Serious Sam Fusion 2017 (beta)

Serious Sam Fusion 2017 (beta)

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Quake 3 Arena: Fusion
Content: Maps, Weapons
Game Mode: Versus, CTF
Other: Sounds, Music
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Aug 24, 2018 @ 11:53am
Dec 19, 2021 @ 9:22am
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Quake 3 Arena: Fusion

The smell of reptiloids infects this place! And we are in need of new boots.
Been a long coming, wasn't it? Quake III Arena: Fusion is a Total Conversion mod porting over the best of Quake III Arena into Serious Sam 2017: Fusion.
Remember when Quake III Arena released? The sheer fascination while you battle against real life opponents on a multiple of vastly different arenas, only to satisfy your inner sadistic pleasures?
You can finally relive those memories! Grab the gro, and some friends and battle it out on a collection on some of the best Quake III maps. All in Deathmatch, TDM and CTF!
But wait, it's not only the maps! Quake III Arena: Fusion is a completely new game title! With a new HUD, the Quake III announcer, Quake III-ish UI and most importantly, the weapons from Q3A and Q3TA. Yup, all the weapons are included in this mod!

Alongside this comes the fact that the game title was also made to be modder-friendly. If you're a modder, the power of making maps for this is in your hands!
But now, for some technical stuff:

- - -

The currently included maps are:

- q3dm0 to q3dm8
- q3dm10
- q3dm12
- q3dm16 to q3dm19

- q3ctf1
- q3ctf3
- q3ctf4
- q3tourney6_ctf

More maps coming as soon as I make them.

- - -


Q: Why didn't you release all the maps at once?
A: I'm generally tired of making them, and following the advice I've been given, I've released what I had, and I'll release more maps as soon as I have the will to make them.

Q: I can't switch playermodels in the gtitle!
A: A bug with Fusion.

Q: Will you make Team Arena maps?
A: No.

Q: I sometimes die in mid-air on space maps.
A: This is a very weird bug with VS, where if you rocket jump over a Killer field, you die no matter the height.

Q: When I use the bounce pads I lose velocity.
A: None of the people I asked knew what's the problem with it. The only known fix is to not hold W while in mid-air.

Q: Mod doesn't work!!!!
A: Make sure you're subscribed to everything, and include the log, you ♥♥♥♥.

- - -


- noam 2000 for helping me with understanding the editor and fixing a lot of my dumb mistakes
- Ryason55 for basically 90% of the scripting, including the railgun, lightning gun, grappling hook
- Id Software for the sounds, maps, and everything else
- Soulmyr, noam 2000, Ryason55 for the weapons
- Pan for the playermodels
- The 7Smoke Community for betatesting

Thank you all so much. <3
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Aug 25, 2018 @ 4:12am
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Stoni Jan 6 @ 2:16pm 
Hey nano this is really good news ;)
nano  [author] Dec 24, 2019 @ 12:32pm 
Sadly no, as Fusion doesn't support Deathmatch bots.
alex.brown111 Dec 24, 2019 @ 10:38am 
Hi, there is a way to play in single player like the original quake 3 ?
nano  [author] Nov 24, 2019 @ 9:11am 
Nope, the last update for Fusion released way back in June.
Fox_VR_ Nov 24, 2019 @ 7:48am 
Any news on this? Just found the Mod while searching for a Quake 3 VR
nano  [author] Aug 14, 2019 @ 8:56am 
The mod was resaved already back in June. As I've said, this is not something I can fix. It's a bug with Fusion itself.
CrispyButt PhD Aug 14, 2019 @ 2:22am 
oh man nano pleeeeease try 'resaving' to make it work with VR again....
Stoni Aug 13, 2019 @ 5:12am 
hello i have ask in forum and the developer is answering this : IIIIDANNYIIII [developer] "likely that the mod needs to be resaved by the author in order to work." i dont´no if this helps
Stoni Aug 10, 2019 @ 12:08pm 
ohh thats really sad ;(
nano  [author] Aug 10, 2019 @ 12:01pm 
The issue is that VR is broken thanks to the latest Fusion update. There's nothing I can do about it, sorry.