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GangWarsRP - The Complete Guide.
By Vito and 2 collaborators
The guide to fully understand GangWarsRP.
Introduction of GangWarsRP.
GangWarsRP - Guide.

Welcome to the highly advanced DarkRP version called GangWarsRP. Here we will guide you through the gamemode and it’s unique features. The gamemode GangWars, is a highly customized version of DarkRP, that draws elements from MMORPG servers. There are quite a few things to figure out while playing the game, so reading along here, would not be a bad idea.
GangWarsRP - Jobs.
Miner [Level 1] - GangWarsRP consist of two different maps, Uptown and Downtown. The miner job is only relevant on the Uptown map, as the mines are located there. The miners job is pretty simple, you are given a mining laser, that will destroy the material crystals located in the mine. It will reward you with fragments, that can be refined into material bars under the F4 Menu. It can be located under “Items -> Refine Bars”.

Banker [Level 5] - The banker job is one of the more attractive jobs in the game. The purpose of the banker job, is to accept money deposits through the “Deposit Register” located under “Shop -> Job Items”. You slowly gain money and experience from accepting deposits, and depositing them into the Bank Vault. Every time the vault pays out a little money to the bankers, there is also a chance to receive the rare item material, called “Bankers Diamonds” - These are rare materials that will be used later to craft important and rare blueprints.
The job is limited to 6 bankers, so be quick to grab a slot!

Rebel [Level 10] - The Rebel job is one of the many criminal jobs on the GangWarsRP Server. Every job has advantages, one of the rebels few advantages are bonus laundering experience.

Thief [Level 15] - The thief has a purpose to steal from others, you will receive a lockpick, a keypad
cracker, a pickpocket and something called a swag bag. The swag bag is a tool used to store other players valuable RP items in, when you force yourself into their base. The thief receives bonus stats to lockpick speed, keypad cracking speed, and therefore has an advantage to other jobs, when raiding another players base. The thief is also the only job to be able to steal money from the bank vault, but be careful, the bankers may guard it very heavily.

Drug Farmer [Level 15] - The drug farmer job is one of the more important jobs. Not only does this job supply you with a nice piece of experience and money, it also will give you blueprints for either weapons and armor. The drugs are sold to an NPC, that can be located in some shady corners around the map. Everything needed for the job, can be found under “Shop -> Job Items”. A detailed guide on how to drug farm, can be found later in the guide.

Casino Operator [Level 20] - Casino Operator has the ability to setup a casino, including slots, blackjack and roulette. From this they earn money, xp and a chance to earn “Golden Casino Chips”, a rare material used in crafting.

Terrorist [Level 20] - This job has one role, blowing up the town. This requires 4 rods placed into the bomb, located at fountain. Once inserted, you must defend the bomb for 120 seconds, preventing police from defusing the bomb. As a result, the bomb will destroy every production appliance in the map, giving you a money and xp reward. Beware though, as terrorist you may be killed on sight.

AnkhTek Security (Police) [Level 25]- This job has the responsibility of keeping the streets clean, discovering evidence and arresting wanted players. AnkhTek Security may also use the police scanner near bases to locate any illegal appliances. There is a weakness however, the police must ensure the “Police Main Computer” stays alive. This allows arresting of players and is located in the PD.

Meth Cook [Level 25] - The meth cook is a rather complicated job. There is a meth guide inside the game, that can help you moving towards creating the perfect batch of meth. Be careful though, this job may cause some explosions inside of your house! But, the risk is worth the reward, not only does cooking meth reward you with a very rare material, called “Blue Meth Powder”, it does also give you a meth boost, depending on your luck, will reward different things. A more in-depth guide on how to cook meth can be found later on in the guide.

Cyber Security [Level 25] - This is one of the most unique jobs in GangWars. They have the ability to remotely hack printers, and complete jobs given to you through the email system. For this, you are rewarded with xp and money, but also a chance for a “Steel Of Justice”, used in crafting rare blueprints.
A more in-depth Cyber Security guide can be found at LINK

Black Market Trader [Level 30] - The Black Market Trader is required to successfully complete an advanced raid. This is because they have the ability to sell shipments of cutting lasers at a significantly discounted cost, to destroy props. This is a cheaper way for your squad to enter an enemy’s base.

Mayor [Level 30] - The Major job, is one of the more simple jobs that can be occupied in GangWars. It is limited to a single person, with the purpose of creating lotteries for the public, and collecting taxes. The taxes may reward you with the rare material, Bankers Diamonds.
GangWarsRP - Missions
Around the map you will find NPC’s which give you missions to partake in. These reward you with money, experience and items. They’re very much worth doing as at the end of each NPC’s questline there will be a substantial reward. Remember to get the first mission from the NPC in spawn. Don’t forget to check around the map every 5 levels or so to check for new missions. These will help you level up greatly.
GangWarsRP - The Toolgun.
Fading Door Tool - The fading door tool is a very important tool when it comes to basemaking. It is important to remember that you may only have 3 fading doors per base! Meaning if you exceed this limit, an administrator will have to punish you. It is also important, that if you use the non-toggle function on the fading door, that you remember there must be time for the player to enter properly.

Keypad Tool - Keypad and fading door tool go hand in hand. You may not block your base off with a fading door, without having a keypad attached to it. Fake keypads are not allowed, so make sure that all your keypads are attached to a fading door, so they have a function. It is important to remember, that the keypad must be placed visibly, next to the fading door, so there is no doubt what door, the keypad belongs to, and only one keypad per fading door!

Power Tool - The power tool, is the most important tool in the GangWars game. It is how you power all of your valuable entities, that will help you level up. When you buy a building, there are certain power sockets attached to the wall. You must first click the power socket with the tool, and then to the entity that the socket shall power. The sockets are upgradeable on the building door, so they can each hold 4 entities each. It is also possible, to buy a generator and use the power tool on that, to power your entities.

Prop Material Tool - The prop material tool is also one of the important tools to understand while base building. Most likely, you will use the tool to decorate your base, with fancy colors and so on. But it is also a tactical move, to make it harder for the raider to move around, and see where to go. Just remember, use this tool with caution, as there are rules in place for it.

Text Sign Tool - This tool is mostly used to create a "peacezone" for when you are building a base. If you place a sign outside of your base, that reads "Building", it will create an area where you cannot be raided or killed. It is important to remember, when you are in the building area, that you cannot have entities down, as this sign takes you out of the RP.
GangWarsRP - Different Tools.
Lockpick - The lockpick allows you to pick locks, pretty self explanatory. Walk up to a door and click it.
Keypad Cracker - They keypad cracker allows you to open fading doors that are locked with a keypad, depending on the rank of the job/keypad cracker determines the speed of the cracking process.
Pickpocket - Allows you to steal money from people by clicking on them.
Swag Bag - Allows you to pick up large entities such as: Printers, forges etc…
Safecracker - Allows you to crack the safe vault hidden at the back of the bank, can be tricky and takes time, listen out for the clicks and hit them till you open the vault!
EMP Grenade - This grenade explodes 3 seconds after being thrown, instantly cracking keypads nearby. This is a cheaper alternative to cutting lasers, but is much more risky as it creates noise.
GangWarsRP - Production.
Production is one of the most important things to understand in GangWarsRP. It is how you mainly progress in the game.

What is important to understand is, that there are several different items in production, and some of them can be used as a regular user, and some can only be used as a VIP user.

Money Printers - Money printers are the main source of income and experience.The entire goal of the game, is to level up to the maximum level of 99, and start to "gear up". Money Printers can be found under "F4 -> Shop -> Production / VIP" Under the production and VIP tab, you will see a bunch of different printers. All of these printers are level dependant, meaning you will have to start out using the small Amber Money Printer. While you slowly progress and level up, you will unlock the new and improved money printers, that will both reward you with better experience and money.

Money Launderers - Money Launderers is a small income and experience boost, where you will deposit money into, and then it will slowly launderer money back to you, these are helpful, as they are automatic, and does not require you to collect from them all the time.

Material Forges - Material forges may be seen as one of the most important entities of the game. Material forges will slowly charge you money to create materials that are later used for crafting. It is important to not sell these, as they are a very important item for the later game, when you start crafting gear and weapons. There is 6 different material forges, ranging from Amber to Diamond. The name of the forges does not mean, what kind of material it supplies you with. It simply indicates what material that it will primarily produce, and then the experience will also increase as you level up, and purchase stronger forges.
GangWarsRP - Support Items.
GangWarsRP - Meth Farming
Meth is a very advanced part of GangWarsRP. Meth rewards you with crystals, that will give your character a certain boost of either speed, luck, damage or health.

Step One:
Our first stage of cooking meth will require us to make Pseudoephedrine Powder.
The ingredients for this which you will put into your mixing jar is Pseudoephedrine Sulfate, and Ethanol.
Put these two ingredients into your mixing jar and set your cooker temperature to around 55°-65°.
Now place your mixing jar onto your electric cooker. Your crystal cooking process has now begun!
You will see a progress bar on the cooker - make sure to press E at 100% so you don't overcook it! Overcooking can cause explosions!
Once you have removed your Pseudoephedrine Powder from your cooker, get another mixing jar and we will now prepare to cook our second stage.

Step Two:
Our second stage requires us to purify the Pseudoephedrine Powder. To do this we will need the Pseudoephedrine Powder and some Water.
Again, set the temperature on your cooker to around 30°-45°.
Once the Pseudoephedrine Powder is done being purified take your new Pure Pseudoephedrine and another mixing jar to go on to our third stage!

Step Three:
Our third stage requires us to make Acidic Methamphetamine. So we will take Pure Pseudoephedrine, Red Phosphorus, Hydriodic Acid and put them into our mixing jar.
This mixture causes an exothermic reaction! If you wait, the temperature of your mixing jar will go down when the reaction has finished. Remember to check your mixing jar is 20° when you place it onto the cooker or your jar might cause a huge explosion.
This temperature for making Acidic Methamphtamine is around 35°-50°. Once this is complete take it off of your cooker and we will continue into our fourth stage!

Step Four:
In our fourth stage we will be making Bound Methamphetamine, this requires us to mix Acidic Methamphetamine and Caustic Soda.
Now be careful as where as the mixing of Caustic Soda and another ingredient it will cause the mixing jar to increase in temperature.
So once the Jar is cooled down to 20° we can place it onto our cooker.

But make sure your cooker's temperature is set to around 150°-165°.Once the Bound Meth is comeplete we head into our final stage of finishing our ice!

Step Five:
Our last and final stage of creating our amazing product is mixing Bound Methamphetamine, Freon, and Hydrogen Chloride together in a mixing jar.
The cookers temperature should be around 105°-120° to cook the last stage of this. Once the proccess is comeplete you will have your very own Crystal package!
Congratulations! You have just learned how to create meth!! The purity of your meth comes 50% from your level of the meth profession and 50% from your skill in getting the cook temperature and time correct.
GangWarsRP - Drug Farming.
To grow drugs you need to buy the necessary materials. You will need pots, a light, seeds, water shipments, and nutrition shipments. Drop the seeds in the pot and you will see three bars. The first bar is light, second is water, and third is nutrition. When the water and nutrition gets low add more water or nutrition. If you over water or feed the plant it will die. Over time the plant will grow and will eventually be ready to harvest. The better the light you use the better product you will receive(in weight of grams). When you get 10 shipments of the same drug you can turn it into one of the two drugies around the map. Drug farming also rewards the rare material, "Resin Oil" which is something that is very valueable in the later stages of the game.
GangWarsRP - Inventory & Bank.
Inventory - Throughout GangWarsRP, there are various items that can be picked up and placed in your inventory. These items vary from shipments of health and armor to blueprints and item upgrades. Your inventory is a permanent backpack that holds all of your items - meaning, they will not disappear once you log out, and they will transfer alongside your character's stats across all GangWarsRP servers.

To pick up an item, you must use your "Inventory" weapon. This is a weapon that all jobs spawn with, so locating it should not be difficult - simply cycle through your weapons until you find it. Next, locate the item you wish to pick up, and left-click on the item (with your Inventory weapon out!) while your crosshairs are over it. The item will disappear from the world and be placed in your inventory. To access your inventory, click on the "Inventory" icon in the lower-left-hand corner of your HUD, and a window containing all of the items that you have picked up will appear.

It's important to remember that you have a set maximum of inventory slots - a total of 80 slots.

The Bank
- The bank is similar to your inventory in the sense that it holds items that you have picked up from around the GangWarsRP world, but it's not nearly as mobile as the inventory is. You can access the items in your bank by locating the banker NPC - he should be located somewhere within the bank building itself. Press your Use key (E by default) while near him, and a large inventory grid should appear on your screen. By dragging items from your inventory and dropping them into slots in your bank account, you can store items in your bank.
GangWarsRP - Gangs
Gangs are the core gameplay mechanic of GangWars, being part of a good gang can come with a lot of advantages, but also with some downsides, such as that gang rivals will kill you on sight.

A recent 2.0 edit has deleted all poles, and instead has been replaced by gang bases. Gang bases are regular bases, but the doors can be set to be a gang base. If someone types /war in the base, or while looking at a door, it starts a war. The war lasts 30 minutes, and each player in the gang that started the war can respawn up to 3 times. To win a war, the defenders must either kill all of the players raiding them 3 times, or keep them at bay for 30 minutes. The attackers must press E on the capture point to win. Whichever gang wins instantly wins 20% of the points that the opposing gang has.
GangWarsRP - Character Stats
GangWarsRP - Upgrades
Upgrades come in different levels which vary from level 1 to level 8
There are tons of different upgrades, with things such as.

    Gun Upgrades:
  • Damage - Increase the percentage of damage that a gun does.
  • Ice Damage - Slows the victim down for a handful of seconds
  • Fire Damage - Sets the victim on fire for a handful of seconds, dealing damage.
  • Clip Size - Increase the size of your guns mag.
  • Life Convert - Returns health when hitting enemies, such as a life steal.
  • Bullet Force - Pushes your enemies away, when hit.
  • Bullet Pull - Pulls an enemy towards you, when hit.

    Ring Upgrades
  • Experience Boost - Increases the amount of experience you gain
  • Luck Boost - Increases your total luck percentage.
  • Print Amount Boost - Incrases the amount of money your printers spawn.
  • Ghost Reduce - Reduces your total ghost time.
  • Base Damage - Increase the core damage of your gun, instead of a percentage boost.

    Armor Upgrades
  • Add Health - Increases the base amount of your armour's health.
  • Health Boost - Adds a percentage of your standard health to the armor.
  • Add Armour - Increases the base amount of your armor's armor.
  • Armour Boost- Adds a percentage of your standard armor to the armor.
  • Speed - Makes you run faster.
  • Fire Resistance - Makes you resist against fire damage.
  • Ice Resistance - Makes you resist against ice damage
  • Absorbtion - Absorbs damage.
  • Accuracy - Reduces recoil of your gun.
  • Mount Speed - Makes your mount run faster.
GangWarsRP - Crafting.
GangWarsRP - Items, Gear and upgrading.
GangWarsRP - Luck
GangWarsRP - Credit Shop
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