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SquadZ [Lurker Update]
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Sep 2, 2018 @ 3:46am
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SquadZ [Lurker Update]

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FUBAR Party Pack
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Official Discord (Best way to get ahold of us) - https://discord.gg/qF3TMZA

New Content:
Added new map – Serpent Basin
Added new map – OP First Light
Refined flashlights – Now has a proper model and emits light from the flashlight itself
Added the battle wagon for Sumari Last Stand
Overhaul of zombie abilities
- Add blue bar (placeholder lol) to represent ability cooldowns (spit or hunter vision)
- Spitter smoke now does 1 to 5 damage per second over time
- Spitter smoke now disorients humans within the smoke
- Hunter vision is now an ability that needs activated
- Hunter vision only able to be activated when 50% of vision is remaining
- ZED no longer does damage through walls
Balance Changes:
Placeable spawns for zombies are disabled when 2 enemies are within 50 meters of spawn (no but for real this time)
Cache spawns now disable when 2 enemies are within 15 meters
Cache spawn location is now known within about 20 meters for humans
IEZ class no longer does damage to other zombies s
Bug Fixes:
Machine Gunner Class can now be seen by the Hunter Class
Spitter class now works (everyone see the effects)
Many more

Mod Features
SquadZ is a PVP zombie mod for squad. The zombies have super human abilities such as jumping as high as a building or withstanding large amounts of damage. If you have ever wondered how a military force could be bested by zombies, this is it.

Hives - Humans search and destroy zombie spawn points
The Lost - Humans start spread out across the map with one goal, survive.
Last Stand - Humans must build and defend a location. Zombies must destroy the radio win.

AlBasrah - Hives, The Lost
Bloody Bridge - Hives, Hives (Night)
Fool's Road - The Lost, Last Stand
Logar Valley - Hives, Hives (Night)
OP First Light – Hives
Serpent Basin – The Lost
Sumari - Hives, Last Stand

Zombie Classes:
Runner, Jumper, Tank, Spitter, Hunter, ZED

Zombie Spawn Mechanic:
Zombie squad leaders (regardless of class) may place a destructible spawn on the ground. This spawn starts inactive and grows over time.

All vehicles in the game have a "fuel” system. After entering a vehicle for the first time, the health will degrade. A repair kit is needed to keep it moving the whole match. (Exception is for Last Stand maps)

Planned Features:
Hero Classes - Hero classes may come equipped with a backpack fed RPK, a flamethrower, magic, or whatever else we come up with and have the capacity to create. This will be limited to one per match.
Overhaul Melee Damage - No it’s not just you, the hit detection for zombies can be a little off sometimes. I have ideas on how to fix this but implementing these ideas will take time.
Zombie Models - This is something that takes considerable time and effort. It will be quite some time till we see working zombie models in the game.

I’m always open to suggestions. Visit our Discord #z-suggestions channel to post suggestions. Click the pin at the top right to view all pinned suggestions.

Known Bugs
For a list of all known bugs refer to our Discord #z-bugs-issues channel. Click the pin at the top right to view all known bugs. If you don't see it, ask about the bug in that channel. I can only fix what I know is broken.
(US on night maps can only rearm on ammo, not switch kits)
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cant play the mod
< >
Deni Mar 18 @ 1:19am 
When do server become full ? Timezone ?
GammaZeta430 Mar 17 @ 6:39pm 
Cool direction. Loved NS, played 1 back in the day and 2. Thanks for the reply and keep up the great work!
Smed  [author] Mar 16 @ 6:59am 
And by stay the same I mean no AI. Looking into ways to improve what's here. My actual end goal is a large scale natural selection, if you've ever played that.
Smed  [author] Mar 16 @ 6:58am 
Waiting on the troopers mod to nail down the AI before he sends it to me. I've dabbled with making AI but it's fairly challenging. I can do it, but it would cost too much performance. I think the PVP modes will stay the same but I will add some PvE and PvPvE modes.
GammaZeta430 Mar 15 @ 6:24pm 
Any chance Zombie "Walker" AI units (high HP, slow moving but always move toward human players & attack buildables in front of them) will make an appearance? 5-10 in a group spawned from Hives/ random parts of the map or a buildable structure would be pretty interesting (and possible given the AI bugs in troopers mod?) It could help the 1-4 zombie players vs against the human stacks on the Survival and FOB protection maps. (especially on fools road & bridge camping on Al Barash)
[SR] Usefulgamer [A] Mar 13 @ 12:51pm 
Now this is Epic
Emergency Shotput Mar 5 @ 2:14pm 
NP ill try again sometime
Smed  [author] Mar 4 @ 6:30pm 
The link is set to never expire. It says you joined again today at 6:46 EST. Don't know what to tell you sorry!
Emergency Shotput Mar 4 @ 3:47pm 
yeah didnt work, just boots me back to the activity tab, almost like the link is expired, so thanks anyway
Emergency Shotput Mar 4 @ 3:44pm