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The Broken
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Scenario Gameplay: Singleplayer
Scenario Map: Altis
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Aug 25, 2018 @ 12:30am
Jan 12 @ 5:43pm
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The Broken

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After the Chernarus Outbreak, the nuclear fallout made it's way across the globe. Sweeping from continent to continent, and along with it the virus followed. The Seas became plagued and the fish were absorbing the virus... It didn't effect the local wildlife at all, only the humans consuming them. The Virus saw humans as the Perfect Hosts and infected them. Globally the outbreak became pandemic, the nuclear warfare had it's price as well, it changed the natural shifts of weather conditions in all areas, it was a global nightmare. Death greeted most quickly...

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You were one of the ones that fled Chernarus, you were one of the survivors... You thought you headed towards the equator, where you would find warm sands and a nicer climate than the one you were used to... What you didn't know was that the outbreak sweeped across the globe... And the radiation followed it, you had no idea the rest of the world collapsed into an endless nuclear winter...


I welcome you all to my continued story of "The Burning Rain" Here it is! I noticed a lot of people wanted a scenario without a ton of mods used, It will definitly be a challenge for people new to RAVAGE Survival. This is my third release to the Workshop and is still kind of early in development, expect updates!

Update: Jan 12 @ 6:43pm

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Current WIP:


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"The Burning Rain" Singleplayer Survival:

Map Credits:

Crazy Mike, He did an Amazing Job!

Without these Mod/Script Authors, I couldn't of done this:

Bohemia, Haleks, Vandeanson, JohnO, Crazy Mike, BangaBob, and the CUP TEAM, their scripts, and textures were used in the making of this Scenario! I also thank our Amazing Community!

Music Credits:

I didn't make any of the music in this scenario, all music credits go to the Ravage mod (Haleks, and MoozE)

Immersive sound Credits:

Royalty free sounds

What this Scenario Consists Of:

Hybrid Loot System loot can be found on the ground in buildings, or by searching containers

Immersive music 26 unique and absolutely incredible music tracks play in the background (Ravage mod, Haleks, MoozE)

Random Spawn time 90% chance to spawn in daylight, 10% chance to spawn at nighttime.

Daycounter Keeps track of how many days you've survived.

Spawn in plane You will be spawning in a damaged plane with low fuel...

Zombies Drop Loot Zombies have chances to drop food, drinks, and money, along with radios, watches, other misc items. (Geiger counters, maps, antirads are ALL NOT DROPPABLE by Zombies, these CAN be looted from bandits, or found it crates, lootboxes etc...)

Unique Player Bases They have FULLY functional lighting systems, mass storage, and base defences stored all within them (one of them atm). Assemble and use your own Base Defences (Found in Storage Crates) **It's Location is by Charkia** **The Other is Near a Power Plant**

Traders Guild Location can be found on the map!

Trading Caravan Thier path, and rest areas are located on the map

Air Patrols hostile air forces looking for remnant survivors...

Dynamic Body Temperature System Keeps the player notified of Overall Weather, and sickness. (freezing, Cold, Sickness... etc...)

Dynamic Ship Wreck Spawner Dynamically Spawned Ship wrecks with loot across the map on the Coasts of Altis.

Dynamically Spawned Animals Wandering, randomly spawned, food source...

Dynamic Traders both wandering and static around the map.

Recruitable Survivors Some wandering AI and Townsfolk are recruitable!


Dynamic Weather system Snow, Fog, cloudy all Randomly changing.

Vehicles some wrecked some you can hop in and drive without repairing.

Vehicle repair System

Dynamic loot system

Dynamic Bandit camp spawning system Bandit camps randomly spawn across the map, and have loot!

Infected Crawlers, runners, and the usual Walkers.

Dynamic Survival System Your gonna need food and water to stay alive.

Bandits Bandits have always Stalked the lands looking for someone... Someone as unaware as you...

Save System Don't worry, you can pick up where you left off. :)

Pure Atmosphere


Survival Tips:

Matches are your blood, never run out. Food is scarce, you will need to Hunt, the elements are also unforgiving. This Scenario is set some time after the world went to an ongoing nuclear winter. You will need warmer clothes...


Play with headphones to get the FULL effect and feel of the gameplay, Also the mods below will also add a more rich atmosphere to the scenario, remember to keybind newer mods if they require it, also remember to restart the scenario to "activate" the mods during that playthrough!

Mods that make the gameplay Even Better:

Friths Ruin:

RHS Escalation:

Enhanced Movement and Visuals Mod by badbenson (Wonky Willa):

JSRS Soundmod:

Take Note:


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave below...

Any questions or comments please post them up down below.

Have a YouTube channel and make videos?

Please don’t hesitate to release a video of my scenario! I love my work being Featured!

Make your own Scenario's? Feel free to help me out!

always looking to learn more scripting, and editing bits and pieces!
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MuRaZorWitchKING  [author] 13 hours ago 
@behemoth227 yes that includes aircraft as being repairable :)
behemoth227 18 hours ago 
Damaged, repairable vehicles, always a good sign. Does this include helo's and aircraft, or strictly ground vehicles?
MuRaZorWitchKING  [author] Aug 25, 2018 @ 11:14am 
@ROBAX It's like "The Burning Rain" There is no ending, it's pure open survival with a lot harder weather system that players will constantly be battling.
ROBAX Aug 25, 2018 @ 2:48am 
Hi there. Is there anything to do in this one or is it just plain Ravage survival? Thanks