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SCUM Beginner's Guide | Gameplay Basics
By GrimyGamer
These are the first steps to understanding and playing SCUM.
SCUM Beginner's Guide | Gameplay Basics

1 - This is the status bar of your convict where you see his Health, Stamina, Energy and Hydration

2 - This is the quick access bar, through which you can access items you binded in your inventory.

3 - This is your fame status, you collect fame points by doing pretty much any task on the island. For now they can be used to revive your character but will have addition use in future updates.

4 - In the vicinity tab you can see items that are around you. Also if there is an item that has something stashed in it, you won’t be able to put it into your inventory.

5 - This is your inventory, all items that have storage space for other items. If you have clothing that does not have item slots it won’t be showed in the inventory panel.

6 - This are parameters for each piece of inventory storage. The red number is level of warmth the item gives, the higher amount is better. The green number indicates if your item is wet , how much water it’s absorbed, and any bonus weight. The 0.9/10kg indicates the weight limit of the item.

9 - This is the crafting list of all craftable items in the game, not to worry more are coming during development.
The red shading behind an icon (example here: second icon on the tools and weapons section) means it’s an item that you can craft but have no ingredients for to make it. The yellow shading (example here: first icon under tools and weapons) presents a craftable item that you have some ingredients for. The grey shading (example here: ammunition) means you do not have the skill high enough to craft the item. And the normal icon (example here: selected fire drill) means that you can craft the item.

10 - Once you select an item that you want to craft, or want to see needed ingredients and tools for an item it will appear in the “Crafting Recipe” window. There you have a component window that will contain what ingredients (green cog) and tools (white hammer) are need to craft the item. “Can be used with” will show possible ways of how you can use that item if it has any. Bellow you have “Vicinity” and “Inventory” tab from those you will see what tools and ingredients are selected to craft the item, you can also change that to your liking

11 - This is the ICU monitor of your prisoner, here you can track his heart rate, temperature, oxygen levels etc..
Also the state of your attributes and the gain/loss percentage of them per day. Also the level and experience of your skills.

12 - This is your body and performance monitor that includes info of how your body is performing and its current state. The most important part of this is to track diseases that can cause larger problems.

13 - This is the nutrition window, this part is for the people who want to dive deep into SCUM by tracking all nutritions and how their character is performing.

14 - Those are your bowels, and what's in them. Similar to the nutrition window, this is for more hardcore people that love to know and keep track of everything in the simulation.

15 - The Network Event tab where you can get all the info about current and upcoming PvP events.

16 - The leaderboard from events, and fame points.
Here is the map with everything. It includes as follows:

red - Military base
blue - Town with Police
orange - Points of Interest

In the game there are lots of good places to do loot and everywhere there is a different loot if you are looking for household equipment such as water and food pots pans You must do loot in the villages, but if you are looking for loot for war like military bags guns bullets for guns helmets armor etc. You must do loot in military places.

The map is 12x12 km and 144 km squared!
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Top 23 Tips for SCUM
Other tips that could help you:

1. If you are behind a wall or a door you can hit the zombies through the door or wall.
2. If you have zombies on you and you do not want them to hurt you keep going backwards and they will follow you at your own pace and will not be able to hurt you, try hitting them while you are.
3. Do not be afraid in the area with lots of zombies because they will chase after you.
4. If you want the zombies to disappear, leave the game and come back
5. If you lie on the floor and there are a lot of zombies you will not be able to hurt you
6. If you are in the first person you can do loot to a slightly more distant place in the third person you can not do.
7. When you produce a canteen you get 1.5 liters of water inside it.
8. You can destroy the robot but it will require a lot of bullets.
9. If you destroy the flying robot that comes to you getting the FP.
10. aim to the Head of zombie with speer to kill him in one hit.
11. Do not go to the edge of the map!
If you go to the end of the map you will be sent a message saying "return to the island immediately or you will be killed!" After 4 masseges "you have been warned!"
12. If you want to hide your loot and if you are near a lake you will hide your loot in the lake, but if you are not near a lake then hide your loot in the bushes (of course, put the loot in a box).
13. I suggest you do not go through the 20 stamina during running because if someone start to shoot you, so you need stamina to keep running. (Of course while you rested get in to bushes).
14. When you need to get out of the game, I suggest that you leave the game when you are near your Shelter or in the bushes.
15. Look at the garbage too, Sometimes you can also find food in the cans and it can help.
16. Do not be friendly to a person holding a weapon and if you see a person with loot, shoot him.
17. if someone openfire on you run zigzags, It saved me more than once!
18. Before you go on another quest for food/water/ammo put the most in your loot box.
19. Try to put more clothes on you if possible - more clothes worth more slots also underwear and shoes.
20. Hide your shelter in the woods in the bushes.
21. Before you leave the game, I suggest you pick up as much equipment as you can.
22. Dont prepare animal skin pants! You will only get two slots.
23. Make an animal skin jacket ! You will get 6 inventory plots but you will also get up to 10 kilos of storage of objects and that's really good!
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Thanks for this awesome help tutorial! I really appreciate you taking the time to do this!
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Vitamin D is gained when u eat the red oranges
DsoZero Aug 30, 2018 @ 7:55pm 
VapourEyes Aug 30, 2018 @ 6:30pm 
Read it again dumb dumb I have a fire drill and it's not gray it's yellow, like I said read it again
Coconutsales Aug 30, 2018 @ 6:05pm 
If you have all the ingredients but it's grey, you didn't allocate enough points to the SURVIVAL skill.

Also, how do you light a fire if you're too dumb to make a fire drill? Flint N Steel, matches, and ligthers don't work...
VapourEyes Aug 30, 2018 @ 5:23pm 
Also has anybody encountered the issue of having all ingredients for an item but still can't craft/ still shaded yellow?