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Night Vision Goggles
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Aug 28, 2018 @ 12:26pm
Sep 3, 2018 @ 11:27am
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Night Vision Goggles

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My take on the night vision goggles. I don't think there is any mod where the goggles are actual entities that you can pickup.

This mod will be required for another addon that will come soon, it's not that hard to guess. ;)

Client-side convars:
- nvg_goggle 0-1 => enable/disable the goggle overlay (enabled by default)
- nvg_refract 0-1 => enable/disable refraction (disabled by default, can mess up your aim)
- nvg_refract_value <number> => set the strength of refraction (0.03 by default)
- nvg_color <number> => change the color of the lens
(0 = green, 1 = red, 2 = blue, 3 = purple, 4 = yellow, 5 = turquoise, 6 = orange, 7 = white)

Console commands:
Use "dropnvg" to drop the night vision goggles.
Use "toggnvg" to toggle (turn on/off) the night vision goggles.
You can bind those commands using "bind <key> <command>" in the console.

Chat commands:
Use !dropnvg to drop the night vision goggles.
Use !toggnvg to toggle (turn on/off) the night vision goggles.

Q: I can't find the goggles!
A: They are available in Entities>Other>Night Vision Goggles

Q: The goggles are an ERROR!
A: Unsubscribe from the required addon, then resubscribe, then restart Garry's Mod.
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metropoliceC14:5 Sep 5 @ 6:35am 
i must say that fromthe pics it should work better than cb:scp npc pack one
SolarSnake (master of zen) Aug 26 @ 1:12pm 
what maps u use in screenshots?
Talon Jul 27 @ 10:01am 
From what I can tell, it doesn't have any annoying flickering like what I get with another nightvision addon. So... immediate like and favorite there.
Handi Mar 2 @ 12:29pm 
cant wait for the update! Really like this addon :D and no i have like -10 lua knowledge :D
DragoTeryx  [author] Mar 2 @ 11:59am 
If you have some lua knowledge you could probably display a message in the chat when someones equips the goggles telling the player how to use them.
DragoTeryx  [author] Mar 2 @ 11:58am 
I'm planning to rewrite this addon from scratch and I will probably add a way to automatically bind a key serverside to toggle the goggles, as well as more customisation options and the model from Insurgency.
Handi Mar 2 @ 11:13am 
anyone know how to make players in a server automaticaly bind a key to a command? Like i want everyone who connects to my server automaticaly have N key to binded to say !toggnvg? Because nobody in the server will know how to use them
seawolf Jan 29 @ 9:08pm 
if this had a splinter cell type with gray green that would be coll ok becuse im looking for a splinter cell night Vision but i cant find any
ǝʇɐunʇɹoɟu∩ Jan 23 @ 5:00pm 
but mod is great