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Lore Decor
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Aug 30, 2018 @ 3:13am
Sep 2, 2019 @ 8:17pm
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Lore Decor

Mod ID = 1497827043

If items from a new update are missing in the console, you may need to pick up/place down the console again!!

Important update: The 'Overseer language/font' feature of this mod is broken until WC fixes the issue with overseer font rendering.

Lore Decor is my first ever workshop mod for ARK, a small decoration mod that allows you to craft a few reconstructed props/set pieces from ARK's story areas.

I'm still quite new to modding, so bear with me if I have to push out many updates to correct mistakes. I do apologize for this.

It's worth noting that there are SPOILERS for ARK's story in this mod! Please don't spoil yourself if you wish to discover ARK's story on your own!

-100% clean and stackable
-All items are able to be picked up and placed down again
-Cheap resource costs! 30 ingots for the main crafter and 10 for each decorative structure!
-Each structure can only be damaged by metal tools/weaponry
-The Lore Decor Console, a level 1, 0 engram points required engram that allows you to craft all of the mod's structures without learning any other engram.
-Different variants of each structure, allowing you to chose which one you'd like.
-Great for roleplaying!

Items currently added:
Lore Decor Console, the main crafter for the mod
Starmap Projector from both Island/Aberration endings in the game. Comes with normal and "less intense" versions.
6 holograms of Earth (Three with terminals, three without terminals)
5 ARK Station "Globes" (Both hologram/non hologram versions.)
17 Terminals featuring holograms of your favorite bosses and more!

Please post your concerns/suggestions/feedback in the comments section and use the respective discussion posts for bug reports and more! If this description gets erased/cut off its probably an oversight on my part whenever I upload an update to the mod. Hope you enjoy Lore Decor and please be sure to rate/favorite if you enjoyed the mod!.

My other ARK Mods:

Boss Chibis - for craftable Chibis of the boss creatures
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< >
HP Deskjet 3637  [author] Aug 28, 2020 @ 2:19pm 
@Kaeptn Affe In your Game.ini, add the following:

Jim Pence Aug 28, 2020 @ 12:09pm 
How to disable the Lore Decor Crafting Station?
HP Deskjet 3637  [author] Aug 24, 2020 @ 11:22am 
I've since unfortunately lost the files for this mod. If I were to go and re-create what I lost it may wipe existing items/structures.
Lanayru Aug 16, 2020 @ 10:59pm 
Need admin spawn codes
Jett May 5, 2020 @ 11:42am 
that's odd, thank you though :)
HP Deskjet 3637  [author] May 3, 2020 @ 7:52pm 
@UwU I'm not sure if theres a fix or not or if its even possible to add it back into the game yet sadly. If you go to the Island's Observation Deck or Extinction, it's still not there.
Jett May 3, 2020 @ 7:47pm 
has the overseer font been re-added?
HP Deskjet 3637  [author] Apr 14, 2020 @ 12:18pm 
@Melkbeker Top of the description
Melkbeker Apr 14, 2020 @ 5:39am 
what is the MOD ID
HP Deskjet 3637  [author] Dec 27, 2019 @ 10:46am 
Crashing issues have been resolved but as a result there is no Overseer Font on any of the structures, or even anywhere in the game at this point. Go to Extinction or the Observation Deck on The Island, it's like it was never there either. Kind of a lame band-aid fix for now, unfortunately this has taken away a lot from my mod.