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Total War: SHOGUN 2

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FrankenClan - Chosokabe
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FrankenClan - Chosokabe

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FrankenClan is a play on the word Frankenstein. Inspired by the FrankenCiv mod of Civ V, which combined as many buffs, unique units, and buildings as possible. However, in FrankenClan this differs in that the designated FrankenClan is allowed access to the unique units of the other factions, while buffs from other clans and clans-specific units are combined together for a deadly combo.

This thus creates a Clan, that is composed of all the strengths of all the other clans. A FrankenClan, a monstrous abomination. Do be warned, this mod has no balance, for no one clan was meant to be the equal of all the other clans.

This mod will require FrankenClan Database in order to function.

What is the Database and why is it so important?
The FrankenClan Database contains the required files for units. This allows for players to activate or deactivate FrankenClan Clan mods to let said Clan get the FrankenClan benefits or lose them.

Simply put, this means not having to download 12 versions of the same unit, all using the same exact numbers, stats, names, text, etc....

Download it here:

Important notes
- The Chosokabe will still start off with regular units at the start of the campaign for compatibility reasons with startpos files.
- Kisho Ninjas not included for compatibility reasons with mods for Kisho Ninjas.
- Should be compatible with unitpacks, but do watch out for strange glitches.
- For full list of units, see discussion board below.
- Please post bugs in the FrankenClan Database bug report.