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The Libel Belt
Created by Dewzie
You done sullied mah name, son.

- Now uses bontreecollapse for LOD2.
- Improved lasso positioning to better cover the default wire beneath....
Scotsman's Golf Bag
Created by Ertz™

- remake of golf clubs (now using the nessie's nine iron model, asked the original author for permission: CHECK√)
- better ao bake and less uv stretching
- normal map
- minor changes on the cloth
- remake of most of the colours and added a l...
The Scrap Reserve
Created by nano393
One man's trash is another man's treasure

3 LODs, teamcolored and paintable...
Lt. Bites
Created by CoreVixen
This bright eyed and bushy tailed mascot will keep you company no matter how dangerous the situation, so long as you have a pouch full of sour cream.
2 styles, left pouch and right pouch!
Glowing eyes!...
The Buoyantly Bobber 4.0!
Created by Rain↯
Perhaps you think like burning your neighbors house down (again)? Besides the ordinary problems like police and getting enough fuel, you doin't have to worry about a wet equipment anymore.

-better jigglebones(head jiggle's when walking)
Combustible Lemon Launcher V1.2
Created by Sparkwire
Resubmitted to add some critical fixes

Best idea ever: (it should work the same except be a secondary, not a primary as noted in the comment.)

Fish R Friends 4 hours ago
Would it be possible to have a primary that goes with this that shoots propul...
Communicator's Carryall
Created by Hideous
Carry all your important things, like your radio, ammo, running shoes and sewing kit, you big wuss....
General's Attire
Created by Zoey

512x256 diffuse DXT5
512x256 normal DXT5
Paintability ( gold trim, not the buttons or belt )
LODs 0-1-2
Team colours
blah blah blah...

So yeah, a nice little opened jacket misc item for Soldier, inspired by military uniforms of the past and a few...
The Screaming Eagle
Created by Sargent_Jode
The eagle that WILL follow you bravely in to battle, that WILL squark in the face of death and that WILL...probably defecate on your shoulder.

Red and blue Colours
Original and 2 lod levels

The original Soldier hat eagle! :) Now with the Hal...
Corpsman's Companion
Created by Psyke
The good doctor didn't have the heart to dispose of the spare test units.

So now he goes about his daily routine with an extra set of eyes watching out for him....
Kitty Cat
Created by Antares
The best warriors always has your pet in battle!

Special hat for 8 classes!
Jigglebones for head and tail! (watch the video to see it in action)

Please don't forget to rate!

El Muchacho
Created by Mikey
I have done a complete retexture to reduce the business and contrast of the original texture. This new texture will have much less of an effect on gameplay (if any).

Even more updates this time..
-Significantly red...
Created by invisibleStuff
Creative name right?
Anyways this is supposed to be a new weapon for the Engineer; passive use.
Although this could still be a Misc.

*Standard 512x512 texture
*Team colors

Any feedback or name suggestions would be very much appreciated....
Ammo Reserve
Created by ]TPG[ emrfish
Never run out of ammo again when you keep this seemingly bottomless satchel full of stuff with you at all times*.

*does not actually have a limitless ammo supply

-added another strap to rocket to make it look sturdier.
-marked sharps where ne...
Samurai of Honor V3
Created by boomsta
A remake of one of my first items on the workshop! Check out the mod here for a multitude of replacements for the Soldier and Demo!

Created by DrySocket
Stylish and comfortable, minimalist legwear for the discerning Sniper. Now with a darker rugged style! Resubmitted with the GOLD STAR OF JUSTICE....
The Valve valve.
Created by Inter
The Valve valve

A Valve fan made "hat".

Its only a version with the valve in the neck,
no other placement, i did want to keep it classic.
i was thinking abut also making one eye version,
but i thoght it would mess upp the characters style to much....
The White Knight
Created by Zoey
Made by Svdl and Sexy Robot...
Troop Chute
Created by Zoey
This is my backpack, i wear it on my back.

256x512 Diffuse
256x512 Normal
LODs 0-1
Open / Unopened Models
More magic, and things.
The Professional Standard
Created by [m00] Elbagast
A sniper rifle borrowing from the British Lee Enfield L42 rifle range and the Russian PSO-1 scope. Re-optimised for the Steam Workshop.

Want to use this in your game right now? There's a mod version here[/url[]...
Old School Orbiter
Created by fcktanks
A helmet from a different era. *Bonus* Piece of tape included....
Slav Threads
Created by Doctor Aibaleet
Never show up to a wedding dressed like an idiot again!

The other piece of the Heavy on the Run pack: The Full Monty
The Maklai Myth
Created by Rain↯
"The Makalai Myth" has been said to be a legendary australian fish that has overgrown way beyond its specimen's limmit. For years the marine biological research institutions in Australia have held hunches towards this myth but have always ended up empty ha...
The Insanerator
Created by Sparkwire
The coolest coal cannon out there! (But only because it's the only coal cannon out there, and to be honest, it's actually the opposite of cool; it's really damn hot!)

Don't forget to watch the video to see it in-game and with special sounds!

The Detpack
Created by boomsta
A nice, convenient pack for the Demoman to lug all of his blasting needs.

Has 2 LODs and is paintable!

Download the mod here! Replaces a bunch of Demo miscellaneous items!
The Comfy Caballero
Created by boomsta
A nice little Engy backpack for carrying all his cool little shtuffs. Has 2 LODS

Special thanks to Viktorie for the concept art!

Modlink to replace the Idea Tube:
The Handy Partner
Created by MonkeyBug
Built by Engineers for Engineers.


Includes two screen styles.

You can download the skin here: {LINK REMOVED}


Look at the screen....
The "Shogun's Guard"
Created by AyesDyef
Look alive Soldier! This isn't some dress up party! Put these shoulder pads on and scream in the face of your enemies!

What's that? It only covers one arm?
Tough luck Soldier, you'll get the other when I see blood on your sword!

Including paintable garb....
The Compatriot
Created by Populus

An Eagle friend for the Soldier.

Includes Jigglebones and LODs...
Red Army Robin
Created by Psyke
Don't worry tiny bird. heavy will take care of you.

Nobody hurts my little dorogaya!

-Smissmas item!

-Comes with lods!


-2 Styles!

-Pyroland assister!

[UPDATED] Removed the details from below the beak.

[ Concept/texture - psyke ]
[ M...
Lil' Reaper
Created by ]TPG[ emrfish
So you thought you were safe. You tried to hide from your fate but he has found you. And he is here to REAP YOUR SOUL

(im bad at descriptions)

-2 styles

Model and original concept by emrfish
Texture, pose concept, and promos by Primrose

The Cold Front
Created by Populus

The Cold Front - Sniper rifle based on a Dragunov.

Lods included.

Don't forget to comment, vote, favorite and post your stat ideas! :)

Bomb Exploding Kit
Created by [m00] Elbagast
"It would be embarassin' to set up a load o' bombs and not have anythin' with ye to make 'em explode. Come to think of it, I've been workin' for RED for how long now and I've not once used me lucky detonator?'s like I've nae been usin' bombs at all!"
The Shrouded Cur
Created by Mongoose J. A
Pease remember to rate this up if you wish to see it in game!
To Whom It May Concern:

Cringle's Cookie
Created by SNIPA

Christmas item 2011...
Heart Beater [with particles]
Created by NeoDement
New version of the Heart Beater (previously known as Heart Breaker). Resubmission was necessary as a new author had been added, who made the particles.

Valentines Day themed bat n ball. Includes heart beat animation, jigglebones, custom fleshy sound effec...
Dancing robot
Created by chelovek(MAPAT)
What is it? =)
It's a dancing robot, something like a taunt. Placed in the slot Misc, built with Construction PDA....
The Texas Hold 'Em
Created by Frying Dutchman
Keep everything safe n sound in this stylish pouch.

The Item is paintable.
Has 2 seperate styles
Has 2 LOD's for optimisation

Model by Petachepas
Texture by Frying Dutchman...
The Braided Pride
Created by Ducksink
A stylized viking-like beard for engineer/soldier/heavy.
(jiggleboned and flexed)

Hinga dinga durgin!
-updated with all flexes and reduced jigglebones courtesy of trey

updated with LODs and imported with importer!...
Zaroff's Pride
Created by Chemical Alia
A double-barreled antique prize from an island far away.
The Falconer Punch
Created by SgtR007
***Please vote up the resubmitted model here[http//%26quot%3Bhttp].***

Because bird of prey talons are usually sharper than forearm skin, that's why.

"He is, and forever will be, THE FALCONER...
Styles for the Bootlegger
Created by Constructor
Two fancy-schmancy styles for everyone's favourite reskin, the Bootlegger.

Includes two styles:
- Bootstrap Bill
- Peggy the Pirate...
The Backbiter
Created by Constructor
hunting's a good job mate

Picture of the closed version:
Winter Wishes
Created by Bapaul
What he wants nobody can tell. Therefore there's a good supply of everything nice and naughty

Comes in 2 styles

Textures by Ducksink
Model by Bapaul

Alternative name by Ducksink: Santa's Big Brown Sack...
Colonial Clogs
Created by Svdl
They are colonial because they are made for kicking ass.

Either a misc or a weapon....
The Password
Created by Orko
Never tell your password to anyone, just slap them in the face instead!
A great weapon against phishing while reliving the old days of friendship.

Based on:

Item name:
duck taped quaker
Created by chosen ONE^^
pyro's duckface expression
this hat have around 850 polys and comes with 3 lods...
The Express Delivery
Created by The Ronin
2 Styles.
Decal Tool Enabled.
Paint Enabled.

Idea by Ronin, Adam Jensen and Ragequit
Texture by Psyke & Ronin
Covers by Orko, Primrose & GetGrenade
Name by K2

For those commenting on the default bag of the scout, there is no way to remove it on my ...
The Time Travelers Threads
Created by Treythepunkid
Get a load of this guy's life preserver. Dork thinks he's gonna drown!

Great scott! Here is my Marty McFly inspired jacket for the scout!

Updated once more. Now has better phong and complys with item test file structure!

Thanks for all the support guys!...
The Sournois Southerner
Created by roamzero
He does bad cowbow impressions

Now he can look the part.

Uploaded using the beta importer.

Added Lod_1 (~725tri -> ~360tri)
Improved geometry (see added screenshot)
Improved rigging


Enough positive feedback and Ill try my han...
The "Face-Off"
Created by Sith Happens.
Impose Fear on your pray with the terrifying "Face-Off"! It might not stop you from getting face-stabbed... but at least you'll look scarier than usual.

*6-class headgear
*Face-Off eye holes have a shadow casting effect (player's bright skin color arou...
Dandy Yankee
Created by Svdl
Keep it up.
Scarf, collar, cuffs....
Gallant Gael
Created by The Ronin
Because being a gentleman should not just be from the inside...

Part of the Victorian Demoman Set

Misc2: http://...
Toastie Treads
Teach that snow a lesson by stepping on it with these GIANT BOOTS.

As seen in this TF2 sissmass comic!
Created by chelovek(MAPAT)
Raven in the head:
lod0 - 795 polygons
lod1 - 613 polygons
Flying raven:
lod0 - 1630 polygons
lod1 - 1568 polygons
Offer for Valve: after the assassination sniper crow flies, using an animation of the flight....
Miyagi's muzzler
Tread softly... and speak even softly-er...

"...I just dunno why they didn't start with my traditional outfit, or at the very least Scuba Scout or Kung Fu Fortress Scout or whatever..."...
The Tortoise
Created by Meed
Says the story that the tortoise won the race with the hare... But who knows what can happen when they both work together?

<I'm still not a 100% satisfied with it, but i cant figure out why. Any suggestions? Also, any ideas for a better name than "the t...
The Terror-antula
Created by DeR‎osaJ
*Check out the updated version of this item!*...
The Walloping Wallaby
Created by Cukeasaurus
This is my first of hopefully many contributions to the Team Fortress 2 Workshop. I started this item over a year ago, but only recently found the time to finish it. It began as a hat, but after some play testing, I discovered that snipers really don't ben...
UPDATE!!! Austen SMG
Created by OinkOink!!!
Side weapon for sniper

I love your comments! don't stop :)

+20% ammo clip
+50% fire rate
-25% less accurate

or :)

+ Gives 40% faster weapon switch.
+ 32 ammo loaded.
- 15% accurate.
- No random crits.

need improvement for gun's stats,...
Archers Groundings
For when a regular shoe just won't do.


I'm hoping this submission could be taken as a weapon, instead of a cosmetic, and could be a secondary for sniper, to replace the SMG or JARATE.

Passive attribute: Allows Sniper to fire Huntsman arrows...
Doe's Dumpster Diver
Created by JoshuaC
**V2a now uploaded!**

Thanks for all the awesome comments, and feedback. I've updated the model with less shine, some clipping fixes, and LOD's to boot!

Based off of Lieutenant Bites from the "I Fight Ghosts" comic.

Fully paintable, and the head, tail,...
The 50-Milers
Created by Roast
Run anywhere! Run everywhere! In fact, just run.
Run and Leave No Trace....
Two-Toed Truth Kickers
Kick the truth right out of your enemies mouth!

"...I just dunno why they didn't start with my traditional outfit, or at the very least Scuba Scout or Kung Fu Fortress Scout or whatever..."...
The Lone Stranger
Created by roamzero
He does bad cowbow impressions

Now he can look the part.

Reuploaded with the beta importer

Paintable and has 1 LOD

Enough positive feedback and Ill try my hand at a knife/revolver.

This is for feedback on the hat, if you like the suit/misc v...
The Jarate Kid
Looks like a little too much wax on...

"...I just dunno why they didn't start with my traditional outfit, or at the very least Scuba Scout or Kung Fu Fortress Scout or whatever..."...
The Prize Catch
'Some say my rod is too long.
I say those fish deserve everything they get.'

Coming soon: LOD's, Jigglebones and alternate models for use with razorback/dangershield....
Rubik's cube_v_2.0
Ah... I will solve it later...
Most likely...
Pocket Radio v2
Created by Orko
A new different version of the Pocket Radio...
Winterland Waders
Created by Bapaul
During the climax of the winter season, you're gonna want a copius amount of fur on your boots...
The Deltoid Defender ("When In Rome" pack)
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Your shoulder can rest easy in this custom made fortress of steel and brass while the rest of you is being stabbed, shot, burned, and otherwise horribly maimed.

Other items in the pack:
Legionnaire's Legacy ("When In Rome" pack)
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
A relic from a nation that kicked so much ass their country was literally shaped like a boot.

*Alternate name: Crocket Dominatus

EDIT: Updated hat position to cover the Soldier eyes a bit more....
the Grimm General
Created by Scudz
an ancient helm of vengeance...

now paintable...
The Boom Box [re-submit]
Created by Will T.TVR
Resubmission using the in-game importer.
Original submission:

Want to carry around more explosives than will fit in your existing body-pouches? Unconcerned with safety? This authen...
Comfy Caballero v2
Created by boomsta
A redesign of an older work. What cowboy doesn't go out without their pack of essentials? Any man would feel lost without their baked beans and a map of Australium Caches!...
Tartan Spartan
Created by Psyke
Helen seems to have an aptness for starting wars.

comes with Lods!
Show those nerds at the museum who's boss!

Model By Ronin
Texture By Psyke...
Comic Boy Redux
Created by The Ronin
Idea by Ronin and Ragequit
Texture by Psyke and Ronin
Covers by Orko, Primrose, GetGrenade
Name by K2

Improved LOD0 with smoother shape and added loops.


Preview images are from previous version....
The Portable Prescription
Created by Jal
Self-medicating is a terrible thing.
-Team colors
-2 lod's
-512 texture...
Blockhead's Bowie
Created by Zoey
This is my knife, people wear it in their chests.

512x512 Diffuse
LODs 0-1-2-3
Other witchcraft...
Soldiers Pride
Created by хвзз
Do you like it?

Don´t forget to comment


And Subsribe (not necessary but rate and comment is ;)...
Piss Balloon
Created by Rafael De Jongh
The Ready To Swim Pack - Piss Balloon

This is one of the extra weapons from the Ready to Swim Pack created for The Gamebanana Summertime Contest:

The Piss Balloon was additional ...
Mercenary's Med-Kit
Created by DMY
A med-kit misc for the health-conscious Sniper.

Based on the first-aid kits from the Left 4 Dead series (which are based on real life first-aid kits! Shocking!)

Features 2 styles: clean and dirty....
The "Double Healix" Backpack (re-submitted)
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
This is the backpack for the Double Healix:

Submitted separately because of upload file size limit. And because it was finished later as well...

* Jiggleboned IV bag
* Self Illum parts
* ...
Honcho's Heavy Reader
Created by heinous
Link to the other half of this set:


Like many students, the Heavy earned his PhD in Russian Literature with late nights of stud...
Nobel's Six Pack
Created by Zoey
Boom boom pow, boom boom ow. Inflict pain in a more classic way with some good ol' dynamite sticks, who needs those modern pipe-bomb thingies anyway? Right?


256x Diffuse
256x Normal
LODs 0-1-2
Team Coloured
Honcho's Heavy Hairdo
Created by heinous
Hello, this item is now outdated. Please look for the newer version here:
Crocket Cap
Created by Wrench N Rockets
Three LODs, paintable, and jiggle bones on the tail....
The Bone-Dry Britches
Created by Rain↯
Stay hot on the trail of your enemy with these refreshingly cool cargo shorts and desert boots.
Oppressive Omelette (Original)
EDIT: Latest revision here - Oppressive Omelette (FIX)

Really hungry with the fridge buried and no cash, you snoop into your magic chucking former roommate's room to borro...
The Mesoamerican Hero
Created by CeeDeeWai
Montezuma HIMSELF wore this helmet when he defeated John Phillip Sousa at the Battle of Gettysburg!...
Runner's Rodent
Created by Vap
One of the many mice that live underneath the Scout's fridge attacked him one morning before setting off to work. The little *&!#£%!? still hasn't let go, he just trails behind The Scout while he's running, hoping he can catch up and bite his eyelids off....
The Big Catch
Created by Ertz™
"If you can't hit any heads then its time to go fishing"

- paintable
- 2 lods
- 512x512 diffuse and normal

- promos by heartsman
- model/texture: ertz and heartsman
- name/description: hedrox
- idea by ...
The Walloping Wallaby (STAR ITEM)
Created by Cukeasaurus
This is a reupload of the first item I ever made for tf2, available at the link here:

It was updated to be a Gold Star item, but not much else was changed....
Rugby Roughneck V.2
Created by runglance
Enjoy stomping your opponents into oblivion sporting this classic Rugby hat of yester-year.
-improved LOD's...
Caballer's Casuals V2
Created by Evil_Knevil
Reuploaded with the new importer tool.

Special thanks to Psyke for making the backpack icons.

Link to the original:
Whiskey Bib
Created by Psyke
Every gentleman knows that only the scottish hold the biggest balls of all.

Show those ninnies back at 2fort how to win a war with STYLE!

Comes with Lods!
Misc compatable!
Regal and dashing!
No more Clipping!

Model by Ronin
The Big Bully
Created by Sparkwire
Be the Big Man of School House Bullying (B.M.O.S.H.B) with this vintage All-American leather varsity jacket!

Comes with 2 lods and is paintable.

(We do not condone bullying under any circumstances)...
The Read-end Spoiler
Created by Rozzy
Improves buttock aerodynamics by 80%....
L'homme Burglerre
Created by NeoDement
Paintable burglar mask/hat for Spy, part of the Baguette Burglar set. Two paint styles!

Thanks to Patrick Jr. for the balaclavaless SFM image!...
Created by NeoDement
Paintable striped jumper misc for Spy, part of the Baguette Burglar set. Two paint styles!

Thanks to Patrick Jr. for the balaclavaless SFM image!...
Lil Snaggletooth
Created by Rain↯
Zilor [GMD]:
When I grow up, I want to be a Hat. ~Lil Snaggletooth

- Paintable
- Jiggles...
Zoya the Fluffy
Created by Exotic Lemming
If you look at it too long you will get headchestarmlegcrotchshot.

The brown spots are paintable....
The Uncivil Servant
Created by Daimao
That Medic's one hell of a butler.

Three LoDs as usual and compatible with the most eye-scorching of paints.

Model, texture, concept by me.
Rigging and SFM render by MaxOfS2D....
Wally Pocket
Created by HellJumper
To be or not to wallaby?

Fully paintable....
Mercury's Messenger V.3
Created by runglance
Fly like a bird , sting like a salted wound.
-Version 3-

Lod's improved.

royalty share to polycount...
Border Patroller
Whether or not you consider this lil' fellah a dog, this keen eared, half pint will be the best living alarm system against nearby and incoming enemies and will not stop yapping until they are gone.

Actually, the yapping needs to stop, unless you want y...
The Torpid Furball
Created by Exotic Lemming
Resubmitting with the new import tool for optimised compatibility.

Original submission:
Backstabber's Boomslang
Created by Psyke
This soft-scaled accomplice is capable of holding bobby-pins. small magnets and other electro-disruptive spy-gear.

Just don't leave it unattended around small critters or docile avians.

Comes with lods!
Jiggleboned body and jaw!
glowing eyes!
All overcomes panic when they see a pirate flag in the telescope....
Unidentified Following Object
Created by Psyke
The chances of anything coming from mars, were severely under-calculated it seems.

Comes with lods
Team coloured too!
Jiggleboned eyes and Tentacles!
Pyroland assister!

Model by Evil_Knevil
Texture by Psyke
Concept by ...
Komainu Mask
Created by Psyke
Why not take the lead role at your local Nogaku Theatre?

Failing that, Why not enjoy scaring your friends with these awesome Oni Masks?

Misc/Hat compatable!
Comes with Lods/Team colours!

Model by Ronin
Concept/Texture by...
Crate Smasher
Created by Loyen
Makes me feel like such a free man

Link to the render (2560x1600):

Update: Model has been fixed to work for all classes (except spy)! Keep in mind that the video and in-game screensh...
Lil Reaper
Created by ]TPG[ emrfish
The reaper is back and ready to try to reap your soul once more! Don't look over your shoulder, you just might have death stalking you.

Unfortunately it isn't as detailed as it was last year, I had to shave off 700 tris so it could be imported. But it s...
Oppressive Omelette (Pet)
EDIT: Latest revision here - Oppressive Omelette (FIX)

Really hungry with the fridge buried and no cash, you snoop into your magic chucking former roommate's room to borrow ...
Hillbilly Speed-Bump
Created by Psyke
We picked this cute little fella' up off the road-side

Turns out he's got a nack for sniffin' out back-stabbing, cowardice spies.

Comes with 3 LODS!
Pyroland Assister!
Durable and shock-absorbent!
For Engie AND Sniper!

[UPDATED: fixed minor c...
Created by Bapaul
For clarity sake:
Due to all the scales being modelled in on the armour it is not possible to combine the two items, we tried but there's really no way to keep it under the 1400 limit for the importer.

Samurai inspired body armour, Demo-Knighting Asia ...
Sangu Sleeves
Created by Bapaul
For clarity sake:
Due to all the scales being modelled in on the armour it is not possible to combine the two items, we tried but there's really no way to keep it under the 1400 limit for the importer.

Samurai inspired sleeve armour

Concept by Squar...
Heavy's companion Bear
Created by Peka
This little fellow comes from Siberia where bears are known to be Man-killers.
He's not going to panic or even blink in battle; if he has the age for
and a merc permit, he would join the onslaught!

Also submitted Polar bear and Panda version, as alts ...
Lieutenant Bytes
Created by CoreVixen
This LED eyed and rusty tailed robot will keep you company no matter how dangerous the situation, so long as you have a model Mann Co. facility in your pouch.
Glowing eyes!
Huntsman's Essentials
Created by JPRAS
A quiver for Sniper. Fits perfectly with Larikin Robin, Falconer and the Huntsman!


-Doesn't clip with Huntsman's arrows;
-Works with in-game shields!
-LOD 0, 1, 2.

Concept/Texture: Texman
Model: JPRAS
SFM Renders: 'R'...
Ivan's Punchbag
Created by nano393
Training is the secret. Lots and lots of training.

3 LODs, jiggleboned and paintable....
Muscle Sluggers
Created by AyesDyef
Arms designed for cracking hulls and crushing skulls, and occasionally smashing cars.

Combine these bulky muscles with the Marchrius Mousse!
Glasgow Samurai
Created by multitrip
Honorable hair.

Thanks to Aly for the beautiful map Suijin! Check it out![]...
Antiques of Clan Degroot
Created by multitrip
Don't scratch them.

Thanks to Aly for the beautiful map Suijin! Check it out![]...
Highland Haori
Created by multitrip
Not blast or sword proof.

Thanks to Aly for the beautiful map Suijin! Check it out![]...
Marchrius Mousse
Created by AyesDyef
The hair to have when you absolutely have to rocket jump behind enemy lines and not in a discreet way at all.

Combine this hairdo with the Muscle Sluggers!
Teutonic Nursemaid (Weiss Style)
Created by Doctor Birdbrain
A classic nurse's cap and feminine hairstyle for the Medic. Because mad doctors do what they want, Schweinehund.

( Original style here: )...
Scaled Protecters
Created by Vensteel
There's snakes in my boots!...
The Cross-Dresser
Created by Ertz™
Called Wakizashi not Katana !

-2 lods
-2 styles (blood and without)
-2 classes (demo and soldier)

-more or less compatible with soldier backpacks (buff banner, ...)...
Lara Locks
[Tomb Braided Style]:

A famous explorer once said, that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are. Be extraordinary with this ravishing ponytail while you explo...
Created by The Ronin
Despite what some really important people said, we present to you yet another reason to produce images of crotch shots and vaguely morbid belt buckles.

Fridge Raider.

Model and Texture by Ronin
SFM by Rain

Jungle Booty
Created by multitrip
When Bob Gaudio asked "Who wears Short Shorts?" I doubt this is the answer he was looking for.

Submitted as an entrant for the TF Tomb Contest, these multi-class short shorts for the Sniper and Heavy are paintable, tactical, and the exact thing Valve aske...
Explorer's Essentials
Created by NeoDement
Not only Lara's classic twin holsters, but also some boots!

Intended as a potential promotional item for the upcoming Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris.

Click here for contest details[]...
The Glock Strap
Created by Constructor
Keep your friends close and your guns closer.

A Tomb Raider -inspired item, created as an entry for the Tomb Contest.

(The gun is not a glock, I know.)...
Tomb Readers
Created by NeoDement
Classic Tomb Raider 3 era glasses, for all classes!

Intended as a potential promotional item for the upcoming Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris.

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(hair it...
Crown Of the Old Kingdom
Created by Psyke
Hey check out this fancy hat,

I stole it from some ol' dead guy wrapped up in toilet paper.

Created for the Tomb Raider Contest, [ Based on Horus's Head-Dress ]

Facial Flexed!
Misc Compatable!
Possibly Cursed!...
Tragedy Poncho
Created by Ernest
This poncho has been passed down from mercenary to mercenary. The last wearer's life always end with a tragedy

-model/texture/rigging/preview pic/concept art: Ernest

-concept art:battleshark97

-Very Awesome sfm promos/thumbnail: Daesdemona...
The Last Sombrero
Created by Ernest
Do you want bullets with that taco, senor?

-model/texture/preview pic/concept art: Ernest

-concept art:battleshark97

-Very AWESOME sfm promos/thumbnail: Daesdemona...
The Outlaw Hunter
Created by Gadget
The Outlaw Hunter

o All-class sheriff's hat
o Paintable
o Styles: Sheriff / Cowboy
o 3 LODs
The Lawful Label
Created by Gadget
The Lawful Label

o All-class sheriff's badge made from brass

Feel free to suggest other names.
The Gunslinger's Attire
Created by K_Factor
The perfect all weather gear for your snipin' in the desert.

2 LODs

K_Factor: Modelling
Earl: Concept
Ernest: Texture
Daesdemona: Promos...
Sun-Drenched Stetson
Created by DeR‎osaJ
Brokeback Thunder Mountain


Available for mod download[]...
Support Spurs
Created by DeR‎osaJ
They jingle jangle jingle.

*For Sniper + Engineer

Available for mod download[]...
The Canyon Creepers
Created by Vap
Cactus Canyon fun? I gotta chase a scout, huh.

- Paintable
- Lods...
The Western Wrap Up
Created by Vap
Don't be stupid, tattered rags are perfect for stopping bullets, rockets, grenades and arrows!

Jarate on the other hand...not so much...

- Jiggleboned

The Slow Draw
Created by Vap
So you're visiting Cactus Canyon ? Why not grab yourself a souvenir! Hats are usually a popular choice. See, even cacti are wearing hats! Everybody wins!

- Paintable
- Lods
- Updated the model to make the brim thinner....
Created by Dark_assassin||
This piece of armor was created in Sengoku period
Nobody knows how it survived to our days.
paintable .
Another thanks for help :
Keller Max