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LK&SV Nude
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Aug 19, 2018 @ 11:13am
Aug 13, 2019 @ 12:44pm
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LK&SV Nude

Return mod LK Nude v2.0. Changed most of the textures. Added sets of lingerie - panty and stocking. Changed makeup.

Thanks to LK for allowing me to publish a mod based on its model.

Note: this one has a large size of 503 MB due to many 4k textures. If after installing the mod, your game crashes, try temporarily unsubscribe from other mods. And restore your settings game to default.

This mod has high system requirements for CPU, GPU and RAM. Because of the high-poly model with 4k textures. On slower PC, it is recommended to lower the graphics settings

Censorship is present only in the screenshots. You can disable it in the settings of the game.
Settings - Game - Censor(FALSE) - Apply.
How to disable censorship

Don't ask to add TnA. These outfits are not compatible.

On the video and screenshots, only one room from the future map which I created for Haydee. It will not be published until the work is completed.

Update 2.1. Now panties and stockings separately.


Update 2.2

• Added a bra to replace the game armor vest. In two options HQ, and LQ for all five colors of lingerie sets. To put on, you must to got and equip the armor vest in the your game.
• Changed the color of the dark blue lingerie now to light blue.
• Changed the shape of the heels. Thinner now.

Update 2.3

• Added option – Bra invisible, when wearing a armor vest.
• Added more colors for the watch.

If you use the unpacked version of the mod, then you need to remove the old version of the mod from the folder Haydee\Outfits, and unpack a new pack file again.

Note to current version: If you want to return the look of the original armor vest instead of a bra, when throwing it on the floor, but do not want to remove this mod, then simply place the original file Vest.equip[drive.google.com] in the Haydee\Items folder.

Update 2.4 Hot fix.

Update 2.5

• Added 24 new hairstyles. So far, only one color. More colors will be added later.
• Added helmet.

Note: When the helmet is on, hairstyles are not displayed.

I Express my gratitude to the developers for the resources provided hairs.

Special thanks to Modder real_m9ico for creating the bra and helmet mesh, and, as well for his work on the adaptation of new models of hair.

Enjoy the game and Haydee's butt!

How to unpack mod files from steam workshop


Обновление 2.2

• Добавлен бюстгальтер, заменяющий игровой бронежилет. В двух вариантах HQ и LQ для всех пяти цветов комплектов белья. Чтобы надеть, вы должны получить и экипировать бронежилет в игре.
• Изменён цвет тёмно-синего комплекта белья на голубой.
• Изменена форма каблуков. Теперь более тонкая.

Примечание к текущей версии: Если вы хотите вернуть вид оригинального бронежилета вместо бюстгальтера, при выбрасывании его на пол, но не хотите удалять сам мод, то просто поместите оригинальный файл Vest.equip[drive.google.com] в папку Haydee\Items.

Обновление 2.5

• Добавлены 24 новые прически. Пока только одного цвета. Другие цвета будут добавлены позже.
• Добавлен шлем.

Примечание: При включенном шлеме, прически не отображаются.

Выражаю благодарность разработчикам за предоставленные ресурсы причесок.

Специальная благодарность моддеру real_m9ico за создание полисетки бюстгальтера и шлема, а также за его работу по адаптации новых моделей волос.
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Svetoslav  [author] Jul 16 @ 7:09pm 
Additional options to change the size of the thighs and breast will increase the size of mod twice. The size of the mod files is already beyond the capabilities of the game engine, and if increase it, it will cause crashes of the game. So you will have to be content with what have for the time being. The mod is final and there will be no more updates or changes. Please don't ask me to add anything. Thanks for understanding.
IIShadowSparkII Jul 16 @ 1:40pm 
Would it be possible for you to add an option for bigger thighs? like size 3 in samus mini suit mod?
虹夜 Jul 16 @ 4:28am 
✟_Charlie_Cromwell_✟ Jul 11 @ 10:08am 
Then I agree with you *
FlaserHost Jul 10 @ 1:20pm 
Соглашусь, мод охренительно классный, но есть одно замечание: по-моему, разрез задницы нужно было сделать глубже. Это, конечно, лично мое мнение.
Гамаюн Jun 2 @ 4:16pm 
Я вроде уже упоминал - мод шикарный спору нет, НО красные губы слишком контрастируют с тем что одето (или не одето) на Хайди. :steamsad:
Vietnam Veteran Jun 2 @ 3:44pm 
I love this mod <3
The_Pun1sh3R May 15 @ 8:36am 
absolutely perfect
两米鲍 May 13 @ 10:37pm 
good job
player77 May 11 @ 11:01am 
great, perfect mod , thx