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Kaiser Anony's Atlas: Chile
By Kaiser Anony1200
Part of the ABC alliance, Chile is, in modern times, one of the most stable, and surely the most militaristically powerful Latin American nation. In modern times, it's considered by some to be a secondary power, which is by no means an easy feat. Needless to say, Chile has a proud history, particularly in the realms of military tradition and their proud citizens. But what would you do differently?
Chile is one of my personal favorite countries to play as in Victoria 2- ranking right up there with the likes of the Ottomans, Prussia, and the USCA. One of the many fine parts of it is that it's by no means a super-difficult country: Chile starts out with a meager position as a high Civilized Nation in the 30s as far as ranking goes, a Latin American Democracy (which means more immigrants for you) with a decent Conservative party (Interventionism), a good percentage of primary-culture pops (but as with most nations still good luck getting more than 1 national focus), and perhaps most importantly, cores on neighboring Bolivia and somewhat farther Peru. In this you also get several opportunities to nab industrial goods- Bolivia's Potosi, for instance. So with all these factors combined, Chile is a wonderful starting nation for an inexperienced Victoria 2 player, but still holds potential and option for the veteran players.

Of course, in Heart of Darkness, your road to Great Power status will no longer be so easy to come by- Being sphered is no longer in your interest, it will absolutely destroy your economy, and on top of that regional powers like Japan and Italy come onto the scene faster and entrench themselves more- but it is by no means a herculean task, particularly if you play your politics and technologies intelligently.

So with all that said, I couldn't possibly compile all the possible strategies for Chile- part of the fun is deciding where to expand, who to become friends with, etc- so, like further Atlas entries, this guide shall only cover the beginning of the game.
Before you unpause

January 1st, 1836 start for Chile. Of course I'm not gonna be a heretic and start you off in 1861.

Day 1 is often the most important day of the entire early game. This is where you analyze your starting position, set your budget, and get the general gist of your nation. The first thing to notice about Chile is your budget, and in Chile's case, you just might be a bit disappointed about your budget.

Even with totally outrageous taxes, you're still going to need to make drastic budget cuts if something isn't done soon.

Your income is just terrible on day 1, which means we get to choose a first technology not out of planning or preference, but of necessity. As you can see in the screenshot, as per usual, Freedom of Trade is a must-have for your first technology.

Of course, things will improve fairly quickly:

Precious metal is directly added to your treasury alongisde Taxes, and earns you some direct income. No wonder people get so protective of "their precious".

Some of your provinces have Precious Metal in them waiting to be found, so don't freak out too much about setting your starting budget a bit overboard. But still, this isn't quite enough. So with that now being established, as per most nations in the game, your starting National Focus should be Encourage Soldiers in Santiago. (Well, I mean, in your capital, not all nations are gonna put NFs in your provinces). You may notice that most of your soldier populations are absolutely paltry, and you definitely need them to at the very least be sustained for...reasons. At the very least, this will allow you to drastically lower your Defense Spending, but no lower than roughly 40%, I'd say.

So, with all this now taken into consideration, your journery now begins.
The War of the Pacific
Eagle-eyed cartographers may have noticed something missing from Chile, comparing the starting map to the country in modern times.

Specifically, this little bit of land.

In real life, these were taken by Chile in the War of the Pacific, which was started nearly at the turn of the century over trade disputes between Bolivia and Peru. Of course, there's no reason that Chile can't opt to take these places earlier.

Of course, the actual timing of war should be a no-brainer. Bolivia, as mentioned in my first Atlas entry, has cores on it owned by every single neigboring nation except Peru (though an accurate representation would still give Peru cores on Acre). Eventually, Brazil is bound to declare war on Bolivia, at which point it's time to unleash the gates to hell upon them.

The wargoals to start you off should be aquisition of cores on both Peru and Bolivia (you could fabricate a CB to start with, but you risk missing out on the war by doing so). The actual war itself should be less than a problem, so it's also a good idea to think about what else you want to take from this war. Cutting down to size ensures the nation can't actually strike you back, but it gives you a large amount of Infamy and also takes an astounding 50% warscore to actually do. Other options include Humiliation on either country, taking Potosi (recommended) and freeing Alto Paraguay to its namesake country (but beware of them losing that to competing Argentina).

A potential ending to the war. Great for Chile, but my god look at those borders.

Of course, this is going to do you almost nothing but good. Bolivia will be irreversably landlocked and starved of its major industrial region as well as massive swathes of its territory. Peru will also lose a major region, which will most likely deny it from messing with Ecuador, if you want to keep the status quo in the rest of South America. Of course, I did say "almost", and even if you do manage to avoid a battle and simply occupy provinces...

Hope you've been using "Encourage Soldiers" like I said. I mean, if you actually want to keep your territory.

So that's pretty much the first actual campaign that Chile will take part in. There might be minor variations on this theme, but you can pretty much guarentee that this is how your campaigns are going to be starting.
What's next and the exciting conclusion
Now that other regional competitors are taken care of, it's time to take off and expand your nation and industry by any possible means. This is where the "on rails" portion of this guide ends and it goes into suggestions.

First things first, your technologies. You've probably already gotten another technology researched in the time you took down Bolivia and Peru. But what further? The most obvious answer I can give you is to take one of these:

I never really got why the Industry section made you more money than the actual Commerce section...

...or continue down the Market Functionality line with the post-Freedom of Trade techs to increase Mining and Farming output. Of course, in HoD the power tree (inexplicably) no longer gives you anything for your factories for most of the line, but it does exponentially increase farming and mining output. I'd also recommend, in this same vein, to invest in the Mining technologies- they won't help your agricultural output, but they'll vastly increase your output of Iron, Precious Metals, and Coal, giving the double benefit of more raw output while also allowing more of your population to work specialized jobs instead of laboring.

Of course, this leads to industry itself. If you're going to industrialize, make a priority of the factory technologies in Industry as well as Commerce, and remember to, since HoD, put your factories in provinces with like outputs. Recommended combonations are Glass (Coal-Potosi, Santiago) factories with Wineries (Fruit- All regions, Glass- Factories, Artisans) or Breweries (Grain- All regions, Glass-You know where to get this) for a good early game profit, Steel (Iron- Potosi, Atacama Coal- Potosi, Santiago), Fertilizer (Sulfur- Atacam), Ammunition (Fertilizer, Coal, and Sulfur) Explosives (Steel and Ammunition), Artillery (Steel and Explosives), Automobiles (Steel, Fuel (from Oil, appears semi-randomly lategame), and Rubber (also appears randomly)), Barrels (from Artillery and Automobiles), but perhaps not all at once, to help you get wartime goods. Of course, anything else you can do with the Coal or Iron is also well welcome.

Finally, expanding your country in other areas is essentially on you. I'd recommend places like Johore to start an international empire...

..ensuring in this screen that the country you're attempting to take over is not, in fact, in the sphere of a Great Power like the United Kingdom or Sikkim

or if you want to stay more localized, attacking Argentina and your old foes. Perhaps you could even unify Latin America if you're truly a skilled player.

So, with all this said, if you're new to Victoria 2, try and play a full game with Chile. If you've just never tried it before, give it a shot. My final score in the game I took these screenshots in was 6th place, in a game I was trying to give more example for than actually properly play. Perhaps you could do better?

So begins the Month of the Atlas. While I return to uploading proper videos for you volks at home on my youtube channel, I'm going to be writing refrence guides to some other little countries at my own detirmination every Saturday. If your country, or for you unpatriotic people, your favorite country has a national holiday, or you simply have a request, drop me a line on my page or comment below and I'll try to do your favorites next time.

Until then, remember: Subscribe to my youtube channels if you enjoy good videos. (The other one's at this place where I expose the flaws of men).
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Kodz Aug 17, 2018 @ 2:59pm 
Being Gneiss Rocks! May 7, 2016 @ 9:33pm 
Where do I get coal? The only source I can find is Peru, and I need coal to make my factories, and even in 20th place I have no access to coal.
Arsøn Apr 22, 2016 @ 4:44pm 
xD chile sucks
Totima Apr 15, 2016 @ 10:18am 
One correction: Chile is not the most powerful contry in Latin america in modern times. Actually, Brazil is. But nice work anyway.
Sarif Jan 17, 2016 @ 11:13pm 
@AlexanderTheTurtle. Go to diplomacy and click on "Justify War." If you have < 100 relations with the target nation, you can choose a CB to fabricate and it will begin. You can check the progress of the fabrication under Diplomacy in the 3rd tab to the right
PoolSoup Jun 7, 2015 @ 6:08pm 
This is going to sound really, really, noobish, but how do you fabricate a CB? EU 4 has gotten in my head, it is impossible to learn new paradox games :/
RustyJaeger Dec 12, 2014 @ 7:43am 
TL;DR: Remove Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Befriend Brazil. Cut the funds out of the pesky bureaucrats. Pinochet's Simulator: Early days edition. 10/10 would sim again
Kaiser Anony1200  [author] Sep 16, 2014 @ 9:11am 
You're right. It's certainly not true that Chile has the 2nd largest economy in South America, nor is it true that they actually have the remains of a colonial empire in Easter Island nor Antartica. And you can definitely be certain they don't have the 2nd most well-equipped, well-staffed, and overall best army on the entire American continent, just edging out Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. And there have DEFINITELY been no international spectators comparing Chile, word for word, "Not in the same economic category of nations as Argentina or Colombia, but as Taiwan or South Korea".
Marniximus May 30, 2014 @ 12:00pm 
Lol there is NO way Chile is ever regarded as a modern times secondary power.
Ellye May 29, 2014 @ 5:15pm 
Thanks a lot for this guide. I'm not playing Chile especifically, but this was still useful to give me a better idea of how to get started in Vicky 2 - it was the one Paradox game that kinda eluded me a bit.