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Stacking - Get Past the Ghouls - Solutions
By DinoKoek
All solutions to " Get Past the Ghouls " puzzle
Stacking - Get Past the Ghouls - Bake 'n' Break
Bake 'n' Break.

You cant do this one until you have forged the crown. The three blacksmiths will be standing near the front of the statue. Stack into the two big ones and go to the ghoul room. When the ghouls come running for you activate the big ones ability and quickly unstack. Now use "Pan Handle" on the big one and all the ghouls will break apart. Repeat this until all the ghouls are gone.

Stacking - Get Past the Ghouls - Ghouls Lash

Turn right at the statue and head for the docks. Find one of the small girls with a fishing pole, and go fish in the sea where there's no ropes. You will catch Deep Sea Hans, use his ability to smash your way though the ghouls.

Stacking - Get Past the Ghouls - Head Cheese
Head Cheese.

Stack into Stilton Red-Sticks in the room just before the ghouls. Simply throw cheese at the ghouls and open the gates.

Stacking - Get Past the Ghouls - Jailed Bait
Jailed Bait.

Stack in to Betty Bufflehead in the room just before the ghouls. Use her ability on a child to cage it. Now stack into a dock worker and pick up the child, carry it into the ghoul room and put it down. The ghouls will now turn to the caged child and you can move around freely. Repeat this for the second room.

Stacking - Get Past the Ghouls - Meat Head
Meat Head.

Go to the meat vendor on the left side of the statue and talk to him using an adult doll. He will give you a meat hat and you can just walk past the ghouls.

Stacking - Get Past the Ghouls - The Artful Dodger
The Artful Dodger.

Just use Charlie and run to the gate switch, might take a few tries but once you open a gate it will stay open.

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Avigor Mar 12, 2017 @ 3:22am 
A note to add to "Artful Dodger": You can't cheat by using a different method to get there safely and then unstack to just Charlie just before entering the final area. I tried, even unstacking to open each gate didn't help; you must do the AD run the hard way.
汤姆Lin森 May 31, 2013 @ 8:02am 
its very good:):spycon: