guard of talos helm
- guard of talos cuirass
- guar...
Welcome to Norham...
Created by ItsJustJord
Welcome to Norham...
Where everyone has an evil side. Without these evil sides we can't be human...

Welcome to Norham the place full of deep and dark secrets. Discover the truth of this place and find out what's going wrong. Meet the nord's who inhab...
The Morthal Legacy
Created by Bulkbu
"The Morthal Legacy" is a mod which adds content to the small town of Morthal and underlines its thrilling atmosphere.

- Adds three new houses to explore, full of tasks, enemies, loot, vicious ambushes, traps and challenging battles
- One of the new ho...
Forsworn Faction Pack ; ArbitraryFA - Forsworn.esm
Created by MalZen
This mod expands the Forsworn Faction by adding tons of new features! There are new random world events! Followers! Crafting Recepies! etc. etc. And more! - someone who complained about description
New Forsworn Oriented: Random Encounter quests, Favor Job...
Created by Wrecky >.>
Sephiroth in Skyrim! *Fixed*
Created by Wrecky >.>

*Go to the second paragraph for info on this mod* This is a remake of my Sephiroth in Skyrim mod, but this one should actually work (oh boy!) anyway, proof that this works is in the download size. Can't do ...
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Music
Created by < blank >
Music of the Main Menu:
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children OST – Opening

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children OST – Water
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children OST – End Credits
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children OST – Cloud Smiles
Final Fantasy VI...
The Asteria - Dwemer Airship
Created by Mattcm919
\\The Asteria - Dwemer Airship//

Thankyou to everyone who has downloaded and rated The Asteria! All of your encouragment and support means alot to me! However, I am no longer modding skyrim and have no future plans to support any of my mods.

Before a...
Better Fire and Frost Breath Shouts
Created by Dub
Nexus mirror:
Skyrim Special Edition version:
No version available. If you want this on PS4/Xbox One, go ahead and upload it, as long as y...
Sword of the Ancient Tongues
Created by Corvalho
Adds a new sword fitting into TES' lore. It has the Seal of Akatosh engraved in the handle and letters in dovahzul also engraved in the blade, which says "- Dragonborn, by his honor is sworn, to keep evil forever at bay..."

Sword of the Anciet Tongues ...
Anime vampire blood
Created by ScarletMist
the goal and perpuse of this mod is to make vampires truely powerfull beings amoung the monsters and others in skyrim by makeing them as close as possable to the ones in the anime "Rosario + Vampire".

most noticable and/or potent of changes happen durin...
Multiple Followers Lite
Created by KainAsylum

Allows up to 7 followers with MINIMAL SIDE EFFECTS for MAXIMUM COMPATIBILITY with other mods that alter existing or add unique followers.
*Will NOT alter outfits and equipment
*Will NOT change AI Aggressi...
Places: Laintar Dale
Created by ThirteenOranges
The Elder Scrolls Places is a mini-series of Lore Friendly mods, each adding locations seen in Skyrim in The Elder Scrolls Chapter I: Arena (set in 3E 399), into the modern day (4E 200) Skyrim setting over 200 years later.

Laintar Dale is ...
Places: Amber Guard
Created by ThirteenOranges
The Elder Scrolls Places is a mini-series of Lore Friendly mods, each adding locations seen in Skyrim in The Elder Scrolls Chapter I: Arena (set in 3E 399), into the modern day (4E 200) Skyrim setting over 200 years later.

Amber Guard was ...
Quest: The Bigger They Are
Created by ThirteenOranges
A great hero of the Companions lies dead before he could defeat his greatest quest, the slaying of the great giant, Barlok'Gosh. Take up the arms of Holfir Giant Slayer and travel dangerous roads and caves to find Barlok'Gosh and finish what he started.
The Secret Room of Breezehome
Created by Korsakoff
Add a little secret room for breezehome with:
-5 Mannequins
-16 Weapon Racks
-6 Weapon plaques
-5 Shield plaques
-9 Displaycase for dagger
-3 Large displaycase
-1 Enchanting Tables
-1 bookshelves

and no respawn storage,Chest...

Unique Uniques
Created by InsanitySorrow

Version: 1.8

One of the biggest complaints and requests I see on the TES forums is the lack of a unique appearance for the many unique weapons in the game. This isn't much of
a problem for the small...
Stealth Kills for Followers
Created by flexcreator
Plugin was UPDATED to version 1.5
- Removed marker collisions

Your followers are able to kill enemies silently. Should be compatible with all mods. This feature was first presented in my mod Mixed Unit Tactics. I decided to make a light standalone vers...
Argonian Skintones (Unsupported)
Created by ☣ZombieData☣
***This mod would conflict with any other mod that replaces the argonian skin textures, including the raptor feet mod***

-Adds several new skin tints
-Brightens existing skin tints
-Adds modified Argonian skin texture
-Adds new warpaint/face colors...
Hevno Dovah
Created by Gechbal
Hevno Dovah, translated Brutal Dragon

Hevno Dovah is a powerful lategame warhammer, it is forgable if you have ebony perk smithing.
But to get Hevno Yol Dovah: Brutal fire dragon enchanted weapon you must complete the quest Evil in Waiting in
Hidden Identity
Created by Valek
The object of this mod is to make the Nightingale and Dark Brotherhood helmets act like the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal. Equip them and commit unlawful acts while being noticed and your bounty will rise. However, remove the helmet while not being seen by anyone...
Insanity's Steel Bow
Created by InsanitySorrow



A new Bow for Skyrim!, Yep you read that right xD

This adds a new Steel Bow into the game, the bow is completetly new, meani...
World Eater Beater
Created by Trainwiz
Let's face the facts, Alduin as a boss fight was an anticlimax to the max. By the time we faced down the foul wyrm, we were not only a walking tank, but flanked by three legendary glowy heroes. All he did was shout some meteors at us, and then we punched h...
SUPER Ninja Jump & 18 Arrows stick before fade -OP-
Created by MedicineManRx
A mod that allows you to jump a lot higher and further and fall a bit slower with reduced fall damage
Also allows for 18 arrows to stick before they begin to fade.


Please give a thumbs up if you like this mod

Standard NON OP v...
Battlemage Keep
Created by Fixit
Youtube Spotlight

Battlemage Keep 2.1
- 2 all new quests Including 4 new dungeons and a new worldspace.
An obsession for ancient armour has already consume...
Talos Miltia Faction, Hideaway.
Created by Das Pigeon
Adds Talos Extremists to the Game.
Their Hideaway is located near the Talos Preacher in Whiterun.
Lore Friendly. Feel Free to comment below with comments, and suggestions :-)

This Mod Aims to:
Add New Books to the game: ✓
Add Unique Characters to...
Project Reality:Climates Of Tamriel - Lite Version
Created by jj.con

-Adds 506 new weather systems
-Adds 2024 new and unique days, night, dawn and dusk
-Adds a massive library of new cloud visuals
-Adds fork lightning visuals and new thunder sounds
-Adds natural and fa...
Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6b
Created by BakaKemono
A blood overhaul mod

Bloodier combat experience with higher resolution and detailed textures. Additional features such as killmove animation spasms, blood drops when low health, damage based blood amount, blood pools, and green blood for spiders and oil...
Duel - Combat Realism 8
Created by LogRaam
Please visit the Nexus Page for more information:

Duel Combat Realism is a mod that improves the combat system of Skyrim, making them more realistic. It will allow you to cover yourself with your sh...
Secret Of The Silver Blades
Created by jagdtiger

It adds 27 silver-plated elegant weapons for a more civilized age. They range from an accurate reproduction of a historical Oakeshott Type XVIIIe Danish blade or historical ancient swords, to fantasy elven blades and the Daywalker's Blade f...
Created by Disciple16
Valerie is a wood elf located in Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. She is great with a bow and a one handed weapon,Valerie can dual wield. Whenever sneaking she becomes invisible. Valerie can be married. She is loaded with perks and spells. Valerie is a Mas...
Staff of Parthalan from Dragon Age 2
Created by Rand0mNumbers
***Deprecated. This version of the Staff of Parthalan is no longer updated in favor of the Dragon Age Series weapon pack that I bundled this into.***

And now, the Staff of Parthalan from Dragon Age 2.

4.5k polys (9k tris) with a 2048x2048 texture. Ov...
Arcane Archery
Created by PROXiCiDE
@Skyrim Nexus
Arcane Archery[]

- Bow Scaling has been redeveloped from the ground up
- Mirror Image (Requires Twin Souls Perk)
- Damage of each bow can be increased via specificied Perk listed...
Faction Crossbows
Created by Deserter
Faction Crossbows adds a craftable crossbow, unique quiver and four types of bolts for each of the following factions:
Companions, Dawnguard, Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Imperial Legion and Stormcloaks.

2K Texture version can be downloaded from [u...
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition [Multilingual] / Новые модели тел и лиц для девушек [RUS]
Created by Wehrwolfmann
Original version of Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition.

Версия: 3.3с
CBBE - это заменитель стандартных женских тел на более соблазнительные и детализированные пышные формы.

Если вы любитель текстур HGEC от TES4: Oblivion, то данный плаг...
Underworld Vampire Eyes - Dawnguard Req.
Created by Elayeth
A simple light blue retexture of the default vampire eyes. I tried to make it look as much like the vampire eyes from the Underworld movies as possible and this is the result.

Also please be aware that this mod does not affect the beast races nor do I ...
Adriana Lima's Face
Created by MontyX
This has been updated to look more like her.
I have modded more textures. all human female races are now changed.

This mod will replace the Human Female Body textures, to look like Adriana Lima.
You can now look like a Supermodel.

Please rate this ...
Marked Incompatible ]  Touched by Dibella Race
Created by fam5283
A select few of the Dibellan Arts devotees have been blessed with athletic, but sinful bodies to survive in these harsh times.


This race uses a custom body mesh that supports T...
Rayban-like Sunglasses
Created by betti_andrea
Please, endorse if you like it :P

You may freely modify my files for your personal use, but you MUST obtain my permission before releasing your work to the public.

This mod is not lore-friendly!
This mod doesn't support beast races or som...
Playable Snow Elf Race 1.1
Created by amusquiz

By far my most suggested mod I was told by like 4 or 5 users to give this a try so I tried.
This mod includes
  • Custom skins and hair colors.
  • A new race
  • A race that you can change your hair style.
Snow Elf, Dremora and Dwemer Races
Created by LordLuco
Adds the Dremora and the Snow Elves as playable races. The snow elves are similiar to the high elves but also gain another bonus starting spell. The Dremora gain bonuses to destruction and conjuration as well as two cool starting spells. Let me know if...
Nord Blood-Kin
Created by Worhin
______________________________Race Background__________________________________

The Nord Blood-Kin were Raised by the people of the Wrothgarian and Dragontail Mountains, the Nord Blood-kin are both highly resistant to cold and have learned the fearsome ...
Lycans vs Vampires (Part 1 - the Silver Hand Vampires)
Created by sp0ckrates
NOW COMPANION NPCS TURN INTO WEREWOLVES DURING COMBAT! This mod transforms the Companions quest line into an epic battle of lycans against vampires! The lycanthrope werewolves of the Companions Circle are in a desperate struggle with vampires and th...
Tsaesci Race Mod
Created by Big Bad Jack

Skyrim Nexus Link
Half Elves
Created by nyteshade74
The offspring of Imperial and Bosmer parents the half elves are the best of both worlds. Gaining the sneak archery and quickness of thier Bosmer parents. While also recieving the sword skills and restoration of thier imperial blood. These half blood peopl...
Realistic Dwemer Race Beta 1.3
Created by amusquiz
Thanks for the 4 stars the work really paid off so now I am working on a basic player home to go with the mod but if this mod hits 5 or 4 I will make a quest for a player home or maybe a follow.

I was looking in the workshop for a good Dwemer race mod t...
True Nordic Hero Weapons
Created by Sku11M0nkey
** Mild Companions Spoilers below for the faint of heart... for those of you who are brave ONWARD!!**

Drab Nord Hero weapons got you down? Sick of those dull gray swords with weaksauce damage? Did you go through the entire companions questline only to...
Blades Armor Retexture 0.1
This is a Illness..

Blades Armor Set Retexure..0.1

The JourneyMan Armor Set.

Male and female Upgraded Protection and lighter weight for all Races Clean Save Only One Plugin at a Time Check All Share Files for Updates and Other MODs.

Zion's Khajiit Guild
Created by Brandon Leet
This MOD adds about 2.5 hours of Quests, New weapons to Smith (Pending you have completed the appropriate quest in the MOD), A new SHOUT to learn (Lighting Breath), 2 New Alchemy Ingrediants (Zions Life Root & Snozzberries), 3 Different Repeatable Quick Fi...
The Tomb of Erald Kin-Slayer
Created by Son of a Sailor
Inspired by the "Skyrim Logic" posts about fresh produce and lit fires in old ruins, my goal for this mod is to make the player feel like they really are in an ancient tomb that has been undisturbed for decades, rather than Skyrim's usual way of having lit...
Akaviri Samurai House
Created by Grey Wolf Jack

Akaviri House - A peaceful, little Japanese-styled starter shelter with a serene view located near the entrance to Riverwood. Most of the armor and weapons can be crafted. This is a re-release of one of my first 5 star mods (Samurai Uchi...
Samurai Pack
Created by DarkCharisma
This package includes everything you need to survive Skyrim from start, you'd just have to improvise here and there along the way.

1. Armors provide 100 points each Health, Stamina, Magicka. Also Regenerates faster.
2. Boots can sprint o...
Dwemer Pyramid
Created by G20
Unlock the secrets of the Dwemer Pyramid
Find the passage underneath to gain access to a city and player home inside this extensive Dwemer Pyramid.
There's Shops and vendors
A prison complete with torture chamber. Have fun torturing the prisoners w...
Back Shields
Created by diwako

DISCLAIMER: This mod is only for cosmetic reasons!
You cab find those shields in the Weapon tab. However if you play an archer character you will...
Armor for the Nightingale Archer
Created by DraeneiXirena
This mod was made at the request of WanderingJarlPuncher. It adds a chest with a set of Nightingale armor tailored specifically for archers to the first room of the Twilight Sepulcher. You see it to the left next to a rock as you approach Gallus's ghost. O...
Reya Huntress
Created by WarHøg
This is Reya, nord that can be found in Moorside Inn, Morthal.

She is quite a skilled archer, and will prefer to stay in the distance arrowing your enemies to death! Has skills in light armor and bow damage perks. Starts at lv 10 and levels with you all...
Liliths Black Sun Armor Set
Created by Noukheim
Lilith's Black Sun armor

- - - - - - - -
Latest version: 1.0

This mod is basically an absolute remake of my earlier Lilith's armor with a fairly different design. This time the mod in...
Helios Armors (plus earring)
Created by El Pollo
This mod allows you to create the Helios and Helios Z armors, they are taken from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. The "Daedric smithing" perk is required to craft them. They are a bit stronger than the Daedra Armor, but also a bit heavier.

You can also creat...
The Coldharbour Greatsword
Created by Unburied
Adds a powerful, yet balanced, and lore-friendly artifact of Molag Bal. The Coldharbour Greatsword is a deadly two-handed sword which absorbs magicka, deals frost damage, and steals the souls of its victims.

| Detailed Desc...
New Markarth Adventures
Created by MadFrenchie
--------"RISE OF THE FORSWORN"--------

This mod is just about to make Markarth and the Forsworn a bit more consistant...


- H...
The Dark Tales
Created by lagrie
Requested by Debeq, Created by lagrie.
- Dark Tales Armor
- Dark Tales Boots
- Darl Tales Gloves
- Dark Tales Hood

Fallen King
Created by lagrie
[img] [/img]
Fixed 1st person vieuw and textures.
- Fallen King Boots
- Fallen King Armor
- Fallen King Gloves
- Fallen King Hood
The Arena
This mod adds a arena to Markarth, but in THIS arena you can do more than only fight,

You can fight against special NPCs and you get much Gold und cool items... if you win. And if you're strong enough, you can fight against the champion!!!

You can be...
The Graven Deep
Created by dimmu1313
Multi-quest, multi-dungeon VANILLA skyrim mod (no DLC required)

**Note: Be sure to Rate Thumbs Up if you like this dungeon/quest series**

The Story

To keep some air of mystery going into it, there i...
Marked Incompatible ]  Zombies 2.0
Created by Nuzudymas
Zombies in Skyrim mods taken to the next level wth better graffics better zombies , better every thing.

Zombies 2.0

original zombie mod created by [FGC]SharkZ and [FGC][NGX]StreetSmoker

you try their mod and then try my mod and tell me what Yo...
WoW Weapon Collection by EXCissle
Created by EXCissle
This is my first Weapon Mod for Skyrim, so don't expect the best Quality on this Planet ;-)

It add's certain Weapons from the game World of Warcraft to Skyrim.

All Item-stats are Based on Daedric weapons, so its more like an Optical Weapon Mod.

Shadowmourne [World of Warcraft Weapon]
Created by ExoStatic
Wield the furious power of the weapon created by High Lord Darion Mograine in the fight against the Lich King.

Craft this weapon at your nearest forge today using some of Skyrim's rarest materials, but make sure you can at least craft Daedric weapons an...
Frostmourne Sword
Created by Sam Suphit
At a forge -you can craft at Steel weapons section

Thanks to Bethesda for the best games.
Thanks to Blizzard for the sword concept.
Thanks to JaySus
Thanks to Jojjo

-Bryling Home & Friends-
-Bryling Home & Friends-

-Please Rate if you Love This Mod.!

-And a Special Guest Roggvir Follower.

-And There Marryable.! :))

-Bryling Friends are set to Essential.!

-If you find there faces dark place the esp at the bottom of the lest.! ...
The Frontier to Cyrodiil
Created by MadFrenchie
The Thalmor closed the Frontier to Cyrodiil...For you to discover why !

-This mod is on the Gamespot top 5 mod of the week, watch the video from 2.00

Moon and Star
Created by Gan Xingba

A mysterious and powerful criminal has been spotted in Skyrim, his trail dogged by hunters from Morrowind. However, there may be more at stake than it seems, and this criminal may be familiar...

A quest mod for vanilla...
Amulets of Thu'um Mastery
Created by Ponty
I was recently playing a Shout-oriented character and found it rather annoying that I had to either a) Use the alchemy/enchanting restoration glitch or b) shop around forever to find an Elixir of the Healer to get a decent shout cooldown modifier. On top o...
2 Handed Blades Sword & Blades Light Armor
Created by jreese46
This just adds a slightly-larger, 2-handed Blades sword and a set of Blades Light Armor.

1 sword can be found on the table, down in Delphine's secret room in Riverwood, and a couple more plus a set of armor are located in the Skyhaven Armory. Both th...
Werewolf Race Eyes Alternate
Created by Grantiz

Click here and come join me in my new lets play series

This Mod adds a race for the werewolf while in humanoid state. I mainly made this mod to change the eyes of your char...
DefaultGamer's Better Werewolfs
Created by DefaultGamer1101
ATTENTION: This is the normal version of the mod. If you want the version with No Health Regen please go to my workshop and subscribe to it!

After looking around on the workshop I always found every werewolf mod was way too ove...
Lycan Blood
Created by Demon Daken
Lycan Blood provides persistent benefits to a player who has invested into the Werewolf Perk Tree. These benefits will remain, to a lesser degree, while in humanoid form. This started as my own role playing mod. It was important to me that, while some of t...
Crimson Lotus Dragonslayer
Created by |Toast™|
The lost Third-Era Akaviri katana of the Blades holds the power of Fire, Ice, and Lightning. Hidden during the destruction of Sky Haven Temple, time has revealed the sword to be used by the last Dragonborn.

Hidden Blade Sound FX
Created by AdaStout
Hidden Blade sound effect for a sucessful sneak attack

Here's the nexus link (Not sure if it works still new to this let me know please)
Daedric Amulets
Created by comkiller
Adds 17 new amulets, one for each of the Daedric Princes.
When playing Dragonborn I found there were 3 new shrines for the Daedric Princes Azura, Boethia, and Mephala that were exactly the same as those for the Nine. this got me thinking of the other thi...
Thieves Guild Mission Door
Created by Toothcutter
Hey all!

My favorite character to play is a woodelf "sneaky type". This also seems to be the most deadly insta-kill toon in the game. Anyway, as if the thieves guild missions were not tedious enough, running in and out of the Flaggon/Cistern is enough t...
High Hrothgar Express
Created by Toothcutter
Hey all!

I created this mod as I am frequently trying out new characters and build types. The climb up to the Grey Beards ass! If it is your first trip I encourage you to make the climb, otherwise this is the way to go!

Please l...
Nuada Blade
Created by Elmago
Hey there boys and girls. Here’s another entry for those of you who are fans of the elven culture and weapons. This blade was used by prince Nuada himself from Hellboy 2. As always, the model and textures are all custom made from scratch by me. The mo...
Elven Blade Sword
Created by Elmago
Quick update:
My new Nuada Blade:

A fast, short sword crafted by the dark elfs themselves. Very light weight but extremely sharp.
I was tinkering with Maya 2012 the other day and I came...
Lich King's Armor
Created by Sam Suphit

credit:meshes and texture Author: jojjo

-READ THE FREAKING DESCRIPTION. Maybe your answer is there.
-If you are disrespectful, I wil
Daedric Warlock Armor set
Created by lagrie
- Daedric Warlock Hood
- Daedric Warlock Gloves
- Daedric Warlock Boots
- Daedric Warlock Cuirass
- Daedric Warlock Scyte
- Find it ...
Created by guicool



Not much...
Created by guicool


Created by guicool



She can ...
Skyrim Avengers
Created by JP Doctor

REQUIRES DAWNGUARD DLC- I'm sorry but I won't be making a non DLC version, it's required for the armor choices I made.
This mod adds Skyrim's very own version of The Avengers as followers to the game.
Captain Skyrim, Ironman. Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye and ...
Sonya - Companion
Created by Dogtown1
Sonya is a female Nord companion

She can be found at Bleak Falls Barrow just inside the temple

she has custom perks and 2 very nice weapons

the Bow and 2 Handed Mace are both playable and she also has a second Sonya Suit in her inventory that can...
Morgan Venture
Created by guicool


This is on...
Dova Strunmah Höll (Dragon Mountain Hall) v2.1
Created by MurphyMurph
Located atop the throat of the world, this home for the Dragonborn brings an architecture normally saved for a small portion of the gameplay into your day-to-day.

In addition to beautiful scenery and imagery this mod provides:

-all crafting stations/...
Ann, a follower mod
Created by guicool


This is [b...
Created by guicool


This is [b...
Lonely Karliah
Created by ilhe
Karliah is marriable and can be a follower. Compatible with Hearthfire but doesn't require it.
Nightingale Hall is too cold and dull for such a beauty, she feels so sad and lonely. Who will make her happy? Dead Gallus? Doubt it.

Finish the Skeleton K...
Created by guicool



I had th...
Lydia the Unburdened V3.0 - Perks, Spells and Beheadings
Created by Strawder

UPGRADED TO VERSION 3.0 on 5.22.13

Lydia 3.0 is both a complete reboot of the Lydia mod, and a upgrade to the existing editions.
Please note this version REPLACES all other versions, and is the only sup...
Darkahna - Follower
Created by Jelloshot
Darkahna is a Combat Mage specializing in the Art of Destruction. She is marriageable and can not be killed. Darkahna will level with the player character up to level 80 (her minimum level is 10). She can be found relaxing at the Silver-Blood Inn in Markar...
Thalia- Nightingale Follower
Created by Smol Gem
Ever feel like there weren't enough Nightingales in Skyrim? This mod adds a new Nightingale follower to Skyrim. As of right now she can't become a Steward. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE HER ONE, she will simply disappear. She should be ellegible for marriage now....
The Duchess
Created by Cobi Wan Kenobi
The Duchess is a WORKING WIP!!!

A Redguard follower who goes by only "the Duchess" can be found in Morthal at the Moorside Inn. She keeps to herself, but is armed with 2 rare katanas. These swords were stolen from the Ancient Akaviri men and enchanted...
Created by guicool



So, some...
Merrill - A Dragon Age II Follower


Well, here she is! You may remember her from DRAGON AGE ORIGINS, or even more so from DRAGON AGE II, but now you can play as her in SKYRIM! Welcome Merrill, an elven mag...
Finesse and Spider's Heart from Dragon Age 2
Created by Rand0mNumbers
My first character in Dragon Age 2 was a Rogue. There was just something cathartic about jumping 15 ft across a battle to plant my daggers into someone's neck. So, here are a couple of my favorite hole punchers: Finesse and Spider's Heart.

About 1.5k po...
Starfang Longsword from Dragon Age: Origins
Created by Rand0mNumbers
Originally found in the Warden's Keep DLC. I'm using the color scheme from it's clone in Dragon Age 2. I like the contrast between the edge and the flat of the blade. Well, one of its clones. There are a few.

1024x2048 texture size and around 2.6k polys...
Starfang Greatsword from Dragon Age: Origins
Created by Rand0mNumbers
Specifically, it is found in the Warden's Keep DLC. In WK, the blade is more silver in color. The green came from The Ream-Ward in Dragon Age 2; I like how it looks versus a gray gradient.

1024x2048 texture size and around 2.7k polys. Made using Photosh...
Vigilance Longsword from Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening
Created by Rand0mNumbers
The counterpart to the Vigilance Greatsword. The model has around 6.7k polys (12k+ tris) and the texture is 1024x2048. Made with 3ds Max 2011, Photoshop CS4, and Mudbox 2012.

There are two versions: Dragonsteel Longsword (craftable) and the Vigilance Lo...
Hail Armor (Heavy)
Created by Arexiys
this mod is just a simple standalone Recolor to the Ebony armor.

{{ the Armor can only be crafted at this moment. it nee