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Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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Rising Storm Beginners Guide!
By MeFirst
You may know my beginners guide for Heroes Of Stalingrad. Since Rising Storm has some new features, I think new players could also use some help for Rising Storm
Welcome to my beginners guide for Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm. Some of you maybe already know my beginners guide for the base game: Heroes Of Stalingrad. While both games basically share the same mechanics and game modes, some things are a bit different.

However for informations about basic mechanics like game modes or the different difficulty modes (like action, realism and classic) you should check out my guide for Heroes Of Stalingrad. You can find the guide here
Class Overview
Like Heroes Of Stalingrad, Rising Storm is a class based FPS and is using class limits exept for the Rifleman class. Ttaht means that the number of players who can play a class is limited. So you wont see half the team running around with machineguns or sniper rifles. How much spots for a class are avaible is depending on the player count. The more players are on a server, the more slots are open.

Like in the base game, the rifleman is the core unit of both teams in the game. However compared to HoS (Heroes Of Stalingrad) some things are a bit different in RS (Rising Storm). On all current maps with the exeption of Guadalcanal the U.S Team has access to the Garand and the Springfield Rifle. The M1 Garand is a semi automatic rifle, which means you dont have to pull back the bolt after every round you fire. So with a Garand you can fire a lot of bullets very fast compared to bold action rifles like the Springfield or the Japanese Rifles.

On the japanese side you have (via unlock) have access to two rifles, the Arisaka Type 33 and 99. Both are bolt action rifles and while the Type 39 rifle was pretty much the standard japanese rifle, the Type 99 is a version which is a bit shorter but with a bigger caliber. That means that the Type 99 has a bit more power but is less precise on longer ranges. Also all japanese rifleman have a bayonet unlocked right away from the start, while allied rifleman have to unlock them first.

Like in HoS, the rifleman is is best fitted for combat over medium or long distances. This should however not keep you from attacking or defending areas of key interest. With the Garand Rifle the allied rifleman is also still effective at close ranges and the japanese soldiers have a few other tricks up their sleeve which will be explained later in detail.

Assault & Automatic Rifleman.
Unlike in HoS in RS only the axis (japanese) side have a assault class. The axis assault class has access to the type 100 SMG which is a excelent weapon. The type 100 basically beats the allied thomspon smg on all departments (exept the lvl 50 thompson). It has a high rate of fire while being pretty precise and powerful for a smg.

While the allied team has no assault class by name, they have something very similar called the automatic rifleman. The automatic riflemans main weapon is the BAR light machinegun. Since the BAR is a light machinegun you can use it as a assault weapon when getting close to the enemy or you can use it to support your team while using it like a machine gun. To optimize these roles you can change the speed of fire with the weapon function key from fast to a slower fire rate.

Machine Gunner.
The role of the Machine Gunner is pretty much the same as in HoS. The only exeption is that the japanese machine guns are basically light machine guns, while allied machine gun is a more classical machine gun like the ones you know from HoS.

There is no real difference when it comes to the sniper class compared to HoS. So as a sniper you should support your team with taking out important targets like machine guns, other snipers, squad leaders and the commander. To be fair I cant say much about the japanese sniper scope yet because I rarely play sniper at all.

On the allied side you can also play as a engineer. Your main weapon will be the M1 Carbine, which is a short and small semi-automatic rifle best used for combat on short distances that still can be used for fighting over medium distances. As a engineer your main job is to support your team by blowing up targets of interest. Those targets are in general obstacles that block your team from advancing. To find those targets check the map or the tactical display.

Light Mortar.
To balance out both sides a bit more, the japanese side has access to the light mortar, also known as the knee mortar. Beside your trusty rifle you also have a little mortar with you. The knee mortar is using your normal grenades as shells, so they basically make the same ammount of damage and have the same area effect. There are two fire modes for the mortar that you select with the range setting of the weapon (default is the mousehweel). In the main mode you fire it like a normal mortar, where the shell is being fired away in a high angle. In the second mode (scroll the mousewheel down) you aim and fire the mortar directly as if it would be a modern grenade launcher. The knee mortar is very effective on both the offense and the defense. On the offense you can use it very effectively against enemy strong points, while on the defense you can hold the enemy down with your fire.

One of the most prominent weapons of RS is of course the flamethrower. Only the allied side can use the flamethrower and you can not pick it up from dead soldiers, so the flamethrower is indeed exclusive for the allied side. As you may already think, the flamethrower is best used for taking out enemy strongpoints like bunkers, buildings, trenches etc. Compared to other games that have flamethrowers the flamethrower in RS is quite special. First at all the flamer in RS has a effective range of about 10-15 meters ingame, which is quite a distanc. The second speciality is that it that flames of the flamer indeed can bounce of walls, windows etc. So with a little bit of practice you can in fact shoot around corners, which comes very handy when trying to clear a bunker or a building.

Squad Leader & Commander
Not much to say about this with two new things that made it into the game.

1. Spawn Leaders now recieve +1 team score for every soldier that spawns on them.
2. If a commander is using the artillery mark of a squad leader and is killing enemies with it, the squad leader now gets +1 assist score for every kill the artillery strike makes.

Beside that the roles play the same and have the same jobs to do. If you seek information about them check out my other guide mentioned earlier on.

Japanese Gameplay Features.
You might think that the japanese dont stand a chance against the allied team with their semi automatic rifles, flamethrowers and everything else they have up their sleeve. However the japanese also have some nice tricks up their dirty little sleeves.

Booby Traps.
Its a funny word aint it? However it is less funny if you step on one and blow up into pieces. As a japanese soldier you can plant your grenades on the ground as a anti-infantry mine. You can plant booby traps on all ground surfaces that make logical sense. Meaning you can plant them on sand or soil but not on surfaces like concrete or wood etc. To plant a booby trap just select your grenades and press the second mouse button (iron sight key) while facing the ground. So far only enemy soldiers will activate a booby trap so you dont have to be afraid to step on your own traps. Another nice little trick you can do is to shoot a planted booby trap, if you hit it the trap will explode, this can be used to set one off early or to "defuse" it.

Suicide Grenades.
A small and less known feature for the japanese side is that you can suicide charge with a grenade without getting any penalty for suicide (- score for you and -1 reinforcement for your team). So if you ever wanted to charge into a group of allied soldiers with a grenade in your hand you can actually go for it.

Tennō heika banzai!
The last trick of the japanese is the banzai charge. To do a banzai charge, hold both the sprint and the melee buttons and charge in the direction of the enemy (or wherever you like). While doing a banzai charge you can run longer and take a lot of more hits as usual.The other important advantage of a banzai charge is that enemies near you will be extremely suppressed. Also keep in mind that when you do a banzai charge with more people the area effect of it will be increased. So get your squad ready and prepare to go banzai!
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☭ RΞdbΞЯ ✪ P☊mЪλ ϟϟ Jun 8, 2016 @ 3:45am 
Tho, the knee mortar doesnt really use normal grenades as shells...they use the mortar shell.
Senpai of Hentai Jun 7, 2016 @ 1:19pm 
@omair: you pull the pin with LMB and prime it with MMB
Senpai of Hentai Jun 7, 2016 @ 1:18pm 
@Colonel Kilgore: you have to get the M1 Garand to lvl 50. when you do get it to that lvl, you press 6 to the ping trick
Nut e Jun 6, 2016 @ 7:33pm 
omair just take out a grenade, and run towards an emplacement or group of soldiers.
Walfeed Aug 10, 2013 @ 8:21pm 
how do i do the Suicide Grenades
Thurman Murman Jun 7, 2013 @ 12:23am 
the wheel man. it is by default key #6.
Colonel Kilgore Jun 6, 2013 @ 1:51pm 
how do you use the m1 grand trick
Darkassassin7412 Jun 3, 2013 @ 7:47pm 
Moisture Jun 2, 2013 @ 2:17pm 
I'm glad I know why the axis have two bolt action rifles now.
Valta Jun 2, 2013 @ 11:33am 
Thanks, the Japanese section is super useful!