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Call of Juarez Gunslinger

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Arcade Mode: A simple how to.
By El Matador 9092
What is the main goal of the Arcade Mode? Basically, to get through a short level, taking out as many enemies as possible, while doing this in the shortest amount of time as possible. At the end, you are rated based on the points you score taking out enemies as well as a time bonus for the amount of time still left.

In order to obtain a three star rating on each of the levels, there are only three things essential,
1. Basics
In order to obtain a three star rating on each of the levels, there are only three things essential,
namely: combo, combo and combo!

Killing an enemy gives you a certain amount of points. Taking out another enemy doubles the points you are getting for taking out the second enemy etc. There are levels out there with 60+ enemies,
so for the last few enemies remaining, you are getting huge score multipliers! The most points are always gained at the end of each level.

There is one catch though. Every enemy needs to be taken out in an interval of less than 4 seconds apart. Hence the four playing cards on the left of the display and the ticking sound in the background.
In order to achieve this, my personal tips are:
  • Know the level. Never expect to do a personal best while playing a level for the first time.
  • Shooting extra objects like red barrels and pumpkins resets your four second interval.
    Very useful for when you don't know where the next enemy is, or when the next enemies still have to arrive!
  • Use your concentration. When you are in concentration mode, the four second interval temporarily stops counting, thus giving you more time. Also, reloading your guns during concentration means more time to take out the next enemy. This is especially relevant for the Rifleman class. Which brings me to...

2. Classes
The different classes. There are three characters as which you can play. There is the Rifleman class,
the Shotgunners class and the Gunslingers class. There are also extra abilities for each of the different classes, which you unlock by scoring points with each of the characters in the Arcade Mode. These extra abilities are class-specific. They are often quite useful, like having longer periods of concentration or faster reloads. This is a reason why you will not get your best result, or even perhaps a three star rating at your very first attempts!

My personal opinion is that of these three different characters, the Gunslingers class is by far the easiest to play. When you've unlocked all of the perks, you have the (somewhat overpowered) ability to automatically refill your concentration after killing six enemies, or any multiple of six. Because of this ability, you'll be using your concentration a lot, which not only makes eliminating enemies a lot easier (targets standing still versus moving targets), but also makes sure you score a lot more points for doing so in the process. This is because...

3. Bonus Points
You get bonus points for killing an enemy with style. This is the part where it gets very interesting for those who do not only want to get a high score, but get a very very high score indeed. The trick shots which give you extra points are called: Headshot, Eyeblink, Last Breath, Full Blast, Runner, Long Shot, Dynamite, Boom, Piercing Shot, Ricochet, Pair and Sweep. All of these (with a few exceptions) are additive, and when you add the multiplier for taking out large number of enemies, these can give you tremendous scores!

Bonus points are added for headshots, so ideally you should take out every single enemy with one. Again, this is made a lot easier with the Gunslinger class. Being in concentration (Eyeblink) gives extra points as well, another advantage to the Gunslinger class given the fact that this class can use more of it.
When you take out an enemy while being damaged yourself, you might get another bonus called Last Breath. Personally, I don't rely too much on this one, but it certainly means that you don't have to wait to restore your health. Rushing through a level will usually give you more points.

A bonus specifically for the Shotgunners class is called the Full Blast. Need I say more? Approach an enemy and fire your double-barreled howitzer at point blank, giving you extra points. Can be dangerous too however as you risk being 'melee-d' by the enemy.

When approaching a new group of enemies, a few of them are usually still running towards their positions. These targets should be your first priority, since eliminating them gives you the Runner bonus.

Next up is the Long Shot. I find this one more easily attainable with the Rifleman class, but you can get this bonus with the Gunslinger class as well by firing vigorously at enemies from a distance.
You'll want to get up close and personal though, but sometimes, there is no other way...

The Dynamite bonus you get by taking out enemies with your sticks of dynamite (should be called grenades really), while the Boom bonus is added for doing the same thing by shooting the red barrels. These two extra's are particularly useful when you encounter large number of enemies and you risk running out of concentration before you can take them all out. Again, do this while using concentration, since bonuses are additive! Another reason to use explosives, is when you're up against tougher enemies like enemy shot gunners.
An interesting thing to note is that you can shoot the dynamite so it explodes earlier. Also, you get
as much points for taking out enemies with explosives as you get for taking them out with headshots.
If you haven't got an enemy in your vision, you sometimes don't get the Eyeblink bonus together with the explosive bonus, even though you are in concentration mode.

The Piercing Shot bonus is an interesting one as well. Here, you get points for shooting an enemy through an obstacle. Not all objects are designed that way that you can do so, though.
Sometimes, it really pays off to play through a section of a level a little bit faster or a little bit slower, just so that you can shoot an enemy while he is behind cover!

The Ricochet is not of any particularly use as it is very difficult to get a bullet to bounce of an object, then take out an enemy. Finally, some enemies on the later levels are worth a lot more points than the normal enemies, because for some reason taking them down gives you an extra Wanted bonus. No need to do anything special for this one, just take them out.

The Pair and Sweep bonus (credit to Raxyz) are awarded for taking out two guys with one shot, with the rifle and the shotgun, respectively.

4. And finally...
My last few tips would be that to find out the right class for the specific type of level, you should also take a look at the leader boards. For example, the first level is well suited for the Shotgun, while on the last level you might be wanting to use that Rifle. Time bonus adds to your total score, but is of lesser importance than say... not getting an enemy target because of it, or missing a headshot, especially on the last few enemies.
And lastly, you also need some luck. Having the target appear in front of you at exactly the right time, can sometimes give you a combined bonus of a Headshot, Eyeblink, Runner and Piercing Shot, while on a following attempt your bonus might only include the Headshot. Trial and error!

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el9 Apr 15, 2017 @ 4:33pm 
usefull tips
Redhotjets Nov 17, 2016 @ 11:50am 
Great tips, thanks!
Gamen since 85 Aug 30, 2015 @ 8:34am 
Complete rounds in arcade, Score counts as exp to advance class level of the class used.
powergold1 Apr 7, 2015 @ 1:48pm 
A nice simple tutorial for beginners. There are some more things to consider to get a top ranking though, like optimal concentration/health management
V-Man Aug 3, 2014 @ 8:35am 
How are class skills awarded?
Is it based on stars earned with that class, or is it cumulative?
Major Jun 21, 2014 @ 7:25am 
Denkar Jun 18, 2014 @ 1:56pm 
Actually, a nice guide, and quite interesting, you are right behind me on the score list.(For now)

Good job!
Desperad0 Mar 21, 2014 @ 12:10am 
well done
KingsGambit Jan 17, 2014 @ 1:10pm 
Thanks so much for the helpful reply and the well-written guide. Really helpful and now halfway to getting 3-stars on all levels! Many thanks again :B1:
El Matador 9092  [author] Jan 16, 2014 @ 7:26am 
@KingsGambit: once the bonuses are unlocked, they stay with you. However, they are only active when playing that specific class. The approximate scores and multipliers differ for each of the levels so difficult to say. If you get a good run, you shouldn't have any problem getting 3 stars on each level, without even having to worry about extra bonus points.