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A Easy...ish Way to Become Powerful in Kenshi
By ᚐᚅ ᚃᚔᚏ ᚇᚐᚏ
A Basic way to become powerful in kenshi through the freedom seeker start off
what to do basics
The first thing you should do is give all the backpacks to one charecter that is NOT the old soldier.
then give one backpack to the soldier with as much material as possible
use him as everything to start off his good stats will give him an edge
Using only the old soldier from here until otherwise is said
find a place to start building your outpost (preferably as close to a town as possible makes it easy to use men as bait for bandits)
use the soldier as the main biulder for now
the first things to build would be the mine the stone proccesser and the genrator go back and refill your pack from the other packs that your one guy has
then biuld the shack and reashearch as well as the well and farm.
once this is done go back to your starting and have your old soldier escort everyone to the outpostdrop the packs somewhere
use one guy as bait 24/7 and lure bandits to guards at the colsest town whenever they deem a bit to close
do this until you are confidant in your mens fighting ability
reshearch everything you can
and then trade so you can get the good stuff
what do do while all of this is going on
bait and loot bandits and before you sell stuff give the good weapons to your men
use one man as bait once everyone is at the outpost
until then use the soldier
give the soldier the best weapons you find skill plus good gear=power
aviod going over 40% encubrance on the soldier so he can still move fastish
optional train your other men on nearby dummies
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Moobear Apr 13, 2014 @ 2:18am 
I like it. Good starter Guide.
ᚐᚅ ᚃᚔᚏ ᚇᚐᚏ  [author] Jun 2, 2013 @ 3:52pm 
sorry for any typos im a horrible typer